My Younger sis Was Still A Virgin


My Younger sis Was Still A VirginI’m Vivaan from Delhi going to narrate a true happening incident just 15 days ago.This incident happened between me and my younger s*s who was a virgin till that incident. Her name is Vaishali, a cute little studious girl, aged 19.I don’t even noticed when my little angel turn into a hot chick with little blossoms and evolved a sexy figure of 32 26 33. I still feels her softness of her boobs and little light brown nipples on my hand.It was a day when she just completed her 12th. It was her holiday and I came back home from college and mom dad wasn’t there. I went into the bedroom and found her sleeping in skirt which was above her thighs with her knees up.I was dumbstruck and was watching her with her pink panties on. I suddenly got a huge erection. This was a different feeling which I never felt before even for my girlfriend.That night I slept with my sister and woke up at night at 2. I found her sleeping and I put my hand over her boobs which just start growing up. Her breathing got faster. I touched her thighs and kept my hand on her pussy and then she woke up. I got scared and she asked me what i’m doing and I act like i’m sleeping.After that day I got a huge urge to make love with her and I knew that she’s a virgin as she never had any boy friend.One day we were watching tv and she wanted to see another channel and the fight started for the remote in which I pressed her boobs. She gave me a look and I got turned on. I said that u have a mole on your neck, where else do you have moles and how many? She gave me a angry look kept silent and after sometime said that she has many moles that I can’t count.I was happy by her words and asked where she said on ma waist neck waist line and thighs. Hearing this my dick rose up hard and asked her to show me. Firstly she denied and after forcing she showed me one on her tummy and below shoulders.She noticed my bulge and since then I frequently wore towel without underwear after shower while getting ready.One day bursa escort when I came I saw her studying for her exams, I knowingly remove my towel pretending its by fault. My dick was in full length and she saw it with wide eyes and kept her head down. I got ready on that night mom dad was sleeping in other room and me and my s*s in one room on same bed.I did the same thing woke up in night and lights were off, I touched her boobs they were so soft and her nipples got fully erect. I put my hand inside her top from below and kept pressing her breathing got faster it was such a good and strange feeling more than doing sex with my girlfriend.Then I touched her thighs and meanwhile kissed her forehead caressing her then on cheeks my hand moved upper on her panty line and I kissed her lips. I was afraid that it will wake her up but my urge of sex made me cross that barrier.I then put my fingers inside her panty side elastic and rubbed her pussy with my thumb above her pussy and she gave a slight moan which confirmed that she’s awake and my little sister which was never into sex was ready to make love and surrender to her elder bhaiya.It was no looking back and I kissed her lips more passionately and gave little bite on her lips, she started responding and we strengthen our brother sister bond by opening our mouth playing with each other tongues and I put my hand inside her panty rubbed her clitoris with my thumb and she crossed her legs.I removed her top kissed her neck bite her shoulders smell her armpits kissed her tummy and she gave a huge jerk. I put my tongue inside her belly button encircling and rotating making her moan louder and found that her pussy is wet with her juices. I kissed her nipples one by one and sucked them like a small baby. She was like a fish without water twisting here and there and only I can here from her mouth was bhaiya…sis bhaiya…Sss.. Umm aaahh bhaiya..sis sis.I removed her skirt and came between her legs, spread her legs and she was hesitating a bit as bursa escort bayan this was her first time that too with her brother. I licked both her toes and then I kissed her ankle, after that I pressed her calves muscles. My slow and steady actions were making her crazy which I can sense by her expressions. I made my next move and I kissed her knees and rubbed her thighs.Free Sex Videos BlogI kissed her thighs slowly and bite them slowly near her pussy and vaginal area. Her moans were getting louder and I was teasing her by not kissing on her pussy. She was rotating her body as if she is asking me to kiss her pussy. When I judged that she is under my control them I spread her legs slowly and saw the most beautiful love triangle. She has a pinkish clean shaven pussy and it was looking like a rose bud. It was the most beautiful and erotic scene for me.I came closer and it was a great fragrance which drove me mad. I touched her pussy lips and she crossed her legs. I looked into her eyes and spread her legs again. I parted both her pussy lips like u must have done when the rose is a bud we forcely parted its lips apart to see what’s inside it. The same way I parted her pussy.What I saw was her hymen and I sensed that the scene made the whole blood of my body rushed into my penis. In no time I kissed her pussy and clitoris and it gave a huge jerk to her body.She was getting made and was in no mood to leave her. Her hands were caressing my hairs and I was licking her like a mad dog licking ice cream.. I was holding her both hands tightly and wont let her close her legs. Her moans converted into groaning and that was the moment when she has her first orgasm.She came a lot with a huge gusshh and I didn’t stopped until her body came to normal. I drank all her juices. I saw her face and I can clearly see a new girl with a sense of satisfaction on her face which made me feel like a real man.Now it was her turn to return the pleasure. I was afraid of asking her for a blowjob but to mu surprise escort bursa she sat came on my top, started stroking my dick and kissed it on the top. After that she took it in her mouth and started slurping with her tongue and I was in cloud nine. She must have learned that from blue films. After sucking and teasing my dick for 5-6 minutes she gave me a wild look.I made her lie on bed and came above on her in missionary position. I put her legs on my shoulder and start rubbing my dick on her pussy. It was well lubricated by her juices and I gave a slight push and my dick went inside a little and she made a low scream like aaahhh looked in her eyes and with the second push my whole dick was inside her pussy which hit her inner pussy walls and I clearly felt that I broke her hymen.I stayed still for some time and kissed her tears rolling from her eye, kissed her cheeks and suck her nipples and meanwhile start playing slow strokes. After my few strokes she seemed fine and was enjoying the moment and gasping for her by her open mouth. It was a non forgettable seen for me as she was playing with her hairs biting her lips with her closed eyes. I stopped for a second to tease her and she opened her eyes was shocked and then her expressions changed into anger.She came on top of me and was behaving like a real bitch hungry for sex. She came on top of me, made her self sit on my dick until it fully got invisible in her love whole. I was holding her hips and giving her thrusts from below. She was jumping on my dick and making rounds giving me full pleasure and she wanted to explore each and every way to get the full pleasure.After jumping for 9-10 minutes I sensed that her gasping increased and her pussy walls was getting tighter as she was near to her orgasm. I increased my speed from below and with a huge gusshh and loud moan she came to her orgasm and after that I too came filling her pussy with my sperms loads and we didn’t bother what’ll happen instead enjoyed that moment fully.We slept like that for whole night and till that date we are continuously making love whenever we get a chance.You can send me for your feedback, or if there is any other i****t couple we may have together. I have interest in married aunties also.

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