It`s a Cold day a guy Tells me he wears Tights/Pan


It`s a Cold day a guy Tells me he wears Tights/PanAnother bitterly cold work morning, it was freezing walking to work, but at least I was moving, but when I got to the bus stop, and stood still bbbrrrrrgggghhhh!, I was chilled to the bone, andas I  looked  around so was everyone else…everyone else except one guy, it didn`t seem to bother him one bit. So i had to ask him why he didnt feel the cold , so i politely asked ” hello mate, it’s bloody freezing but you don’t seem to being feeling it as bad as us…”WHATS YOUR SECRET” ! What came out of his mouth i just didn’t expect to heart he just said “TIGHTS,… OPAQUE TIGHTS! …i coughed and then exclaimed “WHAT LADIE’S OPAQUE TIGHTS” , yes he said borrow a pair of your girlfriends and wear them under your suit trousers, they’ll keep your legs lovely and toastie We`ll for one I haven`t got a girlfriend, it had been a while, and the last one wore trousers all the time something I hate in a womanFor a second i thought he was going to say “only joking” but no! he insisted, and told me to maybe try, he told me that his wife bought them from asda a 3 pair pack for £3.99 200 denier, i asked what the 200 denier meant and he told me thats the thickness of the tights, the thicker the tights the warmer they are.He then pulled up the hem of his trousers to show he had indeed got tights on under his suit trousers, i really liked the idea of wearing them under my suit trousers but would be worried i’d get caught, he was also being very daring not wearing socks as well, which close up would have clearly shown he had tights on, where the nylon was stretched over the flesh, I found this quite arousing seeing his flesh through the nylon.Anyway after our short conversation his bus came along, sadly not the same one i wanted as i was enjoying our chat about tights, at that moment i then decided that after work i wanted to buy some tights to wear to work the next day.All day i thought of how i could purchase my tights, i had a plan and decided that i would use the express tills make a list as if a wife  had sent me shopping, get a basket grab a few items some milk and bread then as quickly as possible head to the undies aisle look for the tights the guy told me to buy, pick out the tights,head towards the tills pay and be on my way, simple.And thats exactly what i did it was planned to precision i entered the store got a basket, i had my list in my hand, picked up a few groceries then headed towards the hosiery in the undies section, to my horror there was a lady in her late 40s in very smart office attire looking through the tights and as she had a pair of very sheer tights on i found it fascinating watching her choose her hosiery, knowing that her choice would probably be on her legs tomorrow morning for all to admire, I must admit I started to become hard just looking at her choose and looking at her nylon clad legs..She saw me looking at my list and smiled before illegal bahis asking what i was looking for?, i stuttered opaque tights and showed her the list, “ah! a good choice nice and warm and those fit well, they’re over here and she moved to a rail and pulled them off the hook and handed them to me, err! thanks i said as she handed me my nylon treasure, but she held onto the tights and at that very moment my cock started to twitch in my pants, she then added “your lucky x-large your lady must have very long legs”…”OR, ARE THEY FOR YOU” she then burst out laughing, i laughed with her, and she gently removed her hand letting me drop the 3 pair pack of nylon onto my basket.The journey home was more exciting than usual and i couldn’t get home quick enough, and as soon as i got home i stripped my shoes socks and trousers off, i live alone so there was no worry about being disturbed as i started to undo the tights packet pulling the 3 pairs out and putting 2 aside.I felt a rush of naughtiness and excitement as i held out the tights in front of me, on the few occasions i’d been out with a lady i’d always loved rubbing her legs if they were clad in nylon and i wondered if this was a way of me getting in touch with my feminine side also ” wasn’t it a bit gay” putting on womens clothes .And then i thought do you know what, i don’t care, i sat down and stretched the tights out, like I`d seen girlfriends do  i thought they looked a bit small for me, then i took the foot of one leg and rolled it up then placed it over my toes feeling the coolness of the nylon on my toes, and stretched it to my ankles then i carefully repeated with the other foot then rolled them up to my ankles.I then stood up and pulled them up over my ankles,past my knees and up to my thighs smoothing them as i went, i could now see that the guy at the bus stop was right and they were a perfect fit, i was enjoying the experience so much so i went for it and pulled the tights up to my waist and let the waistband snap into place, immediately the feel of my cock and balls being encased in nylon was very arousing, a bit more smoothing and an adjustment of the main backside seam and i walked to the mirror to take a look.All joking aside i thought i looked pretty good, at 5ft 11in i have long slender legs and although the tights were opaque luckily covering my hairy legs which to be honest i thought would look a bit daft in tights, the tights felt good and i watched in the mirror as the nylon moved and caressed my private parts as i moved and the inevitable happened and i started to get an erection.I started to rub my cock through the tights and found i was really getting hard and horny so i lay down on the bed and slowly and gently glided my hand back and forth over the crotch area this was pulling my foreskin back and forth and my bare cock head was extra sensitive to the nylon and i knew that my orgasm was on its way, i carried on illegal bahis siteleri rubbing my cock and balls through the tights and then by accident i caressed one foot with another this felt so soft and silky and i loved the sound of the nylon rubbing together so i carried on doing this rubbing my feet together and rubbing my cock and then with little warning the cum erupted from my balls and i started to buck back and forth as my cum shot out inside my tights making a beautiful white sticky mess inside my black opaque nylons.I lay there afterwards panting and exhausted in my tights enjoying the feel of the tights and of the gooey mess id created in them so i pulled the duvet up over me, i must have drifted off for a while all relaxed and content, when i woke up my cum had dried or had spread onto the sheets and my legs were a bit hot sweaty so i took the tights off and showered but i knew what id be wearing to work the next day.I spent the evening thinking of how horny it will feel walking around the office with tights probably with some of the ladies having exactly the same ones on and couldn’t wait for the next day, i resisted putting on another pair to sleep in as i knew i wouldn’t sleep much but knew i would sleep in sheerer tights in the future as it was so relaxing and comforting.Next morning i showered then slipped on my winter tights for extra warmth …YEAH! RIGHT! …who am i k**ding it was the thrill of wearing sexy nylon tights next to my skin,although the warmth will be nice as well, i then put my suit trousers over the nylon feeling the silky cool glide as it moved against my trousers, i didn’t bother with socks as the tights would just pass as black cotton socks, unless I was strip searched.I then put my suit jacket on, tie and my overcoat and shoes and headed off to work, again as i walked to the bus stop the feel of the nylon caressing my legs cock and balls was arousing, the nylon moved with me like a second skin and the blood pumped to my cock, giving me a lovely big erection.I then saw the bus stop and my fellow tights wearing friend was there waiting for his bus there was only me, him’ and some old lady who had her back turned to us and was looking at her phone, i started the conversation with a ” morning” and then felling brave i said to him ” not so cold this morning” he immediately smiled and stepped closer ” so you bought some tights”, “yes i did I`m  lovely warm and toasty this morning”.He asked how did they feel when i first put them on and did i get aroused?, i told him “fantastic and yes”, then he asked did i do something about it with my tights on, again i replied “yes”, again he smiled and then he told me to watch out for accidental err! Pop ups during the day as the nylon rubs your cock and i laughed and said “i’ve had one already” he then asked “are you hard now”,with a big grin on his face, i stammered a “sort of” and then his grin turned to a sort canlı bahis siteleri of determined and disturbing aroused look, he then reahed his hand under my overcoat to my crotch area and gave my cock and balls a squeeze,… ” YES YOU ARE BIG BOY!”.WHAT THE F**K!, i moved back a little but i was pinned against the bus shelter, so he still had my cock in his hands, my cock that was a semi, was now in steely hard mode from his touch,but i amazed myself by giving very little resistance, he was a big guy anyway so i just gave in to him.THIS IS WHEN I THOUGHT…WHAT AM I DOING I’M NOT GAY, I’VE NEVER EVEN BEEN BI-CURIOUS, BUT SOMEHOW A GUY HAS MY COCK IN HIS HAND WHILE I’M WEARING TIGHTS! He then put his finger to my lips and told me to be quiet and facing me so no one could see he unzipped my suit trousers and placed his hand nylon clad cock, he then started to slowly rub back and forth along my shaft, all the time keeping watch.The forceful feel of his big manly hand moving the nylon back and forth was fantastic he’d then stop and caress my balls through my tights making sure i was going to produce a big load, everytime he went back to rubbing my cock it was orgasmic and i knew that i weren’t going to last long, as soon as my cockhead was exposed to the nylon it tickled it and made me moan in ecstacy, but i had to be quiet so bit my lip, i was going to cum hard and just let him do his thing even though really he was sexually assaulting me.He whispered to me that he wanted me to cum into my black tights, this comment made me moan a little too loud through my gritted teeth and the old girl glanced over but luckily couldn’t really make out what was happening.And then he increased the speed of the nylon rub and i started to lose control almost shaking, i was ready to orgasm then in total lust i bit my lip and i let loose and shot a big fat cum load into my tights, shuddering as i came, i finally managed to compose myself and he slowed his actions and lightly stroked and rub my cum into the nylon he kept rubbing until my tights were soaked with my cum.He held his hand on my cock for a minute and felt my throbbing cock subside then withdraw his hand and i didn’t expect this, he lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his jizz coverered hand ” mmm! Tasty thank you” he told me, “shame to waste it”.I was gobsmacked, I didn’t know whether to smack him on the nose or thank him after all in reality i’d just been assaulted, but i didn’t get the chance, out of nowhere came his bus and before i knew it he was ready to get on board, he then turned to me and told me “same time tomorrow and we’ll discuss going a little bit further, you owe me I`ve saved you being horny all day at work” and oh! By the way “I’M GAY”,….and then he boarded his bus and left me in a spunky mess…the thing is i’ve never thought about sex with a man, i don’t fancy men, never even looked at a guy, he was a good looking guy, but something in the back of my mind was wondering what his naked body and especially his cock looked like and then i knew one thing was certain after today’s experience i was definetly going to be there in the morning waiting for him…TO BE CONTINUED.

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