Out Of Afrika, Chapter 13


Out Of Afrika, Chapter 13Out of AfrikaA fantasy created by International writersCurt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi******Chapter 13The Church of The Black Staff sat on the edge of Hawksville. It had once served as a Baptist Church but with a continuing drop in attendance the church had fallen on hard times. When the elders were approached by Pastor Erasmus they eagerly accepted his most generous offer to sell the property.“It is the will of God,” the elders said as they mentally divided the profit.What the Pastor didn’t reveal to them during the course of negotiations was that he was actually acting on behalf of financial benefactors, the people who owned and operated Rhino Industries, which had hired the radical preacher from his South African homeland to spread their gospel.“It is the will of Rhino,” he thought as he shook hands.Pastor Erasmus’s role Rhino’s plans called for him to establish a new type of religion, one based along the same lines as those the preacher had first introduced shortly after South Africa cast off the yoke of racial oppression. It was the pastor’s belief that black men were far superior to whites. He also believed in several other radical beliefs, including one which allowed blacks to take charge of all white women, even if they were already married, for the purposes of breeding with them. At first such radical teachings were met with stiff resistance but after some time more and more of those whites who elected to remain after the change in South Africa, especially the females, came to accept his teachings. As his small following grew and began to be noticed it came to the attention of the founders of Rhino Industries, who saw how what he was preaching would fit in nicely with their plans to expand their business operations and philosophies into the United States.It had been a year since the good pastor had opened the doors of his new church and despite the fact that Hawksville and the areas surrounding it were known for their own racially-biased history the church had quickly become a popular place for worship. He had introduced many changes amongst which were to have the interior layout remodeled and renovated. Changes included the addition of a special anti-chamber, located just behind the main altar, where newly converted members were taken in order to be anointed by the ‘holy spirit of the black staff.’ He also directed that the grounds surrounding the church should be landscaped in a fashion to create the appearance of a pastoral Garden of Eden. These and other additions drew even more residents who all marveled at the improvements. The major change, however, was unseen for during services parishioners were also secretly being subjected to the mind altering effects emanating from the newly installed speaker system as well as from several large jumbo screen TVs which had all been installed by Rhino technicians.With all the changes and improvements that made the building and grounds such an agreeable meeting place little wonder that it resulted in an increase in the attendance at Sunday services as well as requests to use the church for weddings and other purposes such as social events.*******Another typical day dawned for Pastor Erasmus and members of his staff in The Church of The Black Staff. The weekend had been busy but the weekdays were no less so and here on a Monday morning he began his day by inviting his visitors, a young white girl, her fiancé and her mother, into one of the newly completed offices to discuss arrangements for their upcoming wedding. He showed them to their seats and it took no time at all for the three visitors to fall under the powerful mind-altering influence which was emanating from a flat screen on the office wall. The blonde freckle-faced bride-to-be who had come to the church dressed in her recently purchased summer print mini skirt length frock (purchased at the Rhino store) without any prompting from the pastor stood up and slipped off her clothes. Totally naked she knelt before the older black church disciple in quiet submission. He placed a hand on her bowed head and murmured a few words of instruction.Her fiancé who was seated in the corner of the room similarly without any words being spoken pulled his pants down around his ankles and sat back and waited for his bride to approach him. A few moments later he was admiring the newly fitted cock constraint that the pastor had instructed his bride-to-be to fit around his stubby little cock. He tentatively touched it and then a pleased expression crossed his face as he looked up to see his soon-to-be young bride return to resume her position in front of the pastor. He smiled as he watched her busily stroking and licking the black priest’s rapidly stiffening 10 inch cock. If that wasn’t enough to take in he also saw his future mother-in-law, who had arrived dressed more conservatively in a knee length pink dress, now was half-naked and laying on the floor in just her bra and stockings. She had her face between her daughter’s legs, eagerly licking the sweet nectar which had begun to freely flowing from her daughter’s soon-to-be opened virgin cunt. The young man wasn’t quite sure what he was witnessing but he knew it was all perfectly in order and his only discomfort was from the restraint his stiffening cock was experiencing from the shiny new cage that had now entrapped him.In short order the priest moved over between the now highly aroused girl’s parted legs so that he could properly break the barrier of her maidenhead and deliver her first dose of his potent black baby making seed. He paused before her and with his stiff cock poised at her virgin entrance. He then intoned a short prayer to thank god for giving him this opportunity to seed this white virgin, “For what we are about to receive may the ….” She squealed as he thrust his stiff black cock into her but it was a cry of pleasure not pain as she look up adoringly at his face as he proceeded to fuck her. Her pleasure soon turned to rapture when she felt the force of his ejaculation.Once he’d completed delivering his holy blessing he handed her mother a plug which he instructed her to fit, which would ensure that the lord’s gift which he had just bestowed to her daughter would be contained within her newly opened passageway. He also confirmed with the curate who had been present to offer any assistance that the video feed of what had just taken place had been safely recorded and added to the couple’s file by Rhino.Satisfied that all the formalities had been completed he instructed the three of them to dress. He pressed a key on his laptop which caused a change in the tone coming from the speakers. It had the instant effect of snapping the hypnotic trance the visiting trio had fallen under and without pause they completed the book keeping details they’d nominally come for, none the wiser as to what had just transpired.Pastor Erasmus bid them farewell and watched the black cum-filled bride-to-be leave his office. With any luck she would learn she was pregnant by the time she and her husband returned from their honeymoon. If not, it wasn’t a problem, for they would find the church offered newlywed white couples additional black seedings as required. *******The erotic scene transpiring in the church office wasn’t the only activity of note taking place that sunny spring day. Out in the pastoral gardens, far from any prying eyes an attractive middle aged white church parishioner was seated on a bench beside another of the church’s black brothers. She too had a glassy look in her eyes, due in part to the powerful mind altering influences to which she’d been exposed by her new full featured Rhino smart phone. Indeed it was her phone which had instructed to come to the church. On her earlier arrival at the church she had entered into one of the new confessionals where she heard soft and pleasing music playing as she waited for the priest to arrive. The music set her at ease as its hidden mind altering effect worked its magic. Her short reverie was broken when she heard the screen slide open and the priest speak to her through the latticed opening. He asked and she told him, “Father I have sinned.”His warm deep voice put her even more at ease when he asked, “How have you sinned my dear?”She explained that she’d purchased a large sex toy and had out of frustration used it several times over the past couple days to release her pent-up illegal bahis stress. She further explained she was frustrated because her husband hadn’t been satisfying her when they’d had sex. He asked her to be more specific and she told him in excruciating detail every aspect of her unsatisfactory sex life. Behind the curtain the priest had lifted his cassock and was slowly masturbating as she provided a graphic account of her sinful activities.He felt his excitement building but being a disciplined disciple who knew the importance of control (and who had a plan to keep to it) released his grasp of his cock and shook down his robe. Through the screen he gave her an absolution and a mumbled blessing and then instructed her to take off her panties and to follow him out to the garden. They wandered side-by-side, hand-in-hand to a shady glade all the while the priest whispered words of encouragement and guidance. She was inspired by his litany and they soon found a concealed wooden bench where they sat. Still with that special look in her eyes she had no qualms when the good father pulled up his cassock to his waist to reveal his long hard cock and slowly guided her head down so she could envelop her lips around his raging black hard-on. Soon the good father directed her to lean over the bench, so she could receive the special church blessing her newly altered mind told her she so desperately needed. She willingly did as he commanded and helpfully pulled her dress up to expose a dripping pussy peaking beneath her bare butt cheeks.The good father stood behind her and rubbed the knob of his swollen black penis up and down her pussy lips coating them with his copious pre-cum. Satisfied that she was properly lubricated he intoned the prayer of blessing and with a murmured, “Amen” he shoved his length into her and began to fuck her tight opening. She responded and pushed back at each stroke of his invading thick cock. She had never felt such bliss before and whimpered in gratitude and wept tears of joy as after a few minutes of his gentle attention she felt him filling her womb with his hot sperm.He withdrew and as his cock plopped out of her now gaping pussy a small flood of his cum dribbled out but he knew that even more had remained deep inside her. With God’s blessing he hoped that she would become yet another white married female to have been impregnated by the Holy Black Staff.She resumed her seat on the bench and still under the influence of the trance induced by her Rhino phone she listened to the sermon he was now delivering in his warm comforting voice. She had no trouble in understanding every word and began a campaign that would bring about and what she needed to do in order to take over total control of her wimpy husband. She nodded when she heard that once she had completed her task of constraining her husband she would then be required to ask the church to send one of the black fathers to visit the couple so he could insure the church’s doctrine of white male abstinence was being enforced. Her reward would be to have his special black staff confer the church’s special holy blessings unto her on her marital bed. She left him to return home in a state of satisfied bliss and a determination to do as she had been commanded.The good father waved her goodbye and returned to Pastor Erasmus in his office who was sipping his coffee and regaining his strength after the very satisfactory interview he had conducted with the bride-to-be, her fiancé and her mother. He had another meeting that afternoon that promised to be just as rigorous and he certainly didn’t want to be found lacking in providing spiritual guidance. Together with the good father they checked their schedules for the week and reflected on the success of the day’s business so far. As they sat back drinking their coffees they reflected on all the good works that had been introduced to Hawksville since Rhino’s arrival and agreed the little town had so much for which to be grateful.*******It was just after dawn on Sunday morning when Clarrisa awoke from what had been a most pleasurable night of sex with her young black lover Igoro. They’d enjoyed a nice dinner together with her husband just before he’d had to leave for a much anticipated fishing trip upstate with several of his business partners. She smiled as she recalled that the door had hardly closed behind Maxwell when Igoro had come behind her putting an arm around her waist. He’d then pulled her back against him and she could clearly feel his pleasure-giving black cock pressing up against her butt. As they heard the sound of Maxwell’s car pulling away she leaned back to feel his free hand slowly undoing the button and zipper which held her skirt in place and the touch of his warm lips nibbling on her ear lobe. She was falling totally under his control as she felt the cool evening air brushing against her now exposed thigh, as her skirt slipped down around her ankles. A tingle she had come to know all so well also began the minute she felt his slim black fingers pushing aside her thin nylon panties, so eager to probe her sensitive opening. Soon she would willing surrender even that most private of places to his massive black cock and eventually as well to the hot flood of creamy white cum he was sure to deliver. Unlike her husband Maxwell, who could rarely even get hard enough to penetrate her, she knew she was in for several hours of total abandonment to her young black lover Igoro.The night had passed in the king-size bed but little sleep had been enjoyed as time after time she was ravaged by his precious gift in every conceivable position. She looked over and saw her beautiful black lover laying alongside her feigning sleep. He was uncovered and exposed, his cock was semi-hard, but still huge, lying on his thigh, glistening with their combined love juices. No words were spoken but she ‘heard’ it silently calling to her to entrap it between her warm lips, ‘asking’ for her to revive it so it could once more deliver another dose of fresh cream along with at least two or three more orgasms on her part. It was as she drifted down from her latest orgasmic high that she remembered her agreement to join Igoro for her first visit to the much talked about Church of The Black Staff that morning for the 11 o’clock service when, he had been promised, she would also meet the Revered Pastor Erasmus.Carefully sliding from the bed she made her way to the bathroom where she turned on the shower. The water warmed and she prepared to step in the stall when from behind her she felt a pair of strong, nearly coal black hands, squeezing and playing with her ass cheeks. Clearly she hadn’t been quiet enough when she had left the bedroom. She stood torn between the choice of taking the much needed shower and now a burning desire to help her young lover deal with his raging morning hard-on. Igoro resolved her dilemma by opening the shower door and guiding the both of them under the powerful spray. The shower was more than large enough to comfortably hold them both and without him saying a word she bent forward, resting herself against the wall as she felt him guiding the head of his cock deeper and deeper into her still cum filled pussy. Unlike the night before this was a much rougher union, one merely meant to allow him to plant his seed where she knew it belonged. His thrusts were hard and deep and it was only a matter of a few moments before she felt the familiar swelling that signaled he was about to deliver his load. His balls slapped against her ass once, twice and then pressed tightly against her as he emptied his load. It was divine.She had hardly had a chance to respond to his invasion before she felt him pulling himself free once more. Turning, she dropped to her knees to give Igoro a kiss and she watched as he now took his tool in his hand. She was expecting him to offer his cock to her mouth and was surprised when stepping back he aimed the head of it towards her face and unleashed a torrent of hot golden piss. The steady stream splashed against her lips, leaving a taste she’d never experienced before, and then it moved down, washing over her breasts, like streams of fire. Finally as the golden stream slowed it finished by briefly spraying her stomach. She had never been used in such a fashion before and perversely she was thrilled at his treatment of her.Seeing he was finished with using illegal bahis siteleri her she bet down and kissed the head of his love organ once more, tasting something she hoped she’d get an opportunity to experience more frequently as time and her desire for him grew. In her mind she knew that she was now his to use any way he desired, despite the fact that he was so much younger than she was; she knew this was what was always meant to be whenever a white woman was taken by a superior black male. They finished their shower with her showing her gratitude and taking extra pleasure as he allowed her to wash him, especially his special love tool.Breakfast was a hurried affair and then it was time to get dressed before she drove them to the church. Having heard of the church’s relaxed attitudes and love of female beauty she elected for the occasion to wear a sleeveless white dress which whilst not overly provocative left little to one’s imagination when it came to revealing how large her breasts were. *******Upon arriving at the church Clarissa saw quite a few people milling about, talking to a number of brown robe clad black clergymen. She observed most of the parishioners were women with a s**ttering of couples. There were even a few families, with younger c***dren in tow but the majority was what appeared to be single or unaccompanied white females.One black man in the group stood out from the others, partly because he was dressed in a long white smock that reached nearly to the ground and partly because, like Igoro, he was much darker skinned than the others. The contrast was especially apparent when she compared his skin color to that of a pair of very fair skinned white women standing beside him. She didn’t know it at the time but he had just chosen those two women to receive a special ‘church blessing’ following the service. She also didn’t know who the women were but later would be appraised that their names were Chloe and Holly, cousins who were thrilled at the prospect of being formally accepted into the church.Just what that blessing entailed would turn Clarissa’s life around. She had never previously been what was considered a religious person but her introduction that day resulted in her completely embracing this church and its teachings. With her conversion would also come a radical change in the CCC as well as in the lives of many of its membership, especially in the case of a majority of the club’s female membership.Igoro took Clarissa’s hand as she stepped from the car and lead her over to meet the Reverend Pastor Erasmus who was standing at the entrance to the church. As Igoro introduced her eyes were drawn to this charismatic man of whom her lover had spoken so highly. His eyes gazed deeply into her and she felt a sudden shiver, unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. His eyes focused first on her face, before they shifted to her breasts, which suddenly felt like they were going to spill free. Her cheeks flushed as he took her hand in his before kissing it and she was instantly enthralled by this black priest and contrary to her usual total control over her emotions she felt herself growing weak.The church’s bell began to chime, signaling that it was time for the service to begin. Pastor Erasmus released her hand and Clarissa turned to see Igoro walking back to join her having apparently finished speaking to the younger white girls he been chatting with. He took her arm and led her inside and looked for a vacant pew amongst the crowded congregation. She looked around and saw that the young girls were with others, each being led into the church by a black priest dressed in a long simple brown robe. However, as they neared the front row of pews she was surprised to see them continue to process toward the altar rather than sit with the congregation. Instead she saw they were being led away to a doorway which opened to a set of stairs which led downward to what she guessed was a basement area. None of the women showed any distress; in fact they seemed to be totally at ease and smiling as they each held a hand of the priest leading them down the steps. She briefly wondered where the women were going; following the service she would discover the answer.As had been arranged Igoro led Clarissa up the aisle to the first row of pews, to an area which offered both a good view of the pulpit as well as to one of the jumbo screen TVs. As she sat down her eye were drawn to the TV and the strange light pattern it was displaying. She also noted the music from the speakers wasn’t what she might have expected given this was a church, but instead she heard the faint sounds of what sounded like native drums. As she watched the screen the swirling light pattern faded in and out, almost as if it was keeping time with the native music which filled the entire church and a feeling of peace filled her mind.The music faded and as did the light display on the large screen and in its place she now saw a close up view of Pastor Erasmus’s smiling face. She listened to him delivering his sermon, telling her and everyone gathered for the service about how God had a special purpose for everyone, he talked about how God had made black men special and that their purpose was to help to end the racial hatred that white people felt. As she listened to him talking the screen before her began displaying a video. At first the images it was showing were out of focus but soon it became clear and as it did it revealed two naked people, a black man and a white woman who were in a beautiful garden. Pastor Erasmus told them it was the Garden of Eden made real and it was a wondrous place surrounded by fields of flowers and sweet smelling grass meadows. In the center of the garden was a bed which the couple stepped up to. The woman knelt down beside it while the black man turned and faced her. He reached down and took her face in his hands and turned it upwards. As he did the woman smiled and then reached out with her hands and took his large black penis to her lips. The image grew even sharper and as it did she saw that it was her face that the man was holding and that he was her young black lover, Igoro. As she watched she was shocked then pleased to see herself taking him into her mouth, much as she had done earlier that very morning. She wondered by what trick of magic could this all be being displayed on the screen. What Clarissa didn’t realize was that every other woman in the church was seeing not her in that garden but themselves making love to the black man’s cock and that the black man wasn’t Igoro but in fact the first black lover who had given her his special blessing or, if they hadn’t yet been blessed, the black man of their dreams. Those few males in the church were seeing a totally different scene, a scene in which they were serving to help the couple unite by helping to guide the black man’s cock between his wife’s parted legs and into the tight opening which he knew was meant only for the black man’s cock and not his own. The men watched as the black man pumped his cock in and out of his wife till it finally delivered a load of holy seed. For the women in the pews these erotic scenes of lovers caused them to moan and cry out. Some stood and lifted their dresses and began to shamelessly finger themselves. Just as had happened in her bedroom earlier that day, Clarissa experienced a orgasm as the man on the screen, the one she called Igoro filling her with his seed. Leaning back against the hard wooden pew she felt her heart racing and she knew in her body and soul that her purpose in life was to mate with Igoro and other black males to also help spread the word and teachings of Reverend Erasmus to as many of her white friends as possible.Suddenly the erotic scenes playing on the screen were gone, replaced once more by the swirling patterns of colored lights which were accompanied by the faint sound of native African drummers beating out a pleasing rhythm. Then the screens went blank and as if it was a signal that the service had ended the congregation began to file out of the church.Clarissa lingered as Igoro advised and then turned in her seat to see the Reverend in his white robe standing before the pew, holding out his hand, asking her if she would like to join him in his office for a cup of coffee. She turned to find that Igoro had already gotten up and was once more talking to the same canlı bahis siteleri group of young white girls she’s seen him with earlier. Of course she didn’t remember any of what she’d just seen taking place on the screen, any more than anyone else in the other pews had; that was the beauty of what Rhino engineers had managed to incorporate into the church’s sound and video system. Like the others who had taken part the service she thought she’d thought she’d just listened to the preacher delivering a fire and brimstone sermon when in fact their minds were being programmed to accepting a new role. A role that required them to be either as willing vessels for black seed, or as helpful servants, who would welcome black men into their homes to provide their holy blessing unto their wives and daughters.Standing, Clarissa took the Reverend’s hand as he led her through a doorway and down a hall to his office. As they entered she smelled the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with a strange smell she couldn’t quite identify. To the uninitiated it could have been incense but the ‘initiated’ knew it to be the smell of a very potent native aphrodisiac which the priest had Rhino ship in for sale in the sex department of their store. She sniffed in the heady smell as he directed her to a comfortable sofa, the same one which had been occupied a few days earlier by a young, freckle faced bride to be and her mother.Pastor Erasmus took his seat at his desk and pushed the hidden button which would flood the room with the mind altering effects Rhino had developed and in the time it took his assistant curate to pour coffees for Clarissa and himself her eyes had glassed over. Stepping up in front of her he snapped his fingers to confirm she was totally under the powerful influence of the hypnotic low frequency sounds emanating from the speakers. She made no reaction which confirmed she was indeed ready.Coffees ignored, he pulled her out of the seat and told her to remove her dress. Clad only in her lacy underwear he guided her to another door which in turn lead downward to the same basement she’d earlier seen the two pale skinned women being led by the brown robed monks. As they descended he couldn’t help but smile because he could already hear the sounds being made by Chloe and Holly and other women as they were receiving their special blessing. As he guided Clarissa around the corner he saw that all the women were each strapped to breeding benches (available from Rhino by special order). Lying across the device their hands and feet had been tied securely in place, leaving them fully exposed. Standing about the room were eight naked black men, each stroking his hard cock waiting their turn to administer their holy blessings upon their white subjects. (According to church records the blonde one was the wife of one of one of the few remaining white high school teachers while another was one of the newly hired white hospitality workers from Rhino. Before the end of the day all women would receive several blessings from each clergymen before they were returned back to their homes. Past experience had shown that this intense blessing ritual process usually resulted in a 75% or better chance that each of them would discover a positive result the next time they tested themselves it was a pretty sure bet that they would soon be adding to the growing number of black babies being born in the maternity ward of the Hawksville hospital.)Clarissa, in her current state saw nothing abnormal about the fact that these women were being gang banged, nor did she protest when Pastor Erasmus led her over to an empty breeding bench. He eased her down over the bench and secured her in place with the cords around her wrists and ankles. She looked up at him adoringly as he pulled her panties aside to expose her cunt and then he tugged at her bra so that her tits spilled out beneath him. Satisfied that she was correctly positioned he lifted his white robes over his head. Now as naked as the other priets, he grabbed his stiff 10 inch black cock and stepped up between her legs. He paused and, just as he always did before anointing his subjects, he issued his oath to which Clarissa, unprompted, whispered, “Amen”. He plunged himself into her waiting opening, which was already dripping wet from having viewed his special sermon. She cried out as she felt his black cock bury itself inside her; her cries turned to moans and as he took his pleasure with her she encouraged him to bless her; to anoint her; to give her the Lord’s special gift. He soon obliged and spurted a hot stream of creamy cum into her womb. Satisfied that he had done his duty he withdrew and stepped aside so the next man in line could take his turn at bestowing his special blessings upon her. Meanwhile, in one of the church meeting rooms, Clarissa’s young black lover was busy helping one of the young girls who he had been chatting with before the service remove her panties and bra. New to the church she’d found the service very inspirational. So inspirational that she wanted to renew her friendship with the young black boy who she’d meet during a school project she and her friends had taken part in, working at the local orphanage where she had first met and been seduced by Igoro. It was she who had also convinced her girlfriends to join her for the church service and to attend the youth fellowship group that met after the service was over. While she was happily getting reacquainted with Igoro, her three friends were all experiencing a similar holy Black Staff blessing session in the capable hands of other members of the black brotherhood. ******By the time Clarissa had received her last blessing it was almost dark and after once more returning to Pastor Erasmus’s office to retrieve her dress, the Priest implanted in her mind a key activation phrase; a ‘spell’ which when spoken would transform her into a willing black cock hungry slut for anyone who might quote it. Erasmus looked her over to confirm that she was properly dressed and that the telltale signs of cum had been wiped from her legs. Satisfied that no traces were apparent he called Igoro on his Rhino phone to tell him to come and get her. He also passed on the correct words of her newly implanted activation phrase.He snapped his fingers at the same time the humming from the speakers ceased. She blinked then smiled as the door opened and Igoro stepped in to take her hand.“Thank you so much Pastor. It has been an inspiring experience; I have no idea where the time has gone which is an indication of how much I have enjoyed myself,” she said cheerily as she shook his handPastor Erasmus returned the smile and said, “It’s been my pleasure to have you spend some time with us. May the Lord bless you and keep you well. We look forward to seeing you back with us again next sunday. Perhaps you might even bring a friend or two.”He watched her as she retreated back to her car and thought, “Another one joining the flock; how easy has it become?”*******Chloe and Holly were equally delighted with their first visit to the church. Everyone seemed so nice and caring and there was something about the atmosphere that just made you feel so good inside. Chloe confessed that previously she had never given religion much thought or time as it just ‘wasn’t for her’ but this experience which had been suggested by the Igoro boy had been most unexpected and she was glad that she had come. They both agreed they would give it another try the following week. Chloe joked, “I hope I won’t feel quite as tired at the end of it though. I didn’t realize that all that praying and stuff could be so demanding!” How they both laughed.Had Chloe been more aware of what had occurred in church her reaction might have been something other than laughter; Chloe had been properly fucked for the first time and was no longer a virgin.As they walked their way back to Holly’s house for a late afternoon family barbeque they got into a discussion about how they would spend the rest of the summer holiday away from college. Both of them were typical young ladies with that frustrating combination of great ambitions, expensive tastes and little money. Holly was a little reticent to share with her younger cousin a scheme that would solve all their problems. She decided to wait until they were more comfortably disposed, maybe after a glass of wine or two, and then she could share what her new boyfriend, the salesman from the Rhino store where she bought her phone, had suggested. It was a naughty scheme but one which gave them an excuse to do what they enjoyed doing whilst promising to be quite lucrative.*******

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