Our Babysitter and Her Mother


Our Babysitter and Her MotherOur Babysitter and Her Mother By Wonder_Dad – Story #11 – Downgraded AgainThroughout our marriage, the wife was getting restless wanting time alone, either with me or with her girlfriends. I placed an ad in the local newspaper seeking a babysitter. I thought we would be swamped with responses, but after two weeks, there had been only one call. We had decided to interview all candidates in person, before making a choice. We met with the young lady, but she was really way too young, barely a year older than our daughter was. Since there had been only one reply, our hopes were almost completely dashed.I was called away for several days, leaving the wife, again, alone with the ch1ldren. On my last night out of town, I got a call from the spouse saying that someone had called about the ad. She gave me a number and address that happened to be right on my way back from the trip and she suggested I call her and arrange to stop on my way in and interview her. I was surprised that she would accept my opinion on the sitter, but accepted her suggestion.The next morning before I checked out of the motel, I called the number and explained that I wanted to stop by and interview her for the position. She immediately started laughing, said it was not her, but her daughter, and had me hold on till she got her to the phone.”Hello, this is Justine,” a soft and very young sounding voice replied. In my mind, I immediately thought that this was going to be another sitter that was not old enough to sit for us.”Hello Justine, this is Mr. W. You replied to our ad for a babysitting position. I was wondering if it would be convenient to meet and talk.” I told her I was driving in and would be near their house in about several hours, probably around noon. She covered the receiver and I heard muffled talking for a few moments. “Yes, Mr. W., I’m able to meet you then. Do you need the address?” she asked. I repeated the address my wife had given me and she replied that it was correct, and they would expect me.When I pulled up to a small house, I noted that it was rather unkempt overgrown yard and a picket fence that had seen better days. Above the doorbell was a note that said ‘Please Knock’, so I rapped on the glass screen door loudly. An older woman appeared behind the glass and opened it gesturing me inside. “Hello…” I started speaking, was almost overpowered by the smell of alcohol on the mother’s breath. In her hand was a large kitchen glass with amber liquid and ice in her hand from which she took a big swig.”Ahh…you must be the one that called. I’m Tatyana, Justine’s mother. Come on in and take the weight off,” she slurred her words and rocked back and forth. She turned and stepped toward a big chair and pointed to the couch. From behind, her buttocks seemed well defined as the loose housecoat she was wearing fairly well clung tightly to her. As she turned and sat, I was treated to a very large set of breasts with nipples about the size of small pancakes almost popping out of the robe. She fiddled at the sash, pulling it closed somewhat, but as soon as she was completely sitting, they emerged once again into plain sight.”If I’ve come at a bad time, I can…,” I started to apologize, when I caught sight of the woman’s daughter dragging the vacuum cleaner from the room, and quickly returned. “Oh No, please don’t leave, Mr. W. I am Justine, the one that answered the ad. Please excuse my mom, she won’t bother us while we talk,” she had an embarrassed look on her face as she glanced over at her mom seeing her boobs hanging out. She stepped over quickly and pulled the robe again in an attempt to cover her up.I gave my fatherly appraising look at the young woman before me; she had almost jet black hair and very white light skin with dark eyes. She wore little makeup if at all and she was really quite attractive. Her clothing looked clean and well kept, a form-fitting button down blouse that accented her figure. I smiled to myself noting that her breasts were much like her mothers and that her waist and buttocks were well proportioned for her 5 foot 3 inch size. I judged her to be a 34B and 18 years old.”Well, yes, you answered the ad for a babysitter position. Have you babysat before?” As soon as the question was out of my mouth, the mother spoke up loudly.”She baby sits me all the time, keeps me on the straight and narrow as much as she can,” the mother loudly spoke up tilting her glass up at me taking another big drink. “She may have to watch me more with you here. You look like a healthy man, you could probably give me something that I haven’t had in a long time.” As I looked over at her, she had spread her legs revealing her pussy and started rubbing it with her fingers, looking at me.”What?….” I almost gasped and looking at the daughter, was she was making motions for her mother to shut her mouth. I tried not to look, but all men look at treasures and my eyes were definitely treated to a lovely shaven pussy with a nice plump pubic mound. I turned back to the daughter about to stand and leave when she grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch leading me to her room.”I’m so sorry sir. We can talk in here. Please make judgments against me based on my mother’s rude behavior. I do have to baby sit her. When she drinks….well, you saw I am sure what she was doing, flaunting herself at you. She is a nymphomaniac,” Justine spoke softly looking me in the eyes pleading. “I need to have this job. I have babysat for many ch1ldren and I can give you references if you need them. I do not drink, smoke or steal. I have always told the truth and have never lied when asked a question.””Well, we have a boy, Steven and a girl, Frolic. Do you think you will be able to handle two k1ds?” She nodded ‘Yes’ to me.We sat on her bed talking for 15 minutes, about her experience with diapers and cleaning amongst other things until I was quite satisfied that she was qualified. I offered her the job on a trial basis; if she did well, we would continue with her as our babysitter.”Thank you Justine, I am sure you will do fine,” I said as I walked thru the living room and paused next to her mother. “Thank you ma’am for allowing me to speak to your daughter.” “No, thank you Mr. W., Please call me Tatyana. It is my pleasure to have met you. I look forward to seeing a lot more of you in the future.” Justine’s vision was blocked as her mother reached out her hand and vigorously rubbed my cock with her hand, squeezing it tightly, before dropping her hand, allowing me to move towards the door.As I drove home, my mind kept wandering back to both the mother and daughter. My cock was getting stiff remembering the delectable views of the drunken mother and more so, at the appeal I had towards Justine, so innocent in her youth. I informed my wife that Justine was a good candidate, and would be here to baby-sit on Friday. Justine had agreed to do some general housework also, dusting and cleaning, while she was here, which seemed to please my wife immensely.+++++Friday came as did Justine and we went out for dinner and a movie, arriving home at near 9 pm. Justine was surprised we were back so soon as we walked into the house, she was wiping down the counters and putting the dishes all away. We checked on the little ones and they were sound asleep, and Justine told of the evening; they played, watched some TV and had snacks, before being put to bed and they did not fuss. “Justine, Steven fights us at bed time; did he give you any trouble with it?” I watched her eyes closely to see if there would be an attempt to not tell the truth. “No, we made a game of it, he was no problem at all,” Justine smiled a little smile and I could tell her answer was genuine. I had little doubt that everyone seemed to like her and she would be a perfect babysitter.”Excellent. Thank you Justine, I will work out a schedule for sitting and drop it by for you next week.” As her ride home arrived, I could not help but stare after her, my eyes glued to her shapely ass wondering what treasures lay underneath her clothing.Excited illegal bahis by being able to finally have some time away from the ch1ldren, our babysitting needs quickly burgeoned from one night a week to several nights even including an overnight sitting. +++++The following Tuesday I had one appointment at 10:00 am and it happened to be only a few miles from Justine’s house. Taking the opportunity to save a special trip, following the meeting, I decided to deliver the babysitting schedule.I knocked on the door and waited patiently for several minutes for an answer. No one responded and I slipped the schedule under the door and started back toward my car when I heard a tapping coming from one of the houses’ windows. Looking up there was her mother, Tatyana, with her breasts pressed tightly against the pane. Her white mounds of flesh with the nipples flattened and her mouth open and tongue licking the glass startled me. She waved me back and disappeared from sight. My instincts were to go ahead and get into my car and drive away, but my second brain had already registered a different response.The door opened and I stepped in; Tatyana was behind the door and closed it behind me revealing her completely nude body with a towel around her hair and body-dripping wet from a shower. She did not attempt to cover herself and stood as if it were completely natural to be naked around guests.”Mr. W.,” she spoke softly. “Ben, I mean, I would have answered the door, but I was showering as you can see,” waving her hands emphatically up and down her body.”I just slipped the babysitting schedule for Justine under the door, if you would see that she gets it, I would appreciate it,” I stammered. My eyes betrayed my thoughts as they slowly devoured her nudity with lust gleaming in them.”She is not here; she is of course, in school. Surely, you realized that she was still a young girl and would not be home at this time,” Tatyana smiled reaching out and deposited a light kiss on my lips. “Perhaps you were planning….on delivering it to me instead of her.” The tone of her voice told me she intended to take advantage of a man in her house with her alone and naked. “I am so worked up; the warm spray of the shower makes me so horny.” She moved with such quickness, pulled my trousers down with one tug completely catching me off guard, and dropped to her knees grabbing my semi-hard cock in her hands.”Oh, how lovely,” Tatyana moaned as her lips opened and her tongue licked the tip of my cock. “I just can not resist. I’ve done nothing but dream of having your cock in my mouth and pussy since you were here to see Justine the other day.” She pulled on my buttocks and my cock disappeared into her waiting mouth. The warmth of her saliva on my shaft was unbelievable; it was as if my cock had been submerged in a glass of hot water. My hands instinctively went around her toweled hair and I began slipping my manhood deeper into her throat pulling her head back and forth on my length.”My, it seems that perhaps you are enjoying the ‘delivery’ aren’t you Ben?” She did not receive a reply as I began humping at her mouth as if it were a pussy being fucked hard and fast. I could feel Tatyana’s tongue moving along and around my cock as my strokes continued. My head was tilted back and my eyes were partially closed feeling the suction of her mouth on my shaft. I looked down and saw her fingers were busily rubbing her pussy, spreading her labia open and thumbing her clitoris with wild abandon.The sight of her hands on her lovely pussy and her cheeks puffing out as my cock went in and out was breathtaking. My cock was on the verge of a spine-tingling climax. I felt myself stiffening; holding her head in place, I shoved my cock deep and unloaded several shots of sperm down her throat. She struggled to breath, gagging a massive amount of cum shot out around her lips and sprayed my balls and her chest with the white goo. Her eyes were wide open looking straight into mine glistening with pleasure.”Thank you so much Ben. I really needed that.” Tatyana licked wiped her chin, chest and my cock clean. As I pulled my pants up and fastened them, completely dumbfounded at how quickly things had escalated and gotten out of hand so to speak, Tatyana spoke again. I was astonished at her words.”Ben, after Justine baby sits for you, and if you bring her home late at night, would you like to linger and allow me to blow your cock again?” Tatyana’s look was one of pleading not just a simple question one can answer. “Well….I am married you know….but you have remarkable skills with your tongue and mouth and I would be remiss if I did not accept your offer,” I replied slowly.”When Justine goes to sleep,” Tatyana seductively spoke, “I will take you into her room and pull her covers back exposing her lithe little schoolgirl body and let you look at her naked.””Would you like that? You can touch her as well; she sleeps very soundly and never wakes up after she is asleep,” Tatyana continued.”Maybe you would like to watch me play with her while she sleeps. I love licking her pussy at night when she is asleep; her pussy tastes so sweet. You can come in my mouth and I will coat her pussy with your come as I lick and finger-fuck her. She moans so nicely when she cums in my mouth.””I….I do not know what to say…,” I choked out the words, feeling my cock once again swelling in my pants. The erotic thoughts were overcoming my mind, mother, daughter and me together in such an illicit situation.”Just say ‘Yes’ and I will make many of your naughtiest dreams come true. No one but you and I have to know, Justine will not remember anything, and I certainly will not tell her or your wife. It will be our secret. I want to please you more,” Tatyana spoke rubbing the front of my trousers feeling my swollen cock. “I can feel that the answer is yes and I’m very happy.”+++++Justine was a wonderful babysitter and the ch1ldren adored her. It was all they could do to contain themselves telling of what fun they had when she was there. Even Steven was doing better with his constant complaining about potty training and had begun to require less watching.One evening the wife had scheduled a girl’s night out with several of her friends and I had planned a poker night with some friends, but at the last minute, they backed out. I decided to just go ahead, have Justine come and sit, and give me some time to relax alone as well.When Justine arrived, it was just after dinner, and the wife had already left. I greeted her at the door with the little ones watching TV in the living room. Justine looked particularly young that night, wearing her school uniform having rushed to get here after having a soccer practice. I could not help but notice how short the pleated skirt she wore barely hid her panties as she swiveled her hips walking in. Her blouse was buttoned unevenly and her sports bra did little to hide her pert nipples thru the thin material of the blouse.”Oh, I dressed so quickly after practice…,” Justine spoke quietly, reached down, and unbuttoned all the buttons exposing her chest to me as she fiddled and buttoned the blouse up leaving the top two buttons undone. She looked up and smiled as she did it and I was unsure if it was intentional or just an oversight that a young girl might make without thinking. I did not mind at all, as I now had a lovely view of her cleavage and the straining breasts under the thin sports bra.”Mr. W.,” Justine asked, “would it be alright if I took a quick shower. I am a bit sweaty from practice, I’ll of course, put them down to sleep first, if that is ok with you?” I nodded and she turned with the skirt flaring out exposing her panties and lovely cheeks as she left the room. I stood there watching her as she went into the living room and started picking up all the toys, putting them in the toy box as she chattered on over the sound on the TV. The more times she bent over, more of her ass cheeks were exposed as her panties rode up higher on her hips until they were barely covering her ass.+++++My cock started to get illegal bahis siteleri stiffer watching her thinking about what her mother had told me. She herded the little ones off to their bedrooms and put them to bed. I stood in the bathroom closet getting a towel and washcloth for her, when she came back down the hallway, and entered the bathroom. The closet door was partly closed and she must not have noticed me there.The big bathroom mirror gave me a perfect view of her from the side and from my vantage point, her backside was merely a foot or two from me. She pulled her skirt and panties off and knelt down, sitting on her feet; my cock almost instantly sprang up hard as her hairy pussy pooched down between her ankles. Her fingers gingerly went between the pouty labia lips opening them wide giving me the most tantalizing view of a woman’s privates imaginable.She unbuttoned her top removing it and ran her hands across her sports bra caressing her breasts. Even in the mirror, I could clearly see her nipples puff out under the thin material. She was enjoying herself immensely as she pulled the sports bra up and off exposing her 34B breasts. She leaned over into the bathtub and turned the water on fiddling with the knobs. With her back to me, I quickly stepped out of the closet, placing a towel and washcloth on the toilet back and rushed out of the room heading back to the living room to sit down.”I’ve put a towel and washcloth out for you Justine, after your shower, I’ll take you home,” I said shouted to her, and heard her say ‘thank you’ thru the partially closed bathroom door. I crept back to the bathroom door, and quietly peered thru the crack watching her. Justine stood in front of the mirror naked and started feeling her breasts, lifting them up, pushing them together trying to get her nipples to touch each other. She lifted them up and her tongue lashed out of her mouth, and to my surprise, it was so long and she licked on her nipples easily. I had never seen a tongue so slender and long before almost as if she had a lizard tongue. She squatted some and spread her legs and I watched her finger herself, rubbing her little nubbin and pushing her fingers deep inside her pussy. She kept at it for several minutes then decided she had better get into the shower I suppose, as she got the water warm. Thru the glass doors of the shower, I watched her lather her hair with her breasts so pleasantly pouting out and her black hair against her white skin made her almost appear ghostly. She soaped her body and worked the washcloth against her pussy vigorously using her fingers to push the cloth inside her. I saw the cloth hanging down from her pussy as she rinsed the soap off the rest of her body with the sprayer. When she pulled the cloth out of her pussy, she immediately put it into her mouth and sucked on it tasting her own juices. As Justine turned the water off and started to towel herself dry, I quietly closed the door and sat back down.When she stepped out of the bathroom, her hair was still damp and clung to her face framing her eyes and cheekbones like a picture frame, just as my wife entered the house from her evening out.”Perfect timing dear, I’m going to take Justine home now. I may stop off at the office for a bit to go thru a few invoices, so I will not be home immediately, you can go to bed and sleep. I’ll see you in the morning at breakfast and you can tell me all about your evening,” as I headed to the door with Justine right behind me.+++++On the drive to Justine’s, she became very drowsy with her head bobbing like a chicken as I drove. She was almost asleep when we arrived, and I put my arms around her and helped her to the door holding her. The lights were low in the house as she fumbled with the keys opening the door. I continued holding her, walked to her bedroom, and released her on the bed.”Hello Ben,” Tatyana, her mother spoke as I entered the girl’s bedroom. “Please, have a seat in the living room, while I attend to Justine,” as I turned to leave. “I’ll be with you in a moment.” My heart was racing and my mind was filled with lusty thoughts of what was about to happen here. I watched Tatyana begin to undress her Justine, removing her top before I left the room.Tatyana came back into the living room smiling at me. She had changed her clothes and was wearing a skimpy transparent negligee that hid nothing. Her large breasts almost tumbled out of it as she sat next to me. My cock immediately responded hardening as I could see wisps of her hair sticking out of her panties.”I hope you like what I am wearing tonight. I chose it just for you in hopes you would stay with me for a bit tonight. Must you rush off home to your wife?” She asked as she leaned over and kissed me on the lips.”Um, I do not have to rush off; I made excuses of going to my office for some paperwork so I’m not expected back any time soon,” as I turned slightly to face her and let my hands touch her breasts thru the thin negligee. Tatyana responded and kissed me again passionately with her hands rubbing my crotch, feeling my hardness.”I’m so happy to hear that,” as she undid my trousers and released the pressure on my cock. She slowly pulled my shirt up over my head and tugged my trousers down and off. Her hands were stroking my cock and I continued to squeeze on her breasts. “I’ve been hoping you would return and stay a while.”Tatyana’s head lowered to my cock and she began kissing it, holding it in her hands, examining it closely and licking on the thick shaft before encircling it with her mouth. I sat back watching her black hair bob up and down, feeling her tongue on my cock, enjoying myself being treated so well. I let my fingers trace the outlines of her pussy, gently rubbing her slit with them, feeling the wetness that already soaked her panties. She moaned at the touch and sank her mouth deeper on my cock.”I must tell you that I’ve done nothing but think of watching you….watching you take advantage of my sleeping daughter….letting you see me lick and lap at her little virginal pussy with my tongue and lips while your cock violates her tiny mouth. Is that bad of me to want to have you watch?” My cock throbbed and bounced against and in Tatyana’s mouth as she told me this and I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth.”Do you think you can cum more than once in a night Ben, I mean, you just gave me a load now; can you do it again in a little while?” she asked with her eyes hoping the answer was yes.”Don’t worry, I can cum many times in a short time, no problems at all,” I spoke thanking my lucky stars that I had taken my little blue pill. “And I love the thought of you wanting me to watch you licking your daughter.””Good!” Tatyana grabbed my hand, pulled me up from the couch, and dr-ug me to her daughter’s bedroom turning on the lights. “Pull the covers back,” as she pulled a chair up right alongside the bed and sat down. “I want to watch you do naughty things to my daughter and I’ll sit here and play with myself while you do.” From out of nowhere, Tatyana suddenly had a very large dildo in her hands, and started licking it before pulling her panties aside and pushed it into her already wet pussy.I slowly pulled the covers off the sleeping girl and gazed down at her beautiful young body. I leaned down and kissed Justine’s lips softly, letting my tongue flash out into her mouth. She stirred a bit but her mouth opens a bit as I kissed her again. My hand went to her breasts, gently touching them, letting my fingers trace circles around the mounds, cupping them from the underside, feeling the flesh mold and move in my hands. Her nipples were wide and relaxed and as I moved my fingers tracing her areoles, I saw them begin to shrink and her tiny nipples stood up against the dark areoles.Tatyana was watching me raptly and while fucking herself with the dildo, she reached out and started stroking my cock with her other hand. My cock started dribbling a tiny amount of cum as she stroked me back and forth.”Oh, put this dew on her mouth, let her lick it. Put your cock in canlı bahis siteleri Justine’s mouth, please, this is so hot, I’ve already cum twice just watching you, I’m so horny for this,” as Tatyana rammed the dildo deeper and deeper in her cunt.I moved my cock to Justine’s face, letting the shaft lay on across her lips, moving it back and forth. Her mouth seemed to respond and opened some, and I felt her tongue between her lips just barely touching my cock’s shaft. I took the tip, laid it between her slightly open lips, and watched her tongue lick out at my tip, tasting my dew, her tongue came out further, and again, to my amazement, Justine’s tongue seemed to wrap completely around my head.I moved to the top of her bed, and reaching down, pulled her up, and d****d her head over the top of the bed. I pressed my cock against her lips and slowly slipped it into her mouth. With just the tip in, Justine’s tongue flashed out and surrounded my cock, lapping at the tip and along the shaft, as I began to push deeper. I bent over and began to suckle on her breasts at the same time, and I saw Tatyana spreading Justine’s legs open and begin touching her little pussy, fingering her and watching me stuff my cock in her daughter’s mouth.Tatyana’s big breasts were hanging down, looking so nice, and bouncing back and forth under her as she started to kiss her daughter’s pussy. I started thrusting deeper and deeper, watching Justine’s throat bulge as my cock went deep into her mouth. I felt like I was about to come, so I pulled out and just watched Tatyana voraciously licking Justine’s pussy.”I want to see you riding Justine’s face with your wet pussy. Swing your ass around up here and straddle her face and you can lick her pussy as the same time,” I commanded. “I’ll fuck your ass while watching you please her.””Oooh God, take me as you please. I have always wanted to have a man fuck my ass. It’s virgin but I want you to abuse me, fuck my ass hard.” Tatyana’s ass swung around so fast, she almost knocked me over with her feet getting herself positioned over her Justine’s face.As Tatyana lowered her pussy down onto Justine’s sleeping face, her ass was high up in the air and her face was buried in Justine’s tiny muff. Tatyana’s anus was so lovely, a brown star shining above her hairy pussy; I used my fingers on her pussy, soaking them with her juices, and used it to lubricate her asshole.I fingered Tatyana’s ass, massaging her, pressing my thumb against her anus, watching its outline move at my touch. I slowly slipped my finger in about an inch and held still, feeling her anus muscled clamp down and hold my fingertip. I worked my finger in and out, until I felt her muscles relax their grip, and pushed it further burying another knuckle in her ass. Repeating the process of loosening her ass, Tatyana moaned and gasped at each push in, until my fist was pressed against her butt and my finger completely buried in her ass. I started pulling my finger in and out, almost letting it slip out completely before pushing it hard back into her, jabbing it full length, fucking her with one finger. Tatyana’s buttocks pressed back against my hand and against Justine’s face as I continued. After several minutes, I pulled my finger almost all the way out and slipped another finger inside her, using it to pull her anus open, one finger to each side, stretching her wide. As it opened up, I slipped three fingers in the opening, and pressed into her and felt her quiver under my touch. Tatyana gasped loudly and wiggled forward, to displace my fingers and I let them slip out.Knowing she was ready, I pushed my cock head into Tatyana’s anus, letting her feel it’s width and feeling her muscles grab tightly onto the tip. She moaned low in her throat as I continued pushing my cock into her ass, pulling out then pushing in again, deeper each time, until my pubic hairs were touching her ass crack. I held her for a few moments, reaching down, grabbing great handfuls of her tits, squeezing on them tightly. As I started thrusting deep into Tatyana’s ass, I pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefingers, and she winced and moaned, but did not pull away this time. She was enjoying the feeling of my cock buried in her ass. “You like that don’t you? You are truly a nymphomaniac slut Tatyana and I plan to take advantage of you at every opportunity. I’m going to shoot my spunk deep inside your ass. It will be a reminder for the next several days as it drips out of you.””Take me Ben. Please use me as you want to, I fucking love it in the ass, you’ve truly released the Slut that I am,” Tatyana whimpered in a soft voice. Her ass continued to push back on me, ramming my cock as deep as it would go in her ass. I pulled out of her, a gush of cum squirted out on her daughter’s face. I slapped Tatyana’s ass hard several times and grabbed her hair, turning her around.”Clean your daughter’s face, lick my spunk from her face and clean her with your tongue.” Tatyana eagerly complied as her ass continued to drip my cum on the floor. When Tatyana had finished, I pushed her across Justine’s stomach, and stuffed my cock began stuffing her pussy with my hard cock. I slipped into Tatyana easily, her hole was slick as butter, as I reached around and manhandled her clitty, pinching it hard and pulling on it as I rammed into her pussy from behind. Tatyana’s breasts flounced against Justine’s ribs making slapping sounds as they hit and I continued my assault on her pussy. It was not long until I filled her pussy with another load of cum.I pulled out of her and again had her lick my cock clean. I covered poor Justine up and went back into the living room to get my clothes on and head home. It had been several house of debauchery and my cock was finally subsiding. Tatyana came out of the bedroom and again knelt between my legs and began sucking my cock again, slowly with deep strokes, and even though I was not completely hard, her lips felt good on my cock and I let her continue as I stroked her hair and played with her breasts. She laid her head on my thighs holding my cock in her mouth sucking.I heard a faint sound behind me in the dark. I craned my neck around and saw Justine in the shadows with a far away look in her eyes. Her hand was rubbing her crotch, as she stood there naked, not moving. Her lips were open and I could see her chest moving up and down as if she were breathing heavily. She crossed the room coming toward me with Tatyana still sucking on my cock in my lap. She stood directly beside me but her mother’s face was looking in the opposite direction and she did not see her there.I reached up and gently ran my hands up and down her sides, feeling her shape under my fingertips and she continued to just stand there and finger herself quietly. I gently massaged her breasts with the palm of my hand. I slipped my hand alongside of hers in her crotch and felt her wetness and her finger remained inside her own pussy moving. I pushed my finger in her pussy next to hers and pressed my thumb to her clitoris from the outside and my finger against the top of her pussy from inside, gently pulling and rubbing. Her body seemed to press forward against my fingers and she continued to play with herself.I felt myself begin to stiffen a bit and soon thereafter, I released another load of cum into Justine’s mother’s mouth. Tatyana did not stop sucking and was able to swallow all the cum this time without a problem. She lifted her head up, saw Justine standing there with both our sets of fingers in her little pussy, and smiled at me.”I told you she never wakes up, but I’ve not seen her come out of her room either. I gather that she truly likes you. I hope you like her and me as well,” Tatyana cooed softly as she stood up, taking her daughter by the hand and led her back to her room. When she came back, I had my clothes on and was standing by the door, ready to depart. She came and pressed her body against mine and we kissed for a long time.”Ben, I’m so glad you came tonight,” smiling at me. “And came and came again. Remember it is our little secret. Thank you for all that you did tonight. I have more things that I fantasize about. Perhaps you can call me during the day, we can have phone sex, and I’ll tell you of my fantasies. Perhaps they too can become reality. Good Night.”

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