Big Ass

MY FIRST TIME….Amanda was a pretty girl, with almond shaped eyes, and a smile to die for. She had a head full of reddish blond curls that she wore in a french braid down her back. Which complemented her peach colored skin. and reddish brown freckles. She was tall and had big breasts and a nice curvy figure, that she kept hidden with oversized sweatshirts or baggie jeans. She was also shy and a nerd. We went to the same high school and she was never the life of the crowd. Whereas I was always everywhere. I was Ms. Popularity at school as I knew everyone and they all knew me. During lunch she would get mad when I would walk around the cafeteria socializing. My other friends always said ” Why doesn’t she want to be around everyone else? Why is she always reading books” they would ask, and I would defend her because she really was my friend. Amanda always bought me gifts. A new diary, all the Donald Goines Editions. a Sony Walkman, She always bought me things. I figured she was rich so I just enjoyed the accolades I received from her. My other friends called her ” My shadow” but I shrugged it off and changed the subject. Whenever gaziemir escort a boy would try and talk to me, she would act so funny towards me,. Prompting me to ask if she likes the guy, and she would say how wrong he was for me. One day I got a card in the mail, and it was unmarked and the card said ” I’ve got a crush on you” I couldn’t wait to show Amanda so we could figure out which boy it could be. When I showed her the card we talked about it all day trying to figure out who could have sent it. That weekend she slept over at my house. We went skating and had a great time. We came home late we showered and got into my bed to talk until we fell asleep, when she came out and said ” What if your secret admirer is a girl” she asked as we laid in my darkened room with only the light from the moon light shining in. I laughed and said ” You’re stupid. Why would it be a girl? ” You never know” she said and turned her back to me. I thought she was just being crazy and turned my back and fell off to sleep. I woke up to Amanda spooning me, with her hand on my tits. She was lightly squeezing my nipples and rubbing gaziemir escort bayan her body against me. ” Lisa. Lisa ” she said in a whisper. I feigned sleep and turned onto my back. When I did that she began to kiss my neck and rub her hands across my body. It sent a shiver down my spine, but I didn’t move. I wore a halter top and panties and she pulled my top down and started to suck my nipple. I couldn’t believe she was doing this. It felt so good. As she sucked on my nipple she began to squeeze my pussy thru my panties. Not a hard squeeze but one that made my pussy throb. She got on top of me and put my two nipples together and started licking and sucking them at the same time. It was hard to pretend I was asleep as she had me squirming and breathing hard. She was passionately sucking my nipples and had her thigh up against my pussy. I found myself rubbing against her thighs. Her skin felt so soft and sweet.She pulled my panties off, then stood up and got naked and got back in bed and laid on top of me. She began to rub her pussy against mine she had me so wet. She fucked me as if she escort gaziemir had a dick. She kissed me, and licked my nipples as we rubbed pussies together, THEN she started kissing my stomach, and getting lower and lower until she was between my thighs, and she kissed my pussy and licked me from my ass back up to my pussy then she started licking my clit and making all these lapping sounds. Before I knew it I came everywhere, and she never stopped licking my pussy. I was shaking and breathing hard as she made me have my first orgasm and it was awesome. She came up and started kissing me. I could taste my pussy in her mouth and I liked the taste. ” I sent you the card” she blurted out. ” Really. You have a crush on me” I asked. ” No. I’m In love with you” she said.. ” Love. Are you for real” I asked? ” We cant be gay. Our parents would kill us. Besides I like boys” I said. She got quiet, then said. ” That’s why I didn’t say anything, because I knew you weren’t down with that” she says. ” Please don’t tell anyone I sent you the card” she says. ” I wouldn’t do that to you Amanda. Can we be secret girlfriends, and no one else knows but us ” I ask? She smiles and we start kissing and I flip her over and start licking and sucking on her breasts. They were beautiful too. Nice light brown tits with a reddish brown nipple. I sucked those nipples as if I were her baby trying to get milk. We made love all night, and slept all day,

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