Just Another Hole In The Wall


Just Another Hole In The Wall’Just Another Hole In The Wall’Another erotic journey by DizzyD“Where did you hear that?” Bobby Simmons asked his friend, not really believing him.“I heard Tim Jackson telling a couple of his friends about it over at the basketball courts until he saw me listening to him and told me to get lost, and he swore he’s been there so I think he was telling the truth,” Jake Fredericks replied in an excited tone.“So you just stick your dick through a hole in the wall and some girl on the other side sucks it… that sounds like crap.” Bobby said, still being skeptical of what he was hearing.“That’s what he was telling his buddies… he said he went into one of the video booths and put his dick through a hole and a girl gave him a blowjob,” his friend reiterated.Jake was telling Bobby about a conversation he had overheard at the playground basketball courts where they hung out in the summer. Tim Jackson was telling his buddies about an experience he had at a place called the A&D Adult Bookstore across town. As he eavesdropped, Jake heard Jackson telling his friends that he had heard about this thing called a ‘glory hole’ from his cousin, and he went there, it turned out to be true.“So how was he sure it was a girl giving him a blowjob, and not some creepy old guy?” Bobby asked, getting more and more curious.“He said he reached through the hole and felt her boobs and her pussy,” Jake answered excitedly.Bobby could feel his young cock beginning to swell as his friend relayed what he had heard. Both boys were underclassmen at Lincoln High, and neither had gotten as far as second base with a member of the opposite sex yet, so the thought of a girl actually sucking their dicks had both of them sporting major wood. As they imagined what it would be like to have a pair of soft, wet lips encircling their virgin pricks, Bobby suddenly said, “Hey wait a minute, how did he even get into an adult bookstore… don’t you have to be twenty-one to get into a place like that?” “He said there’s some old guy at the counter that checks the ID’s, but he never looks up and if you slip him twenty bucks… he just lets you go in,” Jake replied.“Wow… that’s cool,” Bobby said as he felt his hard teen cock pressing against his jeans.Then Jake said, “Yeah, he said the place is filled with X-Rated DVD’s and books, and those sex toys like the ones we saw in my dad’s magazines… and then you go into another room there are booths where you can watch porn videos, and that’s where the hole is.”Without thinking, Bobby said, “My mom has one of those sex toys, but I don’t think she got it from a place like that, she probably got hers on line.” “Wait… your mom has a sex toy,” Jake asked in a surprised and excited tone.Bobby felt the heat rising in his cheeks as he realized he had let a major cat out of the bag, so he just sheepishly said, “Yeah, it’s one of those vibrator things like the ones in your dad’s magazines… I was kind of snooping around in her room one day and I found it in her underwear drawer with some pretty dirty romance novels,” he said, and then he added, “but dude, you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone else.”“Okay, I’ll promise… if you let me see it,” Jake replied.“What do you mean you want to see it,” Bobby asked.“Your mom’s vibrator thing… I want to see it,” Jake repeated.Bobby wasn’t sure he wanted to show his friend something so personal, but he didn’t want Jake blabbing to anyone that his mom used a sex toy, so he reluctantly agreed. He led his friend down the hall to his mom’s room, and as they entered, he said, “Now don’t touch anything… I don’t want my mom to know we were in here, she’s pretty strict about me staying out of her room.”“Okay,” Jake replied.Both boys’ dicks were hard as steel as Bobby walked over to the tall dresser and opened the top drawer. Jake looked in and saw a pile of tiny silken underwear, and reached in to pull out a pair.“Dude, I said don’t touch anything,” Bobby said in an annoyed tone.But Jake didn’t hear a word as he pulled out a tiny pair of thong panties, and as he let them dangle from the tip of his finger he said, “I can’t believe your mom wears these… I’ll bet she looks great in them, she’s really hot.”“I don’t know, I’ve never seen her in them,” Bobby replied, not entirely telling the truth.“Well I’d like to see her in them… she’s got a really nice butt,” Jake said as he put the underwear back in the drawer.Bobby wasn’t sure how he felt about his best friend saying his mom had a nice butt, even if he did agree. In fact his mother had become one of his favorite masturbation fantasies, and it was because of something that recently happened. He used to fantasize about some hot girl at school when he jerked off, but a week earlier he accidentally walked in on his beautiful mom wearing a skimpy bra that barely contained her full ripe breasts, and a tiny black thong that let him see her incredible ass in all its glory, and that had become the vision that made him blow his load.“So where’s her vibrator,” Jake asked, snapping his friend back to the present.Bobby dug down into the drawer, and then came up with a thick, pink penis-shaped object about eight inches long, made of some kind of pliable synthetic material.“Wow,” Jake said as he looked at the vibrator, and then he asked, “Can I hold it?”“Yeah but be careful with it,” Bobby said as he handed his friend the pink pussy invader.Jake held it by the base and looked at it for a second, and then he twisted the bottom, causing it to come alive in his hand. As it buzzed and vibrated he said, “Man, I’d give anything to watch your mom use it.”Once again Bobby felt a little weird hearing his friend talk about his mom like that, but it was something he fantasized about himself, and that thought had both boys’ virgin cocks threatening to burst through their pants, then Bobby said, “Okay, let’s put it away.”Jake shut off the vibrator, but before he gave it back to his friend, he held it under his nose and inhaled deeply.“Hey, what are you doing?” Bobby asked. “Smelling your mom’s pussy,” Jake replied as he inhaled deeply again,“Dude that’s my mom you’re talking about, and besides, you don’t even know what pussy smells like,” Bobby said as he took the vibrator from his friend.“Yes I do, sometimes I sniff my sister’s panties when I jack off,” Jake said nonchalantly.“You can really be a sick fucker sometimes,” Bobby said as he shook his head.“No, I’m just honest,” Jake said, then he added, “I admit that I think my s1ster is hot and I try to see her naked every chance I get, and I know you feel the same about your mom.”Deep down inside Bobby knew his friend was right, but he still wouldn’t confirm it as he said, “Okay let me put this away and let’s get out of here.” Jake left the room but Bobby hung back, and when his friend was gone he lifted the sex toy to his own nose and inhaled deeply. He had never done that before, and when he detected a feint, musky scent that he figured must have been his mom’s pussy residue, his nostrils flared and his hard dick twitched. Then he put it back under the pile of underwear and closed the drawer. Back in Bobby’s room Jake was imagining Mrs. Simmons using the sex toy, and the thought had his cock throbbing in his pants. He knew that even if his friend wouldn’t admit it, Bobby’s mom was the definition of a MILF. She was by far the sexiest of all the Lincoln High School moms, in part because had Bobby when she was a teen, making her the youngest of the moms.Jenni Simmons was 5’ 6” tall with shoulder length blonde hair, amazing legs, a flat tummy, full round breasts and a killer ass. She was accomplished in both yoga and martial arts, and wasn’t shy about wearing clothes that showed off her body. She was a favorite masturbatory fantasy of every teenage boy as well as most of their fathers, and she also got scornful glares from jealous wives and mothers who wished they looked like her, although secretly some of those sexually frustrated, bi-curious women wanted to get their hands on her too. What made Jenni even more attractive to the men and threatening to the women, other than the fact that she still looked like she was in her twenties, was the fact that she was a single mom. She had gotten pregnant in high school, and not long after Bobby was born his father moved away. After that Bobby would get a birthday card from his dad with a little money in it, but the cards always came from a different city, and eventually they stopped coming all together.At first Jenni thought about tracking down Bobby’s father, but she decided that they were better off without him in their lives, so while other girls her age were out partying, she was taking college courses while raising her infant son. Her mother helped out until Jenni’s younger brother had a tragic skateboard accident, leaving him with a serious brain injury which required her mom to be his full-time caregiver, so Jenni was on her own until her brother sadly passed away. But now that Bobby was older, she was making up for lost time with a very active social life.When the two boys were back in Bobby’s room, Jake said, “Jeez, thinking about your mom using that vibrator thing has my dick as hard as a rock… you want to do it?”‘Do it’ was the boys’ code for masturbating together, which they had been doing since learning to jerk off, and usually did while looking at porn magazines, but this time they were both so horny that neither of them needed the extra inspiration, so Bobby said, “Sure.”As Bobby began undoing his jeans, Jake said, “I need to use the bathroom… I’ll be right back.”Bobby kicked his jeans and boxers off and then lay down on his bed with more than six inches of hard young dick was sticking straight up from a sparse nest of fine blond pubic hair. It was a little thicker than a hot dog and topped with a soft pink cap that began to swell and turn purple as he wrapped his fist around the shaft and began stroking it up and down.He could already feel the familiar pressure building at the base of his virgin cock as he started to imagine his mother plunging the penis shaped vibrator in and out of her pussy, which he was pretty sure was shaved judging by the tiny thong she was wearing the day he accidentally saw her, and just then Jake returned to his room and said, “Here, try this, you’ll love it.”When Bobby looked up he saw something red flying through the air towards him, and when he reached up and caught the object in his free hand, he realized it was a pair of silk panties, and he asked, “Hey, where did you get these?” “From the laundry hamper in the bathroom, they’re your mom’s,” Jake replied as he began taking off his own jeans and underwear.“No shit genius,” Bobby replied, and then he said, “But what am I supposed to do with them.”“Wrap them around your dick while you jerk off, I do it with my s1ster’s panties when she’s home and it feels great,” Jake replied, then he raised the garment to his face pressed the crotch band under his nose, inhaling deeply before wrapping the blue silk around his rock hard prick.“Dude, stop sniffing my mom’s panties, and I don’t want you shooting your dick snot into her underwear… that’s gross,” Bobby said, acting disgusted while being totally aroused by the thought of dumping his own load into his mom’s dirty panties.“I’m telling you it feels great… just make sure you do the laundry before she does so she doesn’t find them all crusty, that’s what I do at home,” Jake said as he began sliding the soft material up and down his swollen member.Bobby held the red panties to his own face and inhaled, smelling the same, albeit stronger aroma that was on his mom’s vibrator. Then he wrapped the panties around his stiff prick and starting to jerk off, and he had to admit Jake was right, it did feel amazing.Both boys had settled into the rhythm as they lay side by side with their eyes closed, fantasizing about Bobby’s mom masturbating, and Jake was the first to moan, “I’m getting close.”Bobby opened his eyes and looked down at his friend’s crotch. He could see the blue silk pulled tight over his swollen cockhead as his hand pounded his hard shaft, and then Jake growled, “Oh shit… here… it… cummmmmms.”“Ungh… ungh… ungh…” Jake grunted as the base of his cock started to spasm, and his thick young semen surged through his hard shaft and blasted into Mrs. Simmon’s panties. Bobby could see the wetness seeping through the material as the first few shots of his friend’s cum pooled in the undergarment, and then the material slipped from around Jake’s swollen purple knob, and the rest of his milky white ejaculate spurted from the tip and landed on his belly. Bobby could feel his own orgasm building as his silk covered hand stroked his rampant prick even faster, and then he groaned, “Oh fuuuck,” as his cock stem started bucking violently, pumping huge gobs of opaque fluid up the shaft and into his mother’s expensive lingerie.As Bobby grunted and groaned, the smooth, satiny feeling of his mom’s panties against his sensitive cockhead was replaced by a slimy wetness as his warm spunk soaked the soft material until it was smeared with his discharge. Then with one final contraction behind his balls, the last of his sperm oozed from the tip and he collapsed back onto his bed.Both boys were breathing heavily as their orgasms dissipated, and when they were done, Jake said, “Didn’t I tell you it felt great.”“You were right, it did,” Bobby replied, still feeling tiny pulses along the underside of his cock, and then he said, “We’d better get cleaned up, my mom will be home pretty soon.”After mopping up the evidence of their mutual masturbation they were both reaching for their pants when they heard the front door opening. “Oh shit, she must have left work early,” Bobby whispered, and fearing his mom might come straight upstairs he said, “Here, gimme those,” and then he took both pairs of sperm splattered panties and tucked them under his pillow. After pulling their pants back on the boys made their way downstairs and found Jenni Simmons dropping her briefcase in the foyer as she said, “Hi honey, hey Jake… what are you guys up to?”“Not much,” they both replied, realizing they were lucky she hadn’t caught them jerking off.As Jenni walked towards the kitchen to pour her post-work glass of wine, Jake ogled her beautiful backside. She was wearing a skirt that was the appropriate length for work, but still hugged her feminine hips and clung to her perfectly shaped ass, and as she walked, the heels she was wearing made her derriere even more prominent.When she disappeared into the kitchen Bobby said, “Dude stop staring at my mom’s butt.”“Why, it’s amazing… her skirt is so tight she must be wearing a thong, or maybe she’s not wearing any panties at all,” Jake whispered with a giggle, resulting in a sharp punch to the shoulder from Bobby that caused him to cry out, “Owww,” as he rubbed the bruised spot.“Did you just punch Jake,” Jenni asked as she walked back towards them carrying her wine.“Yes… because he was being an asshole,” Bobby replied.“Language young man,” Jenni scolded her son, even though she was about as far from a prude as you could get.“Sorry mom,” Bobby replied.“Oh, it’s alright honey,” she replied, and after taking a sip of wine she said, “Sometimes I forget how grown up you two are, I’m so old.”“You don’t look old enough to have a son our age Mrs. Simmons,” Jake said.“Well aren’t you sweet Jake,” Jenni said, and then she added, “And I can’t believe that you two are in high school now… oh God I need another glass of wine.”All three of them laughed, and then Bobby said, “Hey mom, I’m going to go over to Jake’s for a little while if that’s okay,”“Sure, but be home in an hour, I’m going to get dinner going,” she replied.“Will do,” Bobby hollered as he and Jake headed out the front door.Jenni poured her second glass of wine and then went upstairs to change clothes. As usual she walked past her own room to her son’s to make sure it wasn’t a wreck, and when she saw that his bedspread was rumpled and his pillows were askew she decided to straighten them. As she slid her hand under his pillow to smooth the quit she felt something silky against her hand, and when she lifted the soft down pillow she saw the two pairs of her expensive silk panties“What the hell,” she murmured under her breath as she picked up one pair, and she immediately felt the slippery fluid that drenched them, and when she held them to her nose and inhaled, she smelled a distinct aroma she knew well… it was semen. Then she picked up the second pair, and when she felt the spunk that filled both garments was still warm and creamy, she realized that both her son and his friend must have masturbated and deposited their loads into her panties right before she got home, and suddenly her knees went weak.“Oh my God… the boys just jerked off into these,” she murmured as she lifted the soiled panties to her nose and inhaled the robust aroma again, and as she thought of the two handsome teenage boys lying on her son’s bed, stroking their hard cocks until they pumped gouts of pearly white seed into her skimpy lingerie, the nerve endings deep in her groin roared to life.At first she actually thought of dipping her tongue into the warm sperm and tasting it, but instead she took the cum-soaked panties and put them back in the bathroom hamper. Then she went to her room and sat on the edge of her bed trying to understand why she was so aroused. She had always been flattered by the looks she got from teenage boys, including her own son, but knowing Bobby and Jake had just masturbated into her panties had her pussy trembling.She wasn’t sure how long her son would be gone, but she needed to do something to put out the fire between her legs. She quickly began peeling off her work clothes, but instead of hanging them up as she usually did, she just threw them aside. After discarding her bra and thong, she took a second to look at herself in the mirror, and she immediately thought about Jake saying that she didn’t look old enough to be the mother of a high school student… and he was right.She bore a striking resemblance to the actress Jamie Pressley, with the same incredibly high cheekbones, sparkling blue eyes, a slightly upturned nose, full lips, and of course a figure that was round and soft in the right places and tight and trim in all the others. She was very proud of her appearance, and glad that even in her thirties she could still arouse males of all ages. After admiring her reflection, Jenni opened her lingerie drawer to retrieve her vibrator, and when she looked inside she noticed that her underwear and her sex toy had been moved around. She had always known that Bobby snooped through her things, and didn’t like it, but at that moment it didn’t matter because all she wanted to do was put her battery operated lover to good use.Usually Jenni’s masturbation sessions built slowly, but discovering her cum-filled panties under her son’s pillow already had her pussy quivering, so she just threw a towel on the bed to keep the inevitable rush of vaginal lubricant from leaking down the crack of her ass and staining her expensive comforter, and then she lay sideways on bed with her head on a pillow and her feet facing the full length mirror so she could watch herself masturbate… something she loved doing. Once she was in place she turned on the vibrator and pressed it against her hard clit.“Oh gawd this isn’t going to take long,” she groaned to herself as the buzzing toy contacted her already electrified love button. She lifted her knees high and spread them as wide as she could, and when she looked in the mirror she could see how swollen and wet her labia already were, and then she moved the tip of her vibrator slightly and it struck her sweet spot again.“Ungghhh,” she grunted as her back arched, and then she closed her eyes and tried to imagine the boys masturbating. ‘How big were their cocks’, she wondered as she rolled the toy on her clit, ‘And what did they look and sound like as they filled her panties with their young cum’?That thought sent pre-orgasmic ripples through her groin so she pulled the vibrator from her clit and plunged it deep into her dripping twat, trying to delay her climax. Once she had regained a bit of composure, she moved the tip of her toy back to the tiny nerve filled organ and started pinching her hard nipples with her free hand as she conjured up thoughts of the boys again.First she thought of Jake, her son’s handsome dark haired friend. She always knew he found her attractive, as did many boys his age, and she had caught him staring at her tits and ass on numerous occasions. There was also the time she and her mother, who was also very attractive for her age, were sitting in the back yard in bikinis getting some sun when Jake came over to see Bobby, and when he went into the house both women laughed at the fact that the teenager had sprouted a prominent bulge in his cargo shorts as he stood and talked to them.As Jenni’s orgasm approached she thought of her son. She knew was still shy around girls, but she was confident that if he ever got past that his good looks were going to have girls falling all over him. His body was developing and his blonde hair and blue eyes were already catching looks from girls at school. Then Jenni started to wonder just how big his penis had gotten. She had seen it when he was younger and she was still giving him his baths, and it was a small tube of soft flesh back then, but now she wanted to know what it looked like when it was fully erect!Jenni could feel the muscles in her vagina and rectum tightening as her orgasm built. At first she tried to imagine what the boys looked like as they jerked off, but then a new, even more taboo thought entered her mind… what would it feel like to hold their cocks in her own hand, or even better, in her mouth? Right then she cursed herself for not dipping her tongue unto the fresh puddles of sperm they had deposited in her panties, and when she began to imagine Jake, and even her own son pumping his young sperm into her sucking mouth, she came.“OoooooOOOOHHHH GAAAWWWDDD,” Jenni wailed as her orgasm exploded deep in her loins. She hoped Bobby wasn’t coming through the door and hearing her scream as she climaxed. Her pussy went into a series of hard contractions that mimicked those of c***dbirth, only with extreme pleasure instead of intense pain. Her whole body convulsed, and she groaned again and again as intense orgasmic waves washed over her. Finally her clit could take no more and she jammed her vibrator deep into her clutching cunt. A be@stly growl came from deep in her throat as the muscle spasms in her vaginal walls clenched and released the synthetic shaft, causing the end she was holding to jerk in her hand. Then finally, with one huge, pleasurable exhale… it was over. Jenni pulled the cum-soaked vibrator from her drooling cunt and stood it on her nightstand. Then she lay back and softly stoked her sensitive clit, basking in the afterglow of an intense orgasm, but just then she heard the front door open as Bobby hollered, “Hey mom, I’m home.”“Damn,” she whispered as she jumped off the bed. She heard Bobby climbing the stairs so she quickly pulled a satin robe around her naked body, and then she grabbed the towel from her bed and rushed into the bathroom. She stuffed the towel into the same laundry basket that held her sperm filled panties, and just as Bobby reached the top of the stairs she entered the hallway carrying the hamper saying, “Hi honey, I’m going to start the laundry and then I’ll make dinner.”“Okay mom,” Bobby replied, thinking it was odd that she was in a robe. He also noticed her face was flush and her nipples were hard. Then as he passed her bedroom he glanced in, and that’s when he saw her vibrator on the nightstand, pointing to the ceiling like a Jedi light saber.He was certain he hadn’t left it there, and with her in a robe, he wondered if she had just used it. But before he had time to ponder the tantalizing possibility, something else hit him… his mom was about to do the laundry, and it was missing the two pairs of cum-soaked panties under his pillow. ‘What if she notices they’re missing’, he thought, but then he remembered what Jake had told him he did and quickly yelled, “Hey mom, just put the laundry by the washer and I’ll do it.”“That’s so sweet of you honey, thanks,” Jenni hollered back up the stairs, and Bobby breathed a huge sigh of relief, figuring he could slip the panties into his pocket and load them into the washer without his mom ever knowing he had them, but when he went into his room and lifted the pillows… the panties were gone.“Oh shit,” he murmured softly under his breath as he contemplated the situation. He was sure he had put them under the pillow, but he wondered if Jake might have moved them under his bed. He quickly dropped to his knees and lifted the dust ruffle, but when he looked under the bed there were no panties. Then he got back up and slid his hand under the pillow and felt the wet spots, so he knew they had been there. There were only two possibilities, either Jake had managed to put them back in the hamper and forgot to tell him… or his mom had found the sperm soaked garments, and if that was the case, he was facing punishment of epic proportions.As Bobby slowly passed his mom’s room to head downstairs and deal with what he thought could be dire consequences, he looked in and saw her vibrator again, and despite his fear that she had found her sperm soaked lingerie under his pillow, he still couldn’t help but wonder why his mom’s sex toy was sitting on her night stand. Certain he had returned it to its hiding place, the only plausible explanation was his mom had used it while he was at Jake’s, but he had to know for sure so he tiptoed into her room, and as he got closer to the fake phallus he could see that the shaft was shining with a syrupy coating. Then he lifted it to his nose and inhaled deeply, and he immediately recognized the same scent that had emanated from the crotch of his mom’s panties, only this time the scent was fresh and strong. Now there was no doubt… the slippery substance clinging to the synthetic penis was his mom’s natural lubricant, and the vibrator had just been in her pussy!His penis started to stiffen as he held the toy to his nose again, and as he considered taking a lick of the thick sap that clung to the shaft his mom hollered, “Bobby, are you coming down.”“Yeah mom,” he replied, deciding to just put the toy back where he found it and go downstairs to discover what punishment awaited him.His heart pounded as he descended the stairs, fully prepared for his mother to confront him about her soiled panties, but when he entered the kitchen she said, “Hey honey, instead of cooking dinner, why don’t you go ahead and order a pizza while I go upstairs and throw on some sweats.”“Ummm, okay… sure mom,” he replied, totally shocked she hadn’t mentioned the panties or laid the hammer down on him.Then as she walked past him to go upstairs she kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thanks for doing the laundry… you really have become a mature young man.”When his mom was upstairs Bobby rushed to the laundry room to check the hamper, and he found the panties. He still hoped that Jake had put them there so he called him, and when his friend answered Bobby whispered, “Dude, did you put my mom’s panties in the hamper?”“No… why,” Jake replied.“Are you sure,” Bobby asked again, hoping the answer would be different.“I’m positive, why,” Jake asked again.Bobby’s heart crashed as he dejectedly whispered, “Because that’s were they were, and if you didn’t put them there it means my mom found them under my pillow.”“Oh dude… you are so fucked,” Jake said with a laugh.“It’s not funny… I’m in so much trouble,” Bobby replied.“I’m sorry I laughed,” Jake said, and then he asked, “Well you’ve been home illegal bahis for a while, has she said anything to you?”“Not a word, in fact she’s in a great mood and doesn’t seem mad at all,” Bobby answered.“Well maybe she’s just going to let it pass, I mean all guys our age jerk off, and we saw her sex toy so it’s not like she doesn’t do it too,” Jake said, trying to use logic to ease his friend’s mind.“Yeah, and something else was weird too,” Bobby said.“What do you mean,” Jake asked curiously.“When I got back from your place I walked past my mom’s room saw her sex toy thing sitting on her nightstand,” Bobby replied.“HOLY SHIT,” Jake cried out, “Did you leave it there after you showed it to me?”“No, I’m sure I put it away, so she must have taken it out while I was at your place,” Bobby said.“You mean she used it,” Jake asked as both his curiosity and his young penis started rising.At first Bobby hesitated telling his friend any more, but then he said, “I’m pretty sure she did because when she went downstairs I went into her room and picked it up, and it was all slippery and smelled like her panties, only real strong.”“So that means it was just inside her pussy, fuck dude, I’m getting another hard on,” Jake said.“You don’t have to be so foul dude, that’s still my mom… but I guess it was,” Bobby answered.“Well she’s your mom not mine, and that’s fucking hot… I’m going jerk off again,” Jake said.“You really do have a problem,” Bobby said, and then as he heard footsteps he whispered, “I gotta go, my mom’s coming and she wants me to order pizza.”“Okay, let me know what happens,” Jake said, and then the boys hung up.What Bobby didn’t know was while he was on the phone with Jake, Jenni had gone back upstairs, and when she walked into her room she saw that she had left her vibrator sitting boldly on her nightstand and thought, ‘Oh shit, Bobby had to have seen it when he came upstairs.”When she picked it up she felt the shaft was starting to get sticky with her drying secretions, so she wiped it off before putting it away, and as she did she wondered what Bobby thought when he saw it. She knew he had snooped through her drawer and seen it next to her smutty romance novels, so she was pretty sure he knew what she did with it… and for some reason the thought that her son might know she had just masturbated had an affect on her that she never expected.Even though she had just cum Jenni felt her arousal soaring again, but she quickly suppressed her rekindled urges and put on some comfortable sweats. When she got back downstairs she heard Bobby on the phone ordering the pizza, and when he was done he said, “Okay mom, I’m going to throw a load of laundry in.”Jenni almost chuckled at his using the word ‘load’ when she thought about her sperm filled panties and decided to toy with him when she said, “Thanks honey, and make sure you don’t put any bleach in with my panties, they’re expensive and certain liquids shouldn’t be used on them.”Bobby wondered if she was sending him a message by mentioning her panties, and he was still surprised she hadn’t confronted him about finding them under his pillow since he was now sure she had, but he wasn’t about to bring it up as he started separating the laundry. When he pulled out the silky undergarments, still damp with sperm, he decided to wash them and her other delicates first in hopes that by washing away the evidence of their ejaculations, it might also wash away any consequences he might face for using her panties as a cum rag.After having dinner and finishing the laundry, Bobby nervously waited for his mom to say something, and when she didn’t he thought maybe Jake was right, and she was just going to chalk it up to the fact that all teenage guys jerked off and let it go. Then at about 11:00 she said, “Okay bedtime, make sure you turn off all the lights and lock the doors,” and then she kissed him on the cheek and said, “Goodnight honey… love you.”“Love you too,” Bobby replied as his mom picked up her briefcase and ascended the stairs.‘I can’t believe it… she never said a word,’ a relieved Bobby thought to himself as he locked the doors and turned out the lights, but as he entered his room and closed the door he saw something lying on his bed, and when he got closer he saw it was a small envelope. His hand shook as he opened the envelope and read the card inside that said:Dear Bobby,I wanted to tell you I’m not mad about finding my panties under your pillow, or that you used them to ‘clean up’, but I am disappointed that you’ve helped yourself to my personal property and entered my personal space. Masturbation is a perfectly natural way to satisfy sexual urges, and the reason I’m not mad is I know you’ve seen my vibrator, so it would be hypocritical to confront you about masturbation since I obviously do it myself. I also understand that a little extra stimulation helps, but in the future I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t use my expensive lingerie for that purpose. Again honey, I am not angry, but we need to respect each other’s personal property and space. You have grown into a fine young man, and I trust you, so in the future I will not go through your things, and I would appreciate it if you treat my personal property in kind. Please keep this between us, and I don’t think we need to discuss it any further.MomBobby was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he had just read, and even though he was already sure she did, his beautiful mom admitting that she masturbated had his dick swelling again. At the same time Jenni was in bed wondering how her son was reacting to her note, and as she wondered if her masturbation confession was turning him on, her pussy was gushing again. Both mother and son were on sexual overload from everything that had happened, and aching to get themselves off again, but neither did. Jenni fought the urge since she was going to dinner and the theater with her latest handsome suitor the following night, so she decided to keep all her carnal energy bottled up so she could unleash it on him. Bobby also fought the urge to pump out another fountain of jizz, and instead decided to hold off until the next night when he would be staying at his grandma’s while his mom was out. He was hoping Jake could sneak some of his dad’s porn magazines out of the house so they could engage in another jerk off session together.Bobby was up early the next morning even though he was on summer break, and was in the kitchen when Jenni came downstairs for a cup of coffee before work. As she poured it she said, “So Bobby, before you go to grandma’s tonight, would you like to stick around and meet Paul?”“Not really mom,” he replied matter-of-factly.“Honey, why don’t you ever want to meet anyone I go out with,” Jenni asked disappointedly.Bobby wanted to choose his words carefully because he loved his mom and didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he didn’t know how else to express how he felt so he said, “No offense mom, but you never seem to get serious about any of them, I mean I know you’re trying to meet the right guy, but I don’t really see the point in meeting any of them until you do.”“I understand, and I know I date different guys, it’s just that I had just graduated high school when you were born, and after your father left I spent all my time raising you while having a full time job and working on my degree while other girls my age were out having fun,” Jenni said, and then she added, “Don’t get me wrong honey, I wouldn’t change my life for anything, and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me, it’s just that now you’re older I’m able to enjoy some of what I missed back then, but that doesn’t mean I’m a some kind of tramp.”“Mom, I never thought that about you, and if anyone does, they’re just jealous because you’re so pretty and can still get a date,” Bobby exclaimed in defense of his mom, and then he added, “I just don’t want to meet some guy you’re dating and start liking him, and then find out you aren’t seeing him any more, so I guess I’d rather wait until you find a guy that you think might be ‘the one’, but I’m really glad you’re going out and enjoying yourself, you deserve it, and I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong… does that make sense?”Her son’s defense of her brought a lump to Jenni’s throat as she said, “Yes honey, it makes perfect sense, thanks for understanding, and I promise if I do start getting serious with a guy I’ll let you know, and you can meet him… but only when you’re ready” and then she hugged her handsome son and said, “Sometimes I really do forget how mature you’ve gotten.”After hugging their goodbyes, Jenni left for the office and Bobby headed over to Jake’s. When he arrived at his best friend’s house he rang the bell, and as soon as Jake opened the door he asked, “So did your mom say anything about the panties… was she pissed?”Bobby briefly thought about telling Jake about the card his mom had left, but his mom’s note asked that he not to discuss it with anyone so he just said, “No, she never said anything about it, I guess you were right, she must have just decided to let it go.”“You’re so lucky dude, I thought you were screwed,” Jake said, and then he added, “And I still can’t believe you found her sex toy right after she had it in her pussy.”“Dude stop being such a rude ass… that’s still my mom,” Bobby said.“Sorry, but thinking about your mom using her vibrator thing really turns me on, and guess what,” Jake asked, but before Bobby could reply they were interrupted when the front door opened and in walked Jake’s older s1ster Kristie, returning from her morning run. “Hey Jake, hey Bobby,” the gorgeous college junior-to-be said to her little br0ther and his friend, and then she asked, “So everything alright in school this past year?”“Yeah I guess,” her br0ther answered for both, and Kristie almost laughed at how nonchalant the boys were trying to be as they checked out her scantily clad body. All she wore for her jog was a small gray sports bra, a tiny pair of skin-tight black running shorts and running shoes, and the outfit showed off most of her smooth, sweaty skin to the boys as she chatted with them.Kristie’s blonde hair was pulled on top of her head, highlighting her beautiful face and accenting her swan-like neck, and her small sports bra was struggling to contain her ample breasts, which looked to be the same size as Bobby’s mom’s, and did little to keep her hard nipples from poking through the fabric. Her midriff was bare, showing off her glistening abs, and the tiny black spandex shorts were so tight that the boys could see a trace of ‘camel toe’ between her thighs.Even though she was in college and older than her br0ther and his friend, being so exposed in front of Jake and Bobby was turning Kristie on. She had known for some time that Jake had been trying to sneak peeks at her, but what he didn’t realize was those times he had seen her in a near-naked state, the sexy exhibtionist had made it happen on purpose.After chatting for a few minutes Kristie said, “Well, I’m going up to take a shower, see you guys later,” and then as she began ascending the stairs. As she did, Jake and Bobby both got a great view her amazing ass, and knowing they were looking caused Kristie to put a little extra sway in her hips, causing her perfect derriere to wiggle even more in the tiny black spandex shorts.When they heard the bathroom door close Bobby said, “Wow, your s1ster really is hot,” and then he asked, “By the way… what were you about to tell me when she walked in?”Jake just held his finger to his lips in the universal ‘shhh’ sign and whispered, “Come with me.”Bobby followed Jake as they tiptoed up the stairs, and after pressing his ear to the bathroom door to make sure his big s1ster was in the shower, he led his friend into her room. Then Jake slowly opened her nightstand drawer, reached in and pulled out a plain brown bag.“What’s that,” Bobby asked as Jake showed him the bag.Once again Jake held his finger to his lips, telling his friend to keep his voice down, and then he reached into the bag and pulled out a sex toy that was bigger than Bobby’s mom’s, and was covered with bumps and ridges and had some sort of tickler thing at the base of the shaft.“WOW, that’s a vibrator,” Bobby said softly, and as his friend nodded he handed him the sex toy. Bobby lifted it to his nose and inhaled the scent of Kristie’s pussy deep into his nostrils, just as Jake had shown him how to do with his mom’s battery operated pleasure machine.“Yeah, I was snooping around her room last night when she was at the mall and found it,” Jake whispered as Bobby examined the vibrator, and then he said, “And wait til you see this.”Jake put his hand into the bag and pulled out a receipt and handed it Bobby, and when he read it his eyes grew wide as he whispered, “Oh man… she bought it at that A&D Bookstore!”Jake nodded as he stuffed everything back into the bag, and then the two boys tiptoed downstairs and out the front door. Once they were outside Bobby said, “I can’t believe your s1ster went to the same adult bookstore with the holes and bought a vibrator.”“I know, and last night I snuck down the hall and pressed my ear to her door and I could hear it buzzing and her moaning, so she must have been using it,” Jake said excitedly.“Man I wish I’d have been there… what did you do,” Bobby asked, his dick starting to rising at the thought of Jake’s drop-dead gorgeous s1ster using a sex toy.“What do you think I did, I went to my room and jerked off,” Jake replied.Picturing his best friend’s gorgeous s1ster plunging the ribbed sex toy in and out of her pussy had Bobby hornier that ever so he said, “Hey, you want to go grab a couple of your dad’s porn magazines and then go to my place and do it?“Actually I have a better idea, why don’t we wait til tonight and go to that bookstore and see if that ‘hole’ thing Tim Jackson was talking about is true,” Jake suggested.“Dude that’s perfect,” an excited Bobby replied, and then he added, “My mom has a date tonight so I’m staying at my grandma’s, and she doesn’t ask me where I’m going or when I’m going to be home… so lets go check it out!”“COOL,” Jake exclaimed as the two high-fived each other.For the rest of the day all Bobby could think of was going to the A&D Bookstore. He was starting to think his sexual obsession might be a problem, but what he didn’t realize was his raging libido was a family trait. He had inherited his sex drive from his mom, who spent the day sitting in her office thinking about getting laid after her date that night, and Bobby’s grandmother also had an active sex life, and like Jenni and Bobby, was a frequent masturbator. Bobby’s dick was hard as steel when he got home, but once again he resisted the urge to jerk off because he didn’t want to waste a load, and decided to keep his sexual energy on edge until later that night when he hoped to get his first blowjob. So to keep his mind occupied he played video games until he heard the front door open and his mom holler “Hey honey, I’m home.”“Hey mom, how was your day,” Bobby asked.“Pretty quiet for a Friday, no drama… how was yours,” Jenni asked as she entered the room wearing her ‘casual Friday’ jeans that clung to her hips and showed off her magnificent ass, and a top that showed a little more cleavage than her usual work attire.‘No wonder so many guys want to date my mom, she really is beautiful’, Bobby thought to himself, but he just replied, “It was alright, nothing special, me and Jake just hung out down at the playground.”“Well that’s what summers are for when you’re still in school,” Jenni said laughing as she hugged her son, smashing her full round breasts to his body.“I do love summer,” the teenager replied, taking a moment to inhale the subtle aroma of his mother’s perfume as she pressed her body to his.As they broke their hug, Jenni said, “I’m going to go up and get ready for tonight, Paul is taking me for appetizers before the theater, and then we’re going to have a late dinner, so would you like me to make you something to eat before I jump in the shower?”“No that’s okay mom, I’ll just grab something over at grandma’s,” Bobby replied.“That’s fine honey, what are going to do tonight,” she asked.“Probably just hang out at the basketball courts with Jake, some of the college guys play on Friday nights and they have some pretty good games,” he lied.“You know honey, you and Jake could come back and stay here instead of staying at grandma’s tonight, I think you’re old enough to stay by yourself,” Jenni said.“I know, but what if you and your date come back here, I mean that could be a little awkward for me and Jake,” Bobby replied.“Bobby, I don’t bring a man home after every date,” Jenni said, sounding a little annoyed and a bit hurt, even though sex was definitely on her agenda that night.“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean it like that, I just meant I’d rather not stay here by myself if you stay out all night, and I want you to have privacy if you do come back here,” Bobby explained.“No, I’m the one that’s sorry honey, I just don’t want you to think I have sex with every guy that takes me on a date,” Jenni replied.“Okay, I don’t want to hear about my mom having sex,” Bobby said with a laugh, and then he added, “And I’m glad you’re going out and having fun, I just don’t want to be in the way.”“Oh honey,” Jenni said as she pulled her handsome son to her, and as she hugged him again she said, “No matter what, you’re always the most important thing in my life, and you’re never in the way,” then she kissed him on the cheek and said, “I’m going up to get ready.”Bobby sat playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ when he heard his mom coming down the stairs, and when she reached the bottom she asked, “Well, how do I look?”Her son quickly paused his game, and when he looked up he saw she was wearing a sleeveless black dress that showed plenty of cleavage, hugged her hips, accented her muscular thighs and ended a couple of inches above her knees. Then she did a twirl and Bobby could how the material clung to her amazing ass, which looked even more pronounced thanks to the black pumps she was wearing. Her ruby red lipstick was the perfect contrast to her shining blonde hair, and her makeup made her already incredible cheekbones look even more exotic.“Wow mom, you look great,” Bobby exclaimed, then he sincerely added, “You’re going to be the most beautiful woman in the theater.”“Awww, that’s so sweet honey, thank you,” Jenni said as she set her small black clutch purse on the table in the foyer, and then she asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to stay and meet Paul?”“I’m sure mom, please don’t be mad,” Bobby replied, not wanting to hurt his mother’s feelings.“I’m not mad honey, I understand,” she said.“Thanks, well I’m going to head over to grandma’s, have fun mom,” Bobby said, and after a quick hug he headed out the door to make the walk to his grandmother’s.As he entered the house only a few blocks from his own he hollered, “Hi grandma.”“Hey sport, how are you,” Linda Parker greeted her grandson, and then she asked, “So did you meet your mom’s date?”“No, but I talked to mom and she understands why,” Bobby replied.“Good, you know now that you’re older your opinion means more to her, but I understand how you feel too,” Linda said as she gave her grandson a hug, then she added, “So what are you going to do tonight.”“Jake’s coming over and then we’re going to go hang out down the basketball courts,” Bobby said, lying about their plans.“Okay… do you want something to eat,” Linda asked.“I’m just going to make a sandwich,” Bobby replied.“I’ll make it for you… do you want your usual,” she asked.“That sounds awesome, thanks grandma,” Bobby said, looking forward to her grilled cheese with bacon, and as he followed her into the kitchen he couldn’t help but notice that even at fifty years of age he could see where his mother got her looks. Linda had an attractive face that showed few lines, and her blonde hair was still as soft and silky as her daughter’s. Another thing she shared with Jenni were perfectly shaped 34 C breasts, and while Linda’s may have started to sag just a bit, they were still full and round and filled out a blouse or tee shirt nicely. Bobby’s grandma also had a ripe ass and shapely legs that allowed her to wear the tight jeans and shorts worn by women much younger than her.“So this guy Paul is taking your mom to dinner and the theater, that’s pretty high class,” Linda said as they ate their sandwiches.“Yeah I guess, but I like movies more,” Bobby replied.Linda chuckled and then she said, “Well I hope she has a good time, your mom deserves a guy that treats her right.”“You do too grandma, I mean grandpa’s been gone a long time and it must have been hard for you to have to take care of Uncle Rob after he had his accident,” Bobby said, and as he saw a sad look come over his grandmother’s face he said, “I’m sorry grandma, I didn’t mean to bring up Uncle Rob.”“It’s okay buddy, I think about him a lot… do you know he was the exact same age as you are now when he had his accident,” Linda said.The ‘Uncle Rob’ they were talking about was Linda’s second c***d and Jenni’s younger brother by three years. He was on summer break when he was skateboarding and fell. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and when he landed he hit the back of his head on the curb. At first it didn’t seem too serious but that night a blood vessel in his brain hemorrhaged, leaving him in a c***. They did emergency surgery, but he had already suffered irreparable brain damage, and lived another year in a near catatonic state before passing away.“I’m sorry I never got to meet him grandma,” Bobby said thoughtfully.“Me too sweetie, your mom was actually pregnant with you when he had the accident and I was so happy she decided to name you Robert after him. You remind me so much of him too…kind, considerate, handsome, he was just a great k** just like you,” she said with a smile.Just then there was a knock on the back door and Linda hollered “C’mon in Jake.”“Hi Mrs. Parker… hey Bobby,” the teenager said.“Hi honey, would you like a sandwich,” Linda asked.“No thank you ma’am, I just had dinner,” Jake answered politely.As Linda cleared hers and Bobby’s plates she said, “I can’t believe how handsome you two are, you must have all the girls chasing after you,” she said sincerely.“I wish, but all the girls go for the jocks,” her grandson replied.“I don’t know about that, I’m sure the girls are checking you two out, just be patient, and before long you two cuties will have the girls dropping their panties,” Linda said.“GRANDMA,” Bobby exclaimed, shocked at how candid his grandmother was.“Hey just being honest, if I was in high school I’d be checking you guys out,” Linda said.“You really don’t look old enough to be Bobby’s grandmother Mrs. Parker,” Jake said sincerely.“Well that’s sweet Jake, but that’s because I was in my teens when I had Bobby’s mom, and she was in her teens when she had him so I’m still pretty young for a grandmother,” Linda replied.After Bobby finished his eating he said, “We’re going to go up to my room grandma, thanks again for the sandwich.”“You’re welcome honey, have fun,” Linda replied as the boys left the table.When they were in his room Bobby closed the door, and then Jake said, “Man she is really built for a grandmother.”“Seriously dude, first you perv on my mother and now my grandmother… you definitely have a problem,” Bobby said shaking his head.“Oh, and you never perv on my s1ster,” Jake said sarcastically.“Yeah… I guess I do,” Bobby admitted to his friend, and then he asked, “So what time do you want to go to the book store?”“It might be too early now, let’s wait about an hour and then we’ll catch the crosstown express bus,” Jake suggested.“Sounds good, let’s play some Xbox til then,” Bobby said as he turned the TV on.Both boys had a hard time concentrating on the game as they wondered if they really were going to get their first blowjobs that night. Then after about an hour an anxious Bobby said, “Are you ready to go?”“Yeah, I guess so,” Jake replied, suddenly sounding nervous and uncertain.The boys went downstairs and Bobby hollered, “We’re headed to the basketball court grandma, see you later.”“Okay, have a good time boys,” Linda called back.“Nice to see you again Mrs. Parker,” Jake said.“You too Jake,” Linda answered.“Nice to see you again Mrs. Parker,” Bobby said, mocking his friend as they walked outside, and then he added, “You’re such a suck up.”“No I’m not, I’m just polite,” Jake said as they walked towards the bus stop.“Why didn’t you just tell her the truth, I’d really like to see you naked Mrs. Parker,” Bobby said with a laugh.“Shut up… and like you wouldn’t,” Jake replied.Bobby knew Jake was right as he asked, “Do you have your money to give the guy?“Yeah,” Jake replied, sounding nervous once again.Just then the crosstown express bus pulled up, and after paying their fare the two teenage boys sat in the back for the twenty-minute ride. Then about half way through their journey Jake said, “You know, maybe this isn’t such a good idea… I mean what happens if we get busted?”“How are we going to get busted,” Bobby asked.“I don’t know, maybe he’ll call the cops,” Jake replied.“Why would he call the cops when he’s the one taking twenty dollar bills to let people under twenty-one in,” Bobby replied.Just then they were approaching their bus stop and Jake said, “I’m not getting off.”“Are you serious,” Bobby asked sounding very annoyed.“Yeah, let’s just go home Bobby, we’ll go to the basketball courts and watch the games like you told your grandma, and then I’ll sneak some of my dad’s magazines out and we can take them to your house and do it,” Jake said, wanting his friend to ab0rt the mission with him.“No way dude, I’ve been thinking about this all day, if you want to go home then go ahead, but I’m going to the bookstore” Bobby said as he stood up and headed to the door.“Please don’t be mad,” Jake said to his friend, but Bobby never looked back as he left the bus.Once he was off the bus, Bobby looked down the long block of storefronts, and right in the middle was the A&D Bookstore. As he approached the entrance his heart started beating more rapidly. Now he was having second thoughts, but the fear was overwhelmed by the anticipation of possibly getting his first blowjob, so he took a deep breath and approached the front door.He went inside and followed a short hallway to another door with a sign that said ‘MUST HAVE I.D. TO ENTER’, and when he opened the door he saw an elevated counter where a balding man sat reading a newspaper and chomping on an unlit cigar. Bobby’s stomach tightened as he approached the counter, but the man never even looked at him as he gruffly said, “I.D.”Bobby’s hand shook as he pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and placed it on the counter. Again the man’s eyes never left his newspaper as he scooped up the twenty and slipped it into his pocket, and then Bobby turned to his left and entered an adult wonderland.In an instant he found himself surrounded by shelves of DVD’s. There was straight, gay, matures, teens, interracial, midgets, trannys, BDSM… every type of porn he could imagine, and many of which he had never heard. He also saw a huge selection of magazines like the ones that Jake’s father had in his collection, and finally an entire wall covered with lingerie, leather goods, whips, handcuffs, and dozens of sex toys like the ones his mom and Jake’s s1ster had. He was so mesmerized that he momentarily forgot he was too young to be there, but when he saw another man coming through the door he quickly turned so the guy couldn’t see his face, and that was when he saw the curtain covered entrance with the sign ‘Video Booths’ above it. He started parting the curtain to enter when he heard the man at the counter say “Hold up buddy!”‘Oh shit, Jake was right, I’ve been busted’, Bobby thought to himself as he turned illegal bahis siteleri towards the counter, but once again the greasy looking man never lifted his eyes from his newspaper as he said, “You have to buy tokens for the video booths.”Bobby walked over to the counter, and tried to make his voice sound deeper as he said, “Five dollars worth please.” With that the man slid five dollars in tokens over the counter and took his money, and then Bobby headed towards the passage to the video booths again. After passing through the thick black curtain Bobby saw one long hallway that connected to three more darkened hallways, and each of those hallways had doors with small lights above them that marked each private viewing booth.Bobby’s heart pounded as he walked down the first hallway and saw all of the doors opened. He stuck his head into each booth, but other than the lighted buttons to play the videos he saw no holes like the one Jake had described. Then he went down the second hallway and he did find two booths with holes, but the doors to adjoining booths were empty. He was starting to think the ‘glory hole’ was bullshit, and figured he might just go into one of the booths and watch a porn video, but as he started walking down the last hallway he saw a head quickly pop out of one of the booths, and he heard a guy’s voice say, “You should try this one.”Bobby thought the guy was propositioning him, but then he said, “Don’t worry, there’s a gorgeous babe in there,” before ducking back into his booth, and then Bobby heard him tell her, “It’s kind of dark, but looks like your first glory hole blow job is a good looking young guy.”Did Bobby hear him right? This was her first experience too? If so, that meant she must have been young, and suddenly Bobby thought of something… could it be Kristie, his best friend’s s1ster? She had just bought a vibrator at the A&D. Could this be the girl who was having her first visit to the glory hole?Once again his hopes soared, but he decided that first he wanted to make sure it a female in the other booth so he knocked on their door but the guy said, “Sorry you can’t see her man, she’s worried someone might recognize her… but stick your hand through the hole if you want proof.”Even though he still had his doubts, his arousal overrode his trepidation again, so he entered his booth and closed the door. His hand shook as he pulled some tokens from his pocket and inserted them into the slot, bringing the screen to life. The first scene was a woman with big fake breasts sucking a cock, but at that moment he didn’t care about the porn video, all he wanted to do was use the light cast by the screen to find the hole in the wall.He found the opening but didn’t put his hand through it until he heard their booth door open and the stranger’s muffled voice outside his door saying, “Okay, I’m in the hall so now go ahead and put your hand through the hole and get a feel of her body.”Bobby realized the guy was right, and there was no possible way he could be standing outside his door talking to him and in the booth at the same time, and even though there could still be another guy in there he was starting to believe the stranger, so he slowly stuck his hand through the hole and immediately felt soft, warm skin.His heart pounded as he felt fingers wrap around his wrist and move it upwards, and then a large, soft globe filled his hand. ‘Oh God, I’m feeling a real boob,’ he thought to himself as he squeezed the fleshy orb. At first he just fondled the tit, feeling its firmness and weight, and then dragged his thumb over the hard nipple, and as he did he heard a soft moan through the wall.“You see, I told you she was real,” the stranger said before returning to his booth.Bobby kneaded and massaged the firm tit, before pinching the nipple, and as he did he thought, ‘I hope this is Kristie’, and then she turned her body and offered him her other breast, and he repeated the process. Then he felt her fingers wrap around his wrist again, holding it in place as she stood up. As she did his fingertips dragged across her flat tummy, momentarily dipping into her navel before she was standing straight up, and he was caressing her smooth pubic mound.His cock was throbbing in his pants as he realized he was living a dream he had had since he first started taking an interest in the female form. Then the girl raised herself on her toes and moved her hips forward, and when she did Bobby’s hand slipped between her thighs and now he felt his fingers sliding along the soft, wet folds of a real pussy for the first time. He heard a soft groan vibrate through the plywood wall as his fingertips brushed her pussy lips, and then he heard a grunt as he turned his fingers upward and slowly pushed his middle digit deep inside her tight canal. Bobby couldn’t believe how wet she was as she began humping her hips, driving his fingers in and out of her oozing twat. Then he pulled the appendage from inside her cunt and rolled it on the mystery girl’s clitoris, just as he had read about in the porn books.“OOOHHH,” he heard through the wall as she ground her tiny pleasure button against his finger. He wasn’t really doing much of anything, but it was obvious that the girl on the other side was enjoying herself, and then suddenly he heard a muffled cry as her thighs clamped on his hand.“Holy shit, you’re making the horny bitch cum already,” he could hear the guy’s voice saying as the girl continued to grind against his hand, and then finally he felt her pussy pull away.Bobby was feeling a little proud of himself as he relished in the fact that he had just given a girl an orgasm, even though he really wasn’t sure what he had done, but now he was uncertain of the next move until he heard the guy say, “Okay it’s your turn, put your dick through the hole.”Now certain there was a girl on the other side of the wall, the teen undid his belt and button, pulled down his zipper and lowered his jeans and boxers about half way down his thighs. In the pale light of the video screen his dick looked bigger than normal, and the head appeared more swollen than ever. Then after taking a deep breath he pushed his bloated organ through the hole.For a moment nothing happened, but then he felt the same soft, warm hand that had guided his wrist now wrapping around his aching shaft. “Ohhhhh,” he groaned, and his whole body shuddered as the first hand other than his own gently gripped his erect cock.“Very nice,” he heard a muffled female voice say as she stroked his hard dick. Bobby still had no idea what she looked like, but he couldn’t help but imagine it was Kristie rubbing his cock, and he could already feel the familiar ache of impending orgasm building behind his balls. The feeling was exquisite, and he knew it wouldn’t take much more for him to cum, and then a panicked thought hit him… he wasn’t even in her mouth yet and he was about to burst! ‘Oh please no, I don’t want to shoot yet, I want to enjoy this,’ he thought to himself, but then he felt her warm breath on the sensitive head of his rampant prick. He wanted to stop her, to delay the process, to savor his first blowjob for more than a few seconds, but as soon as her hot, wet mouth encircled his shaft and her tongue swirled behind his spongy cockhead, he erupted.“Noooooo,” he groaned as the base of his prick began pulsing uncontrollably, pumping streams of thick young semen into the unsuspecting girl’s sucking mouth. Bobby felt her sputter for a second because she wasn’t ready for him to cum so hard or so fast, and the shear force of his ejaculation caught her off guard, but she quickly regained control and began swallowing the copious amount of thick spunk he was spraying into her mouth. The teenager had never had such a powerful climax, but he was devastated that it happened so fast, and that he wasn’t able to fully enjoy his first blowjob as he had always dreamed he would.The angel behind the wall kept using her hands and mouth to milk his pulsing cock until Bobby felt the last orgasmic twitch, and then he felt her swallow hard, and knew she had drank every drop of his discharge. Now that his climax was over, the regret over how fast he came really set in, but as she continued to stroke his shaft with her hand she said something to her partner. Her voice was a whisper so Bobby couldn’t hear what she said, but then the guy’s louder voice said, “Judging by how fast you got off, I guess she’s not the only one making her first trip to a glory hole, and she feels bad that you came so fast, so if you’re up to it she’s going to suck you off again.”Bobby couldn’t believe that he was so lucky to have another first timer on the other side of the wall, and not some old crack whore like the pictures he had seen in one of Jake’s dad’s porn magazines, then suddenly he felt her talented mouth engulf his softening cock yet again. “Ohhhhh,” Bobby groaned deep in his throat as the mystery girl used her soft lips and slippery tongue to coax his drooping cock back to full hardness. Since he had just cum, there was no chance of another premature ejaculation, and at his age he wasn’t worried about being able to shoot another load down her throat, since he frequently jerked out two or three sizeable ejaculations in succession when he was really horny.This time he was enjoying the total blowjob experience, although if there was one disappointing thing, it was still not knowing what his incredible fellatrix looked like, but at that moment Bobby didn’t care because what he was feeling was beyond his imagination, and he couldn’t wait to rub his good fortune in Jake’s face when he got home… then after about five minutes of pure pleasure he felt his mystery cocksucker’s mouth leave his throbbing prick.As he stood with his body pressed to the wall and his hard cock sticking through the opening he heard the girl say something, and once again the wall made it impossible to understand what she was saying, but then the guy said, “Take a look through the hole.”Bobby stepped back, disengaging his throbbing prick from the opening, and then he lowered himself until he was eye-level with the hole, and in the pale light of the video screen he could see her glistening pink pussy pressed against the hole.At first the teen was confused, but then the guy said, “She wants you to fuck her, and don’t worry if you don’t have a condom, she’s clean as a whistle and on birth control.”Bobby couldn’t believe he was being invited to fuck her, but he still wasn’t sure if he should. He was always told to use a condom no matter what, but he figured since this was her first time she was probably young, after all Kristie had been there, and when the thought that it might actually be Jake’s beautiful s1ster behind the wall, he threw caution to the wind and pushed a finger deep into her hot wet cunt, and when he felt it tighten around his invading digit, he made his decision.He pulled his finger from deep inside her pussy and stood up, and then he pushed his rock hard prick back through the hole. At first he hit a barrier of soft skin, but then he felt her fingers wrap around his shaft and align his swollen knob until it pressed against her labia, and then she thrust her hips backwards and buried his cock deep in her tight cunt.“Ohhhhhh,” Bobby groaned as he felt her soft, velvety vaginal walls squeezing his hard young prick, ending his virginity. If it was possible, it felt even more incredible than her mouth had felt wrapped around his shaft, and he couldn’t wait to tell Jake he actually fucked a girl.Once he burned the memory of his penis entering a pussy for the first time into his mind, Bobby began pumping his hips back and forth, and while they disengaged a few times, his mysterious gift giver quickly reinserted Bobby’s hard fuck stick back into he drooling cunt.Once Bobby calmed down the two settled into a perfect rhythm. The feeling of his young cock being sheathed and unsheathed by a real vagina was so exquisite that Bobby’s balls were already tightening, and then he felt something bumping the underside of his shaft as he heard the guy say, “You really got her going man, she’s playing with her own clit while you’re fucking her.”“Oh Gawd,” Bobby heard the girl groan as she teased her pleasure pea with her finger while he fucked her, and that caused him to start thrusting even harder. Then he pushed his hard shaft through the opening as far as he could while she slammed her hips back, taking him even deeper.“She’s getting ready to cum k1d, keep slamming that pussy… and when you’re ready to pop, knock on the wall,” Bobby heard the guy say.Bobby did what he was told and started fucking his first pussy as hard as he could, and just as he felt his own orgasm building he felt the scabbard sheathing his rod clamp down on the shaft even harder, and an anim@listic “UNNNGGGGHHHHH,” echoed from the other booth.“The bitch is cumming again,” Bobby heard the guy bellow as he pounded his young prick in and out of her pussy, causing his hips to bang against the plywood as he did. The feeling of her vaginal walls gripping and releasing his cock over and over as she climaxed was more than he could take, and he began rapping his knuckles on the wall, signaling he was about to explode.“He’s gonna blow baby,” the guy said, and suddenly Bobby felt cool air rush around his slime covered cock as she pulled it from her dripping cunt, but the sensation was only momentary as he felt his throbbing organ surrounded again by a wet heat, and when she swirled her tongue around the head he realized he was back in her mouth, and he released another torrent of young cum.“ARRGGHHH,” Bobby howled as the muscles at the base of his cock pulsed wildly between her lips again, sending two quick blasts of thick sperm into her oral cavity. He felt her swallow hard before pulling his spewing member from her mouth and jerking it rapidly so the next few spurts of his thick spunk struck her square in the face “That’s it, blast her,” Bobby heard the guy say as his sperm launched from his cock, and he really hoped it was Kristie’s beautiful face he was spraying with his thick, pearlescent fluid. Finally his orgasmic contractions started to ease, and the mystery girl took him back into her mouth and sucked the last dregs from his dick before gulping it down her throat. Then he felt her licking and sucking every bit of sperm residue from his cock before releasing it. Bobby pulled his softening prick from the hole and he could see she had sucked it completely clean. As he stuffed it back into his pants he realized the night had turned out far better than he could have imagined, and he couldn’t wait to tell Jake he got two blowjobs and lost his virginity.As he prepared to leave the booth and head for the bus stop he was still disappointed that he had no idea what his first sexual partner looked like. He still hoped she was as pretty as, or in his wildest dreams actually was Jake’s beautiful s1ster, and he regretted that he would never know, but as he stepped out of the video booth, the guy that lured him in was stepping out of theirs saying, “Let me see if there’s Kleenex in one of the other booths.”He emerged from his booth with his back turned to Bobby and left the door open, and even though he knew the girl wanted to remain anonymous, the teen decided he had to know what she looked like. Then something donned on him, what if it was Kristie? What would she say when she saw him? Then he realized she couldn’t say anything since she was the one having sex with strangers through a hole… and suddenly Bobby’s confidence soared.When the guy disappeared into another booth to look for some tissues, Bobby tiptoed to the open doorway and looked in. The mystery girl had her back turned, and he could see she was naked except for the heels she was wearing. In the pale light he could tell her hair was blonde like Kristie’s. Her shoulders were beautifully squared and her waist was narrow, more athletic traits that mimicked his friend’s s1ster. Her ass was incredible, and her legs were shapely and athletic like those of someone who exercised, which Kristie certainly did.As he reached her feet she started to turn around, and then his eyes began moving upwards. He could see the front of her muscular thighs where they met at the smooth vee of her pubic mound. She had feminine hips and a flat tummy, and her breasts were similar in size to Kristie’s. Then he reached her cum-splattered face and realized it wasn’t Kristie, or any young girl for that matter, it was a beautiful woman, and that woman was Jenni Simmons… his own mother!Bobby was in shock as he saw his mother keeping her eyes clenched tightly shut to keep his cum from dripping into them, and then without thinking he blurted out, “MOM?”When Jenni heard the word and recognized the voice she hurriedly wiped away the dollops of cum near her eyes, and as she opened them and saw her son staring at her naked body she quickly used one arm to hide her large breasts and her other hand to cup her pubic mound in a futile attempt at modesty, then she cried out, “BOBBY… WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”Her son stood frozen in place, not saying a word, then Jenni’s feeling of embarrassment suddenly turned to one of horror as she looked at her son’s handsome face, then down to the hole where she had just serviced an anonymous cock with her mouth and pussy, then back to his face, and as the realization of who was on the other side of the wall overtook her she said, “Oh God Bobby, that was…” but before she could say the word ‘you’ he turned and sprinted towards the exit. “Bobby… wait,” she cried out as the fact that she had just had sex with her own son started setting in. She quickly stepped through the open door to try to stop him, but when she saw two strange men staring at her naked body she quickly dove back into the booth.No sooner was she back inside the dimly lit cube that Paul walked in carrying a role of paper towels and laughing as he said, “Holy shit… you just sucked and fucked your own son!”“It’s not funny… and I didn’t know it was him,” she replied as she tore off some paper towels and began wiping away the last of her son’s cum that was clinging to her face.“Oh he’ll be okay, besides, every boy has a fantasy about his mom, and if mine looked like you I’d have been happy this happened,” Paul said as she cleaned her face, but as she began putting her strapless black bra on he asked, “What are you doing?”“Getting dressed, we’re going after my son,” she replied curtly as she tried to untangle her small black thong with her shaking hands before getting frustrated and stuffing it into her purse.As she began pulling her black dress over her head Paul said, “No problem, I’ll take you to find him… as soon as you give me a blowjob.”“WHAT,” Jenni said in a combination of shock and anger as she pulled the tight dress material down around her shapely body.“You didn’t know it was him, and my guess is you probably took his cherry, I think the whole situation is hot as hell, so as soon as you suck me off we can leave,” he replied.Jenni hated to admit it, but she knew Paul was right, she was pretty sure she had just taken her son’s virginity, but all she said was, “I’m not giving you a blowjob, we’re leaving,” and then she picked up her clutch purse and attempted to step around him, but as she did he grabbed her arm.“My cock is like a steel rod, and we can go as soon as you suck it,” Paul said as he held her.“Forget it, I’ll get a car,” Jenni said, enraged at the fact that he had no regard for her son and that he was getting physical with her, and when he tried to yank her back into the booth her martial arts training kicked in, and as she cried out “HIYAAA,” she spun and launched her right knee upwards, slamming it into his bloated testicles and smashing them against his pubic bone.“UUGGGHHH,” he grunted loudly as all the air left his lungs, then he clutched his groin and slumped to the floor groaning, “You fuuuckiiing cuuunt,” before the severe pain radiated upward, causing his stomach to lurch and a stream of vomit to explode from his mouth. As Paul lay convulsing, an unsympathetic Jenni stepped over his twitching body, then she reached into her purse, pulled out her balled up thong and threw it at him saying, “If your balls are still working you can jack off into these, and don’t ever fucking call me again you bastard.”Jenni wanted to chase after Bobby but she still wanted to avoid being seen by anyone so she headed towards the back door where she and Paul had entered, but as she did a large man stepped out of a booth and blocked her path. Jenni didn’t think he had done it purposely, but she wasn’t taking any chances as she glared at him, pointed at Paul’s crumpled body and growled, “Unless you want to end up like him, you’ll get the fuck out of my way.”The stranger looked down at Paul’s quivering body and the pool of vomit next to his head, and then he threw up his hands in mock surrender, stepped aside and said, “It’s all good lady… I don’t want any problems.”Jenni walked past him, doing her best to hide her face, and then she hurried down the hall and out the back door. As soon as she was outside she realized she was in the alley, and that she had to make her way around the entire block to get to the front where Bobby had exited.She tried to run down the cobblestone alley, but it was hard in her high heels, which made a clopping noise that echoed off the backs of the buildings, and then she turned the two corners until she was on the front sidewalk. She quickly made her way past the other stores, but when she reached the front of the bookstore her son was nowhere to be found. Then she looked down the street and saw the taillights of a bus making a turn, and she was sure Bobby was on it.“Fuck,” she hissed under her breath, and then she pulled out her phone. First she tried to call Bobby on the cell phone she got for him to use in emergencies, but it went straight to voicemail. Then she pulled up a rideshare app, but the closest car was twenty-five minutes away, so she decided to slip into a bar and have a glass of wine and try to calm her nerves while she waited.On the next block she found what looked to be a nice place. There were only a couple of people sitting at the horseshoe shaped bar, but most of the tables were full so she figured the food was good. However she wasn’t there to eat, so she chose one of the leather bar stools.“Good evening miss, what can I get you,” a cute bartender in a white blouse and short black skirt asked as she placed a bar napkin in front of Jenni.“Just a glass of your house Cab please,” she replied softly.“Certainly,” the bartender said politely as she walked away to get her wine.Jenni was staring off into space as her mind raced. She was reliving the events of the evening and trying to figure out what cosmic alignment could have brought her and her son together in such a bizarre way, and just then her concentration was broken when she heard a male voice say, “Excuse me miss, are you alright?”When she looked up she saw a very handsome man in a sport coat looking straight at her, and she said, “I beg your pardon.”“I’m sorry, I just asked if you were alright,” he repeated.“I’m fine,” she answered abruptly, not really wanting company, especially that of a man.“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry… you just seem a little shaken,” he said apologetically.Suddenly Jenni felt bad for being so rude to him so she said, “No, I’m sorry… I’m okay, just a date gone bad.”“He didn’t harm you did he,” the handsome man asked, seeming genuinely concerned.Jenni almost laughed because it was her front kick that left Paul lying in a pool of his own vomit, but she just said, “No, he didn’t harm me, he just turned out to be, well… kind of an asshole.”As the bartender put the glass of cabernet in front of Jenni the handsome stranger said, “Nicole, please put that on my tab.”“Okay Mr. Harrison,” she replied.“Please, that won’t be necessary, I’m just waiting on a car… umm, Mr. Harrison,” Jenni said.“It would be my pleasure, with no strings attached, I’m just hoping I can show you all men aren’t assholes,” he said with a smile, and then he added, “And my name is Glenn.”“Well thank you Glenn, I’m Jenni,” she replied, thinking it was a shame they hadn’t met under different circumstances since he was so handsome and seemed very nice.“It’s a pleasure Jenni, and now I’ll leave you alone,” he said politely.Jenni managed to flash him a smile, and then she began thinking about what had just happened. As she sipped her wine she wondered what her son was thinking after his own mother had just given him a blowjob and fucked him. Did he hate her, even though she had no idea who was in the other booth? Did he think she was some kind of whore? Had she damaged him in some way? Her mind was swirling until her phone ‘dinged’, letting her know her ride had arrived.She quickly grabbed her purse, and as the handsome man looked her way again she smiled and said, “My ride his here, thank you again for the drink Glenn.”“It was my pleasure Jenni,” he replied as he raised his cocktail in her direction, and she did the same with her glass as they toasted each other. Then as she finished her wine Glenn said, “Nicole, could you please give this to her for me?”“Sure Mr. Harrison,” she replied as she took his business card and delivered it to Jenni.As the bartender handed her the card Glenn said, “I know you’re pretty sour on men right now but if you ever decide to give our species another chance I’d love to treat you to a cup of coffee or a drink… I wrote my cell number on the back and I hope you’ll call me.”After giving Jenni the card the bartender whispered, “He really is a nice guy, he’s an attorney and he and his wife used to come in for dinner all the time until she sadly died from leukemia a couple years ago, he’s very sweet and I don’t think he has dated anyone since she passed.”“Thank you,” Jenni whispered back, appreciating the confidential endorsement, but even though he was handsome and charming, the last thing she was thinking about was a date, so she politely put the card in her purse, never intending to use it as she said, “I may do that some time.”“I hope you do,” he said with a wave, and then she left.As the car pulled away Jenni started replaying the events of the night again. Her main concern was still her son’s well being, but something else was happening. Jenni started recalling what Bobby’s hard cock felt like in her hand, her mouth, and her pussy… but the feelings of guilt and shame she expected to have weren’t happening. Instead she was feeling the all too familiar heat of arousal rising in her groin.‘What the fuck is wrong with me,’ she thought to herself. Her pussy was actually trembling as she remembered how hard her son’s dick felt in her hand, and the amazing feeling of it pulsing against her bottom lip as it exploded in her mouth. Then there was the taste and texture of his young cum. Sperm usually ranged from moderately unpleasant to rancid, and could be stringy, but Bobby’s spunk was incredibly arousing, with a sweet taste and a creamy texture.She licked her lips as she recalled sucking his cock and tasting his cum, and then she thought of the moment her son’s virgin cock penetrated her pussy. She remembered him plunging it in and out of her cunt as she frigged her clit so she could cum first, and then taking his pulsing shaft back into her mouth to taste some of his second load before jerking the rest onto her face.Jenni realized she could still taste her son’s spunk on her lips, and once again she tried to feel some sort of remorse, but instead all she could think of was how aroused the thought of giving Bobby his first blow job and taking his virginity was making her, and how she wished she would have known it was him, provided he didn’t know it was her on the other side of the wall.She was about canlı bahis siteleri half way home when Bobby got off the bus and sprinted to his grandmother’s house. He was huffing and puffing as burst in the door and started running upstairs.“Bobby, is that you,” Linda called out.“Yeah grandma,” he said, trying to catch his breath as he reached the top of the stairs.“You’re home early, are you okay, you sound out of breath,” she asked.“Yeah, just ran all the way home, going to my room,” he yelled down the steps.“Okay,” Linda replied, thinking it was odd that he was already home, but just chalking it up to the quirkiness of teenage boys.As Linda went back to reading her book, the car was dropping Jenni off at her own house a few blocks away. She hoped Bobby had gone straight home and not to her mom’s, partially because she wanted to speak to him privately, but also because she hoped to avoid the inevitable questions from her mom as to why she was there and not still on her date.When she entered the house there were no lights on so she was pretty sure Bobby wasn’t there, and as she went upstairs her fears were confirmed. She considered changing clothes but she wanted to get to Bobby as soon as possible, so rather than walking the two blocks she grabbed her car keys and drove to her mom’s.Linda was still reading her book when she heard the door open again, and thinking it was her grandson’s friend she called out “Jake, is that you?”Just then Jenni walked into the living room and said, “No mom, it’s me?”Linda looked at her daughter in her black dress and said, “Well you look fantastic, but why aren’t you still on your date?”“It didn’t go so well, but that’s not important, I really need to talk to Bobby, is he here,” Jenni asked, still hoping against hope her mom wouldn’t start asking questions.“Yeah, he’s upstairs… what’s going on,” Linda asked, dashing her daughter’s hopes.“I just need to talk to Bobby, mom…” Jenni said.“Well he just got home a little few minutes ago and went straight up to his room, is there anything I can do, do you want me to go upstairs with you,” Linda asked.“No, it’s just something I need to handle myself,” Jenni replied.“Okay, then after you talk to him how about you and I go into the kitchen, pour a glass of wine and you tell me what’s going on,” Linda said.Jenni knew there was no way she could avoid telling her mom what happened, and she actually thought Linda was the one person who might be open minded because in addition to being her mother she was her best friend, and she had her own high sex drive so she said “Okay mom.” Jenni made her way upstairs and turned left down the hall to her son’s door, and then she knocked and said, “Bobby, I think we need to talk.”There was no answer and Jenni started to worry, she turned the door knob but it was locked so she knocked again and said, “Bobby… are you okay?”“I’m fine mom, I just don’t want to talk right now,” he replied.Jenni breathed a sigh of relief and then said, “Please Bobby, can we talk?”“I just want to be alone right now mom,” he replied.Jenni was still worried about his state of mind and what feelings he was having so she said, “Please Bobby, I’m really worried about you.”“Don’t worry mom, I’m fine, can we please just talk about it tomorrow,” Bobby replied through the door.“Okay honey, I just want you to know I had no idea you were in there,” Jenni said, hoping that might somehow make a difference.“I know that mom, I’m just…I’m okay,” he said, cutting his response short.“Okay, if you change your mind and want to talk I’ll be downstairs… I love you,” Jenni said.“I love you too,” Bobby replied, making his mom feel a little more relaxed as she headed back downstairs to face Linda.When she walked into the living room her mom was still reading her book, and then she put it down and said, “So how’d it go?”“He doesn’t want to talk right now,” Jenni replied.“Okay, so how about we go get that glass of wine and you tell me what’s going on,” Linda said as she stood up and led her daughter into the kitchen.After pouring the wine, Linda sat down with Jenni at the kitchen table and said, “So what happened?”Jenni breathed in deeply and then said, “Oh mom, I really fucked up.”Linda sensed her daughter’s dismay, but still had no idea what she was talking about so she said, “Okay, why don’t you just start at the beginning and tell me what happened, I thought you were going to the theater and then a late dinner.”Jenni took a big gulp of wine to build her courage and then said, “I did too… we went to have some wine and appetizers before the theater, and by our second bottle I guess we were both getting a little horny and Paul suggested we go to an adult bookstore a friend of his owns, it’s a place that sells X-Rated DVD’s and other…”Before she could continue Linda interrupted her and said, “Honey, I’ve been to an adult bookstore.”“I should have know that,” Jenni said with a laugh, and then she said, “So anyway, we went to one, and since Paul knew the owner and we were able to go in the back door without anyone seeing us, and go straight to the video booths to watch porn and, you know… have some fun.”“So then what happened,” Linda asked, getting more curious about what this had to do with Bobby, and also getting a little aroused at the thought of going to an adult bookstore and watching some porn.“Well, I was a little buzzed and already turned on and open to suggestions, and Paul told me some of the booths have ‘glory holes’, it’s a booth where you can actually, umm… interact with strangers,” Jenni said, trying to make it sound as innocent as possible.“I also know what a glory hole is for Jenni,” Linda said with a laugh.“You do, have you been to one mom,” Jenni asked.“No, but I’ve seen them in some clips on line,” Linda said, and when her daughter looked at her in surprise she said, “Oh please, I like to watch porn when I masturbate, which is a lot… and to be honest, I find the thought of a glory hole to be a huge turn on.”Jenni laughed and said, “Well I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because between the wine and being super horny the thought of giving an anonymous guy a blowjob through a hole in a wall was turning me on even more, so we went to a booths, found one with a hole and waited.”Linda could actually feel her arousal rising as she thought about going to a glory hole and sucking anonymous cocks, so she said, “How long before the first guy came in?” “It was only a few minutes before Paul saw a guy coming down the hall and he told him there was a woman in our booth and he should go into the next one… at first the hesitated but then he went in,” Jenni said.“So you never saw him,” Linda asked.“No, at least not at that point… I told Paul I was worried about someone recognizing me so I stayed in the booth,” Jenni replied.“Okay, so then what happened, and I want details,” Linda said, getting hornier by the minute.Between the wine she had drunk with Paul, the glass she had at the bar with Glenn, and the one she was having with her mom, Jenni was feeling a nice buzz so she decided to be blunt and said, “Alright, so I was in the booth, naked except for my shoes, and the guy went into the next booth. Once he was in there I guess he was worried I wasn’t a woman so Paul told him to stick his hand through the hole, and when he did I let him feel up my breasts, and then he fingered me.”Linda felt the heat between her legs rising as she asked, “He fingered you… how long?”“I guess I was really turned on because he didn’t finger me that long, but I had an orgasm anyway,” Jenni said.“Good for you,” Linda said, surprising her daughter, and then she asked, “So then what happened?” “Well, after I came Paul told the guy to stick his dick through the hole so I could, you know… give him a blowjob, so he did,” Jenni replied.Linda still had no idea what any of this had to do with Bobby, but she was getting more aroused and wanted to hear more so she asked, “So how big was his dick?”“It was six or seven inches, not huge but nice sized,” Jenni replied, keeping it in her mind that at this point she didn’t know who was in the other booth, but like her mother, she could feel own arousal rising and her reluctance to share the details melting away as she recalled the events of the evening.“Then what happened,” Linda asked, squeezing her thighs together to try to quell the ache between her legs.Jenni’s inhibitions had completely melted away as she said, “I knelt down and took his dick in my hand and at first I just stroked him, and I couldn’t believe how hard it was, I mean it was like titanium, and I could already feel it throbbing so I knew it wasn’t going to take much to make the guy cum, and sure enough, as soon as I took him into my mouth he just unloaded.”“Mmmmm, I can’t believe he came so fast,” Linda groaned without thinking, telling Jenni she was getting turned on, and then she said, “So did you swallow it?”“You really do want details… yes I did, Paul said the guy looked young so I figured it was all too overwhelming and that’s why he came so fast, and I felt kind of bad that he didn’t get enjoy the experience completely so I decided to give him another blow job,” Jenni replied.“Well aren’t you the charitable one… so did he last longer this time,” Linda asked laughing.“That’s the thing, I didn’t just give him another blowjob… I mean I started that way but figured if he was young he might still be a virgin, and thinking of being his first made me so horny that I turned around and actually let him fuck me, and after I had another orgasm he was ready to cum, so I turned around and let him cum in my mouth and on my face,” Jenni replied.Linda’s pussy was gushing from listening to her tipsy daughter recall her evening, but she still wasn’t getting the connection to Bobby, so she said, “So what happened after that?”Jenni took another big gulp of wine and said, “Well mom, that’s when it all went sideways.”Linda still didn’t know what to expect as she said, “It sounds like you were having a pretty wild and fun evening… what made it go sideways?”“The worst thing possible,” Jenni said, “After he came the second time, Paul went to find me something to wipe my face because some of the guys cum got in my eyes, and while he was gone I guess the guy decided he wanted to see what I looked like, so he came into my booth and…”Suddenly Linda burst in and said, “Oh my God, was it someone who knows you… or Bobby?”Once again Jenni took a drink of wine and then she said, “No mom… it WAS Bobby.”Linda took a silent pause, and then she took a big drink of her own wine before asking, “Wait, are you really telling me the guy in the booth you had sex with was Bobby… your son Bobby?”“Yes, the stranger I had sex with was my own son,” Jenni said, and then she added, “And I’m really worried about what he’s feeling, but he won’t talk to me.”Linda went silent, and Jenni had no idea what was going though her mind, but then her mother said, “What in the world was Bobby doing there, I mean he’s in high school?”“I don’t know, and I’d like to ask him that, but I’m afraid I’ll sound hypocritical if I question why he was there when I was in there to have sex with strangers,” Jenni replied.Then Linda surprised her daughter when she said, “First of all, you had every right to be there but Bobby doesn’t, and second, you’re an adult, so how you express yourself sexually is your business, and certainly not your son’s, so you did nothing wrong.”“Thanks mom, that really makes me feel better, but it doesn’t tell me what has me worried the most, and that’s what Bobby’s feeling,” Jenni said, and then after taking a big gulp of wine she said, “And if I’m being honest, there’s something else bothering me.”“What is it honey,” Linda asked.“The thing is, Bobby’s well-being is my first concern, but since I found out it was him in that booth, I’m having some feelings I don’t quite understand,” Jenni said.“What kind of feelings,” Linda asked.“I don’t know what you’ll think of me, but I’ve been playing what happened over and over in my mind, and knowing that the stranger I sucked and fucked through that hole was my own son… it’s really turning me on, especially since I’m sure I took his virginity,” Jenni replied. The truth was Jenni’s pussy wasn’t the only one quivering, because the whole situation had Linda’s honey pot on the boil too, but she wasn’t sure she should admit that yet, so she said, “The thing is you didn’t know Bobby was behind the wall at the time or you wouldn’t have done what you did, and I think every mother likes the idea of their son having a crush on them.”“But the problem is I’ve actually been thinking that even if I had known it was Bobby, I still may have done what I did, as long as I was sure he would have never known it was me… I mean in the car on the way here all I could think about was how amazing he felt in my hand, my mouth… my pussy, I just can’t get it out of my head,” Jenni said honestly.Now it was Linda who took a big gulp of her wine, and after they both finished she refilled them, sat back down and said, “Believe it or not, I know exactly what you’re feeling.”“You do… how,” Jenni asked, not knowing how her mother could possibly understand what she was feeling.“I do, and now if you promise not to judge me, I’m going to tell you something that I fully intended on taking to my grave,” Linda replied.“I could never judge you mom, especially after what happened tonight,” Jenni said with a nervous laugh.“Okay, here goes,” Linda said with a deep breath, then she said, “You remember how your brother was when I brought him home after he came out of his c***… I mean he was basically catatonic, the doctors said he had minimum measurable brain activity, no use of his legs, could move his arms a bit but couldn’t use his hands, and he always had that blank stare, the doctors were amazed that he was even able to suck through a straw, they figured it was just natural instinct.”“Oh mom, I know and I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to be more help with Robbie,” Jenni said as a tear came to her eye.Linda wiped away a tear of her own as she said, “Honey, you were pregnant with Bobby and had your own issues to deal with, I know you did everything you could do, but this isn’t about that, it’s about how you’re feeling towards Bobby,” Linda said.“Okay,” Jenni, more confused than ever now.“So about a week or two after Robbie was home, I walked into the living room where his hospital bed was and he was moving his arm and seeming to be a little agitated,” Linda said, then she added, “I sat on the edge of the bed and saw he was pawing his dead hand against his lap, so I pulled it away and when I checked his catheter, he had an erection.”“Wait, I thought he was paralyzed from the waist down,” Jenni said confused.“I did too, so I called the doctor and he basically said it was physiological, and to just ignore it,” and sure enough when I went back into the living room it was gone and Robbie still had the blank stare, so I figured the doctor was right,” Linda said.“I’m sorry mom, but I’m still not sure how that relates to me and Bobby,” Jenni said.“That’s because I’m not done yet,” Linda replied, and then she said, “The next day I was giving him a sponge bath, so I took off his gown and took out his catheter, and as I started washing his groin, boom… he got another erection.”“So he could feel what you were doing,” Jenni asked.“I guess, I mean the neurologist still felt it was just a physiological reaction, but when I started washing his erection he made a slight gurgling noise, so even though he still had the vacant stare on his face it seemed like he could feel what I was doing… and then I did something I had never thought about doing before that moment, I wrapped my hand around my own son’s erect penis.”“Then what happened,” Jenni asked as the buzzing in her groin started again. “At first I just held it, and it was the hardest cock I had ever held in my hand, it was around six or seven inches and as hard as an iron bar,” Linda said.“About the same size as Bobby’s,” Jenni said, sending another bolt of lightning to her mother’s pussy and her own. Then Linda said, “I could feel it twitching in my hand, and even though Robbie still had the blank stare I thought he might be feeling what I was doing, then without even thinking I started moving my hand up and down… and right away the head of his dick puffed up and turned dark purple, and after only ten or fifteen strokes his shaft started pulsing like mad and sperm started shooting everywhere, I mean I’ve never seen so much cum… it was like a fountain.”“So you gave Robbie a hand job,” Jenni asked, her own pussy a quivering mess again.“Yes, I gave my son a hand job,” Linda said and then she took another sip of wine.“But mom, you were only trying to give him some relief,” Jenni said.“That’s what I tried to tell myself at first, that I only wanted to give him some relief, but the problem was how aroused giving my own son a hand job had made me, I mean feeling his hard dick throbbing in my hand and seeing all his thick white cum shooting from the tip had my panties soaking wet, and two days later I gave him another hand job, and then another, and I was getting hornier each time,” Linda explained as her pussy trembled at the memory.“So what did you do then,” Jenni asked, her groin radiating its own heat.“Well somehow I fought off the urge to masturbate, falsely convinced that if I didn’t get myself off I wasn’t doing anything wrong, despite ending up with soaked panties every time I jerked him off, but after giving him three or four hand jobs it was taking him longer to cum, so one night I was stroking him and a drop of precum formed in the eyelet, and almost unc0nsciously I leaned over and scooped it up with my tongue… when I did I felt Robbie jerk slightly, so I leaned over and took him into my mouth,” Linda explained bluntly.The wine and the story sharing had both women on sexual overload and with all their inhibitions gone Jenni asked, “So did you just take him in your mouth or actually give him a blowjob?”“Oh honey, I was so turned on I gave him the best blowjob of my life,” Linda exclaimed, “I used my tongue to explore every bump and ridge on his cock while I sucked him, and at the same time I finally abandoned the ruse that I was only giving Robbie relief and slipped my hand into my sweat pants to finger myself… it didn’t take long for me to get to the edge and just then Robbie’s shaft started twitching between my lips, and my mouth was flooded with your brother’s cum, and I came as hard as I ever had in my life, and after he fell asleep I went to my room, pulled out my vibrator and gave myself two more orgasms… so much for it being all about Robbie.” Jenni squeezed her thigh together as tiny tremors quaked deep in her groin as she said, “So you knew what you were doing and you were still turned on by Robbie cumming in your mouth.”“Yes, and it was the best cum I’ve ever had in my mouth, it was fresh, not bitter, and it was so rich and creamy, not slimy,” Linda said, feeling herself getting wetter as she reflected.“Oh my God, Bobby’s was too,” Jenni said as she increased her own arousal by recalling the taste and texture of her son’s discharge as it filled her mouth, then she asked, “So did you give him any more blowjobs.”“Yes, it became a regular thing, and I stopped trying to deny my own arousal and masturbated every time I sucked him off, then one day it changed,” Linda said.“What do you mean it ‘changed,” Jenni asked.“One evening I was only wearing a robe, and I sat behind Robbie with his head resting on my chest and started stroking his cock prior to sucking him off, then my robe fell open and my nipples were like pencil erasers I was so turned on… I knew he could suck on a straw, so I adjusted my body and brushed one against his lips and he latched onto it,” Linda said.“So he was able to lick your nipples,” Jenni asked.“No he didn’t lick, sucking is a natural reaction, like with a baby, but it still felt amazing and I started fingering myself as he sucked my nipple, and then I made a decision, I laid him down on his back, took off my robe, straddled his hips took his virginity,” Linda said.“So you really do know how I feel mom… how long did it go on,” Jenni asked.“For the next six months I either fucked or sucked Robbie a couple of times a week, and I truly believe he felt it, but then sadly he developed the infection and had to go back into the hospital and, well, you know the rest,” Linda said as her eyes misted over again.Jenni took her mom’s hand and said, “I’m so sorry mom.”“I know you are honey, but my point is I know exactly what feelings you’re struggling with,” Linda replied, and then she said, “Hey, how about if I go up and see if Bobby will talk to me?”“Sure, maybe he will, and then you can tell me what he says,” Jenni said.“Okay, but stay down here for now, otherwise he might not want to talk,” Linda said.“Alright,” Jenni said, and then Linda headed upstairs.Linda was nervous as she climbed the staircase, as well as aroused from the stories that she and her daughter had both shared, and then she reached her grandson’s door and softly knocked on it.“Please mom, can we talk tomorrow,” Bobby said.“It’s grandma honey, your mom is downstairs, I told her I was coming up alone… can I come in,” she asked.Bobby didn’t reply, but Linda could hear footsteps and then the sound of her grandson unlocking the door. When she pushed it open Bobby was sitting back down on the foot of his bed, his head bowed and his eyes staring at the floor. Linda closed the door behind her and then sat next to the troubled teenager.At first neither said anything, and then Linda said, “So, kind of a weird night huh?”“I guess mom told you what happened,” he replied.“Everything,” Linda said, and then she added, “You know you shouldn’t be mad at her, she didn’t know it was you, and besides you’re the one that shouldn’t have been there.”“I know I shouldn’t have been there, and I’m not mad at her, just confused I guess,” he replied, still staring at the floor.“Then why won’t you talk to her,” Linda asked.“Because I don’t know what to say, and I’m afraid she’ll be mad at me because I was in a place like that, I mean I know she has the right to be there but I didn’t, ” Bobby said.“You’re right, you shouldn’t have been there, and it’s very mature of you to realize that she has the right to explore her sexuality as she chooses, but she’s not mad at you,” Linda explained, and then she asked, “Is there something else bothering you… you can tell me.”At first Bobby paused, and then he said, “I don’t know, I mean I guess it’s how I feel.”“What do you mean, neither one of you knew who was in the other booth, you both just wanted to experience something new… that’s all,” Linda said, trying to ease her grandson’s mind.“That’s the thing, I know it was an accident that we were there at the same time, but now I can’t stop thinking about how mom was the first girl, or woman I guess, that I’ve done things like that with, and it kind of, I don’t know, I guess it excites me,” Bobby explained.“So are you trying to say you liked that it was your mom who was your first,” Linda asked, trying to suppress a smile.“Yeah I guess, I just kind of wish I would have known it was her before it happened, as long as she didn’t know it was me… does that make sense,” Bobby asked.Now a smile did come to her face as Linda realized that her daughter and grandson had no idea they were feeling the same thing, and then she said, “Bobby, it’s not unusual for a boy to be attracted to his mother, especially when she’s as beautiful as your mom is, so don’t feel bad.”Just then there was a light tap on the door and Jenni asked, “Can I come in?”Linda looked at Bobby, and he just nodded his approval so she said, “Sure honey, c’mon in.”Jenni opened the door and quietly walked in. Bobby didn’t look up until she said, “Are you okay honey?”He finally raised his eyes and saw that she was still in the sexy black dress, then he said, “I’m okay mom, and I’m sorry I was at that place.”“Me too honey, if I wasn’t there none of this would have happened,” Jenni replied.Just then Linda said, “Okay, I think we’ve established that no one is mad, but I think you’re both having similar feelings in another way, so here’s what we should do… Bobby, you stay here with me tonight, we’ll hang out, maybe even go into the hot tub, and Jenni, you go home and get a good night’s sleep, and then tomorrow, you come back over, we’ll do a cookout and talk very openly about how everyone feels… I think it’s the only way you two can move forward.”Both Jenni and Bobby agreed, and then they hugged each other before the women headed downstairs. Once they were out of earshot, Jenni nervously asked, “So what did he say… why wouldn’t he talk to me, is he mad at me, does he think I’m a whore, does he hate me?”“Whoa, whoa… slow down,” Linda said, trying to calm her daughter, and then she said, “He’s not mad at you, but he is dealing with some confused feelings about what happened today.”“Confused like how,” Jenni asked, desperately looking for answers. “I think we should wait until tomorrow to get into details, but I will tell you that I think Bobby finds you very attractive and that confuses him, and I’m pretty sure he’s fantasized about you, but in his wildest fantasies I don’t think he ever thought you’d be the one to take his virginity,” Linda replied.“Well I’m pretty sure he’s fantasized about me based on what I found yesterday,” Jenni said.“What happened yesterday,” Linda asked.“When I got home from work Bobby and Jake were headed to Jake’s house, and when I went upstairs to change I saw Bobby’s bedspread was all rumpled so I went in to straighten it out, and when I reached under his pillow I found two pairs of my expensive panties under his pillow, and they had been used.”“Oh my God, you mean Bobby jerked off into them,” Linda asked.“Not just Bobby, but Jake too, both pairs were smeared with cum and it was still warm, so I think the boys had jerked off into them together right before I got home,” Jenni said.“Why those sneaky fuckers,” Linda said as the image of her grandson and his handsome friend jerking their cocks and spewing their loads into Jenni’s panties caused her pussy to flare yet again, and then she asked, “Did you say anything to him?”“No, because I was so turned on at the thought of them jerking off into my panties that I went to my room and masturbated, and then I accidentally left my vibrator on my nightstand and I’m sure Bobby saw it, plus I’m pretty sure he’s snooped through my drawers before, so I thought it was kind of hypocritical to confront him about masturbation when he knows I do it too,” Jenni answered honestly.“I swear this is the horniest fam1ly in the world,” Linda said, and then she asked, “So he has no idea that you know he used your panties?”“Oh he knows, I took them from under his pillow and I’m sure he looked for them, plus I left him a note that night about it,” Jenni said.“A note,” Linda said quizzically, “What did it say?”“Basically I told him that masturbation is a perfectly natural thing, that I did it too, and that we needed to respect each other’s personal space and property… then I said there was no need to pdiscuss it any further,” Jenni replied.“I think you handled it perfectly,” Linda replied, but in the meantime this new information she was given had her pussy throbbing with desire.The two women confirmed their plans for the next day and Jenni headed home… but for Linda the evening with her grandson was just beginning.FIN – Part 1Disclaimer: This copyrighted story, and is the physical and intellectual property of the author. It is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action. This is both a courtesy and a warning to those who would post any material to another website without the author’s permission, or claim it to be their own property.

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