Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 2


Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 2Later in the evening, my dad arrived. My parents and Zoya aunty had wine and biriyani cooked by expert Zoya aunty. I wasn’t allowed to drink then, so I had food and went to bed. All the while I was waiting for sexy Zoya to join me.I had switched off the light so that I could masturbate. I heard my door open and I instantly knew it was Zoya aunty through her erotic natural body perfume. She crossed the room to sit on the side of the bed. She kissed me on the forehead and switched on the light.I thanked her for the delicious biriyani. I thought she’ll sleep with her saree on. But I was wrong. She removed her saree completely to be in her laced red bikini. I was in awe of seeing her that way, she was really gorgeous and delicious.Zoya aunty came to the bed and started complaining about Chennai’s humid weather. In the next moment, she asked me to remove her lacey bra. My heart started beating rapidly. I asked her, “How could I aunty?”Then she said, “Don’t worry, you’ve seen my boobs when you were baby and you kept biting them always.” I was sensing a great opportunity here naturally without much effort. So I went ahead removed her bra.Her boobs popped out. Seeing my anxiousness, Zoya aunty placed my hand on one of her boobs. I started to press it and her milk started dripping, I asked her “Can I taste your milk aunty?” She said yes but on one condition.“What is it, aunty?” I asked. The condition is that from now on you’ll call me Zoya when no one is around. I instantly nodded saying, “Ok Zoya” and grabbed her boobs and started licking her delicious milk. As I was drinking Zoya’s milk, her fingers brushed the outline gaziemir escort of my prick inside the boxers.Immediately my prick came to life, and she stroked my growing prick. “Oh, Ajay…” she murmured, then she lifted my other hand and pressed it against her another tit. Her nipples hardened as my lips and my hand on the other boob working magic on her.Zoya now asked me to stop and ordered me to lie on the bed, I obeyed her. Zoya now leaned over my body and kissed my lips at first, the feel of her warm whitish flesh excited me. She then stopped kissing me. She leaned over my body again and by moaning over me. But this time I felt her lips on my belly.I shivered as I felt her hand pulling my boxers down completely. I felt my prick jerk in Zoya’s hand. I knew if she continues this erotic thing, she’s gonna have a mess in her hand. I fought to control my breathing as her warm mouth kissed my mushroom head.Slowly I began to respond to her oral manipulations. My breath came in sharp gasps as Zoya’s mouth took the entire length of my prick and sucked it hotly. I began to squeeze her sexy arms in excitement and she began to moan. I then gasped and felt my juices boiling up.I experienced a moment of panic as I was about to cum in Zoya’s mouth. “Uhh” I groaned, “Zoya, oh Zoya! I’m gonna cum.” My prick exploded in her mouth. I jerked strongly and spurted. Zoya swallowed all my cum time and again by encircling her tongue on my swollen head of my prick.I was tired completely by Zoya’s sucking. She rolled back on the bed next to me. I was unsure what to do next, but my instincts told me to wait. Zoya knew what she was doing. gaziemir escort bayan She took my hand slowly down her belly and all the way in her lacey panty.As my fingers came in contact with her thick pubic thatch, I was thrilled. My hand eased down between her legs and she spread her legs for me. I felt a soft, wet warmth of her cunt. My prick jerked strongly against her silken thigh.She moaned as my middle finger pushed between the puffed lips of her pussy. I found the wetness and searched farther as she began to rotate her hips slowly. “Uhh yes, Ajay, up high, baby! That’s my clit, finger fuck me, baby, use two fingers.”I kissed her turgid nipple. I felt Zoya shivering as she held her tit for me. “Suck it, baby. Suck my titty!” I felt her hand on the back of my head. I was thrilled that I’m doing the right thing. And it was time to roll atop of her and stick my prick where my fingers were working there magic.Then, Zoya pushed me further down towards her belly. I kissed her belly button for a while. But she pushed me further down to her wet pussy. As my chin brushed the hair above her cunt, she told me to lick her pussy.As she spread her legs widely, I removed my fingers from her dripping pussy and kissed the puffy pink lips. Zoya threw her hips high and my mouth pressed around her soft, wet pussy-flesh. “That’s it, use your tongue baby. Ohh I’m gonna cum, cum.”I forced my tongue into Zoya’s cunt as she thrashed about on the bed. She held me firmly as I licked the entire length of her pink pussy. “Oh All…h!” she cried out loudly as her body went stiff with passion. I sucked her cunt wildly as she pressed escort gaziemir my head between her soft legs.I kissed and licked her entire loin as her body grew stiff and she shuddered violently. As I lifted my wet face from between her legs, I looked up to find Zoya’s arms outstretched. I moved between her legs and kissed her passionately, tongues touching and bodies pressed tightly together.I felt the head of my throbbing prick as it nestled in the warm, wet folds of her pussy. Then her hand was between them, guiding my dick in. A sudden warmth washed over my body as my prick slid into her cunt.”Ohhhhh, Zoya!” I cried, crushing her tits.“Fuck me hard with all your strength baby, and cum in my pussy.” I began to go slow in and out. Zoya grabbed the cheeks of my ass as she wrapped her legs around me. My dick now had slid all the way into her pussy!“Oh, Zoya!” I gasped as I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock. “I want to fuck you hard Zoya baby,” I said. “Fuck me, baby… Fuck your Zoya’s pussy!”Hearing Zoya’s words, I lifted my hips until just the head of my prick remained in her pussy. Then I plunged deeply to hear her gasp for breath. “Yes, that’s it, fuck me deep, baby!” Again I raised my hips and plunged deeply with greater force into her clasping cunt.I knew that within seconds my cum would come rushing forth to spill inside Zoya’s pussy. For the first time, I lifted Zoya’s arms and started to lick her erotic intoxicating armpits. It was heavenly under her arms. I stroked her pussy strongly with the energy that I got from her armpits.With few more thumpings, my dick jerked and my legs went stiff. I felt the first hot splash of cum burn from my aching prick. We both cried and gasped for breath. Again and again, my dick jerked, splashing all my cum into her hot cunt.Finally, I lay on Zoya’s armpit, completely burying my face and licking her exotic armpits. Later we kissed again as my prick shrank and slept hugging each other.

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