How it started and what I desire…

Big Dicks

How it started and what I desire…I remember the very first time I took a dick, well it was really three dicks over a period of four or five hours one right after another. I was a true virgin, having never been with a girl and not even knowing that two guys could have sex! The very first dick that entered my virgin butt was Bruce. His dick was normal size I guess. Bruce was about seven to eight inches long and may be an inch and a half in thickness.He rode me till he shot a load of baby batter into my anus it was the very first time a guy came inside of me. Thankfully he did because his cousin Charlie was much larger and longer, Charlie’s dick was between seven to nine inches long and two to two and a half inches thick. You see the three of them had been to Juvenal Detention and had mastered their **** tactics. Where in Bruce dick head was about illegal bahis the size of a walnut Charlie was the size of a peach pit about two inches in length with a very pronounced penile ridge. Charlie’s penile ridge acted like an anchor to keep his dick from sliding out of my anus once my anal sphincter muscle tube had closed snugly a round it.Daniel, the third of the three has and enormously huge male member, it is close to twelve inches or more with a very huge dick head. Daniel’s dick head is the size of a plum about the same color also. It’s a dark red purplish tone with a very prominent piss slit and two huge balls that looks like sacks. Daniel’s dick shaft has to be between two and a half to four inches thick. Looking back I am glad that Bruce and Charlie took me first with each filling my rectum with their seed just so I could illegal bahis siteleri take Daniel. If they had not Daniel would have ripped my anus apart but with Bruce and Charlie going first stretching my anal sphincter tube I would not have been able to survive taking Daniel’s massive mammoth size dick. When Daniel entered it changed my life considerable, before I had no desire for dick and was angry that Bruce and Charlie had took me against my will. (I would not have consented anyway.)But after they had taken me twice and when Daniel entered the second time my mind did a flip and I was hooked even tho I did not admit it! I found myself being taken by the three of them or their friends when ever they wanted and now I believe that secretly I wanted them to use me. All thru High School the three of them assaulted me sexually and aggressively. canlı bahis siteleri After that when I went off to college I often found myself seeking out strangers to surrender my body to and succumb to my fate of being a dick lover.Even today I sneak off to find anonymous male sex partners, some time I seek monetary compensation but often I give it up for free and enjoy being filled with the seeds of many baby making seeds. I enjoy having numerous sex partners at one session I want to find may be twenty or thirty guys that wanna have sex with me being the bottom allowing them to fuck me and cum as often as they please till all are satisfied or I pass out which ever comes first!If they are gentile and patient I may be able to service that many and enjoy each and every one no matter what the size is. If I do I will try and get it on video so that I can post it, if there are any one near the Stone Mountain area of DeKalb county Georgia that is willing HMU here and let me know. I do believe that we can get something going. No it’s no love in it just lust and sexual gratification!

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