Wife & Mother-in-law


Wife & Mother-in-lawMy wife, Valerie, is a well educated woman who is 49 years old. She is known by many in our small community and respected by all. She sings in the church choir and volunteers for many community events. Val likes to say that she is “respectable”. I have tried to get her to surf the net and look at porn but she has no interest. Our sex life is OK but nothing out of the ordinary.While she is almost 50, she has kept herself in good shape. She is 5’2″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. Val wears a 34D bra and is still very firm after all these years. I think her tits are her best asset.You may remember how she got drunk on our last vacation and ended up being the toy for two black men in the hotel hot tub late at night. She never admitted any of that to me and never discussed it. As far as she was concerned, it never happened. End of discussion although I have found some interracial sites on the internet history that I haven’t gone to.Val and I were planning a little vacation. It was going to be a chance for a quiet get away for the two of us. I was also planning on bringing along some booze to see if I could get her to have some fun and maybe repeat her black cock experience. I was going to be prepared. I had my camera and I bought a 12 inch black dildo that I was in hopes of using on her when she was drunk. I packed some non alcoholic drinks that I usually mix and Val loves. I also packed a lot of vodka to spice things up. We were about ready to leave when Val got a call from her mom, Lori. She was lonely and wanted some company. Val invited her along. Great, there goes the weekend. Lori is straighter than straight. Where she has a huge set of tits she also weighs 300 pounds. I had wanted to have sex with my mother-in-law but knew seeing her in a slip was as hot as it would ever be.We took off, the three of us for our fun weekend. At a rest stop Val said she was thirsty and wanted me to mix up my “special” drinks. It was easier to mix the whole batch then a drink so everything got mixed in. I was so busy looking to see if either of them were watching I used all the vodka. I had extra vodka so I just dumped it all in. Val and Lori both drank up. I knew this was the second time drinking alcohol for Val and probably the first for Lori. When we got to the hotel, we found that they were booked and there wasn’t a room for Lori. You guessed it, she took the other bed in our room. It was a bit of a problem getting them up to the room since both were a bit loud and unsteady. We unpacked and both of them were tired from the ride. I told them I was going to check out the area and would come back after their nap and we could have supper.I lost track of time and even got lost once. I finally made it back to the hotel after three hours. It was past supper time and I knew I would catch shit for being late. As I slid the card in the door, I braced myself for the verbal abuse that was about to come. Nobody said anything. I walked in the door and closed it and still nothing. Maybe they went to eat without me. Then I went in farther and froze in place. My “respectable” wife was lying on her back on the bed. She was nude and had her legs spread wide open with her eyes closed. Lori, her mother, was next to her with just her big white bra on. In her hands was the 12 inch black dildo I had bought to surprise Val with. Lori was shoving it into Val and telling her to take it you black cock slut like you did in the hot tub.” Obviously she had told her mom more details than she admitted to me.On the table next to the bed was the empty drink containers. I had mixed enough to last the weekend. They illegal bahis siteleri had finished it all and were drunk beyond belief. Here were the two people I know to be the most straight laced, proper ladies around acting like common sluts. My cock was rock hard and I took it out. Lori looked down to the foot of the bed and said in a slured voice “That’s what I need. Get that cock here. Haven’t fucked since Dad. Hope husband is a better lay than he was!” Val opened her eyes and I stood still not knowing what was going to happen. Our eyes met and then Val lowered her gaze and looked and my cock sticking out of my pants. She licked her lips and said “Fuck her. Fuck the bitch good! Like a whore.”I had two ways to go. Either go with it or try to hold my dignity. Hell, you only live once. I took off my clothes and got my camera. I climbed on the bed but not between Lori’s legs. My cock was by her face and I told her “You want my cock you fucking old bitch?” “Yes”, Lori almost screamed while staring at my dick and fucking her daughter.”Suck me you big obese cunt.”I started taking pictures as my proper mother-in-law began taking as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. She wasn’t very good at it but she was very energetic. I would pull my cock out and rub it all over her face. She would chase it with her tongue until it was back in her mouth. After probably ten minutes Val began to moan and started to cum on the black dildo. I shot my load in Lori’s mouth. Shot after shot of cum flew across her tongue as I filled her mouth. She began chocking as cum started to leak out.As my last load went into my mother-in-laws mouth, I told her not to swallow and to French kiss her daughter and share my cum with her. What a sight. Lori rolled over and began spitting my cum into Val’s open mouth and then kissing her. I couldn’t believe it but my cock was still rock hard. That hadn’t happened in quite a while. Their tongues were fighting back and forth covered with the white sticky sperm. I pulled Lori off of Val and told Val to “lick your mom’s pussy so I could fuck the fat bitch.” Val got between her legs and started sucking. I reached behind Lori’s back and unhooked her 40DD bra. As I pulled it over her shoulders, her huge tits came into view. I got on Lori’s chest and started to tit fuck her between her huge boobs. She had her eyes closed and was moaning. I slid my hard on between her breast as I pulled on her nipples. “This is what you get for teasing me with your huge boobs for all these years you fat slut.” Seeing Lori from this vantage point was something I thought I would never have. She looked like a fat whore with cum around her mouth. Val must have been doing a good job on eating her cunt as I felt Lori’s hips start to rise and fall.That was all I could stand, and I pushed Val away and got on top of my fat, fucking slut of a mother-in-law. She may not have fucked for a long time but her pussy was soaked. I fucked her as she came two times while I called her every name in the book. Val then sat on her mom’s face and had her eat her cunt. Watching this was too much and I felt my balls tighten. I blasted into Lori’s pussy wondering if I was giving Val a brother or sister. With that, we all laid down on the bed. As I laid there, I began to wonder what would happen when they became sober. I still had two days with them and hell, I wanted it to be fun. It wasn’t long before each of them were sound asleep. I got up and dressed and went out to get more beverages to make my special drinks. As I got to the store, I noticed a few young black teens standing in front. They were very polite perabet güvenilir mi and friendly as I went in. When I came out I started to talk to them. Ron, Chuck, CT and Jack were their names and they didn’t have anything to do except hang out. I wanted so much to repeat the scene of my wife in the hot tub that I took a chance with these guys. I pulled out my wallet and showed them a picture of Val and asked if they would like to fuck her. They passed the photo around and looked at each other not knowing what to say. “What’s the catch?” asked Ron.The catch is she is with her mother, a 300+ pound whale and they had to screw her too. They were both drunk and would cooperate with anything they wanted to do. I did point out that she has DD tits however.Ron asked if they could use their asses. I had never thought of that. Val has never let me even suggest and I am sure Lori is even worse. I stood there with the vision of cocks in both their asses. I said “fine with me.”They followed me to the hotel. I told them what room and suggested they give me a few minutes first. I entered the room to find them both still asleep. I picked up Val and put her on the other bed. I pulled out some of the booze and handed her the bottle and told her to drink. Lori rolled over and wondered what was going on. I gave her a bottle and told her to drink also. Then there was a knock on the door. I let the four boys in as they still weren’t sure if this was for real. One look at Val naked on the bed with her legs spread open, tits sticking out and drinking booze from the bottle and the clothes started to come off. Ron seemed to take charge as he told CT and Jack to do the fat bitch while he and Chuck started on my respectable wife, the slut.For the next four hours, I watched and took pictures of Val and Lori with black cocks in their mouths, pussy, ass, hand and anywhere else they fit. Each had loads of cum on their face and tits. When a cock left their mouth I would give them a drink. Lori and Val were eagerly sucking these stranger’s cocks trying to get them to cum. They pulled the boys faces to their tits so they could suck their nipples. Each one willingly spread their legs and guided the dicks into their whore cunts. They also got on their knees to take the cocks up their asses. Both were begging to be fucked. At one point they were both on the floor riding one of the guys and having another one fuck their ass. They were moaning and asking for more. This was so hot but then Val and Lori leaned toward each other and started licking the cum off each others face and ending it with a long tongue kiss. Finally the boys had nothing left so they got dressed, leaving the two whores spread wide with cum running from their cunts, asses and all over their tits and face.Now you may think that I paid for it when they finally got sober. That was my thought also but when they started to wake, they began asking what had happened. They were experiencing a terrible hangover and very sore privates. They looked at each other and quickly covered up as they rubbed their sore pussy and tits. When they did, I quickly realized that they had little memory, if any, of anything that happened except that they knew that they had been used and abused.My years of acting in school finally paid off. I began to rant and rave that when I came back after their nap I found them like this. I explained how I got lost and it took a long time to finally find them. I entered the room and found them both nude and fucked and pictures on the camera. I thought about calling the police but didn’t know if they wanted everyone tipobet to know what whores they were and from the photos it didn’t look like ****. I asked them what kind of sluts do things like this. Not only had they gotten drunk with the strange boys but they had done things that neither of them did with their husbands. Val and Lori burst into tears. I carried on for quite a while making sure they couldn’t get into the bathroom. Finally I marched to the chair and sat. They covered up and quietly got up and went into the bathroom to begin cleaning up.I could hear them talking about how they didn’t remember anything and how much trouble they were in. They remembered there were lots of guys but said nothing about me fucking them. Lori told Val it must have been Val’s fault because she did remember they were black and Val was the one that had done it with them before. My wife quickly pointed out that Lori’s pussy was swollen and red and she also had hickey marks on her as well as semen all over her too. Val was asking her mom what she should do to make it up to me. She was afraid her marriage was over. Lori told her to agree to anything and she would help no matter what it took. Anything is better than letting everyone know and the divorce would be terrible. They realized how good they had it with me. When they returned they found me lying naked on the bed. They were shocked and Lori turned her face after taking a second to look carefully. I pointed out how it was obvious that both of them had their sexual needs met in every way possible and I had the grounds and photos to divorce Val and ruin Lori’s reputation back home and with the relation. They could either walk out the room right now or do what I say without question for the rest of their life and I wouldn’t let anyone know about this. I wanted to have my needs met by the two of them today and whenever else I decided or they could kiss their lives as they knew it goodbye. They didn’t say a thing but just looked at each other. Val was trying to get some kind of sign from her mom. I was shocked that Lori was the first to start taking off her blouse. Val was a bit shocked and said “Mom!” Lori said, “Shit Valerie, you just took cocks in the ass, mouth and pussy from blacks you don’t even know. Shut the fuck up and start treating your husband with respect and be his slut instead. You’ve been a black cock slut enough so start taking care of my son in law the way he deserves. Val looked at her and soon followed. The rest of the weekend was great with both of them at my desposal for anything I could think of. I would grab a tit, put my hand up a dress and rub a pussy, walk in the bathroom while they were on the can and get a blowjob, shower with them and sleep with both of them for the next two days. Neither said a thing but allowed me access to what ever I wanted. The other would just sit there and watch. I even had Lori jack me off in a restaurant booth into her hand and put it on her salad. Val had to show the young waiter her tits as our tip.Since we got back home, Val takes care of me whenever I ask without any comments. I have also started to enjoy her ass. I print off one of the pictures every once in a while and place it on her dresser as a reminder. She has been made to masturbate while looking at her and Lori’s photos with the black boys as well as going to the gloryholes and pleasing everyone.Lori is a different story. She seems to start most of the sex we have. Once Val and I walk in the door she is getting on her knees to suck me off without being asked. She will bend over and pull down her panties and ask if I want anything. What I enjoy the most is fucking Lori’s ass while Val is on the couch fucking herself with another black dildo that belongs to Lori and Lori is describing what I am doing to her. Yes she is a fat pig but she is becoming a great cock sucker with all her practice.

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