Straight Boy Bottom


Straight Boy BottomChapter 1 – The First TimeIt was all my girlfriend’s fault. Before all this I was a pretty normalguy. A little on the short side at 5’7″, I had dark red hair and paleskin, and bright green eyes. I was an avid runner and swimmer and so had apretty lean cut body, which was naturally pretty smooth. My cock stands atabout 6″ hard, and pretty thick.Like I said, pretty normal to look at, if on the attractive side. I gotdecent grades in school, and went to college. I dated girls, and fucked alot of them. I mean a lot. By my sophomore year in college, when Istarted dating the aforementioned girlfriend I had broken the 100 chickmilestone (I like to keep track). I was pretty open minded when it came tosex, was willing to try kinky shit, it turned me on.So then I met Gwen. She was smoking hot, short black hair, bright blueeyes, and a banging body. We were an instant hit, and were soon getting hotand heavy. She was amazing in bed, and really liked to play around. Shegot me to play all kinds of role playing games, using costumes, and toys.She got me to tie her up, I let her spank me and call me names. She evenlet me and a buddy tag team her, which was very hot. She really keptthings interesting.One night during finals we were messing around, and she was going down onme with all of her considerable skill. My cock was rock hard and dripping,and my body writhing from her ministrations. Her hands played with my pecsand the ripples of my abs. I was well on the way to getting off. Shepulled off for a moment, but her hands continued the work her moth hadabandoned, and I didn’t mind. She moved further between my legs, whichwere spread wide, and began licking my taint. I loved that shit, andmoaned my appreciation. She turned me over onto my hand and knees, andcontinued to jerk me as she cleaned my taint. She pushed my legs wider,spreading my legs out even more and opening me up. She got a great angleon my taint now, wetting the whole area behind my balls.The she did something totally new. While she continued to jerk my fatcock, she moved her tongue lower, and she licked my ass. I gasped, andstarted to pull away, but she gripped my hips and dove deep. After asecond of shock a wave of pleasure shook me, and I moaned deeply inappreciation. I hear my girl chuckle as she ate my ass like a pro. shesoon had me cumming geysers into the sheets. She didn’t say anything afterthat other than that she was glad I liked it.The next day I could hardly get the memory of her tongue in my ass out ofmy head. The next time we messed around, I asked her to do it again. Itook her by surprise, as up until then I had always let her take the lead,and simply followed where she went with the sex. She laid me down on mybelly and spread my legs wide. She began licking my ass, and my face wassoon in the pillows moaning. Then she began thrusting bursa escort her tongue inside myass, opening it up. I knew I should stop her there, but it felt so good.After several minutes of this she pushed her first finger into me. Ihissed for a moment as I was penetrated for the 1st time. But, as I wouldsoon discover, my ass was made for this. I moaned deeply as she massagedme, and she soon added a 2nd and third finger. She began massaging myprostate and I soon shot my load into the sheets without touching my cock.Assplay became a regular part of our sex time, and it evolved further. Iloved having my ass touched, played with, opened up. And the fact that itwas taboo made it even hotter. One day, as she was tonguing my ass, Gwentold me she had a surprise for me. She told me not to look as she pulledaway from me. I heard rustling sounds, and what i thought was a beltbuckle being worked. Soon her hand returned to my ass, coated in somethingvery very slick. She slid the wet fluid around and inside my stretchedass, and it tickled cuz it was cold. After a moment I felt somethinglarger press against me. I start to look back but she tells me I’m notallowed to look. I obey and look straight ahead as the larger objectpushes into me. My mouth gapes open, and I brace for pain, but none comes.Instead the deepest pleasure I had ever known (at that time anyway)blossomed in my ass. My girl thrust the strap-on she was wearing until Ihad the full 8″ of rubber cock up my ass. I moaned so deep I nearly ranout of breath.”Oh my god” I said. She laughed.”You like it?”I breathed deep. “Yes” I whispered.”What was that?” she asked, giggling.”Yes” I said louder.”Yes what?””Yes I like that fake cock in my ass” I said, turned on by her making mesay it. Then she began to fuck me. The first thrust drove the breath frommy lungs. She pulled back and pushed forward, my ass backed up to meet herthrusts. I couldn’t believe how much I loved the feeling. Gwen encouragedme, telling me to take it like a good boy. I felt so dirty, and so hot.She fucked me for about 15 minutes before I gripped the sheets and shot myload into the bed.After that, Gwen asked me if I was bi. I knew that if I said yes that shewouldn’t mind, in fact she would love it. And if I felt any signs that Iwas, I would have admitted it to her. But I didn’t. I was not attractedto men. Sure, I could tell if a guy was hot, be he didn’t MAKE me hot. Sowe both agreed that I was straight, but had an unusually strong erogenouszone in my anus.So, we continued that way, with Gwen fucking me almost as often as I fuckedher. She took on a commanding persona when she was on top, calling me herbitch. It turned me on.One day Gwen asked me if she could watch while a guy fucked me. She hadlots of gay friends, and said most of them wanted to get into my pants, soit could be easily arranged. bursa escort bayan I told her no, that I wasn’t attracted tomen. She smiled at me, and said “but we both know you love to get fucked.And take it from me, a real cock feels so much better than a fake one.”And she leaned in close to whisper “and it will turn me on so much to seemy sexy bitch boy take it up the ass”. I hated that it turned me on whenshe talked to me like that. It didn’t take much more before I relented andagreed.Gwen didn’t fuck me for a full week before the event. Her friend Nathancame over to her apartment and we all hung out as if it was a normal night.Nathan was a tall guy, about 6′, and had dark hair and eyes. We didn’tseem very gay to me, and had a lean rugby player body. I had a few drinks,which relaxed me about the whole thing. Nathan flirted with me, and begantouching me, first on the shoulder, then the back, and my leg. We movedinto the bedroom, and Nathan sat behind me on the bed rubbing my shoulders.Gwen came in too, but she sat in the corner on her futon to watch. Nathanrubbed my shoulders, and it felt really good. While he rubbed my back heunbuttoned my shirt, and slid it from my shoulders. He rubbed my bareshoulders, the skin on skin contact making my body temperature rise. Hereached around me and undid the fly to my jeans. He pushed me forward abit so he could slide my jeans off, leaving me in my small blue briefs.Nathan guided me to laying on my belly, still massaging my back andshoulders. He moved lower, and his hands began to rub my ass cheeks. Imoaned as soon as he touched them, which brought a chuckle from his throat.He eased me out of my briefs, leaving me laying face down on Gwen’s bednaked. Not a position I was altogether unfamiliar with. Nathan’sattention was almost exclusively on my ass now, much to my delight. Hespread my legs, and with a big hand on each gluteal, spread my ass cheeksapart. I moaned as a warm, wet object pressed against my hole, and beganto squirm. After a moment I realized that Nathan was rimming me. Histongue explored and probed my ass, wriggling its way through my tight ring.He rimmed me for several minutes, and I heard rustling as he shed his ownclothes. Nathan then slid a pillow underneath my crotch, raising my assup. I next heard the click of a lube bottle, and soon I felt his slickedup fingers probing my hole. First one, then 2, then 3 fingers slid in andout of me. I was ready to go, moaning “please fuck me”. Nathan chuckledagain, and I saw Gwen wink at him. I felt his cock head against my hole,it was definitely fatter than the strap-on I was used to. He easedforward, and my mouth opened as the fat head popped in. I was waiting forpain, but felt only wonder and pleasure. I groaned as he continued, hisfat length sliding into me, going even deeper than the 8″ dildo I wasaccustomed escort bursa to.”Oh fuck” I breathed as I felt his trim pubic hairs against my ass. I knewI was in trouble then; it was the greatest feeling of my life. Layingthere on my belly with a long fat cock in my ass, I felt RIGHT. Nathanstayed still a minute, giving me a chance to adjust to him. I loved thefeeling of his weight on me while he was in me to the hilt. He then pulledback, slowly, and thrust into me. I let out a deep, primal moan, whichbrought a chuckle form Nathan. He proceeded to fuck me slowly,rhythmically. My body was electrified with pleasure, I was hardly able tocomprehend the fact that I was being fucked in the ass by a man. I hadtaken a dangerous step onto a slippery slope, but my body refused to let merealize it.I was supposed to watch my girlfriend during this, to get off on hermasturbating to the scene, but I was blinded by pleasure and lust. Nathanfucked me continuously for half an hour, during which I experienced onlyjoy in its most physical form.”You love it don’t you?” he whispered in my ear as he increased his pace.”Yes” I answered, my breaths coming in gasps.”Tell me what you love.””I love your cock up my ass.””You like being my little bitch bottom?””God yes, Nathan.””Call me sir when I fuck you.” A tingle went down my spine at thatthought.”Yes sir” the words made my cock even harder, getting me even closer tocumming. I knew Nathan was getting close too as his pace and forceincreased. He hit that wonderful spot inside my ass repeatedly until I waswhimpering for release. A tingling sensation was all over my body, mymuscles trembling. I had yet to touch my cock.”You gonna cum for me bottom boy?” he asked, his breath coming hard now.”Gonna cum from me fucking you?””Yes sir…I’m gonna cum…right now” with that the tingling sensationsreached a fever pitch, my ass was thrusting backwards of its own accord,driving Nathan’s cock even deeper. My vision vanished to white light as Icame without touching my cock, my load soaking the bed sheets. As I rodewave after wave of orgasm, my ass clenched down harder on Nathan’s fatdick, and he groaned deeply as he shot his load deep into me. I could feelhim pumping into me, my ass filling up with his essence. Somehow it madeit even hotter to take his load.As the orgasm subsided, I felt Nathan pull out of me. He stepped into thebathroom to clean himself off, emerging a moment later clad in tight blackboxer briefs, his still semi-hard cock bulging obscenely. I couldn’t helpstaring at it, despite the fact that I was completely worn out.”So, how was he?” Gwen asked, suddenly reminding me that she was in theroom.”So good girl” Nathan asked, grinning. “We are definitely going to havefun with him.”I staggered to my feet, and head to the bathroom. Closing the door, I leanon the sink, still lightheaded. I look into the mirror, and I see aflushed face, messy copper hair, and the distant looking green eyes of aguy who just got the shit fucked out of him. Who is this guy in themirror?////////////////From: [email protected]

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