My Wife Gets Me Fucked

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My Wife Gets Me FuckedAs many of you know my wife found my anal toy, all latex and black, ready to be lubed up and slowly inserted in my tight hole. At first she was mad, which mellowed to incredulous and finally into curiosity. I showed her how I would suck on a banana while she was away on business while fucking my own ass with the well-lubed toy. She was so hot that she put her hand on mine to help me fuck my wanting anus. She sucked and bit my nipples and worked her way up to my lips to shove her tongue deep into my mouth and twist it around mine. She fucked me Amazon style, pushing my knees back to my ears while telling me how good it felt to ride my cock and see me in such a vulnerable position. I held my own legs back to give her better access to my cock as I groaned in ecstasy.And, that was just the first night of our new relationship – a more open and adventurous us where honesty and communications and all out a****l rutting played such a crucial role. The nights and weeks that followed let us to online stores and then into their brick and mortar counterparts like Babeland, which turned out to be our fav.We bought all the toys we had never talked about before. There were anal toys, vibes, and strapons, lubes and sexy outfits. We talked about my heteroflexibility in private until she relished embarasing me by asking one of the sales people what would be a fun way for us to introduce my bi side into our lives.The sales person flushed red before recommending a few websites and even mentioning she bring a friend over, as long as she could join us and watch.This was the night she and her friend arrived at our door. Both of them looked like completely normal people – just like us. Neither looked like wild kinksters, which is why I think we all hit it off so well.We invited them in and made some cocktails and small talk to get comforable before our social lubrication started kicking in. After checking each other out in furtive looks our stares became longer and deeper, our eyes remained in contact and the exchange of smirks and winks became more frequent.That’s illegal bahis when my wife blew the walls wide open.”So Brian, it seems like both you and Jay have a thing for cocks…” Her words hung in the air like a wet cloud waiting to unleash its wet fury. Jesse from the store sunk back into her corner of the couch with a smile as Brian and I leaned in. All we could do was nod and follow the river that was flowing in the room.It was my wife’s turn, “Brian, I would love to see you take your cock out and walk over to my husband to see what he’d do with a real penis, instead of the banana he must be getting bored with by now.”I think I coughed on my own tongue as it seemed to have quickly swollen in my mouth.I sat up straighter than before as I watched Brian stand up and slowly lower his zipper. I noticed my wife opening her shirt to free one of her breasts as she pinched a nipple in anticipation for what was coming.I wet my lips and swallowed as I saw him pull and release what was a gorgeous 8”, well manicured and trimmed cock. Jesse turned to my wife for all to hear, “I told you he’d be perfect for this.” The exchanged winks as Jesse opened her legs, raised her ass and worked her panties down to her ankles, kicking them off in our direction as if to put an exclamation point on the end of her comment.I reached up to touch his balls and then fondle them. He was shaved like me. Smooth balls and a trimmed patch of pubes up top. My fingers found their way to that oh so sensitive spot just below his sac. Then back up to life his cock out to my mouth and tongue. My heart was beating faster, my mouth went dry, as I realized this was the moment I had been waiting for, for so long.My wife said what was unspoken, “This is it Jay, what you’ve been waiting for.”I nodded once before taking it into my mouth and wrapping my lips around its base before dragging them upwards along that beautiful length of man-meat that hung, semi-erect in front of me. I couldn’t help myself but trail my tongue after my lips, wriggling it and swirling it over the head of Brian’s dick. It just felt illegal bahis siteleri so good as I joined the girls and pinched my own nipples.I massaged Brian’s ass and drew him ever deeper into my mouth and throat. I was absorbed with his cock as the girls comments faded into the background. Their astonished calls of “Oh my God, did you see that?” or “Wow he really loves to have a penis, doesn’t he?” echoed in the back of my head as I focused on the taste of his pre-cum. At one point the now nude ladies re-positioned us into a 69 with Brian on top. They circled us, helping us suck each other, playing with our holes, pinching our nipples and even getting comfortable with each other. From the corner of my eyes I could see Jesse’s hands fondling my wife’s breasts from behind. I could see my wife lean back into her as they kissed, my wife’s tongue stretching to make contact with the sexy, slithering tongue of our sales person. Meanwhile I could feel Brian’s cock slowly pump in and out of my mouth as his fingers started to massage my asshole.It was an orgasm waiting to happen. I lost myself to it, raising my own ass off the couch to the pleasure of Brian’s fingers and mouth as he worked me. He was good, no doubt about it. He would bring me to the edge of exploding before taking my dick out of this mouth and grip the base tightly, preventing me from exploding while making some comment to the women. They would laugh or squeal in delight, getting hotter and hotter themselves. I’m not sure whether they knew what this was doing to me, or just didn’t care.By the time Brian was done I was a limp noodle, willing to do anything if I could just explode. He got off of me and grabbed me by my hard-on, pulling it down as I fell to my knees in front of Jesss and my wife who were now entwined with each other. Their fingers deeply inserted into each others pussies, their tongues sucking deeply into each other’s mouths, and their lip sucking on each other’s nipples and ears. Brian grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, pointing my mouth toward their wet slits. Both Jesse and canlı bahis siteleri my wife wasted no time in directing my lips to satisfy them. I wasted no time in diving into the pussies, finding their rose buds and bringing them to climax.As I went down I felt a few fingers spreading my own ass by a slow and well lubed insertion. One was followed by two, then three. I could feel them pump in and out of me as I begin to pump back against them. Somewhere in the madness I heard my wife say “God, look at him, he’s pushing back into your fingers. Do you think he’s ready?”I felt Brian’s dick push into my anus. I wanted it but was afraid of what it would do. I looked up and saw the smile and look of pride on my wife’s face. An assured look that said, “you can do this. Make me proud. Let’s see where this can go.” That was when I leaned back into his cock. At first it felt good as he entered me and then withdrew. I felt him pump gently a few time, each time hitting my O ring. I could feel my O ring not wanting to give.”Man he’s tight,” from Brian.”Ease into him,” from Jesse.”Fuck him,” from my wife.Then I relaxed and felt myself give way. There was a short burst of pain, like a thunderbolt hitting my ass, and that was it. My cherry was popped.I heard the women say in unison, “Oh my God, that’s so sexy. “go slowly I want to watch this,” and “look at the little slut, what a good boy, you should be so proud of him.”When Brian shot his load, it just felt like he filled my bowels with his semen. The lube gave way to a smoother, slipperiness as his cum worked its way around my asshole. I felt one of the women reach down and massage his cum onto my ass, my back, and then offer me some to lick off her fingers.I took her fingers into my mouth and sucked those like a greedy whore being spit roasted, sucking on her cum covered fingers while having a cock slide in and out of my ass.My wife mewled like a kitten as I went down on her as Jesse’s fingers rolled from my mouth to her pussy, followed quickly by my tongue and taste buds.I never wanted it to stop, but alas in time it did.We all gave our hugs at the door and kissed so deeply – yes, men and women, women and women, men and men. We groped and squeezed, laughed and sighed and promised to have them over very, very soon.Mmmmmmmmmm – so happy to be bi with loved ones…..Jay

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