Halloween party V


Halloween party V
I slid out from under Mark. Going to the bathroom my legs felt like jelly, and my butt felt funny. When I touched it, it hurt. I cleaned myself up and put my girl clothes on. I looked in the mirror. I liked who was looking back at me.
Finding my way to the ballroom where the party was, they were putting things away. Mad at myself for missing it, I called Mary for a ride home.
Going in Ann asked how it went. I said I was picked up. Pulling me into her room, Ann shut and locked her door. She said tell me everything. By the time I was finished telling her, Ann was naked on the bed pulling her tits and ramming her fingers in her pussy.
I went to my room and undressed. Taking my shower I relived what happened. I thought about Marks huge dick in bahis firmaları me. I pushed a finger in my butt while I jerked off. I had three fingers in me before I could cum.
A couple of days later I went over to Megans. I asked if she could let me keep her bra. She asked why. She rubbed her pussy through her pants as I told her what he did to me. She said go ahead and take it.
I blushed and took a deep breath. Embarrassed I asked if she could teach me to put on makeup. She turned beet red when I told her what I wanted to do. She agreed with the understanding that I was to tell her everything that happened each time. I agreed.
The next Saturday I told my mom I was going to stay at a friends house, and carried my bag of lingerie and dress. I went to Megans tipobet and she helped me.
Taking a cab to the hotel I went to the bar hopping to find Mark. Just my luck, he wasn’t there. It wasn’t long before someone sat beside me. He freaked out when he discovered what I was. Tossing me into the hall I was putting my dress on when a woman came out of the elevator. Shocked, she said what happened honey. I was so embarrassed. She helped me put my dress on, then said let’s go to my room.
I sat nervously in a chair while she made a couple of drinks. She said I’m Roxi. She asked what happened. I almost cried as I told her how I came here on Halloween and met up with Mark. She seemed genuinely concerned about me. I felt dizzy from the drinks. Roxi said tipobet giriş why don’t you go take a warm bath. It’ll make you feel better. Head spinning I said OK. I laid the dress and bra on the counter and was taking my panties off when the door opened. I turned to say something, when Roxi stopped and looked me over. Well, she said. You’re not exactly what you make yourself out to be. I said, I’m sorry. It all started out as a joke and I. She came over and finished taking my panties down. Running a finger nail up the bottom side of my dick, she interrupted me. Aren’t you just a sexy little thing. I couldn’t think anymore. Roxi turned the water off. She held my hand and put her other hand on my butt as she guided me into the tub. She pulled her sweater over her head. Her tits were tanned and the size of a melon. I wasn’t sure what was going on. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. Kneeling down beside the tub she said just relax sweetie. Us girls have to take care of each other.

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