Mother’s my pimp


Mother’s my pimpI’m daisy I’m 34 and a prostitute. 4ft 11 tall, slim body 34cc tits and firm ass. This story is about how I became a whore. My father walked out when I was young, leaving me and mom. My mother started drinking a lot and had regular men friends over ( who always ended up in her bed ). But she always protected me from them. Then when I was 16 she came home early one day and caught me getting fucked by a boy called Jake ( he took my cherry ). Instead of screaming she said carry on laughing as she closed door, I was stunned by her reaction, Jake well he had been given green light to fuck me. The next few weeks Jake would come to house and fuck me, all my mom would say was enjoy it. I just turned 17 when one night my mother said to me fancy playing with a proper man, no I replied but said come on I help you. She put nail polish on my fingers and toes then trimmed my pussy hair ( it was on wild side ), put hold me up stockings on me a pair of high heels and nothing else ( except dressing gown ). Now you look like proper little whore, don’t let me down, this guy is a friend. The guy arrived, went into living room and they talked, he was mid 40s, looked like he kept fit. Suddenly she called Daisy come here. I walked into the room stood in front of the guy and smiled ( I didn’t want to let my mom down even if it was wrong ). She’s beautiful he said, she’s an angel my mom replied. Remove your gown illegal bahis mom said, I untied it let fall to ground, now naked I could see lust in his eyes, I must admit I felt moist as my mom sold me. She said to the guy you can feel for free, but it’d cost 40 to fuck my pussy another 40 for my ass ( a place where I haven’t been touched never mind fucked ) another 40 if you didn’t use condom. I was nervous, now the guy ran his hands over my soft skin, feeling my tits and my trimmed mound between my legs ( it felt arousing he was gentle ). He said fucking dear, for someone with little experience I give you 100 for everything. My mom thought about this and then agreed, money passed hands, mom turned to me and said take the nice guy in your room and do as he tells you like a good girl. Nervous I led him into my room, sat on my bed and watched him undress, he was muscular and looked fit. He started caressing my body, stroking my breasts, it felt great, moving down between my legs, running his hands between my legs rubbing my pussy. Then sliding a finger inside me ( which was very wet ). I groaned as he fingered me, now sucking my tits licking them, teasing them, biting them. I was on fire it felt wonderful. He pushed my young body back on bed and buried his head between my legs teasing and licking my pussy to I cum over his face. Then I felt him slide his cock inside me, I was screaming fuck me please, he illegal bahis siteleri thrust slowly inside me then deeper and faster ( Jake never made me feel this way, my body was on fire ). He was now fucking this little whore like a rag doll no mercy as he pounded my hole. He then changed position and fucked me doggy style pounding my pussy with odd slap on my ass cheeks, which actually turned me on. Then I felt finger enter my ass, I screamed be gentle please, deeper it went, still his cock riding my pussy as he done this. Softly he reassured me it’d be ok baby doll. His finger removed I felt his cock push into my bum hole, I started to rub my soaking pussy as inch by inch got inserted into my hole. I was trying with pain as he slowly fucked me, you could tell he was getting off with me in so much pain. Now he was fucking my ass good then heard a scream as he shot his load in my butt. I lay on the bed shattered. He spanked my ass, good girl now lick my cock clean. I lifted my head and began licking it, a mixture of cum, my juices and shit. Omg he was getting hard again, I looked at him and like proper little whore opened my legs and offered him my sore abused pussy. He didn’t need asked twice and fucked me hard. He pulled out and shot his load over my tits, then kissed me, beautiful he said you enjoy that ( I must admit I had even if my holes were sore ). He got dressed and left, I lay there canlı bahis siteleri shattered when my mom walked into the room with big grin on her face. Walked over and kissed me on the cheek, let’s get you cleaned up there’s another guy coming in half a hour, we need you ready ( I couldn’t believe what she said another guy ). I told her my holes were sore, but she said I’ll get used to it. The next guy wanted to fuck me in front of my mom and would pay extra if I eat my mom’s pussy as he fucked me. She agreed ( I never even eaten pussy never mind my mom’s ). I started sucking his cock as my mom caressed my pussy with her fingers, it felt good my hole was still sore from first guy. She made me lick her fingers then opened her legs, her pussy was bald and tasted nice as I licked it, the guy was behind me fucking me hard holding onto my waist shouting eat your mom you little slut. I’m not sure whether it was my tongue or the way he shouted that made my mom cum but felt her juices cover my face, then the guy said I’m going to cum, he pulled out and shot his load over my mom’s pussy, satisfied he left. 2 more guys arrived that night but one only wanted my mom and the other he wanted rough sex with me. By morning my mouth was sore from sucking cock and my pussy and ass felt battered. We had day off rest then it started again. Jake came back and we fucked ( he said I better than ever ), I smiled but he is a man and next thing I knew he was fucking my mom. That was s*******n, now I do everything, even threesomes with 2 guys or married couples, even with my mom ( my pimp ). Next time I’ll tell you about my threesome with young married couple. Signed Daisy.

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