Forbidden love


Forbidden loveBased on a true story I am Clair female 40 yrs.The darkness of the evening was cool and breathtaking. The thunder howled from outside. Crashing on the window. The lights if by a ghost. (On and off).My cat ran into my bed ..drifting into a slumber I lay.. when I saw auntkim enter ..she and I had been close. The storm blowing my robe up. – unbuckleaunt Kim slithered into bed. I felt a pressure between my legs.. I lifted . Hearing a moan as she massaged between my legs. Hands pushed me down. As my body lifted as if in a fairytale. I felt cool breaths as lips touched my vagina and began suckling. Slow.gentle. Aunt Kim was Nibbling my curls. Sliding her fingers in my curls twisting. “ soft” she whispered. As her finger twisted higher and higher.deeper and long.” Good girl” I heard.As she released and returned. Her finger deeper high up my wall pressing down hard.Rough.her hands like fire cupped my vagina pulling down hard. A ghost like air entered the room as her lips kissed my vagina fingering mr softly. Nibbling my vagina slow.with a gentle massage.Nibblenibble nibble.petting me between my legs. Suckling me slow and deep. Deepthroating me slowly.her mouth around my vagina felt a flame as her tongue alsancak escort went higher higher inside me. Deeper. ( in and out. In circles. ) as she suckled me out slowly. And we had dark demonicoral sex…for hours….land hours…sucking me out slowly..a kiss was placed on my her hands squeezed me tight. Pulling me hard.I saw her pulsating. “ I want u” she whispered. Opening my legs wide massaging me slowly. Nibbling..nibbling. My vagina. ‘ open’ she commanded. My legs opened wide to her gaze. She gazed at me and moaned. Growling..’ do u know how hard u make me’ aunt Kim whispered.Peck peck .of her nose between my legs made me shiver. As she suckled me slowly giving me a rimjob. ‘Good girl’ . She whispered. Turning me pinning me to fuck me hard edge of the waterfall.over and legs opened to her orgasm in waves shattering me like a storm. Her orgasm now deep inside me.Hugging me and kissing my breast as she slide into me from behind.intertwining her body with mine and entering me slowly from behind. Lunging.lunging. Massaging. ..slow.deep.long.over and over.her orgasm exploding inside me. “Good girl.” She whispered…as I turned to her giving her oral sex.nibble escort alsancak nibble.rubfuckthe oral sex lasting hours..hands cupped my breast kissing my breast slowly.tenderly. Licking my nipple.pinching it tight,squeezing..aunt Kim nibbled my nipple with catlike kisses.rcaressing my nipple slow.‘ your mine’ She whispered in my ear. My mouth found hers and instantly gave her oral sex.’ Good girl’ she growled.opening my legs massaging…rubbing.. nibbling…my vagina. ‘ I love your soft innocence’she moaned. Suckling my vagina deeply.her foot between my legs tickled. Her hands around me tightened as she squeezed me hard. ‘ open’as I lifted into her and she rode me hard.My hand found her vagina and circled her curls.tracing her softly.’ Fuck me’ she moaned. I obeyed.Biting her breast hard.licking her nipple tracing the hetip of her breast with wet finger traced her nipple asi kissed her and.the horal sexier dark and devilish. Cupping and twisting her vagina. Squeezing her breast slowly.licking and kissing the tip.Licking her nipple in circles.twisting her wet curls.she growled lifting to kiss her on the lips as the oral sex became demonic hot. ‘ good girl.’( my legs opened alsancak escort bayan to her mouth devouring me with deep hot kisses). Lunging hard ..andfucking me over and over .her orgasm in waves between my legs.i piulled to her* edge of the bedin waterfall.’ Fuck me now.” She commanded. I obeyed.I began licking her vagina slowly lick lick lick..Lin slow movements.lick lick lick. Up and down. In and out. Squeezing her vagina slowly..lick lick..lick.Kissing the tip of her vagina. With nibbles. On her curls. Soft tongue slide slow up her vagina twirling.twirling..up her.In circles.. lick lick. Blowing cool kisses up her. Massaging her breasts…gently.kissing her softly.licking her slowly. Twirling higher and deeper up her wall. Harder and harder.’ Yes’ she moaned fuck me.As my tongue gently twirling up her. And I gave her the twister.deepthroating her tenderly.i sliced inside slowly.kissing her tip .nibbling the tip of her vagina. Giving her the twister.blowing kisses up het wall in circles.pressing her hard. Nibbling…her softly.kissing the tip of her vagina with love bites.massaging her breasts with kisses and caresseskissing and cupping her nipple as I entered her mouth as she pulsated.wrapping my legs to her as we fucked hard.’ Yesfuck me’aunt kim growledopening my legs wide…pinning me to the bed to fuckme in cowgirl .slow hard deep and roughfor hours all night.* oral sex for hours ‘ good girl’she whispered .as she hugged me close and I slept on her breast.# we fuck to this day.*

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