Surprise Fathers Day present


Surprise Fathers Day present(from 2014)For my part I ABSOLUTELY adore being woken up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep to find my little wifeys lips around my slumbering cock and sucking me to full twitching hardness without every letting me slip out. She knows it is ‘one’ of my absolute favourite surprises to be pleasured with her lovely wet mouth while she sits on my face and gets eaten out.I so clearly remember this occasion recently when she had gone to bed as normal while I stayed downstairs and found some things to occupy myself so as to wind down from returned late from work. (probably IF browsing to be honest) I came to bed later about midnight and promptly slid into bed and cuddled up with her. As she was sleeping face down I reached out and lay my hand across her upturned naked bottom and gave it a little affectionate stroke, feeling the curves of her arse and legs. She moaned a little but did not wake. Now should I continue I thought ? Oh hell as it was late I decided to abandon any hope of a fuck and just cuddled up to sleep. At about 4am I was abruptly awoken to find her little hairy pussy stuck right in my face as she was clearly squatted right over me and ready for action !. Clearly she had awoken horney and unlike me was determined to do something immediately about it ! I felt the covers being flung back and she lent over me and pushed my entire limp cock and balls in her mouth to swallow me illegal bahis completely for a few blissful seconds before I become way too excited and engorged to keep there. She was clearly really up for it and was loving it as she was now grinding her bushy twat so hard into my now eager face that she didnt stop but instead urged me to drive my nose and face deeper into her sodden pussy crack for me to lick her as deep as I could. I was thrilled to be sucking up on her labia lips so as to lap up all of her runny juices and my spit in one wonderful cocktail. My hands were all over her soft round arse and butthole and I wet my thumb and rubbed it around and around her dark hole and then slipped it ever so slightly in so that her tight sphincter opened around it and I could feel the pressure on my finger. She squirmed and squealed with delight at the sensory overload of being simultaneously eaten out and fingered at the same time all the while slurping up and down my now rock hard shaft. My balls were on fire as the pulsing shot up my arse and into my spine. WHY CANT THIS FEELING LAST FOREVER I distinctly remember thinking, but her amazing lips and wet tongue were all too much intensity on my sensitive glands and all too quickly and I felt the pulsing pressure of my release come with an unstoppable force so that I quickly reached down and tried to push her head down onto my big cock as much as she let me to drive me deeper illegal bahis siteleri into her sweet wet throat. Just then I erupted my aching balls and jetting my runny load into the back of her mouth with pulse upon pulse of sweet release. She squealed and I moaned out loudly at the intoxicating feeling of my creamy hot cum being released into her. I remember she gagged and spluttered momentarily at the sheer quantity she had teased out of my shrivelling balls as I felt the warmth of my over-spilling cum run down my shaven balls and arse crack. I couldn’t believe my luck what an unexpected great blowjob ! But she hadn’t yet cum so my work was not over. Grabbing and grasping at her round soft arse I rocked and pushed her harder against my face and pocking tongue on and on urging to make her cum on my tongue as she so easily made me cum on hers. She was moaning with every stroke of her hips now across my face, but all the while never took her lips away from my cock. But was slurping and swallowing at all that lovely sticky spunk that has escaped licking it up to make sure that none was wasted. I was still so very hard and thought that maybe I would cum immediately again with her constant and never ceasing mouth work. My hand were on her huge swinging tits now and I was teasing , pinching and rolling her raised nipples between my fingers. That was the trigger as within a few short moments her rocking quickened and canlı bahis siteleri she let out a quiet cry as she came on my face and tongue with her pussy and butt cheeks clenching and releasing in time with her orgasm. We both just collapsed in that 69 position for a few minutes taking stock of what just happened while I enjoyed the taste of her pussy cum on my lips…. :-)She turned around in the still pitch black and we embraced and kissed deeply the scent of her cum on my face and the taste of my fiery jizz on her wet lips and face. She never tasted so sweet to me as that time. We just got under the covers and cuddled up in total contentment. We never say a word but just fell asleep together in each others arms. What is funny is that in the morning I awoke with a raging hard-on, and I wasn’t going to let that go to waste after last nights antics. ‘Now its my turn to take what I wasnt’ I thought ! So I carefully got on top of her while she was still sleeping and gently parted her legs with my knees and as she started to wake I eased my cock fully in her still wet pussy. It was all too soon that I came again with the antics of last night still fresh on my mind it was never going to last long. I rolled over her pussy now jammed with my fresh spunk and she turned to me and while grinning from ear to ear said ‘happy fathers day horney’ she said. Oh yeah ………… so it was I thought. ‘Now I’ll have something special to look forward to every single year’ . Within 5 minutes the bedroom door was flung open and the k**s immediately leap on the bed with their cards and gifts. ‘Its going to have to take something pretty special to top Mums present I thought’ ………Tongue out

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