Something About Pinay Mary 2


Something About Pinay Mary 2We got to her place and I let Mary suck me some more in the parking lot before we went in. She was working really hard to make me cum in her mouth, but I had many other naughty plans for this hot little Asian MILF. Inside it was very nice with modest decorations from PI and some from her new country. I barely closed and locked the door and she was on me. Trying to pull off my shirt and pull down my pants at the same time. After a difficult struggle I finally got down to my briefs and started to strip her of her red dress. Much to my horny glee, this slut was wearing a matching red bra and tiny panties that barley covered her bald snatch. “Fuck Me right now baby, I need your hard cock inside me”, she moaned as I started to rub her tits over the bra. I told her that but in a more comfortable place than the hallway. A hallway fuck will come later I thought. We headed upstairs with her leading the way and that fantastic ass wiggling in my face. I wanted to grab her hips and pull it into my face but figured “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”. Once upstairs she grabbed some things and shot into her bathroom. I went into the bedroom and pulled back the covers on the raised bed. After a few minutes she reappeared wearing a see through black teddy and black thigh high stockings. She asked me if I liked what she was wearing and of course I said yes. On the bed she climbed as our bodies interlocked into a deep passionate kiss. My hands moved along her body feeling her figure over the thin Teddy, as our tongues intertwined. Soon she was sucking my tongue in the same manner she sucked my cock. I eventually removed her top and started to rub her small but full tits. This caused her long nipples to harden more so as I kissed her I began tugging and pulling on those brown beauties. I started to kiss her even deeper and to roll her stiff nipples in my fingers. I started to gümüşhane escort kiss her cheek and move to her neck where she asked me to bite her and leave a mark. She moaned as I slowly drew her neck skin between my teeth so I could press down. “ I want to show everyone at work that I got fucked this weekend”, she moaned. As I pressed down I slide my hand down to play with her wet pussy. It was totally soaked and she groaned more as I sucked the skin in and rubbed her clit. “Oh God, you are making me cum”, she cried and I withdrew my bite and started sucking on one of those long nipples. I sucked on it hard drawing most of it in my mouth and stretching it as my fingers twisted her clit as I rubbed her juicy slit. “OH,OH, OH FUCK….I’m cumming. You are making me cum baby”, she yelled. As she was writhing in pleasure I kissed my way down her tummy and gave one of her hips another bite mark. I told her that is how she will know that she got fucked this weekend and she smiled. Then before was one freshly shaven, smooth pussy and it looked fucking awesome. I went down on her and started to lick her sloppy box. She intermediately began moaning as I continued my assault on her love hole. She was now biting her hand trying not to cum again and moaning. After a good 10 minutes and multiply orgasms she began begging me to fuck her. While on her back I threw her legs open wide and positioned myself at her wet entrance. I took my cock and started rubbing it on her pussy as a test on how horny she really was. If she bucks her hips up and down it means that she is just about horny enough for a good fucking. “Fuck me , pleas e fuck me good baby”, she whimpered. She then began to tell me how wet and horny she was and how long it had been since someone had really fucked her. I started to slide my rock hard cock across the entrance to her while rubbing her floppy pussy lips. hakkari escort Then while she bucked I slowly pushed it in her steaming hot and wet cunt. “Ahhh that’s it, push it all the way in me so I can feel it”, she whispered. I drove all the way in and left it throbbing against the soft walls of her Pinay pussy. I slowly withdrew it and started with a very slow and deliberate rhythm. As I kissed her I saw her eyes roll back in her head as she opened her mouth to receive my tongue the same way she was receiving my cock. The pace slowly increased as I fucked her in the Missionary position. She would moan and mumble so words about my cock and getting fucked. At one point she told me how much she liked white cock. With that I started to fuck her harder and faster. “Call me your Slut Baby…please” she begged. So I told her what a slut she was for letting me finger her in the movie theatre and for blowing on the way home. She moaned in agreement about her sluttiness. Then I told her what an easy fuck she was and how I wanted to fuck her the first time that I saw her. She moaned louder with that information. As I started to really fuck her I moved her legs up to my shoulders so I could really get into her deep. She started cumming again and moaned that she wanted more dirty talk. It was right after she came that I pulled out and made her get on her knees on the bed. She got up a little wobbly and was in position. I spread her ass checks so I could really lick her cunt from behind and tongue her puckered little ass hole. She groaned again asking if I was going to fuck her ass. I told her not tonight but soon. I had a nice wet pussy to wear out first. Once she was ready I mounted her and drove my cock right into her all the way. As I went in I gave her ass cheeks a good swat with my hands. She loved it and wanted more. As I fucked her I reddened her ass cheeks good. escort bayan At one point I stopped and leaned over her more and I heard her slap her own tits. They were hanging down and jiggling as I pounded the fuck out of her pussy. I reached down to straighten her up so now she was straight up and I was straight up her twat. I pumped her this way and started to rub her breasts.She then took my hand down to her clit for me to rub her. I had my free hand on her shoulder pushing he down so I could get deeper. I then took that hand off her shoulder and gave her left tit a good slap. She intermediately began having a major orgasm so I did it again while continuing fucking her. This one was a big one and I did not let up pumping her no matter how much she came. Her eyes were rolled back as she continue to cum and soon she stopped so I slowed down and pulled out my cock from her soft wet folds. “Oh God, cum on my face, make me feel like the whore I am”, she weakly moaned. I rolled her over and spread her legs wide and remounted her with one leg straddling her leg which put my cock at an angle inside her. At this angle I sat up a little and found her G Spot with my cock. I started right off hammering her again hard. My cock was driving in and out of her and I could feel her pussy juices on my ball sack. It was a great angle and she was so submissive that I slapped her tits again and again. “Slap me baby make me feel it. I am your bitch now and you can do whatever you want to me”, she moaned. I started feeling that feeling in my balls of my cum starting to rise. As I pumped her I told her that I was going to cum. She again begged for it on her face, so I pumped hard until she announced that she was cumming again. I kept it up so we could cum at the same time and as she was peaking I pumped my hot load deep into her cunt. “Take my cum you slut” I moaned. Her only reply was a yes, yes moan. As I stopped shooting I kept pumping the sloppy cream pie I just gave her. Much to her disapproval I withdrew my cum covered cock. She started to complain until I move up the bed and stuck it into her horny Pinay mouth. She was much slut and I was going to have a lot of fun with her.

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