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Sweet cuck by my girlfriendAmanda and I had been dating for a several months when she said something that knocked my to my knees. After sex one day, as we were laying in the afterglow, she asked if I would like to watch her fuck another guy sometime. I had no response, it was incredibly out of the blue for me. She knew nothing of my pantyhose fetish, my occasional tendency to crossdress, my fantasies of sucking a dick at the behest of a woman…hell she hadn’t even found my internet porn history. How the hell did she know I fantasized about such degenerate ideas. Well, to be honest, that wasn’t what she suggested. All she asked was if I wanted to watch her fuck another guy. After a long pause on my part, she offered that I was the “gayest” of her boyfriends, but she loved me and thought the idea of exploring some taboo was “incredibly erotic.”I reluctantly agreed that it would be really hot to have a three-way like that. She smiled and said three-way was an interesting choice of words but left it at that. She told me to relax and we would look for an opportunity to explore this.Later that week, her landlord stopped by to drop off her renewal paperwork. She had told me he had hit on her numerous times before, but she had always turned him down because we were together. Mr. Salgado was in his late forties, in good shape, and sported a Florida, slicked back look. Amanda invited him in and offered him a glass of wine to drink while they reviewed the lease documents.I introduced myself and we shared one of those competitive looks like males often do. Amanda brought the wine and the three of us sat on the couch while they went over the paperwork. I was mostly watching TV but occasionally I would mark the position of her hands as they inched their way up his thigh every time she leaned in to look at the contract.Before long, I looked over and they were kissing. Man, the sight of my girlfriend rubbing on another guys crotch and making out with him was making me hot as hell. I started rubbing konak escort her pussy through her leggings and could feel by the heat she was really turned on. She stood up, slid her leggings off, and laid back on the couch with her ass to me and her head in Mr. Salgado’s crotch. I heard the zipper drop as I eagerly licked her ass and pussy from behind. I could see her head bob up and down, but couldn’t see much else. After two or three minutes, she got up and motioned for me to follow as she straddled him in a reverse cowgirl. She was looking me directly in the eyes as she guided his rather impressive, 8-inch cock into her glistening pussy. Her eyes rolled back as she slid down the entire length, and she implored me to eat her out. I dove in, alternating between her stiff clit and his full balls. After about a minute of riding him, she rolled off of him, lay on her back and pulled him back into her. My mouth found one of her small, b-sized tits and she guided my hand down to the intersection of the two of them.I rubbed her clit while he pounded against the back of my hand and she moaned in escalating waves of pleasure. Soon the rhythm changed and he grunted slightly, before pulling out and shooting a good stream across her belly and onto the tit right in front of me. Her eyes found mine, and as if on command, I leaned in and began to clean up her flat stomach and petite breasts. Amanda said in a low voice that it was so hot watch me clean her up. He rolled off of her and I worked my way down her very leaky slit. He apparently shot quite a bit inside her before sending me my treat. I sucked on her beautiful pussy until it was clean. She then pulled me up, kissed me deeply and guided my cock into her well-used pussy.It was amazing and we came together in just a few minutes. Salgado was dressed by now, thanked up for our hospitality and made his exit. We lay together cuddling for a long while.We showered and after a lovely post-coital nap, we decided to hit konak escort bayan the gym. She told me she used to date one of the owners but since it was Sunday, she doubted he would be in, and most likely the gym would be entirely empty.She was mostly right. It was empty except for him. John stood about 6 foot and weighed an easy 190. He was in really good shape and was actually friendly when we were introduced. One thing was unsettling though, he only wore bicycle shorts and a tank top. Amanda hadn’t talked about haw big he was, but apparently he was well endowed and proud of it.We all went our separate ways. I did notice he spotted her on the squat rack a little too closely. I was on the benchpress struggling to put up 135 when he came over and lent a hand.His crotch was directly over my face as he lifted the bar off my chest. I thanked him and he offered to help me do some negative reps, which I eagerly agreed to, secretly enjoying the view I was being afforded. With each rep, his spandex package would come within inches of my face. I was so mesmerized I did’t notice Amanda sneak up.She straddled me and reached out to stroke his cock. I watched her hand squeeze the bulge sending a shock of ecstasy to my cock making it jump. This drove her crazy and she ground her pussy against me as she pulled the top of the shorts allowing the cock to snake out.It was beautiful, cut and probably an inch bigger than Salgado’s. I leaned up to get it my mouth, greedily sucking the tip and she started licking the shaft, our faces just inches from each other and our eyes never losing contact.Before long, she was deep throating the entire 10 inches while I worked his balls and ass thoroughly with my tongue. Fully aroused, he rose and quickly shucked his shorts to the ground while she pulled off her shorts and swung around putting us in a 69. I reached up and guided his monster into her and she lovingly took my cock in her mouth.Her moans around my cock felt amazing. I could escort konak tell his cock was giving her deep pleasure as she often had to stop sucking my cock to let out a loud moan. I took one of his balls in my mouth and he moaned loudly, his whole sack tensing up. At this point I noticed my dick had not been sucked in a while and heard what must have been another guy who had come into the gym quietly was now getting a blow job from my beautiful girlfriend while her ex’s cock pounded her from behind. The ex came hard and heavy, copiously dripping from her snatch and I eagerly licked and sicked every drop I could find. As his deflating cock exited her pussy, I gave it a final kiss but to my surprise, saw an even larger, black cock take its place. I guided this new lover into place and even deeper moans escaped her lips as she experienced a new level of satisfaction.I resumed my service to the cock and balls that were filling my girlfriend so completely. But watching her get the fucking of a lifetime, left me a bit jealous. That was until her ex-boyfriend made an unexpected appearance at my rear entrance. Two of Amanda’s salvia soaked fingers entered my ass, while I heard her give encouragement to the black stranger that was apparently getting close to cumming.“Fuck my white pussy, baby.” Then to our other lover, “let my boyfriend see what you have to offer,” she said lustily. The pressure at my anus was increasing and so was the rhythm above me. Her ex-boyfriend finally slid deep inside me just as the black guy dumped his load into my girlfriend.The pain was incredible for a second, but she held me in her mouth and lowered her cum-drenched onto my face, effectively drawing my attention from losing my anal virginity to such a large cock. A rhythm we found with her gently sucking me off, me cleaing her pussy from the two loads deposited in it, and him slowly fucking my brains out. He tensed and so did I, My own dick responding to the change in direction. As he shot his second load of the night, inside me this time, my own orgasm quickly followed, filling Amanda’s mouth with my cum. After all the aftershocks had left us, she turned around and kissed me deeply. “That was amazing. We should do this again, and soon,” she said with a mischievous smile.

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