My Sophie (roleplay)

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My Sophie (roleplay)I want to apologize in advance for all the errors – English is not my native language.But I hope you understand the point.Maybe this is not the most ideal roleplay, but she and I really liked it.Let’s start!Alexandr:I have not seen Aunt Sophie for a long time, the last time was 10-12 years old. But today she suddenly appeared at our home. Mom said that aunt travels and therefore visited us. As a c***d I didn’t care, but now I noticed that Sophie is very sexy in her tight-fitting dress. Mom said she would sleep in the next room.I wonder will I have a chance to see her in her underwear? Or maybe even naked? It will be necessary to try in the evening or at night to peep through the door of the loggia.Sophie: After a joint evening, I climbed into the room allocated to me. A little tired, I decided to take a shower and without thinking twice, went into the shower stall, slamming the door behind me.Alexandr:After dinner together, my aunt went to her room, I also went to do my homework in my room.After a while, I heard a clap and a sound of a shower.- This is a great chanceI went through the lie and fortunately the door of the aunt’s loggia was not locked, maybe forgot or did not know. I quietly went inside.It was dark, but in the moonlight I could see the clothes lying on the bed. Apparently the aunt just took them off. I walked over and looked at them.On the bed lay her blue jeans, black shoes, blue blouse.Among these clothes, I quickly looked for her underwear. It was black – my favorite color and lace, which gave it an erotic look. I took her live and estimated the size of the breast – I liked the size.Then I picked up Sophie’s lace shorts. I knew that a couple of minutes ago they were clinging to the most tender of her place. I sniffed them – it was the smell of an aunt. A mixture of her sweat and the aroma of her pussy. From these thoughts, I had a riser.I firmly decided to spy on her in the shower – I have to do this in order to masturbate her image later.I went to the shower with my aunt’s shorts in my hands.BAM!Sharply opened the door hit me a little on the head. From surprise, leaving the shower room, my aunt even screamed.Sophie:- Oh! Hello – standing in a white terry robe told you.Alexandr:A little discouraged by what happened, I got up by you.- Hi aunt. I came to you I think that you will help me with one task at the university. I thought that you had not yet had illegal bahis time to go into the shower and would have time to ask you – i smile standing in front of my aunt, with one hand i scratch my forehead from the blow. In the other behind her panties.Sophie:- And therefore took my panties? – a little laughing asked you.Alexandr:With boxer stand- It?! I just saw your clothes s**ttered on the bed. I decided to tidy up a bit.From the aunt was such a pleasant smell, that I was excited even more.Sophie: Smiled a little – Quite a while no one helped me tidy up. And what did you want to ask?Alexandr:- You know, from this whole situation – I just got out of my head a question, hehe.But if you need help with cleaning, then I am happy)Sophie:- Ahahah – laughed in response – Like i’m not yet as old, as far as I remember you are already 21 years old?Alexandr:- Similarly, aunt, I am already mature and strong, so I can help you with anything – God, I smile like an idiot, what am I carrying?!Sophie:- Well, for starters, you can put my panties in its place.Alexandr:- Of course! – going back to bed and putting them back and turn around – Anything else Aunt Sophie?Sophie:- Ahahah, not that I am against you taking my panties, just did not expect to see you here – gone and sat on the crib.- By the way, why are you not sleeping? The time is already late.Alexandr:- I speak university, lessons, I wanted to ask you a question, and now I have already forgotten it. Again, I have not seen you for a long time. I was 10 years old the last time I saw you.Sophie:- That’s for sure, long time ago. I don’t go to bed very early, thought maybe TV to watch.Alexandr:I look at Sophie from top to bottom and clearly see the hollow of her elastic boobs. She’s still a bit wet. I swallow.- Maybe you want to see together? – what am I carrying?!!Sophie:- Sorry for my French, but when I was offered the last time to watch a film together, it ended up with double penetration – a little embarrassed after my own words.Alexandr:Shocked and at the same time imagining how aunt is fucked in her pussy and ass.- S-sure it was something… – laughing nervously.My dick tensed and his outlines are visible through the boxers.Sophie:- It seems your friend is a little tense, pointed a finger in the direction of your dick.Alexandr:Damn she noticed- Sorry aunt, I can’t do anything about it – you’re so sexy. And your look…- Therefore, I got a penis. illegal bahis siteleri I told you that I was already an adult.Sophie:- Well praised. Even right felt younger, although I confess I like your compliments.- Yes, and the dick seems to look good – looked at him.Alexandr:- Aunt you confuse me – smile and covered a dick with one hand.Sophie:A little embarrassed – Well said as it is.Alexandr:- I also tell the truth Sophie .. eh .. damn … in truth I lied to you that I wanted to ask you a question about the lessons. I wanted to spy on you. I think you are very sexy and men are probably running after you in a crowd.Sophie:- You know, you said that you wanted to spy on me, and now I understand that I am not averse to spy on you…Alexandr:- What do you mean aunt?!Sophie:- I don’t mind seeing your dick. Aunt also has all sorts of fantasies – laughed saying.Alexandr:- Do you really want this Sophie? – looking into your eyes I ask.Sophie:- Your parents sleep or not?Alexandr:- At this time they are already asleep, this is me staying up late.Sophie:- OK – got up and walked to the door, snapped the handle on the inside – In general would look.Alexandr:- Good – I slowly take off the boxers, the dick clings to the top and with the shorts is pulled down. Then my dick jumps out of the boxers, sways a little and looking up.Sophie:- Wow, so nice cock – smiled when she saw him.Alexandr:My dick is uncut, not huge, but not small.- Thank you aunt – I smiled nervously.Sophie:- Can you touch it?Alexandr:- I would like this – swallow saliva.Sophie:- Let’s go to the bed. I think there will be enough space for two of us.Alexandr:- Yep.Sophie:Sat on the edge of the crib.Alexandr:I stood right in front of you.Sophie:I touch you groin.Alexandr:Light discharge pass through me when you touch me.Sophie:I smile – Sorry if I touched you sharply.Alexandr:- No, it was nice, you have gentle hands. Touch as much as you want.Sophie:Began to caress you with palms along the dick.Alexandr:I exhale hot air from myself, trying to cool my arousal.Sophie:I touch between the testicles.Alexandr:- Sophie me so good, you make my dick very nice.Sophie:- Do you like it?Alexandr:- Very Sophie – grease from my dick flows along it, drips a little, falls into your hands.Sophie:Lightly licked part of the palm, which got your grease.Alexandr:- Sophie do you like my cock?Sophie:- Yes – keep stroking, how he became solid and canlı bahis siteleri a bit wet. I feel my nipples are getting hard too.Alexandr:I step back and sit on your knees in front of you, our faces on the same level.- Soffie, can I take your robe off?Sophie:Took your right hand slowly into the opened edge of the robe thrust your hand over your left breast.Alexandr:- Haaa – I gently spend across your entire left breast, your swollen nipple rests against my palm. I squeeze your chest a little.- She is so soft, and your skin is so smooth and tender.Sophie:Took a deep breath, chest gently touched your palm.Alexandr:With my right hand, I pushed back part of the dressing gown and took it to your right breast. Then began to compress and iron both.- I like your chest aunt.Sophie:Slowly press the right breast to your face, I get a nipple in the your eye, then in the nose. I move my breasts slightly teasing you.Alexandr:I start kissing your right breast while you rub it over my face.Sophie:Mmmm, I feel kisses on the chest.Alexandr:Then i start to lick your oreol and nipple.Sophie:Lightly squeezed your cock and let him go, continuing to breastfeed your face.Alexandr:- ugh – i started to suck your right breast and continue to stroke another with my left hand.Sophie:Tilted my head slightly toward chest, barely spit on my right nipple. Thin saliva settled on my nipple, barely gleaming.Alexandr:I immediately licked your saliva and continued to lick, kiss and suck your breasts.Sophie:Mmm, how nice are your touches – both nipples are firm after all movements, they also darkened a little.Alexandr:I looked up to your face and put your face close to yours. Feeling your breath.Sophie:Closed my eyes.Alexandr:I linger for a few seconds. Kiss you.Sophie:Barely my lips touch yours a slight shiver runs all over my body.Alexandr:I continue to passionately kiss you, hold your tongue on your lips, i put my tongue in your mouth. And gently stroking your cheek with my right hand.Sophie:Mmm, felt it, i play my tongue a little with your lips and tongue.Alexandr:My left hand is moving down your tummy…passes over your pubis…and finally reaches your hole.Sophie:Wow, everything seemed to be spinning before my eyes…a little taken aback…I turned away from you.- Probably too late, you should go to sleep – i covered my bare chest, stood up and walked to the door. Opened her.Alexandr:- But aunt?! – Imploringly looking at you.Sophie:- Too late! – shook my head toward the door.Alexandr:- I understand… you are probably right – i put on boxers putting my hard cock in him and go out.- Good night aunt – my hand is covered with your juice.Sophie:- Goodnight!The End.

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