Scarlet Troopers Revenge


Scarlet Troopers RevengeThe Scarlet Troopers are proud female mounted soldiers, highly trained, extremely fit and always well presented in their skintight red catsuits, black thigh boots and black cropped jackets. A normal trooper wears a black riding helmet the officers wear red to distinguish them from the girl soldiers under their command, all troopers are armed with batons to use as self defence.In recent times the Scarlet Troopers had suffered heavy humiliating defeats at the hands of their enemies, the Amazonian Warriors had overpowered several patrols forcing the terrified soldiers to cum in their uniforms before stripping them naked, tying them up and often inserting objects into the whimpering girls vaginas and arses. The warriors would then leave them to their fate they didn’t care what happened to them.The Scarlet Troopers uniforms would then be sold to wealthy female collectors who pride themselves in gathering as many used and cum stained catsuits as they can, one woman apparently had 20 of the soldier girls uniforms on display in her castle, mannequins stood in her grand hall dressed in the battle scarred suits and boots.As well as the Amazonian’s the Troopers had to contend with disgruntled villagers who saw the troupes of sexy soldiers as easy targets offering the Troopers sexual favours, but once an over sexed soldier was in the hands of an impoverished village woman she was made to cum in her uniform before it was stripped off her. The village woman would then fuck the girl soldier often fisting the troopers vagina for her own sadistic pleasure. As soon as the helpless soldier had a huge orgasm she would be hogtied her naked body was then carried out and dumped in the forest her uniform sold to the highest bidder, this was common the Trooper then having the humiliation of walking back to the Troopers fortress naked.The local convent school also provided danger for the Scarlet Troopers the Nuns had no respect for them and the girls at the school were lawless whores when not under the instruction of the Nuns. Gangs of schoolgirls would attack small squads of mounted Troopers, they normally patrolled in pairs, the schoolgirls would wait in the trees as the Troopers passed underneath the schoolgirls would jump from the trees forcing the mounted soldiers from their saddles onto the forest floor, the schoolgirls would then kick and punch the Troopers as they lay on the ground it would take two girls to overpower one Trooper then the schoolgirls would force the dazed Troopers to cum in their catsuits, mercilessly rubbing the girl soldiers vaginas through the tight lycra until the defenceless and helpless Troopers squirted their hot juices into their uniforms.Each Trooper would then have her uniform removed before the schoolgirls fled leaving the Troopers tied naked together in a 69 position, each Troopers face was pushed firmly into the crotch of her comrade and they were bound tightly so they couldn’t move away from their friends sweaty cum soaked minge. They were then left until another squad of Troopers was despatched to find them, sometimes the rescue party wouldn’t find their humiliated comrades for a couple of days, you can imagine the sorry state the poor girl soldiers were in by then.However there was a glimmer of a possible sign of revenge for the Scarlet Troopers, word had spread that the Amazonian Warriors who for decades had been servants to The Nuns carrying out raids against the Scarlet Troopers on their behalf had now turned against them, the Nuns are harsh disciplinarians and the Amazonian’s had become tired of their methods. The Nuns often humiliated warriors who disobeyed them by allowing the young schoolgirls to finger fuck their tight arseholes. To an Amazonian having her anus fingered was the ultimate humiliation and having a 16 year old girl do it was the worst form of shame.Because of this desertion pendik escort by the Amazonian’s the Nuns had decided to recruit their own platoon of girl soldiers, they chose some of the older schoolgirls from the convent to train up as their new army of guards. The new soldiers were called The White Warriors, they wore white catsuits, black riding boots and white capes that tied round their necks and went down to the back of the soldiers knee. The youngest of these recruits was 16, the training was rigorous and intense some girls were not capable of the gruelling regime and were forced to leave, unfortunately for them they were viewed as failures and were thrown out of the convent, they then had to fend for themselves as often their mothers would disown them, these pathetic creatures ending up as sex toys for any woman who wanted them.The White Warriors were trained by one of the Nuns but she wasn’t as well versed in combat as the Scarlet Troopers and during the first skirmish between the White Warriors and the Scarlet Troopers that inexperience showed.One memorable day the Nuns ordered their White Warriors to ambush a troupe of Scarlet Troopers, the troopers were on a scouting mission there were eight soldiers in the group including their Captain a young officer called Emma.Captain Emma had a score to settle as she had recently been subjected to some very degrading humiliation at the hands of some Amazonian’s and schoolgirls, her entire troupe on that day had been overpowered, stripped naked and tied up by the Amazonian’s before two schoolgirls found the group of helpless soldiers and toyed with them using their batons as sex toys, fucking the Troopers as they lay on the forest floor, she was left with her soldiers begging for mercy as the two schoolgirls inserted the batons into the soldiers vaginas, Captain Emma’s riding crop was also forced into her own anus and the troupes youngest member Trooper Linzi had the agony of her baton being rammed forcefully up her arsehole, the schoolgirls laughed as they walked away leaving their helpless victims. The naked Troopers were eventually rescued by another patrol but Captain Emma was looking for revenge, her troupe of highly trained soldiers had been overpowered by filthy warrior scum and then humiliated by schoolgirls!Captain Emma was leading her Troopers out on a mounted patrol, Trooper Linzi was also in the group that day riding alongside her Captain, the six other soldiers rode in pairs behind. They entered a village, this settlement was quite large around 150 women lived here they were filthy and very poor, Trooper Linzi commented on the stench as the troupe rode through, the village women looking at them with lust in their eyes, Captain Emma knew that at any moment the village women could try to attack and sexually abuse her and her soldiers, she drew her baton and ordered her Troopers to do the same. “We will use them if we have to!” She shouted at the villagers, they dutifully started to back away. As the troupe neared the centre of the village Captain Emma noticed a group of around 20 village women mounted on horseback, there was nothing unusual about that the villagers often travelled between settlements trading food and other commodities and they often went in large groups for safety.But as the Scarlet Troopers got nearer the mounted women pulled off their filthy rags to reveal their shining white uniforms, “White Warriors!” Captain Emma shouted to her troopers “Its an ambush!” Suddenly the White Warriors charged towards the Scarlet Troopers, their white capes billowing behind them, their fit young bodies encased in skintight white lycra straddling their mounts, the White Warriors let out blood curdling screams as they rode towards the Scarlet Troopers. The Scarlet Troopers were heavily outnumbered but bravely Captain Emma ordered her soldiers to charge. “Charge my brave girls!” escort pendik She screamed at her Troopers, the two opposing groups of soldiers met in the village square. “Attack plan alpha!” Captain Emma ordered her Troopers, the dutiful soldiers engaged the enemy White Warriors by leaping from their saddles onto the back of the White Warriors horses a move they had practiced regularly, this was something the white suited girls weren’t expecting, suddenly eight of the White Warriors had Scarlet Troopers on their backs and before they could react the mature Scarlet Troopers had forced the young White Warriors out of their saddles and they fell heavily to the floor, Trooper Linzi had managed to unseat her opponent by grabbing her by the vagina and squeezing hard, her young foe screamed in agony as she lost her seat and Trooper Linzi threw her to the ground like a rag doll.So eight White Warriors lay fallen on the ground dazed and injured, the Scarlet Troopers then turned to the remaining 12 girl soldiers, they looked shocked by how easily some of their comrades had been defeated, the Scarlets charged towards the Whites again this time they took hold of the young girls capes and used them to pull the unfortunate soldiers from their saddles, again the Whites landed heavily some being choked by their own capes as the ties tightened round their throats. There were now just four White Warriors left on their horses, for some reason they decided to dismount, two of the Scarlet Troopers did the same, the experienced Troopers ran towards the naive White Warriors, two of the young girls received stinging kicks between their legs their thin lycra catsuits offering no protection to their sweating vaginas, they fell to the ground holding their aching cunts and moaning in pain.The two Troopers then turned their attention to the last two trembling girls, they both received the same attention, they were powerless as the troopers pulled their capes over their heads exposing their white shiny bums to the rest of the Scarlet Troopers, they forced the girls to bend over. Captain Emma commented “Oh dear girls white is a bad colour for a uniform I can see your arseholes through the lycra!” The Scarlet Troopers dismounted and went round their fallen enemy, they were all rendered helpless and powerless by swift vaginal kicks, the two White Warriors held by the troopers bent over with their capes over their heads were mercilessly spanked on their sweaty shiny bottoms until they too were given vaginal punches and collapsed. “Your arses stink!” Trooper Linzi said as she kicked a White Warrior in the cunt.“Scarlet Troopers strip the enemy!” Captain Emma ordered her soldiers, they dutifully obliged removing the moaning White Warriors capes, catsuits, boots and helmets, none of the naive young girls were in any position to stop themselves being stripped naked the pain of the humiliation was etched on their faces.Captain Emma shouted to her Troopers “ I want them tied together in pairs in a 69 position use their sweaty catsuits to bind them make sure they all have a cunt in their face!” The Scarlet Troopers manipulated the young girl soldiers limp bodies so that they each had another girls sweaty vagina in her face, then they used their own white lycra suits to tie them tightly together, the Troopers laughed at the scene they had created.The defeated White Warriors lay helplessly on the ground unable to move their faces away from the stench of their comrades cunt, Trooper Linzi said “ I don’t know how you bitches can handle the smell stinking cunts and stinking arseholes” the other Troopers laughed but Captain Emma had more in mind.“Scarlet Troopers insert the defeated bitches riding crops into their arse holes” The troopers gathered up the White Warriors riding crops and inserted them forcefully into the soldier girls tight arse holes the girls screams were muffled pendik escort bayan by the vagina of the girl she was tied to, Captain Emma smiled to herself.“Scarlet Troopers push them in as deep as you can if you want to fuck them while you do that you have my permission” the Troopers serviced each fallen White Warrior they didn’t need an excuse to fuck the girls anuses they dutifully used the Warriors riding crops as dildos thrusting them in and out of the poor moaning girl soldiers tight hole. A group of village women had gathered wondering how eight troopers could defeat and humiliate twenty fit young White Warriors, some of the women started masturbating as they watched the Troopers fuck the soldier girls up their arses. All of the Scarlet Troopers were becoming sexually aroused by what they were doing to the defeated enemy and many of their red lycra suits were showing damp spots in the crotch.Captain Emma spotted two of the White Warriors were the two schoolgirls who had humiliated her and her soldiers a few months before, she strutted over to them they were tied together which was convenient she gleefully inserted riding crops into the two girls anuses not caring about it hurting them, the girls writhed in agony as Captain Emma forced the crops deep into their arseholes, she then pushed their faces into the others vagina “I hope you like the taste of each other but then again I seem to remember you are girlfriends, oh this won’t do at all!”Captain Emma then untied the two writhing girls and called over to Trooper Linzi. “Trooper untie your two sluts I want to swap one of them with one of these bitches!” Trooper Linzi instantly understood what her Captain was trying to achieve, why should the two girlfriends be tied together? Tie the sluts to different Warriors and humiliate them by making them smell a strangers cunt.Trooper Linzi giggled as she dragged one of her captives over to her Captain and swapped her for one of the girls that had mercilessly humiliated her and her comrades previously. “Thank you Trooper that’s better” Captain Emma tied the two whimpering Warriors together using their white lycra suits as bondage, “Try and get free from that bitch” Captain Emma whispered into the soldier girls ear.The Scarlet Troopers spent a couple of hours anally toying with their defeated enemy the stripped White Warriors were left writhing on the ground with their riding crops forced deep inside them.The Troopers mounted their horses some of them were visibly turned on by what they had been doing, erect nipples and moist vaginas were clad in slightly sweaty red lycra, Trooper Linzi had made herself cum in her suit and the other Troopers were teasing her, Captain Emma said “You silly girl you’ve got to ride home now with cum in your catsuit”Trooper Linzi replied “I know ma’am but I couldn’t stop myself and now I’ve got cum stains down my leg” The other troopers laughed a young trooper cumming in her suit was not unheard of, and the other Troopers including the Captain had all got wet lycra clad vaginas which were now sitting on hot sweaty leather, Captain Emma promised all her Troopers a treat when they get back to the fortress she would arrange for each of them to pick another Trooper of their choice to spend the night fucking, Emma herself had already chosen Trooper Linzi as her chosen toy for the night and when she delivered the news the flattered Trooper almost fell out of her saddle, “careful Trooper Linzi I want you fit for later I have lots of dirty games for us to play tonight!”As they went to leave Captain Emma addressed the aroused villagers. “Do what you want with those bitches, I’m sure you can get good money for their uniforms from a collector after all none of them will have White Warrior catsuits yet and they are not getting their hands on any of these Scarlet Troopers uniforms”She looked down at the ten pairs of helpless soldier girls and looked pleased with her and her troupes efforts, then she proudly led her soldiers out of the village knowing that the village women were going to enjoy playing with the young fallen White Warriors.

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