Wife Fucked by Teen Virgin Part 1.


Wife Fucked by Teen Virgin Part 1.Before I begin heres a little about my wife; she’s 32, 5’5″, brunette with 34C tits and a great ass. She’s quite slim but with hips you can grab hold of and a lovely tight pussy (no k**s). She’s not particularly adventurous, in no way is she a prude but she’s certainly not one for fucking if she thought anyone could hear or see us. Which is why I was so shocked by recent events.We were off backpacking as we do every year and took a tent rather than stay in hotels as it keeps the costs down. We had been traveling for a week or so and decided to go a bit all out and go to a more upmarket place for dinner and drinks. We both went to get showered and changed. My wife walked out in a pair of skin tight jeans and a vest top that showed off her great tits. I told her how awesome she looked and asked if she just wanted to skip dinner, get in the tent and fuck but she was having non of it so off we went. We got back to the campsite around 10pm and climbed in to the tent, there were plenty of people still wandering around but I was horny from watching her peel her clothes off so as soon as we got in to the sleeping bag I started to do the things I knew turned her on, kissing her neck rubbing her thighs you know the usual stuff. Sure enough before long she was willing to fuck as long as we were quite so no one would hear. I unzipped the sleeping bag, moved to the end of the tent, spread her legs and dived in to her pussy. My wife tastes amazing and I licked her until she was ready to cum. I tried to stop but she grabbed the back of my head and forced me to keep licking until I felt her body convulsing into orgasm. I lay down and she climbed on top of me, sliding me in to her soaking wet cunt, I pulled her forward so I could suck her tits as she rode my cock, we got lost in it all and neither of us realised how loud we were been nor did we realise we had left illegal bahis the window cover thing unzipped until I heard another male voice moaning. My wife must have heard it too cause she stopped immediately climbed off my cock and covered herself up. I jumped out of the tent to confront the peeping fucker but was shocked to see a young guy maybe s*x***n or s*v*****n standing there looking sheepish. He was trying to hide what he was doing but I could see the bulge in his shorts. Rather than get annoyed I was actually turned on by the thought of some young stud wanting to fuck my wife. I approached him to ask what he was doing but he was struggling to get his words out, I assured him was ok and that I wasn’t angry, I asked if he liked what he saw and he said that he had heard us on the way back from the shower and he was curious so he looked in through the tent window. When asked again what he thought of my wife he said he thought she was very sexy so I took the chance and asked if he wanted to have sex with her. He got embarrassed and said he was virgin but that he would love to have sex with her. I had no idea what my wife would say when I entered the tent again but I told her it was all sorted and explained what had happened and what he said, to my surprise she was excited by the thought of a young stud wanted to fuck her, she said how young it made her feel that she was still sexy to the younger guys. I said how glad I was she said that and called Tom in to the tent. She covered over again as he entered and looked at me with anger. I reminded her of what she had just said and her anger turned to curiosity. She asked me if I really wanted to watch her fuck a young virgin in front of me and I told her how it had been a fantasy of mine for years to watch her get fucked by someone else, so she agreed and removed the cover to allow Tom full view of her. His dick jumped to attention illegal bahis siteleri and I could tell he was packing something big. My wife got to her knees in front of him a slowly pulled down his shorts. We were both shocked at the size of his cock, he was huge, maybe 10″ erect and the thickest shaft I’ve ever seen. This thing was like a table leg. Her eyes lit up as she grabbed hold with both hands and guided it in to her mouth. She could barely take more than the head and a couple of inches before gagging but she tried her best, he was a virgin and she wanted him to remember his first time. After a few minutes she stopped for breath, looking up at him and telling him that if women knew his dick was this big then he wouldn’t be a virgin.He looked at her and asked if he could lick her pussy, he said he had seen it in porn and wanted to try. She laid back and spread her legs willingly, she told him exactly what to do to make a woman cum and he followed her guidance exactly. I was wanking furiously by now at the sight of my wife getting eating by another man, and almost came as she had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever seen, she had to push Tom away to give herself chance to get through the intense sensation she was feeling. It took her a couple of minutes to stop shuddering whilst Tom sat there watching a stroking his throbbing cock. He looked at her and asked if they were going to have sex now, my wife eagerly said yes and pushed him on to his back. She climbed on top of him and rubbed his cock up against her pussy a few times to lube it up before tring to fit it in her. She looked him in the eyes and asked if he was ready, he said yes and grabbed her ass as she lowered herself on to his cock. Because she was so tight and he was so big she slowly worked the head in before pausing to get used to the size but in his eagerness he thrust upwards forcing the hole length in to my canlı bahis siteleri wifes unprepared cunt. She had to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming but Tom didn’t stop thrusting. She collapsed forward on to him as he thrust his enormous cock in to her again and again, as she started to get used to the size her moans of pain became moans of pleasure and I could see she was starting to enjoy herself more and more. After a while she climbed off his rod and got on to all fours. He looked at her and got in position behind her. I could see her pussy gaping from the pounding it had just taken and was desperate to have a go myself but I allowed Tom to continue. His in experience showed when her tried to enter my wife again, he thrust forward and almost shoved it up her asshole. She quickly pushed him back and guided him in herself. I was in heaven watching my wife get fucked on all fours, tits swinging around and ass rippling with every thrust from the young stallion. My wife was close to another orgasm when Tom he thought he was going to cum. She begged him not to stop because she was getting closer, she looked at me and told Tom to keep going, she didn’t care if he came inside her she just wanted him to keep fucking her. Tom straightened up grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard and fast as he could until he couldn’t hold on anymore and started to fill my wife with his young cum. This was enough and my wife collapsed in orgasm again with Toms cum leaking out her gaping cunt. I stood above her still stroking my own cock before unloading all over her tits and stomach. As me and Tom sat there looking at my wife still shaking, he said that he really needed to get back so his parent didn’t come looking for him. He thanked my and gave my wife a kiss, telling her how amazing it was. She kissed him back and asked him to come back again the next night. As Tom left she looked at me, smiled and asked if I would allow him to fuck her in the ass. I was only too happy to give my permission. She kissed me and fell asleep. I didn’t sleep a wink imaging what it was going to look like watching Tom tear her ass up. End of Part 1.

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