The window cleaners take Dee by surprise


The window cleaners take Dee by surpriseDee and I had taken a day off work. We fancied a day in bed together. I had suggested a bit of bondage and Dee was very keen on the idea.I could hardly sleep the night before, it was very hot, so with the window wide open and traffic rushing by was also quite noisy, but eventually slept and awoke early. I crept downstairs and opened a bottle of bubbly, poured two glasses and went back upstairs. I woke Dee with her surprise and we toasted the morning ahead. Dee then went off for a shower. I quickly jumped out of bed and set the cameras up, one hidden in the wardrobe and the other set o the chest of drawers filming everything innocently. Dee returned soon after, dressed in her little satin gown and her stocking were clearly visible underneath, she swished off her gown to reveal her red latex basque with black stockings and her nipples poking out the top of the half cup top.She pulled the quilt cover up and told me to get to it and shower. But I told her that before I did I needed her to be securely fastened to the bed. She obediently complied and climbed onto the bed, stretching her arms out to be tied. Once I had fastened her arms, I put a couple of pillows under her bum and tied her ankles to each corner of the bed, then to finish off, placed sound proof muffs over her ears and held them in place with her red silk blind fold. Then I disappeared for a shower leaving her to wait for my return.That’s when the dynamics all changed. I had showered and dried off, sprayed myself with the cologne she likes best, wrapped a towel around my waist and then the doorbell rang. Bugger!I ran downstairs and opened the door, kütahya escort hoping that it was the post or a delivery. It was the window cleaners. “Just come to clean your windows mate, won’t be long.” And with that he went off for his ladders.The idea of them seeing Dee tied to the bed was a real turn on, so I rushed upstairs and opened the curtains. Dee was laying on the bed, her pussy in the air facing the window, they were in for a real treat. I went back into the landing leaving the door ajar so I had a clear view of the window and Dee. The ladder clanked against the window frame and the cleaners head appeared at the foot of the window. He looked in and then ducked down quickly. His head then came into view slowly, peering in and staring at the prone Dee. At this time I will mention that he was a young lad 18 to 22 and fit. “Psst.” He signalled to his mate and indicated for his mate to come up his ladder. Another clunk and a second head appeared, another young fit guy. They looked at each other smiling and returned their gaze to Dee. Now it was my turn to move. I quickly opened the door and their heads ducked down just a little too slowly. I walked to the window and looked down on them and whispered.“It’s ok she has ear muffs on, creep in quietly and fuck her in turn. But you’re gonna have to strip off.” They didn’t waste any time and quickly jumped in through the window. They took their shoes off first and then their tee shirts, jeans and pants. Well one of them, the other was commando.I went down on Dee as they undressed, slurping my tongue all over her pussy and down the crack of her ass. She squealed and asked me not escort kütahya to stop. But I slipped off the bed allowing the lads access.The first one indicated the other to go first. He climbed on the end of the bed, his cock straining and fortunately about the same size as me. He aimed it at Dee’s pussy and then slipped in.“Oh Ben fuck me please!” And unbeknown to Dee the lad penetrated her and started to fuck her hard. The other lad and I looked on, our cocks in hand and we wanked as we watched. Then I picked up another camera and started taking stills of the action. He was soon coming in her pussy and thrust a couple more times before pulling out and slipping off the bed. “Mmm that was good Ben but I want more, perhaps the rabbit?”Then the other lad took his place, he had a bigger cock, but Dee was also loosened up. This lad then rubbed his cock up and down her crack, teasing her and prodding at her rosebud. “No, not there Ben, not yet. I want to come first.” He looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows, a bit disappointed, but then turned back and slipped his cock in her pussy.“Oh god Ben what have you done, you feel bigger. Have you taken something?”He then started fucking her earnestly. He was determined to last a whileand rode her long and hard. Dee was delirious. “Oh fuck Ben this is soo good, oh my god I’m gonna cum. Oh yes, arggghh”Dee’s body lifted from the bed and the lad clung on, then when she settled down he thrust one more time and came violently.He pulled out and both their cum dribble profusely from her pussy. Some great photos ensued. I put the camera down and the lads just stood starring. I undid her kütahya escort bayan arms and ankles, lifted an ear muff from her ear and told her I was going to turn her over. Soon she was on her tummy and another pillow under her pussy. Her ass was now fully exposed and I indicated to the lads to in turn spread her ass cheeks and tongue her ass. They did as I said and then stood back to watch. Then it was my turn to climb onto the bed. Kneeling between her spread legs I positioned my now desperate cock at her puckering ass. My cock at her entrance and I gently pushed. With all the lube she had I slipped in easily and soon my cock was deep in her ass. I fucked her slowly, but my cock was tingling with excitement and I knew I wouldn’t last long. “Oh Ben that feels sooo good again.” And with that I lost all control. My come spewed from my cock, filling her ass and oozing out around it. I was above Dee for a few moments looking down at my cock buried in her ass, before I slowly pulled myself free. Her ass remained open for a few moments and my cum dribbled out across her reddened skin an down over her pussy. A few more photos a pose with the two lads kneel either side of the bed with their heads close to her ass cheeks and then I asked them to leave. They dressed, indicated that they would be back later to DO the windows and left back through the window. I undid Dee’s ties, pulled the quilt back over and climbed back into bed next to her. She put her arms around me, kissed me and then asked.“That was the best ever. How did you manage it, I’ve never known you to come three times so quickly.”“I’ll show you later, I did a video of it all. But I don’t think you’ll be able to ever look the window cleaners in the eye again.” “Oh shit of course, I forgot to tell you, today’s the day the window cleaners are coming!”“They did.” I smiled.Of course we saw the videos later and the stills. But that is another story.

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