my first time

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my first timeI met John on a gay dating website that I had started visiting. I’m bisexual married to a woman but had been with guys before and started having that “urge again.” After getting online a few times I noticed John’s profile. He was good looking and about 5 years younger than me. I messaged him and he messaged back and we talked like this off and on for a week or two. Then luckily for me, my wife had to travel out of town for business. The first night she was gone I jumped online eager to see if John might be online. He was and my heart started pounding and my cock started to react. I messaged him and let him know of my situation. He gladly invited me to his place. I got cleaned up, even spraying some cologne on my abs and right at the bottom of my shaft anticipating where his nose might be. I was so nervous since it had been a few years that I’d been with another guy that I actually took a sedative to calm myself for the ride to his place. After what seemed an hour but in reality about 20 minutes afyon escort I reached his house on a slightly dark cul-de-sac.I pulled in his driveway, still nervous but thankful for the sedative I had taken. I gathered my self together and strode to the door and knocked. John, already hearing my arrival opened the door immediately. There he was in his handsome blonde hair making a cute but naughty smile as he welcomed me in. As soon as he shut the door I had wrapped him in my arms and pushed him against the wall kissing his lips and running my hands acrossed his body. Soon my hand made its way up his thigh into his shorts and I cupped his balls and cock. He returned the motion and we played with each other while we continued some very passionate kissing.He led me to the bedroom that we would use for our liaisons for many occasions in the future. But this was our first time and we made small talk as we undressed. Then we laid in bed together and started to kiss. Johns lips met mine. ağrı escort They were soft and wet. I quickly parted them with my tongue and we kissed passionately as I pulled him close and threw my leg over his pulling him even closer. I grasped at the soft flesh of his buttocks feeling every inch of his beautiful ass that would soon be lustfully taking in my now throbbing cock. But before that wonderful moment we had other exploration to do. He worked his way down to my now solid cock and wrapped his lips nicely around my shaft and sent sensations through my body. I had to have him stop or I’m sure I would have lost my load too soon.We kissed again our tongues exploring each others mouths. We fondled each other’s cocks until he finally asked if I wanted to fuck him. I rolled him over into a missionary position our eyes meeting each other’s. He looked at me and said “You’re Hot” which added to the excitement knowing that he was happy with my appearance. I pushed myself up and grabbed some escort bayan lube and a condom he had set aside on the beside table. In the future we would forgo this step and enjoy raw sex without barriers to our pleasure. But for now I lubed my cock slipped on the wrapper and the lubed his hole. I slid into him nice and easy since I am a bit on the thick side. He raised his knees into his chest so I could stroke deep which I did. Every stroke feeling better and better. John moaned and repeated his earlier phrase in my ear. Our lips embraced again as our hips caught and the climax started to build. Soon I felt the pleasure of my orgasm and I thrust hard into him and moaned loudly letting him know how satisfied I was with his tight hole. After a few extra minutes I pulled my still erect shaft from his man pussy.We held each other for a few moments making small pillow talk then I had to excuse myself after getting permission to shower off. Once I was dressed again John showed me the way to the door. We paused for a last kiss and polite goodbyes. Luckily for me this was only temporary as we would enjoy each other’s company for the next couple of years. John wasn’t my first male lover, but he was the best “first time” I ever had and the best of all my male partners.

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