Sex Holiday 3 – Caribbean Experience


Sex Holiday 3 – Caribbean ExperienceThis is again only FANTASYIt wasn’t long after we returned from Florida that the thought of the next year’s holiday came up. My wife still didn’t want to try any swinging outside of our main holiday time (afraid she might meet someone she knew if we tried it in the UK) but after the last 2 year’s holiday she said she loved the freedom she got for a week or so each year. The last 2 years had opened her up to naturism and being around naked people so she said that all future holidays had to have a naturist element. This of course made it more difficult, but not impossible. I found several naturist locations that were either linked to swingers’ sites or where I could find nearby swinging venues. One evening I spent several hours going through all the venues on the internet with my wife and told her it was her choice. She made her choice and I booked it there and then. When the payment had gone through stood up, stripped off got on all fours and told me to fuck her. I quickly stripped, nudged the head of my erect cock against her pussy entrance and with no resistance I pushed deep into her pussy. It must have been the thought of the holiday because her pussy was so wet. My wife is not one for dirty talk, or in fact much talking when we fuck but she told me to fuck her hard and fill her pussy. She then said that she was imagining all of the new cocks that would be fucking her pussy and filling her with cum. I sped up and shot my load into her as she orgasmed very loudly. The holiday wasn’t for another few months and our sex life went back to occasional monotonous sex. Little was said about the holiday but I knew she had been out shopping several times. The week preceding our holiday my wife said she wanted to talk to me. Like in the previous year the first question was to make sure I was still OK with her fucking strangers, and of course I was. The next question though took me by surprise. She asked me if it would be OK on this holiday if she had some adventures by herself. She would decide when and with who but she wanted to experience things without me watching. She said she had visited some Cuckold websites and read some accounts where it was the anticipation of the wife returning from an encounter and telling her husband what had happened was the more arousing than the guy watching. I wasn’t sure and said so, especially as one of my big turn ons was watching the cocks pounding her pussy and seeing her expressions of lust and orgasm and then the cum in her pussy. She then surprised me by taking control and saying this was her holiday and this is what she wanted me to try. I was still unsure and suggested we waited until we got out there to decide. The resort we were booked into was on one of the larger Caribbean Islands. It had a wild reputation but was popular with more mature couples. They held special weeks and we had booked for the more mature/relaxed break (rather than the USA Spring Break extravaganza). We stayed at a hotel near the airport the night before our flight and had had a comfortable flight over the Atlantic, with my wife enjoying more than a few alcoholic drinks. When we landed and had cleared passport control I waited for the luggage to arrive while my wife went to the toilet. I offered to look after her hand luggage but she wanted to take it with her. When she returned I could see why. She had changed from the regular clothes she had worn on the plane into a loose fitting dress, and it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. I wasn’t too sure whether to be turned on, or embarrassed, I decided to go with turned on and proud to be with a sexy woman like my wife. She was getting a lot of stares from other holiday makers as her nipples were very visible. We got our luggage and went to the meeting point where we were greeted and shown to a coach. We waited until it was half full and then we set off to the hotel. It was a mix between couples, single guys and single women whom I would guess were aged between 40 and 70. After a few minutes my wife took my hand and guided it up her dress. My fingers soon found her panty-less pussy and it was so moist. My wife smiled and removed my hand. It was quite a long drive to the hotel and it was late afternoon by the time we got there and checked in. At the check in counter my wife asked about the rules for nudity and was told that the whole hotel was clothing optional, as was their private beach, except for the main restaurant. That was the signal to my wife who proceeded to pull her dress over her head to reveal her naked body. We were shown the way to our room which had a door onto the paths but the front had a patio overlooking the beach. The room was in a block of three and when we entered we noticed there were interconnecting doors to the rooms on both sides. There was complimentary bottle of rum punch in the fridge so I stripped off and my wife and I went and set on the patio, waiting for the sun set. However, before the sunset a guy walked past the front of our room, sporting a massive hard on. As he passed he said hello and we replied hello. He turned and went onto the neighbouring patio and sat down. My wife asked him if he was our neighbour and he said yes so my wife introduced us two by name and he told us his name was Bill. My wife, unashamedly commented on his erection and he said he had arrived at the hotel earlier that day and had been taking in what went on around the place. He had just been watching two couples fucking and as one of the women was allowing other guys to play with her he decided to take a Viagra. He waited for it to take effect but as soon as he got hard the couple packed up and went away. My wife then had a wicked smile. She told Bill it would be a shame to waste such an erection. She went over to his patio, knelt in front of him and started to lick and suck his knob. As there was no division between the patios I got a good view. She then asked him to stand up and grabbed the cushion from his chair and put it on the floor. She knelt on the cushion and got onto all 4s and told Bill to fuck her pussy and fill it with his cum. Bill was in like a shot and slid his cock quickly and easily into my wife. It came as a surprise just how long he fucked my wife, bringing her to a couple of orgasms before pumping his seed into her. As he pulled out my wife laid on her back and opened her legs. She told me to come over and inspect the creampie. She held herself open as I looked and she then told me to lick this first of many creampies from her pussy. I got into the 69 position and as I licked her clean and brought her to orgasm she sucked my cock, but stopped before I had cum. We then chatted to Bill for a while and learnt he was 60 and needed Viagra to maintain his erection. He was divorced and only got into swinging in the last few years. As we were getting hungry we said our good byes and dressed to go the restaurant (one of the few areas there was clothing needed). After dinner we walked around the hotel grounds but were a little disappointed as we could find nothing going on. When we got back to our room we undressed and sat on the patio with a bottle of wine. About 30 minutes later Bill appeared and said he had been walking around the place and had found no action as well. We invited him to join us for a glass of wine. My wife very quickly told him that if he wanted to fuck her he could do so later, but maybe he better plan on taking a Viagra as she wanted a long fuck session. We chatted for a while to let the effects of the Viagra to take place. When Bill’s cock rose rock hard my wife looked at him and said it was time for him to fill her. She suggested they went into his room and that I could sit on his patio watching. They were soon in his room in the 69 position on the bed enjoying each other’s bodies. They took their time and tried several positions before Bill started to fuck her, but whilst my wife was riding his cock in the cowgirl position another guy appeared and stood next to me on the Patio. He watched, stroking his hard on and asked me if I knew if this couple were swingers. I didn’t tell him that they weren’t a couple and said that I had had the pleasure of fucking the woman (I didn’t say when and that I hadn’t fucked her yet aydın escort on this holiday) but I did say that if he went into the room and asked I am sure the woman would drain his balls. He didn’t even need to ask as when he entered my wife saw his erection and signalled for him to come over. She was soon riding Bill’s cock and sucking the stranger’s cock. When it appeared Bill was going to take a long time to cum, my wife rose of him, got on all fours and told the stranger to fuck her. He was soon deep inside her as she sucked on Bill’s cock. The stranger sped up and then grunted as his ball sacks unloaded into my wife. As he withdrew my wife signalled for me to join her and told me to fuck her cum filled pussy. I pushed my cock into her, forcing out some of the stranger’s cum and then fucked her until I added my spunk to the load in her pussy. Bill then fucked her for ages bringing her to several orgasms and then he said he was cumming, and I watched as he clenched his butt cheeks and filled my wife’s hole. As he pulled out my wife laid down and held her pussy open for me to see, and ordered me to clean her up. I licked her clean and when I had brought her to orgasm she suggested we go to bed. The stranger left and on the way out my wife suggested to Bill that he unlock the connecting door to our room, and she would unlock ours so that if he, or she had the urge they could easily meet up. We went to bed and fell asleep quickly. When I awoke next morning I was alone in bed and could her noises coming from next door. The connecting doors were wide open and when I looked through I saw Bill on top of my wife fucking her. I timed it right as I was there to watch my wife take Bill’s seed deep inside her. It was then they realised I was watching and Bill rolled off my wife. She called me over to take a better look and then positioned herself on the edge of the bed and told me to lick her clean. Bill’s cum today was salty but there was a lot of it. My wife told me to go and get some breakfast and we could eat it on the patio. When I returned 20 minutes later I could hear the sounds of a hard fucking coming from Bill’s room and when I looked in my wife was riding the cock of a stranger with 2 other strangers watching along with Bill. She took all three of the stranger’s cocks into her welcoming pussy and I watched as all three emptied into her. She was really enjoying herself and had many orgasms. The three guys left and I set up the breakfast on the patio and Bill joined us. My wife didn’t clean herself up and sat there as the cum dribbled from her pussy. When we had finished I asked my wife what she wanted to do today and she said to just relax naked on the beach, and then invited Bill to join us. My wife enjoyed the looks she was getting on the beach and we took a break to eat lunch in the shade. We were then told that there was a gathering and stage show this evening and it would be fun if all the guests attended. We asked about the dress code and were told ‘naked as you dare’. Bill said he was going to go for a siesta and my wife suggested we return to our room as well. However, back in the room my wife said she was going to rest on Bill’s bed and I could have our bed to myself. I dosed a little but heard no noises from next door and when I checked they had fallen asleep cuddling. When they woke we all decided to go for a swim and spent some more time on the beach. We then all returned to our rooms to get ready for the evening. My wife and I dressed and went to the restaurant and agreed to meet Bill in the ‘performance’ area later. After Dinner we went back to our room, stripped off and went to the performance area and got in a few drinks. Most of the crowd were naked and the tension was building. The compere came out, a tall black man, wearing a T Shirt and pair of shorts. He told us that tonight’s show was going to include the audience. He asked for all the women who had come in any clothing to go up onto the stage. There was about 10 women from fully dressed to only wearing a sarong. He then asked for there to be some music and told the women to put on a strip show and then the one who got the loudest cheer at the end would win a prize. To my surprise no women refused and we were treated to a wonderful spectacle. When all were naked they were lined up and the compere went along the line and at each one asked the crowd to cheer if this was their favourite. The one with the loudest cheer was rewarded with an envelope containing drink and food vouchers. He then asked for female volunteers from the audience to come up for the next competition, and to my surprise my wife jumped up and went onto the stage. 5 women were on stage and the compere brought out a big bag and asked the women to choose one item from the bag. My wife pulled out a black dildo, another woman pulled out a vibrator, another a finger vibrator, another some nipple chains and the last one some massage oil. The compere told the women to put on a show with their chosen item. They all took the best position available and the woman with the oil massaged it all over her body and then started to finger fuck herself. The women with the vibrators were rubbing them on their clits whilst my wife was rubbing the dildo on her pussy. The compere moved forward and held my wife’s pussy lips open and helped guide the dildo in. He also assisted the other women. I then saw my wife call the compere over. He laughed and said that this woman had a request and gave her the microphone. My wife said that the dildo was nothing like a real cock and if any of the guys out in the crowd wanted to fuck her then they should come onto the stage and the first there she would ride them. There was a clamour and a guy was led onto stage by the compere. My wife started to suck his cock until hard and then told him to lie down. She mounted his cock and rode him for a few minutes until he came inside her. She then laid on her back and used the dildo to bring herself to orgasm, every so often licking the stranger’s cum from it. The crowd cheered and my wife was handed an envelope with drink vouchers in and she returned to her seat next to me. He then invited any man who wanted to enter a competition. He only allowed 10 onto the stage. He told them that they all had to get hard and then the women in the crowd would cheer for their favourite cock. There were all shapes and sizes of cock up there and the winner had a long thick cock, however he invited 10 women onto stage to suck the guys off. Most swallowed the cum but a few let it shoot over their faces. When the on stage antics ended the lights came up and the crowd dispersed. Going back towards our room it was clear that the show had turned people on and couples were fucking on their patios in full view of people passing, some couples were fucking in the open and some women were surrounded by guys whose cocks they were playing with. We stopped to watch a couple fucking, joining a small group of men. It didn’t take long before my wife was stroking a couple of the cocks and was then on all fours being fucked from the rear and sucking on cocks. When this group had had their way with her we moved on and found another group and did the same. None of the guys seemed to mind that their cocks were pushing into her pussy that was already filled with cum. When we got back to the bedroom she had probably fucked about 15 guys. She told me she was too tired to fuck me and we went to bed. The following day we had arranged a Scuba diving trip through the resort but it wasn’t until we had arrived at the hotel we realised it was a bare Scuba experience. We were both experienced Scuba divers but this was going to be something different. After we had had breakfast we got onto the minibus taking us, several other couples and 6 single guys to the Dive shop. We had to be dressed for the transfer and at the dive shop we were shown to changing area where we could leave our clothes and change into swimming costumes. We were then fitted out with gear and taken to the boat and waited for the gear to be loaded. A few minutes after leaving the dock the captain said we could all now strip naked and relax as we would take another 20 minutes to get to the dive site. At the dive balıkesir escort site we put on our gear and went through the safety briefing. It was clear that some of the people had been on this trip before. At the end of the safety briefing he said that ‘as usual there are additional weight belts on the sea bed’ and winked. My wife and I did not understand this. I looked over the side of the boat and was a little disappointed to see that it was just a sandy bottom and there was no coral reef to be seen. We were the last couple into the water and made our way to the bottom. It was only about 20 feet deep but we then realised what was going on. The first couple in were already on the bottom. The woman was kneeling on the sea bed, and had an extra weight belt over both her legs, just below the knee. She was holding onto a mooring pin in the sand whilst her husband fucked her. Several of the single guys were kneeling on the sea bed watching. My wife pointed to another of the couples who had taken up the same stance and then she pointed to some free weight belts. She reached them, found a mooring pin to hold onto and then put a weight belt over each leg. I didn’t need any asking and was soon positioned behind her pushing my cock into her. I quickly filled her pussy with cum and as I pulled out there was a long strand of my cum connected to my cock and her pussy and as I pulled further away more emptied from my wife’s pussy. Two guys had been watching us and when I had finished I signalled for them to come close. One was quickly inside my wife fucking her and then pumping his seed into her. The other guy lasted a bit longer and we then heard the clang from the boat telling us the dive was over and for us to make our way back. I floated 6ft below the ladder which gave a good view of each of the woman’s pussies as they got out of the water, all of them with globules of cum dangling from them. Back on the boat the nudity was overpowering, knowing all these women had cum inside them not only from their partners but from all of the guys on the boat. When all the gear was stowed away safely the captain said it would take 25 minutes to get back but we would need to be ‘dressed’ at least 5 minutes before we docked. As I turned round I found to my surprise my wife kneeling in front of a stranger and was sucking his cock. The other women took this as their signal. Eventually all the women had chosen a guy and it appeared in unison had gotten them all to sit down and were then lowering their pussies onto the cocks. When a guy had cum the women moved onto another guy. My wife looked over to me as a woman approached me and nodded that I could let her sit on my cock. She rode my cock as I watched another guy fill my wife’s pussy and she moved onto another cock. I was soon pumping into this stranger’s pussy and I watched her move onto the next guy, dribbling my cum onto his cock as she lowered herself onto it. As good as gold we were all dressed by the time we got back to dock. However the cum oozing from the sides of the women’s bikini bottoms gave everything away. In the changing area the women all stripped off and all of us had a quick shower before getting dressed and going back to the hotel on the minibus. I knew there would be a consequence for being allowed to fuck another woman. Even though my wife had agreed I knew she wasn’t keen on watching me with other women. Back in the room we decided to have a snooze on the bed. The doors between our room and Bills were still open and I was woken by Bill coming back to his room. He looked in and saw my wife asleep naked on the bed and I waved to him. He offered me a beer and I joined him on his patio. I told him about our diving experience and he said he had heard about the Diving but was not comfortable in the water, but it was something he would have loved to have tried. He told me about the women and couples he had met so far on his holiday but he hadn’t got as many fucks as he would have liked. I told him my wife’s pussy was always open for him and he could join her anytime. He smiled and said that was good to know. We were finishing our second beer when my wife appeared on the patio naked. She asked us what we had been chatting about and I said much of it was about Bill wanting to fuck her again. She and Bill both laughed. My wife said she was hungry and we should all go to dinner together. We all dressed to use the restaurant in the hotel and after dinner we sat at the outside bar and had a drink. It was now time for my consequence for fucking the woman on the dive boat. My wife looked at me and told Bill that tonight her husband was to be cuckolded and she was Bill’s for the whole night. Bill could decide if it was only going to be his cock inside her or how many other guys dumped their cum in her. She stood and stripped naked, and told Bill to do the same. She handed me hers and bill’s clothes and told me that tonight I was to remain in the bedroom as Bill and she remained out and she would then return to spend the night with bill in his room. I would be allowed to watch from the doorway or from the patio but I could not enter the room or join in. I didn’t really have any grounds to refuse so stood up and returned to or room. I laid naked on the bed listening to the sounds of couples fucking wondering what my wife and Bill were up to. I kept checking my watch but as the hours passed they hadn’t returned and I was starting to worry. How long should I leave it?Then at 1am a large group descended on the room next door. I got up and peered through the door to see my wife and Bill and Black 5 guys (I later found out they were all staff members at the hotel). They were all naked and their cocks were either long or fat. Their black hands were groping my wife’s tanned body as Bill watched on. Her lips were taking on the cocks and she tasted all their knobs as they took turns tasting her pussy and finger fucking her. She then laid on the bed and opened her pussy for the first guy. He lasted ages before his thick black meat pumped his creamy white liquid into my wife. I decided to give my wife the time on her own she had wanted and went back into our bedroom, listening to the guys taking turns fucking her and making her orgasm. I dosed off and was woken by my wife. She had been followed into our room by the group of guys and Bill. She said to the guys ‘look I told you he wasn’t interested in who was fucking me’. With that she told me to lie on my back. She got into the 69 position, her pussy a few inches from my face and the smell of cum was overpowering. She told me to look at her well used pussy and imagine all the cocks that had been in there during the last 4 or 5 hours. Cum slowly dripped onto me and she told me to taste the juices of real men’ that had satisfied her while I had been in the bedroom. She teased my cock as I licked the cum from her pussy. She made me hard and licked my knob. Then she stood up and got off the bed and told me she was going to spend the rest of the night in Bill’s room being satisfied by any black cock that wanted to go inside her pussy. I fell asleep to the sounds of my wife being fucked. When I awoke in the morning I looked through the adjoining doors to see my wife asleep, being cuddled by Bill. I quietly went to have a look at them and my wife had dried cum in her hair, on her face, over her ass and on the bed were lots of cum stains. I left and went and got some breakfast. When I got back to the room there was a note from my wife saying that Bill and her were off to the beach so she could wash off all the cum from her body and then she was going to spend the day (our final day on holiday) with Bill.I was a little upset that she didn’t want to be with me on our last full day on holiday, but also understood that these holidays had been my idea and I was so pleased that my wife had come out of her shell and was having do much fun ……. And the idea of so many men using my wife’s pussy as a cum dump was a great turn on for me. Not knowing how busy we would be later (or at least how busy I would be) I spent most of the morning packing up the stuff I could pack for tomorrow’s flight home. Late morning I went out and heard a lot of noise coming from the escort bayan beach I went to investigate and there in the shade from the palm trees was a large gathering and I moved close to see what was going on. One of the guys told me that the older woman (not knowing she was my wife) was a real slut and had been taking any cock that approached her. He had already fucked her twice and had loved cumming deep inside her, and for his cum to be used as a lubricant by the next guy. He said that when the young couple passed by the younger woman had joined in and they were now taking a break from fucking cocks so they could lick each other clean. They then offered their pussies to the surrounding men. I noticed Bill watching and then fucking the other woman and cumming in her as my wife smiled at him. I left, sure they hadn’t seen me and went off around the hotel. I came across a couple having oral sex on their patio and watched them. The guy was lying underneath his wife and his wife was on her knees above him. When the guy noticed they had an audience he signalled for me to move closer which I did. His wife then noticed me as my shadow came over the patio she turned round to look at me and smiled. There was little repositioning and the guy then held her pussy lips open and pushed his tongue into her. He then pulled his head back and signalled for me to bring my cock towards his wife’s pussy. She was continuing to slowly suck his cock. He then took hold of my cock and rubbed it along her pussy lips, guided my knob into her and was able to reach round and grab my ass and pull me towards his wife so my cock slipped into her. His face was now below my cock as I slowly fucked his wife. I could feel his hot breath on my balls and every so often felt his tongue slide from licking his wife’s clit to licking my shaft or my balls. The sight of my wife on the beach had been too much and I realised that fucking this woman would really upset my wife but I needed release after her antics last night and this morning. The woman I was fucking was speeding up her actions on her husband’s cock in her mouth and when he said he was about to cum he then licked her clit harder and I fucked her harder. As I pumped my seed into her pussy, he filled her mouth with his cum and then she shuddered with her orgasm. He reached round and held my ass so I couldn’t pull out so his wife’s orgasms gripped my cock pulling out any remaining cum. When she had finished cumming I was allowed to pull out and then he sunk his tongue into her pussy and licked her clean. We sat and had a drink together and it turned out it was their last full day and they had decided that instead of just being exhibitionists and voyeurs today, if the chance arose then she would fuck a stranger and I happened to pass just at the right time. I explained about my wife and they said they had watched her this morning taking 4 or 5 different guy’s cum and that was what turned them on to be having oral sex at the time I walked past their room. We chatted for about 20 minutes, and then the wife said she wanted more, but this time in the bedroom. She asked if this time could we swap. I had no problems with that and I was quickly lying on the bed and she was over the top of me. Her husband stood back watching me licking her pussy and clit and her using her tongue and mouth on my cock. She was giving me one of the best blowjobs I had ever had as I used my tongue on her clit. Then her husband moved in. His knob gently touched his wife’s pussy lips and he slowly pushed his whole shaft in. It was great to have such a close look at his cock fucking her pussy. I continued to lick her clit, and because it had felt good when he did it to me, it was only fair I returned the favour of occasionally licking his shaft and his balls. He was able to last a long time and it was clear his wife was an expert cock sucker bringing me to the point of orgasm many times.When I said I was about to cum he speeded up his fucking and we filled both ends of her with cum at the same time. When he pulled out I licked his cum from her pussy and then spent the next 5 minutes licking her clit and pussy until she orgasmed very loudly, watched by her husband. She rolled off me to lie on her back and it was then that I noticed he had set up a camera to film us, probably when he was waiting to fuck her. I smiled and he saw me looking at it and said he hoped I didn’t mind. I said I didn’t as long as he sent me a copy of it. I then got up and said my goodbyes and went off to find some lunch. I had been with the couple for over an hour but as I left I noticed there was still a large gathering on the beach so went back to investigate to find my wife was still the centre of attention. This time the lone woman with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. Word must have gotten around about my wife as every time I walked past the area she always had a group around her and was never short of cock inside her pussy. I went off for lunch with the hope that my meeting was going to be kept as my little secret. After lunch I went back to the hotel and the group on the beach had now gone. I went back to our room and neither my wife nor Bill was there. Throughout the afternoon I took strolls around the hotel watching some couples play but didn’t see my wife. Bill returned, but without my wife, saying that he had left her ‘playing’. The sun was setting when my wife returned, completely dishevelled. Most of body had dried cum on it and there was cum running down her leg probably the remnants of her most recent fuck. I wanted to be angry with her for ignoring me but in this state she looked so sexy. She smiled and said it was really appreciated that I had let her be alone. She went into the shower and spent a long time washing. When she re-entered the room she looked so clean, prim and proper. She then recounted what she could remember from the day and said that she had probably been fucked over 50 times but some of these would have been the same guys so probably only 25-30 cocks. She told me that she had loved being the total slut but it wasn’t over. She said that we should go to dinner as she had arranged to meet up with the 5 black staff members from the night before at midnight and she was going to spend the rest of the night with them. I reminded her that we had to be on the minibus at 8am to go to the airport and she said she would be back in plenty of time. We dressed, went and had dinner and my wife then had a little snooze in the room before going out again. She left the room naked and said she was looking forward to many hours fun with big black cocks. I went to bed hoping all would be well. My wife arrived back in the room at 5am and woke me up. She smelt of cum and there was cum all over her face and in her hair. She told me to go out onto the patio and lay on the floor. She then mounted my cock, lowering her cum filled pussy down onto me. As she rode my cock cum oozed out and she told me in detail at how the small group of men had invited their friends and she had been the centre of a bukkake party and cum fest. However she wanted the last jet of cum shot into her pussy when holiday to be mine. The thought of all these guys pawing at my wife’s naked body, playing with her tits, cumming over her, in her mouth and in her pussy was such a turn on that I didn’t last long. We laid outside cuddling watching the sunrise and then both showered and finished the packing. We caught the minibus on time and my wife slept the whole way back to England. When we got home my wife said she wanted to continue with the sex holiday idea, but next year she wanted two holidays. One would be a swingers holiday with me, but the other would be a long weekend/week away by herself for a full cuckold experience. Her argument for this was very sound. She was unable to watch me with another woman and therefore as a couple she felt guilty, but also that she, and other people, were missing out on experiences. If she went alone on holiday she could meet a single guy and then act as a couple and play in foursomes. She would enjoy watching what was going on around her and enjoy the pleasures she was receiving, without guilt. This was what she had found on the last holiday with Bill. She said with Bill she liked his company, loved his cock and loved the way he gave her freedom to do things by being there as a friend, which she might not have done with me. She then said that while she was away it was my choice if I wanted to fuck someone else, but I should never tell her.

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