Taking a chance


Taking a chanceWhere to begin? I have a hobby of sorts that I do projects from home on the side mostly for older retired ladies. One of the regular women brought me a project for another woman, Renee, and gave me her number to call her when I was done. So when I was done I called to meet her to bring her her item but she said she would come to my house to pick it up. So the plans were made and when I got home that evening she was already waiting at my house. I let her in apologizing for her having to wait. I said I would go and get it after letting her in the house but she followed me as I went through the bedroom to retrieve her item stopping when she realized where she was headed, my office is behind my bedroom. She paid me for my work but I sensed something was different I guess is the best way to put it. The next day she called me and asked she had paid me enough I assured her that it was good. Two weeks later she dropped another project off leaving it on my porch as I had not gotten home yet. I found her sudden interest in my work unusual and how she had seemed embarrassed illegal bahis on entering my bedroom. I had said that I would have it done by a certain Saturday expecting to set a time for her to pick it up after that. Instead she showed up at my house, my wife was just leaving to go to her Mother’s normally she stays about 4hours away and I go there on the weekends. My two teenage c***dren were here as well. I hadn’t quite finished and went out to the shop with her to finish up her project. I commented on what a pretty smile she had, but thinking about how much I loved her ass. She blushed a little and said thank you I can see that you mean that. At first I wasn’t sure what she meant, then realized I only had on a pair of cotton shorts and she was looking at my semi from thinking about her in my bedroom. She said it was nice to be appreciated her husband doesn’t seem to notice her especially since she had breast cancer and the scars she had but was going to have plastic surgery done soon. I was thinking TMI but liked where she was going. I said that there was more to her than breasts illegal bahis siteleri as my hard on grew. She asked if my wife would be gone long, all I could think about was wanting to feel her ass and how great her pussy would feel. I said at least half an hour, by now I had a raging hard on and knew she could see it. I went to the back of the shop behind a stack of boxes, she followed me. I slid my shorts down to reveal my cock and asked her if she wanted anything. She said sit down, at sat down on the floor ,as that was the only place to sit, Renee shucked her Jean’s and panties off and squatted down guiding my cock into her wet pussy. She came almost instantly and it was all I could do to keep from cumming too. I wanted to fuck her but let her ride me, she said it has been ages, in no time her pussy was squeezing me hard as she came again and I erupted inside her. She got up and quickly put her clothes back on. I was drained and I asked her if she wanted to wait for me to finish up her project or come back Monday adding that my wife and c***dren won’t be around. canlı bahis siteleri She said she would come back Monday to take my time. I finished up her project minutes after she left. I couldn’t wait for Monday evening. She called me Monday morning and asked if we were still on for Monday evening and what time I would be home. She was waiting in the driveway when I got home .Monday. I let her in the house and she said no one can know about this. I said of course not as her hand rubbed across my crotch. We kissed for the first time like we had been starving for it. I held her in my arms and we kissed some more after awhile my hands slid down and caressed her ass. I said I have something for you as I led her to the bedroom, she said I hope so. Once in the bedroom she pulled my pants down and sucked on cock, which come to find out is something she doesn’t do for her hubby. After a bit she stood up and let me undress her, her right breast was scared and ugly but her left was delectable and I sucked on it and figured her pussy until she was demanding that put it inside her. I had her lay on the bed and pulled her to the edge as I stood on the floor and drove my cock deep into her pussy. Leaning forward to kiss her passionately she whispered I need to feel you cum. I pounded her pussy hard and she loved it until I erupted.

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