Mother in Law moves in


Mother in Law moves inMy mother in law is not exactly what many would consider super sexy. After all, she is old. Currently 72 years old, she had lost her husband a few years back. So when the time came to sell her house, and downsize, it was suggested she just move in with us. I did not put up a fight, knowing this would earn me some extra points with my wife. But secretly, I was just excited as hell at the prospect of things to come. I had been smelling my mother in law’s panties for years and jerked off to her many, many times. But my panty access was always limited to vacations or the occasional pair I might get my hands on while visiting her at her house. But with her at my home, the idea of a dirty hamper for me to use as I see fit had me hard as a rock. I had also hoped that I might catch a glimpse of her naked at some point. And I knew for damn sure, I would be “accidentally” exposing myself to her as much as I could. We moved her in to what used to be an office on our main level so she didn’t have to do stairs much. Since our laundry room was in the basement, my wife and I always offered to do her wash for her so she didn’t have to use the stairs. The first time I carried her overflowing hamper to the laundry room, I would barely control myself. I was hard as a rock carrying it down, just staring a pair of her soiled black panties sitting on top as my prize. I took her laundry out piece by piece placing all her clothes into the washing machine except her panties . I counted 6 used pairs, the ones on top the most recently worn. I immediately took off my pants and began to sniff and lick each pair clean as I pounded my hard cock. Since they were going directly into the wash, I was finally able to do something I had always dreamed of…..cum on them. I laid out the least scented pairs on the counter in front of me, and shot a huge load all over the crotch while tasting her juices in the freshest ones. I thought I might pass out from the thrill of seeing my cum all over where her pussy had been. When the alsancak escort dryer buzzed I hurried down to fold her clean wash. I edged myself to the point of cumming, and then shot little bits of cum in the crotch of each of her now clean panties. Just enough to be able to rub into the fabric and not cause any suspicion. But I was so horny just knowing that my cum would now be sitting on her hairy old pussy all day long. This went on for a few weeks, and became my regular routine. She and my wife would sing my praises about all my help with her and handling the laundry. It was great, I got my fill of sweet smelling panties and they thought I was the nicest guy around. But over time the urge to do more was overcoming me. So I set my mind on letting her see my hard cock at some point. I just had to make sure at first that it looked like an accident. I often slept on the couch as I would stay up much later than my wife watching tv. And this would be the couch in our living room connected to the kitchen. From time to time I would wake in the middle of the night at the sound of my mother in law shuffling to the kitchen to get a drink of water. So I thought this would be the perfect way to have her “see” me sometime. The next night I offered to cook dinner. I cooked up a ham, that I knew would be salty enough to have her running for a drink in the middle of the night. After they all went to bed, I laid on the couch (tv on lighting up the room) and began scrolling through videos on XHamster. I edged myself for what seemed like hours, waiting and waiting for her to come out for a drink. My plan was to have it appear as though I had no idea she was there. I would have the headphones in, and not be facing her, so it would appear to her that she had just caught me having some private time. It was so hard not to cum at the idea that she might catch me. But I wanted her to see me actually shoot my cum. I kept listening, and jerking, until finally about 2am, I heard her door open. My hands escort alsancak where shaking as I plugged in my headphones, pulled my pants all the way down to give the best view, and went to town. I noticed that the way the light hit my phone, I could see a reflection behind me of the fridge. I pumped away as i saw the outline of her body moving towards the fridge. Then she just stood there frozen. She had obviously looked over and seen what I was doing. She probably thought the sound of the water dispenser would alert me, so she just stood there staring. I think she eventually noticed the headphones, so she felt confident I may not hear her. As I watched her watch me, I finally let myself go and shot the biggest load I have ever seen. It covered me in spurt after spurt, hitting my chest, face, hair and even the pillow above my head. I stopped the video and my phone screen went black. I could not see her reflection perfectly on my phone, and she had her hand inside her pajamas. She must have then realized I would be getting up to clean myself and not wanting to get caught, she quickly left the kitchen. I gave her time to leave “unnoticed”, and then got up and cleaned myself. From this point on, I knew this was going to be the new game. She had seen me, had not said anything, and appeared to be fingering herself watching. For the next several nights, I did the same thing. I noticed she would come for a drink earlier and earlier each night, obviously anticipating her next show. Each time, I would get a little bolder, changing my angle so she could see more. And I noticed her lingering longer and longer each time. She also started coming to get her drink in a nightgown, so she had quicker and easier access to finger her pussy while she watched. But each time as soon as I shot my load she would disappear. I knew I had to take it to the next level. The next day was laundry day and I found myself in the laundry room with her panties in hand again. This time I kept the most recently worn alsancak escort bayan panties and took them to my couch that night for my session. I listened as I heard her door open, and this time set down my phone. I pulled out her panties and held them to my nose as I jerked. I heard her behind at the fridge, and I think she dropped her glass when she realized what I was doing with her panties. I still had my back to her, so as far as she knew I was unaware of her presence. I moaned softly, and pumped my hips in the air as I licked the crotch of her panties. Then I softly let out her name and as I shot my cum all over myself. I laid there spent, and listened as she shuffled off out of the kitchen. I knew this had to be the thing that pushed our game over the edge. The next night I decided enough was enough. She knows I am jerking to her, and I know she is fingering herself watching me. So instead of laying on the couch that night with my back to her, i decided to sit up in the recliner facing towards the fridge. I went into her room that afternoon and took panties right out of her hamper. As she came out that night for her nightly drink, I was sitting in the chair stroking, sniffing her panties and looking directly at her. She stopped dead in her tracks and didn’t say a word. Nor did I. I just continued to pump away, as she moved her hand between her thighs. She did not walk any closer to me, but she also didn’t even pretend to go get a drink . She just stood in the middle of the kitchen, with her nightgown up around her waist, fingering herself in front of me as I stroked. When I felt I was close enough to cumming, I got up from my chair. As I walked towards her, I think she was in a panic at what I might do. But she never stopped fingering herself. I knelt down in front of her and smelled her pussy as we both continued to masturbate. Just as she was about to cum, I buried my face in her snatch and tasted her sweet juices. She came hard on my face, and I had to hold her body up with both hands. I looked down and noticed I had cum all over the ground from liking her and I wasn’t even touching my cock anymore. She walked over to the fridge, got her drink of water and shuffled off to bed. I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow night. I will get my cock inside her hairy old pussy at some point.

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