Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 2


Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 2Male Sex Slave for My Senior Neighbors Part 2I started sucking the thick, creamy man juice off those thumb size nipples. Barb said to the guy (that I assumed to be her husband), “Look at him use his mouth. I’m sure he’s sucked some cock before. Probably a lot. Too bad you’ve already cum twice today.” Suddenly, she pushed my head away from her massive breasts. She stood up and commanded me to to the same. Then, she reached out and grabbed my hard cock. At this point, I was SO ready to cum. She smiled, and said, “Are you horny? Ready to spurt out of that little pee pee?” Her hand stroked up and down my cock. “Please,” I whimpered. She put her face close to mine. I thought she was going to kiss me. All of a sudden, she let go of my penis and slapped my boner very, very hard. I yelled, “What the hell?” I was in pain. Fuck that hurt. The old man was behind me and slapped me hard on my ass. “Get out of here,” he yelled, “My wife and I are going to fuck.” Barb’s hand drew back as if she was going to hit my dick again. I immediately retreated and grabbed my clothes. I got dressed as fast as I could and headed for the door. I RAN back to my house and shut the door. All I could think of was, “What the hell just happened?”To tell the truth, “what happened” with my naughty neighbors really fucked with my head. For the next week, I was either incredibly horny thinking about it, or scared to leave my house in case I saw them. Mostly, I was jacking off to internet porn with themes of older couples, or mature BBW’s or…mature gay men. One morning, as soon as my wife left for work, I was sitting at the computer searching for new porn. I was still in my pajamas (another plus of “working” from home), but as my dick started to grow, I stripped completely naked. I found some BBW “femdom” videos and started slowly stroking my cock. The porn was made up of guys kissing, licking and worshipping big, fat female asses. I began milking pre-cum from my cock and licking it up. (I had a paper towel ready, as I didn’t want to cum on my keyboard.) I clicked on a video of a BBW with her spread ass in the camera, commanding me to jack off as I tongue-fucked her asshole. JOI turned to CEI. I was licking my wet fingers and commenced to rubbing my asshole and sniffing my fingers. I imagined the pungent aroma of anus was not mine, but her butthole I was sniffing and licking. She started counting back from ten, telling me not to cum until she reached one. I swear, I was thinking I wouldn’t make it past five. I was SO ready to explode. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I couldn’t believe it! Then loud knocking and someone yelling. I dropped my cock, turned off my computer monitor, and hoped whoever it was would leave immediately. The doorbell rang again. Then there was knocking on my office window. “Hey! I know you’re in there jerking off. Open the door.” I instantly realized it was Barb, my new neighbor. Here she was yelling that I was masturbating, and I’m sure all the neighbors could hear. I quickly pulled on my pajamas bursa escort (my cock was still making a tent in the pants) and went to the door. I opened it and quietly said, “Please quit yelling that!” She was wearing what looked like an oversized T-shirt, no bra and no pants. Maybe she was in her pajamas, too. Her gigantic boobs and nipples were clearly visible, and I couldn’t help but stare at them. She smiled and said, “You have a big wet spot by your little cock. Did Mommy catch you in the middle of something? I saw your wife go to work, so I thought you might be rubbing your little pee-pee.” She proceeded to grab one of her breasts and squeeze. She pinched her huge nipple and said, “Take off all your clothes, and jerk it for Mommy. I can see you’re a little excited.” This was crazy, but I didn’t even hesitate. I stripped and began to beat off, looking at her gigantic boobs. It was so nuts because, while all of our townhouses have a little alcove by the front entry, anyone walking (or driving) by could see me, totally naked, pumping my cock. In about 45 seconds, I came. I spurted all over our entry-way and even on our front step. Barb just smiled. She knew she had total control over me, and I would do anything she asked. “Actually, the reason I came over was to invite you to a “happy hour” at my house. Tomorrow, at 4. Donald is looking forward to seeing you again. You already ate his cum from my pussy and off my tits, its time you tried it from the source. You’ll love having his cock in your mouth. Oh, it’ll be so much fun!” Then, she turned and walked back toward her house, lifting her shirt to expose that big, white ass as she walked away.I started thinking. 4 o’clock tommorow. I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, sometimes my wife was home from her job by five. I started feeling like going across the street and telling Barb how this was all wrong. That it was my fault and it never should have happened. My resolve was kicking in, and I decided to put on some clothes and go talk to her. But first, I had to clean up my cum. And turn off the computer. I took care of my mess and went to the computer. I started to turn it off, but saw a thumbnail for a video of a “mature MMF BBW bi encounter.” The woman in the picture was a big woman with very red lipstick. The older man in the picture was hung like a fucking horse. 9-10inch cock with balls like a baseball. Then, there was a man on his knees in front to of both of them. My “resolve” vanished instantly. I watched the video, fantasized about the neighbors, and came all over my hand and the keyboard. The next day, I avoided the computer, completely. I did chores around the house, and tried not to think of “happy hour” across the street. At 3:45, I was both nervous and excited. At 3:55, I started across the street. I rang the door bell and waited. Eventually, Barb answered the door. She was wearing (again) a large shirt, no bra, but today she was wearing loose, short, sweat pants. She told me to come in. No smile. Looking stern. She told me to strip and leave my clothes bursa escort bayan by the door. She walked into the kitchen, and commanded me to follow. She started hand washing dishes in the sink. I stood there (totally naked and now a big erection). I didn’t know what to do. Finally, she said, “Kneel behind me. Here.” I knelt beind her and she began to wash dishes again. 30 seconds later, she stopped, looked really pissed, and said, “Know your place! Pull down my pants and lick my asshole.” I quickly pulled down Barb’s pants and buried my face in her smelly butt. Her smell was ripe, but I spread her cheeks, and got my tongue in as far as it would go. Then, I licked from her pussy to butthole and back again. She stopped doing dishes and turned to face me. Her big, hairy cunt was in my face and she grabbed the back of my head. She started rubbing herself up and down on my nose and mouth. “Suck my clit,” she said, “Suck it like its Donald’s big cock.” I began to do as she said. She pulled my face into her crotch and I couldn’t breathe. I sucked and she humped until finally she came. When she let go of my head, I gasped for air like I’d just run a race. A minute passed and she told me to stand up. She grabbed my hair and turned my head to look up at her. “You are a good little ass cleaner aren’t you. Mommy hasn’t showered for three days. Did you like the way mommy’s cunt and asshole smelled? Did you enjoy the taste? I know you did. Now its time to get you ready for happy hour. Is your butt clean? Are ready for Daddy and his friends?” My mind reeled. Friends? Clean butthole? Oh my God, just what did I get myself into? Then, Barb led me into the bathroom and hung up a red bag on the shower door. I was told to assume the position, and she admininistered not just one, but two very humiliating enemas (she watched as I sat on the toilet, and told me to “jack off” but not to cum as I held the liquid inside me). Finally, she had me shower, and, after I had dried off, she led me to their bedroom. She opened a dresser drawer that was completely filled with sex toys. I mean there was everything from dildos to handcuffs to strap-ons. She found a medium size butt plug, and a big jar that said “Anal Sex Cream.” She proceeded to lube up the plug and slide it into my asshole. She handed me the jar of anal lube, and said, “Now you’re ready for happy hour. Just one more thing.” She reached into the drawer of sex toys and pulled out a blindfold. “We’ll put this on at the bottom of the stairs. Oh, this is going to be such a surprise.” We walked together down the hall and down the stairs. I was completely naked and had a butt plug in my ass. My hard cock was dripping pre-cum in excitement (and some anxiety), and I carried a big jar of “anal sex cream” in my hands. At the bottom of the stairs was a closed door. Barb stopped me at the door and put my blindfold on. Then, she opened the door and led me through. Barb said, “Look who’s here everyone.” She proceeded to remove my blindfold, and I was surrounded by “Daddy” (Barb’s husband, escort bursa Donald), and 5 of my male neighbors. They were all naked and watching gay porn on a big screen T.V. Some had drinks in their hands and some were stroking their big cocks to the porn. All of them were 60-75 year old “bears” and all of them seemed to have very large penises. They were all smiling. Barb brought me to the center of the room, and intoduced me. “This is our neighbor, Jim. He’s a cock sucking faggot who is ready to service all of you. He’s totally cleaned out and ready for some cocks in his asshole. Enjoy!” She turned to leave and whispered in my ear, “Our neighborhood women’s card club is Thursday at 1. I want you here for that. The ladies are going to love you, too.” Barb left and Dennis walked toward me. He put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. My face was in front of his beautiful, big dick. I instantly opened my mouth and began sucking. Soon, I was surrounded by the other men. Cocks everywhere, me sucking and stroking this one, then that one. Eventually, someone came on the side of my face and the others laughed. Then, my neighbor from across the street shot his load of cum in my mouth. I could hear the cheers and see the high fives above my head. The guys were loving this and so was I. I had another cock in my mouth when someone extracted the butt plug from my ass. Next, I felt fingers rubbing lube on my asshole. I was lead to the couch, and positioned, so my ass was over the arm. A bulbulous cock head rubbed on my mouth, and I opened wide to suck it in. I felt the head of another cock begin to penetrate my anus. The butt plug and the lube had me prepared for ass fucking, but the penis entering my ass was huge. In fact, the guy pulled out and lubed up his cock and my hole some more, so that he could get it in. With the added lube and some force, he pushed his cock inside my virgin butt. As he began to thrust in and out, the cock in my mouth erupted. Someone held my head in place as the man fucked my mouth as I swallowed his big load. Now, all the men had cum, except the guy fucking my ass. The other men grabbed their drinks and encouraged the guy to fuck me harder. I was moaning and begging for him to fuck me like a bitch. After 5 minutes of hard butt sex, the guy anounced he was cumming. He pulled out of my butt and brought his cock to my face. I opened my mouth and sucked on him as he shot spurt after spurt of hot jism in my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all and some remained on his cock and balls, but I licked it all clean. Every last drop. The men started cleaning up, laughing and joking, and getting dressed. I was a mess, with cum in my hair, cum on my face, and cum leaking out of my butt. When I looked up, Barb was standing there looking at me. “So how was he?” she asked Donald. He replied, “Oh he’s a great faggot slave. I’m glad to have him as my neighbor.” Barb looked at me, smiled, and said, “Your wife got home about five minutes ago. I called and invited her over for a cup of coffee. She should be here any minute.” I went pale, and Barb laughed. My clothes were upstairs, there was a jar of anal cream and a buttplug lying near me, I had cum all over me, and gay porn was playing on the big screen. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. The End

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