Tales of Lotus Island – Chrissy’s tale part


Tales of Lotus Island – Chrissy’s tale partYou can do as you wish but I would advise reading parts 1 & 2 first. The remainder of the story is well under way so it will be finished and posted soon.———————————————————————————————————-Chrissy woke in the morning to find the other two were intertwined with her and fast asleep. Disentangling herself she saw that it was almost nine thirty. Habitually an early riser even at the weekend this was unbelievably decadent though not as much as spending the night with two lovers. The door bell rang and Chrissy went to answer smiling that this being Lotus Island there was nothing weird about being naked except for crutch high boots that she had never got around to taking off last night in their impassioned love making.It turned out to be Vicky that is Lady Victoria Mc Allister PhD a titled English lady and brilliant bio-chemist who incidentally was dressed exactly the same as Chrissy.”“I got lonely, Luc is the on call director this week-end which makes him think he has to inspect his kitchens. Bloody man there is no crisis so he could have stayed in bed with me.”“Liz and James are still asleep.”“Typical will you indulge an old women then.”“I would if I knew one who needed it. Do come in my lady.” Vicky gave a sweeping over the top bow, a gesture that please her as it was in the spirit of flirtatious flattery that seemed to be the norm amongst her new friends.“If Liz is silly enough to tire of you I want first dibs. Incidentally I am 67 so do count as old.”“Then that’s is proof tripsych really works at least for its intended purpose.”“The side effects do as well look at you. From repressed and frustrated women to sexy adventurous girl in less than a week” Very true thought Chrissy because that was an apt description of her up to now. Taking a job that she knew would shock her conservative upbringing by working at a super luxury resort where pretty much everyone could and was getting laid herself included. Tripsych was a d**g intended to keep skin young and supple which it did very well the only drawback is it reduced inhibitions and possibly increased sex drive. Chrissy had a suspicion that just not being inhibited was enough to do this without chemical helpThey went into the kitchen where Vicky, clearly knew her way around. They made a pot of “The de la Cite” tea imported from France. Then went outside to sit in a sofa enjoying the tropical morning. “Liz was so worried that her judgement was impaired by he attraction to you. It took me an hour on the phone to persuaded her that her instincts were important as well and that you would take it in your stride, as you indeed have. Open your thigh a bit so can fondly your pussy.” Chrissy did as she was told and found a gentle pleasure as she was gently touched she felt warmed but not hot. Slipping her and between Vicky’s legs she tried to do the same.“Gently what I want to achieve is that we feel mildly sexy without getting so turned on we wake the k**s.” Chrissy chuckled at the phrasing the k**s being two of Vicky’s board of Directors.They chatted about this and that. Chrissy found out that Vicky’s husband and son had ben killed in a car crash fifteen years ago. In part Lotus Island was a result of her rejecting the old life that had been taken from her.“I find this place suits me and it is clear from the amount others pay to stay here that I am not alone. Its not without its problems the number who leave to become sugar babes or toy boy is ridiculous but we know that when we take them on.”“So I gather but from what I gather Liz and her team are good at finding horny little tarts of both sexes. Do you have any other more significant problems, the moral majority for instance.”Oh the moralists are no problem. The government of St Anne is pretty liberal and we do provide both lots of jobs and tax revenue. I make sure we do not indulge in tax avoidance so they get far more from us than other companies. Where possible I buy locally a very large percentage of the food is produced by co-operatives I helped set up. Of course I can afford to pay the farmers and illegal bahis fisherman a good price for good food. All our corporate charity is spent near home also I have a few special deals like they have a fabulous head teacher at one of the best schools in Melville who stays because she gets free weekends here.”“How on earth did that come about”“I found out through mutual friends that she was being pushed out of her job in London because of her enthusiastic private life. The fact that she kept it totally separate from work seemed not to count. Whilst a Londoner she had West Indian heritage and was only to happy to come out here particularly as now both her boy and girlfriend work here. Steve is a whizz with just about any kind of maintenance other that electrics which is Sue’s trade. So Marie heads the school during the week and come here for a ménage à trois at weekends. No, we keep a low profile as you know and get ignored by the loud and mouthy killjoys. No we only have one problem that really worries me and I don’t want to concern you with it”“Would it help you if you talked about it.”“You sweet c***d it’s not that kind of secret but a bit of me would like to tell you as that means Liz can talk in front of you but it is a burden that I shouldn’t expect you to share.” “But you trust me enough to tell me?”“Yes, goodness you and Liz are alike in more than just looks You are very perceptive. OK join the family of my heart, my sweet. I fear that my company is being used for money laundering which means we can get caught between some very nasty people and international authorities and I cannot prove a thing.”“Shit, who knows about this?”“Liz, Luc and James and now you.”“Three out of four directors What about your finance director.” “No not Maynard. I can pretty much exclude the other three, thank God, but not Maynard. I have never been given any reason to distrust him but I don’t on every level. The instincts that make me trust you on a few days acquaintance make be deeply unhappy about Mr Maynard. I’m from the Highlands from an ancient family. You may find this unbelievable but I am fey.”“It was a word that Chrissy had only ever read about not applied to a real person before.”“Thank you for trusting me, I am not sure what you meant by family of your heart but it makes me feel special and loved. ““That is sort of what I was getting at the four now five of us are very close.”“Will five make it awkward.” “No we all involve others when it comes to sex but this is about love.” “James, Liz and you I am confident about but how will Luc feel.”“Cheri, love my family, enjoy my food and you will have my love, Bonjour mes petits, petit dejeuner.”“Luc darling , what a surprise I though you were being a workaholic again.”“I know you and Liz to well for me it was obvious the way your minds were going so I thought I would prepare a family breakfast for us all.” A couple of giggling and underdressed waitresses were laying out a sumptuous spread.”“Fresh made croissant” said James appearing from the bedroom“Coffee” said Liz with a lust usually reserved for her lovers.The five of them had a leisurely breakfast but once replete Vicky announced. “Chrissy is worried that five is an awkward number in bed” That was the morning gone but what a morning the girls were snogging and fondling each other whilst the men went from girl to girl fucking them in turn. Even though one girl was always lacked male attention it was never for long. They stopped for a light lunch of omelette which Luc whipped up for them. Chrissy was amazed at how quickly and easily it was done with minimal ingredients“I’m stuffed in more ways than one lets go for a swim.” Said LizThey went to a beautiful cove that whilst not empty had plenty of room particularly as friendly an erotic atmosphere meant nobody stake out their own patch of beach. They swam with a lot of kissing, hugging and fondling amongst everyone present both in and out the water. At various times both Vicky and James disappeared off with various friends before departing together Luc proved that the charge of workaholic was justified and went off to ensure dinner preparations were to his illegal bahis siteleri satisfaction.“Luc could be unpopular with his team as he is a stickler for detail but he is also unfailingly generous with his time in teaching the sous chefs as well as famous as a matchmaker. The number of sexual encounters he has got various young people out of and for that matter into is legendary.” As the afternoon wore on they got chatting to two women whose husbands had traded going of on a weeks deep sea fishing for the girls being here.“Do your husband know what it’s like here.”“Oh yes they are going to join us for the second week. But for now we get to play with each other.” That night the four of them spent the night together. Later that week the cell culture for her boobs was ready and on Friday afternoon Chrissy attended the clinic with trepidation for this was a change that would be difficult to reverse. A couple of hours later the nervousness was gone her boobs were absolutely fantastic, a firm d cup. Big but not huge. Liz had been waiting for her in reception. “Wow that worked, we might not be twins but do you think our boobs are..”“I think that is something we will have to ask others.”“Well we will have plenty of opportunity to find out as Vicky has arranged a evening garden party to celebrate your new tits.”“Only here would you have a boob expansion party. That woman is breast obsessed” “and boots, don’t forget the kinky boots.” They giggled like schoolgirls.Liz treated Chrissy as her living dress up doll again. New boots, unsurprisingly outrageously tall in a silvery grey and with them grey evening dresses that were reasonably conservative even the side slits were not to high but for one thing the dresses stopped below their breasts. They strolled into the garden and all conversation stopped. “Mon dieu, jumeaux identiques.” exclaimed Luc. ”I’m going to have to learn French. What did he say?”“Identical twins dear.” said Victoria “Jumeaux tres jolie ne sont-ils pasMerci said Chrissy pretty much exhausting her French vocabulary. Yes she was going to have to learn French it was clear that all spoke the language and used between themselves nearly as much as English. It sounded so sophisticated to a girl from a small town far from any francaphone area.Just to add to the linguistic mix Antonio ‘Tony’ Mosti an Italian guest who was clearly also an old friend came over. “Bellisima, you never told me you had a sister who was as beautiful as you my dear Elizabeth.”“Hands off you old goat I want to join in on any fun. I been married to him for twenty years so I know what he’s like”“May I introduce my little cockney sparra, Lucia.” Lucia was in did small, and looked far more Italina than her husband but spoke with a broad Cockney accent. Liz and Lucia hugged and kissed with an affection rarely appropriate anywhere other than Lotus.“Lucy’s parents are Italian but have a fabulous restaurant in Aldwych, that’s on the edge of the City by the way. But Lucy is a Londoner and proud of it. When she is inclined her accent is perfectly correct. Actually speaking Italian she sounds quite posh which is a good thing with her aristocratic Mosti in-laws.”“How long are you here for darlings.”“A full month and we are very tempted by the villas. We have a surprise for you.” Tony was ushering over two young women. “The girls are old enough to join us now.”“Not worried we will corrupt them”“They are their mothers daughters and more than a bit wild, here they are going to be able to experiment in safety. Oh boy are my sexy little bundles of mischief going to enjoy themselves.” Chrissy was amused that the Cockney accent had almost disappeared.“Liz, Chrissy may I introduce my girls Sophia and Elaina.“ Younger versions of their mother they were clearly identical twins. Also clearly they were comfortable with the Lotus Island dress code as they were wearing transparent evening dresses.“Wow are you twins as well.”“Lovely girl, we are lovers but Chrissy is eleven years younger than me. For some reason she has this wish to look like me.”“Possibly because your drop dead gorgeous. If your lovers would their be a chance the four of us canlı bahis siteleri could have some fun.”Liz chuckled heartily “You two belong is this place, on past experience your parents are going to end up with Vicky plus either James or Luc though probably all three.““Wow now I really understand why our parents are so tolerant of the fact we are a bit naughty on occasions and where we got it from.”“Come on lets get a drink and I will introduce you to some of the other reprobates here Chrissy has only been here a week so doesn’t know everyone.”“Can we have alcohol? We have only just turned eighteen. Its legal at home but I am not sure here.”“Eighteen is fine Under eighteen at the bars and restaurants you will either have to be with your parents or have written permission and then you would have been allowed wine, beer or cider. However this is a private party and the rules don’t apply and as we know your parents are Italian Just don’t a drink too much. Failing anything else later won’t be so much fun if you get blotto.”They circulated staying as a group. Chrissy wondered where their hostess was and then saw Vicky with James talking to a client who she knew was considering one of the new set of villas on the far side of the island. It was one of Chrissy major tasks to oversee the construction project. Vicky left James to talk with Geoffrey Callow.“Darling look at you that went well and my goodness haven’t these two young ladies grown up. They were f******n when I saw them in Surrey.”“We have haven’t we Lady Vicky? What went well?”“Chrissy had a boob job this afternoon that made her look even more like Liz. As you have probably noticed apart from the fact their faces are different they are very similar this is not an accident.”“Cool” The evening went swiftly as they were all enjoying themselves and indeed Chrissy and Liz did end up having a enjoyable night with the girls. Clearly overcoming inhibitions was not a challenge for these two young nymphs.Chrissy was settling in with weeks of sometimes challenging work but short hours starting at 10:00 finishing at 16:00. At other times they enjoyed the multitude of entertainment the island offered not all of which were related to sex. Chrissy was beginning to suspect that Lotus Island was as much for the benefit of he staff as for making money. Certainly that was the case for Vicky’s close friends. Chrissy had soon excepted that she was a total tart enjoying every possible combination of partners mostly with Liz but on occasion on her own. It was a good thing that she got a lot of exercise as haut cuisine was a feature of her life.To her surprise she found that she was quite a good student of French. One of the reception administration staff was a former language teacher and was happy to give her lessons not all of them in French. Jo the teacher, was one naughty girl. Add to this that she spoke French to Liz and the others a lot of the time was bringing on her skills nicely.One afternoon a message arrived the Lady Victoria would like to speak with her. Even though she couldn’t think of anything worrying Chrissy was nervous as she went up to the top floor of the admin block where the management block. “Aussi mon cher” called Vicky to draw her out on to a large balcony containing garden furniture. “Th锓Merci, ma cherie”“I wanted to have a chat for as I feared your boss is moving on. Dratted girl has fallen in love with a man who is too straight laced to come and live here.”“I don’t think he’s that bad and whilst laid back about nudity she didn’t seem that enthusiastic about some of the more liberal activities.”“Unlike you, you little sexpot.”“Yuh I surprised myself most of all on that. I happy in direct proportion to depravity.”“Anyway she is going and I am going to use the opportunity to re-arrange things. James has far too much on his plate with the estate side of thins expanding. Liz helps him out and doesn’t think I notice. So my solution is to create a new role. Would you be our Director of Estates.”“Pardon have you been having a far from wee dram. I am not nearly experienced or qualified enough”“Experienced possibly not though of course you have our lovers help there but you got your present job because you have superb qualifications, most important I love and trust you. Maynard is the last time I choose a director who isn’t family.“If the main qualification is to love you then I accept.”

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