My Coming Out Story


My Coming Out StoryTime that i tell you babes a story, First off….it’s hard enough being a Native here, but to be a Proud Lesbian is even harder, so i thought, with it being 13 days after Pride month, I’ll share with you my “Coming Out” story………It was Dec. 25, 2014. I was home for winter break from school, and I had made a pact with some of my friends that we would each come out to our families. Going to the movies on Christmas night is one of my family’s traditions. At the movie theater, two rows below me to the left was a gay couple, and I remember my brother cracking a joke about them. A switch went off in my brain, and anger filled my body. I was fed up with hearing remarks like that for the past 9 years of knowing and saying nothing. On the drive back home, with tears in my eyes, I was fuming and overwhelmed. In that moment, I knew I had to come out. When we got home, I went straight to my room. bolu escort I closed the door, sat on the floor in the corner by my bed, and I started crying. My anger switched to fear. I started calling different friends, hoping I’d hear something that would give me the courage to come out to my family. One of my friends had come out a few months prior, and her family disowned her. I was on the phone with her, trying to keep my voice together, and she told me it would be OK. As I heard my siblings getting ready to leave for their friends’ houses, I knew my window of opportunity was closing. That was the moment. I hung up the phone, opened my bedroom door, walked down the hallway into the kitchen with my head down, and started crying. All my anger left. All my fear left. I felt exhausted, defeated, and vulnerable. In between sobs, I said, ‘I’m gay.’ The aftermath: I had less support than burdur escort I realized i would have, which included a mock coming-out party, rainbow-painted cake, and a coming-out CD with Diana Ross’ ‘I’m Coming Out.'”To tell you the truth, My mom wasn’t thrilled at the moment and it took her some time to come around with the idea (to tell you truthfully, i’m still waiting for her to come around) I knew I eventually needed to tell my dad. I went to my parents one night and was talking with them. My mom asked me if I had anything to say to them. My response was, ‘Oh, you mean that I’m gay?’ My dad asked me a few questions and that was it. He later walked me to my room, gave me a hug, and said, ‘Sweetheart, no matter what, you’ll always be my little girl.’ 5 years later, my parents are both still not sure about me & my…….choices, and here we are!After I finally fessed up to the family escort bayan that I’m their gay little gal The looks from most of the family was expected (shocked, sad, angry, confused, quiet surprised), I didn’t think I would get an applause – but I felt better for it!I’m not sure how others have had their family react – but my Auntie was very cool afterwards as she approached me a few days after that night and told me that she had experimented a while back with a high school friend. Besides being sworn to secrecy, she made me a little horny too as she described a little (VERY LITTLE) about finding her friend in the shower after school was long over. Her friend approached her – and as she described it in detail mind you…… kissed her when she wasn’t looking or expecting it! It sent shivers down her spine and she returned with a full kiss on the lips!I told her “thanks for the pep talk” – and didn’t press for how long, what happened, did they have a long term relationship – what will Dad say type of discussion . . . hopefully that will be for a later day.I’m just so happy that she is on my side, trusted me with her story and understands – women are the best playmates!

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