Jungle Blackings….


Jungle Blackings….Only because you asked me about where my immigrant Negro lovers are from, then I will explain best I can xI will only see 1st generation African men, well if I don’t get too horny in the meantime, and then I am not so choosy!!! Ok, I admit to being picked up when out, but that is usually just for a quick fuck!Since my small, useless cocked hubby can’t keep my pussy happy, well what else can I do??? My current lover, huge dicked Jazz is from middle Africa and a tribal village. A few of the boys decided to escape the village and wanted to find white women to breed with. They had seen a few white girls in the village. The area was visited by white missionaries from the church, trying to correct the ways of the men…haha. I asked Jazz what that meant, he said mostly stopping the way they dressed and the free sex, between the men and women. They brought western clothes to cover up the normally displayed genitalia of the men and the younger girls.The men wore small leather thongs, only tied around the waist and designed to NOT hide their cocks and balls. The prowess of the male members was cock size and breeding power. The thongs were all very highly decorated with the blood from different a****ls and beads. The Sun is so hat there, that is all they need to wear, even when they are running in a hunt. The hanging cocks just get bigger and bigger as they swing freely. When the boys are men they adorn their dicks with rings and beads under the skin. The weights make the dicks longer and longer, the beads under the shaft skin make the girls orgasm better, which opens the cervix to take a good load on target! In the evening after a meal made by the women of the tribe, the men sit and drink a potent kind of drink, not unlike alcohol, but this heightens their libido a bit like Viagra! All the men then get very stiff and erect cocks, this again fills the erectile tissue and makes it grow huge. Some men because of the pressure in the balls shoot spunk in the air. It lands Jazz said in the dust and dries up. The men talk about what life could be like in the west and they all laugh, thinking that it is boring, except for white women! The missionaries are not about in the evening as they know it can be risky to them after dark in the bush! They discuss the missionaries and decide that they are interfering with the life in the village, but also agree about the benefits they bring, like much needed money. In this village there is one older male missionary, a white do Gooding guy, bald and small, Jazz said a tiny thin dick too. The rest were all young girls from the UK and USA. Oldest about 25 and to him all very pretty too. Some blondes, his favourite, some brunette, one with huge titties, but he said not so pretty! The girls would teach in the village school, only in the daytime, the man would spread the word of being decent! This meant showing the schoolboys how to wear trousers and shorts. The girls are shown knickers and tops. In the day they have to wear these while at school. Jazz hated this as they were too tight and he like the men enjoyed the freedom of the naked ways of the ethnic tribe. Nearly all the students after the school would strip the covering clothes and wear the thongs again. The girls too would wear the traditional garb. A belt with hanging drying a****l penises, dried out and coloured brightly, that would be all they wore, except for wide beaded collars. The phallus hangings for female fertility. Women of the tribe do not marry into society; bahis firmaları they all belong to the men, who take turns to load them. I asked Jazz, how does this happen? He said it is a random event, sometimes most nights, sometimes going into the daytime, this then pisses off the missionaries! Jazz loved the breeding sessions best of all. Once the girls are into the 1st period, they are prepared by the older women in the tribe. They are bathed and scented and oiled, the pussy hair is shaved and the labia painted red. A priest, usually an older wise elder finally does a dance, then the girls are head covered not to see him, he rubs hot oil into the clitoris. At 1st apart from the feeling of being rubbed by the priests shabby old finger, the girls feel normal. The effect of the oil takes about 1 hour, by that time the ceremony has started.The men have the wicked drink; they sit with enormous dicks, lifting high the thongs. There is an air of excitement, like dogs with bitches on heat! The drums start to beat and the night is very atmospheric around the big camp fire. In the centre of the village a wicker high fenced wall is built, it has 2 openings in it. The men gather drink and party, laughing and getting excited. The priest comes out of his hut, having finished his preparation of the girls. He does a dance to the gods and the drums beat to time. One of the girls is lead to the stockade, by this time her clitoris glowing and making her horny, in need of attention. The oldest girls come 1st. A bed of a****l furs is set onto a make shift bed inside the room. The men know to line up, according to the gambling done before the amazing party. Jazz said it was best to win the 1st place, although some wanted to lose and be last. Risk was no one knows when last would be? I asked him what do you mean. He explained how the session took place. Once the girl was in the room, the drums beat to a slow time and the 1st stud went in to see her. She would welcome her lover, his cock already rock hard with the excitement of the d**g and tight cunt ready for him. Mostly the men used the girl in the doggy position, like an a****l. Jazz had the girl ride him hands on her big black ass, slapping her. The man gets 2 minutes with the girl, then the drums fall quiet, his que to get out, even if he has not cum in her pussy. So it goes on the men each having 2 minutes until one fire his full load all the way up her. Then she is taken out and the next girl takes her place. There always enough men to keep it going. About 100 men and some visitors from the next village, this to spread new blood.All sorts of things happen in the room. If the girl wants the man and he is making her cum, she will ride him hard for 2 mins, rarely then does the man survive without firing his spunk into her. Sometimes the girl, enjoying the session will slacken her cunt off a shaft and then time up she gets another stiff dick in her. Girls also refuse to leave with only one cunt filling, if the man is ugly or too old she will wait and let another younger man have her filled! This is not supposed to happen, but when the men leave they don’t care about her. It has been known for anal lovers to use the girls ass hole, this is allowed. Jazz says the ugly or lazy girls get it in the ass hole! The girls have to prove insemination to the gathered men and other women. They sit legs open on a carved out log and allow the thick spunk to flow freely from the swollen cunts. Then come the youngest girls and virgins. kaçak iddaa The reason they are last is the men having been fucking all night need a tight cunt to cum the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. Jazz loved this time, opening a new cunt with his 13” wopper, not unusual in the village, due to cock stretching etc . Some lads 16”. Some older ones like baseball bats with studs in. The girls would scream out late into the evening as the big shafts opened them up. By now the fucking order changed and some lads of outstanding massive size getting together, especially if they saw a pretty slim Negress enter the room. He said they paid each other to decide who spunked into her, the others going 1st and the new father of her k** to come filling her womb. The girl would limp out of the room, sometimes being helped to the wooden bench, her cunt well and truly opened.Jazz said he could spunk about 5 times with a full load in the evening, spunking to order and pleasure. Mostly the black girls rode him, he lifting them up and down with their willing big firm asses, sucking their tits. Once all the girls were loaded the official ceremony would be over. Then the officials and elders would choose a girl they fancied and take her for their own for the evening, fancying his own chance to breed her, even though she is already loaded by a stranger. Again the ugly girls take anal all the night, usually they are the only ones to know the father of the swelling! This is a regular event and there are always girls to fill, many are walking about pregnant, bellies over swollen, massively as Nigga spunk is so virile. The girls are small, with huge melon sized tits, full of milk, nipples so suckable , asses huge, cunts usually gapping wide, showing the inner labia and tunnel . The older ones being constantly battered by the big over-sized dicks! The girls are fair game to any village man, once they are banged up. This is a chance for the young lads to practice for the fertility nights, or until they are old enough to be invited. Some lads can’t wait for cunt and they just take a woman at her work. Jazz said you can see lads and men riding a pregnant women, stuck up her from behind , holding her fat ass and fucking for all he is worth, her cunt sucking his shaft eagerly, then both cuming and groaning, his cock pumping into her, she waiting until he is done. It can be that if she is heavily pregnant and can’t get up so fast, then other men will get excited, always if they have been d**gged with the Viagra d**g. As she tries to get to her feet, her heavy belly hanging below her, slowing her another randy man will be on top of her, stuck up her to the hilt, riding his mates slop[y mess, then shouting out as he fills her with his filth. As she is hammered, she gets more and more tired, so the rest of the men get the pussy they need for their d**gged relief.The missionaries of course wanted to end this practice! Why Jazz did not know as it spread the seed about. The white missionary girls were sent to speak to the girls and their elder women. They saw the whole procedure, preparation and sex acts. Mostly Jazz said they were shocked then intrigued and excited, when they saw these huge pokers in action. One girl from the USA, Marion wanted to see for herself what would happen for real. She did not speak of this to her other girls and spoke to an elder woman, The elder said it was fine as any woman could join in, except it would be obvious she was white and the men would be crazy for her! So they kaçak bahis coloured her and used a virgin’s veil. Haha he thought, she was not a virgin as she had a white b/f. Marion though joined the circus of virgins and waited her turn.The drum fell silent, her clit swollen and burned with desire for a cock. She slowly and nervously walked across the hot dessert sands to the wicker room. The bed was empty, but spunk drenched. She decided to lay on her back, very USA Jazz laughed. She lay in the spilled seed from many spurting cocks, her back now sticking and cum scented. The 1st Nigga appeared and grinning with his huge bent shaft in his hand, like an offering, he plunged it into her, anxious to breed her and have his pleasure, then leave. He legs were up over his wide shoulders and he worked up to her womb, banging it like she never knew possible. He lifted her veil and saw she was a white missionary, after this he went berserk! Fucking and fucking hard over his allowed 2 mins. The wham, one huge groan and she somewhere up in the air with orgasms kicking her cunt, her clit the size of her thumb rubbing his shaft, he shot a very hot stinging load in the hot room. No sooner was he gone and as she had not been able to get up with the impact of the fucking the next walked in on her.He turned her over, the spunk on her back had wiped away her paint and he saw her white ass up in the air. Yeah he thought, luxury, like a capitol city prostitute. He thundered his long black weapon up her spunky cunt. No messing about he was whacking into her belly with his bell end, her belly distended as he did, shocking her with each blow. She said she tried to push his bell end back, but her hand could not! He chose his moment, her at full stretch; belly shoved out and shot his slimy ethnic spunk into her. He will have done more than normal, happy in white! She now stumbled to leave, falling into the dry dirt, her legs gone! The 3rd man a younger one. His cock well pulled out with weights and made to bend upwards like a banana, he had 2 bands about his ball sack? She did not know what this meant (he made 2 boys). He took her and again saw she was white wanted to see her white ass bounce on him. He stuck her reverse cowgirl onto him and gripping her ass watched in wonder as his ebony veined shaft vanish into her well fucked and blackened cunt. She rode him his helmet in the same place as his mate a few minutes before. Her cunt ached, her belly puffed out and her cervix broke with a snap! She jumped and sank all the way onto the 16 incher, thrashing about, kicking and yelling as the crowd ignored her cries. She was saved only when the 2 mins came up. But he had spunked his big load down that 16 incher by then. The seed gathering speed as it shot down the cannon’s spunk tube from those huge balls. It pumped fast as it could to fill her virgin womb. She knew no birth pill could help her with this kind of egg splattering! Her fallopians filling to the top with his greasy yellow baby batter, then the womb being pumped into. He pulled his fat dick out and her young cervix snapped shut, trapping his huge headed powerful sperm in her. The sperm already drilling into her eggs, chewing and spitting, the Nigga sperm tails whipping hard, whilst the Negro sperm teeth bit and spat her white egg lining. Once in there dividing fast knocking her up and enjoying the belly of this white whore, home for the next 9 months, well until she had to return to her b/f in the USA!She crawled out and was ignored, had to sit with the other fertilised girls and show her cunt dripping, any girl not sent back in. Yes she was allowed to leave, the deed done! She went to her tent her cunt very wide open! Yes she knew now of the village cultures!

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