Hooking up with the girl from the earlier stories


Hooking up with the girl from the earlier storiesThere was about three months since I last saw her before I heard from her again, one day when I was checking the mail I found a letter with her as a return address, I immediately went inside and opened it and it was a letter from her telling me she had stopped in a couple times but I wasn’t home, I was working afternoon shift at a job I’d been laid off of about a month or two before we blast hooked up, she told me she was interesting in having a good time again with me for a few days and gave me a phone number to call!I called the number the next day and she was the one that answered. She told me she was doing good and was glad to hear from me and I told her I was glad to hear from her also as I’ve been thinking about her. It had just been income tax time and she said she had gotten a good return, I gotten the decent one too, and she wanted to rent a hotel room for a few days about 45 minutes from where I live! She told me she had scope it out and thought we could have a lot of fun! I told her I just gotten vacation time from work after getting called back from being laid off and maybe we can work around that! We agreed on a date and time and that we get back with each other in about a week!A few days later I called her and told her alsancak escort I gotten the week off of work around the time frame we had talked about and she told me she had rented the hotel room for Tuesday through Sunday of that week and that she had a plan for us to have a lot of fun during that time! She told me she had gotten her driver’s license and we set up a time for her to pick me up on that Tuesday!Finally that Tuesday came around and I was all ready to have some fun, she knocked on the door right around what time she said she’d be there, I open the door and we immediately embraced with a passionate kiss! We went and sat on the couch kissing and holding each other with her telling me she was so happy to see me! She told me she wanted to help me pack a small bag of clothes since we’ll be gone all that time! And we went into the bedroom pack a bag of clothes, a couple of button up shirts, that pair of gym shorts and a pair of sweatpants, I was already wearing a pair a blue jeans and a shirt! She suggested that we should get going but she said first things first, she stood me up against the wall and got down on her knees unzipping my pants and pulling them down just enough and she blew me real good which didn’t take long for me to cum!We went and escort alsancak got in the car and started heading up the road all the while her telling me what she had planned for us, but first she told me to fire up the joint she had in the ashtray, after smoking a joint she started telling me all about it, she said she had a bunch of weed at the hotel for us and she already had a lot of beer stocked up there in a mini fridge that comes with a hotel room. Her uncle owns the hotel and it is in a good spot for us with lots of stuff for us to do!We got to the hotel and went up to the hotel room, which was on the third floor with a small balcony, we went out in the balcony and she pointed out everything that was around, there was a porn / sex shop across the road, a couple of bars one of them being a strip club, a couple of fast food joints and a couple of pizza shop/ sandwich shops that delivered!She asked me if I wanted to go to the bar for a little while and I said sure why not, she said they had some pretty good food and we could get some dinner! We went to the bar had a few beers had some good food and hung out for probably a couple of hours!We went back to the hotel room and she showed me the bag for joints she had which to my estimate what about 15 alsancak escort bayan to 20 or so and she fired one up while she took off her shirt and bra! We both had a decent buzz from the beer but she went ahead and grabbed another one she then sat on my lap facing me on the edge of the loveseat pulling my face to her tits and I kissed all over her chest and took turns sucking on her tits, she got off of me and went to grab another beer but not before taking off the rest of her clothes, she saw me starting to take off mine and told me to leave my pants on! She climb back up on lot on my lap and planted her lips on mine shoving her tongue in my mouth as far as she could before making her way down to the floor and unzipping my pants and pulling them off she then suck on my dick just for a little bit before climbing on top of me and riding me on the edge of the couch while drinking her beer! As soon as she finished her beer she got off of me and we went over to the bed and I laid her down on the bed and got on top of her and fucked her really good cumming inside her, after we got done fucking she said she can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have for the next few days and that I was going to love it but it was starting to get late so we both suggested that we should get some sleep and we’ll pick back up tomorrow morning! She told me I can fuck her in the night while she slept if I wanted but it was up to me, we lay there cuddling on each other before we both eventually fall asleep!Okay this is part 1 part two and a few other parts will be coming up soon everyone!

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