Cheating girlfreind 2


Cheating girlfreind 2I have been a bit dim at times and not really chosen anyone decent to be with but my first proper boyfriend i lived with wasn’t very good in bed, he was 32 and i was 19, but i was good in bed so it didn’t matter too much.Anyway about a year of me being on top, and only me giving him oral sex i complained to my boyfreind that our sex life was pissing me off.That night we planned for him to go on top (yay missionary had never seemed so exciting) and give me oral sex for a change and tbf i did enjoy the difference in sex but he wasn’t very confident – or maybe selfish? – and he never attempted either of these things again.Well, we lived in a shared house. it was me and him, a couple sharing the room next to us, a young lad had the next room, and 2 upstairs rooms had men also. a downstairs room had the landlords brother in.Sometimes my cousin or my sister came to visit, when either was here the guys were more interested in bothering with me, probably to get to my sexy relatives. but either way the atmosphere in the house changed and everyone was a lot friendlier and nicer to get on with.Me and my boyfriend still fucked each other (me on top as always ) and it was funny because i hadn’t realised i was loud in bed and every time we had sex the couple next to us would start having sex and cum not long after us, we could hear them and me and my fella would laugh about it. it’s little things like that that keep you together as well, having a laugh.Anyway like i said relatives used bursa escort to visit and the guys got more friendly.One guy who had the upstairs room had one if his mates over too. he didn’t know i was in a relationship and was coming onto me strong, i tried to not take him on and went back to my room for a drink with my sister.Well, you need to wee when you’ve been drinking so i nipped out of my room to go, when i came out the very flirty guy was there, he asked me to go uptairs with him. i wasn’t drunk but relaxed enough to think i might as well go upstairs with him and see what he wants. we went on the sNes for a bit, then he just leaned over and we started kissing.Omg he was well fit, tall, blonde, my age, i kissed him back hard. i reached into his pants and he had a 10 inch ick. i’d never had anyone that big before and i was really shocked that dicks even got that big.Now bear in mind i am loud in bed.Next thing i knew we were having sex, kissing like crazy, i’d never felt so turned on in my life and his dick felt amazing inside of me. we fucked for a while, then i heard my boyfreind shouting my name.I just told the guy we’d have to stop coz my boyfriend was 6ft4 and a nutter, and he was totally fine with this for some reason.Anyway we both just grabbed the sNes pads really quick and sat there playing mario kart, my boyfriend entered the room and aske what we’d been doing. i just said playing on the nintendo. my boyfreind left and i wanted to fuck this other guy again but thought i’d bursa escort bayan best not.Thanked him for giving me a great fuck and i went back down to my room with a huge smile on my face. even my sister knew i’d been fucking that guy.It would have been awesome if i’d fucked my boyfriend afterwards and he’d noticed i’d been stretched by a massive cock.I cheated on that boyfreind again, when the couple moved out and two new guys moved into the room next door.I had already told my boyfreind i wanted to split up with him, now before we got together i told him everything about my past because i thought it was the right thing to do. now he decided he was going to use my honestly against me and tell my family things i had told him in confidence (nothing i*****l but still stuff i didn’t want my parents to know). i unhappily stayed with him.Anyway for some reason all i had to do when i was a teenager was smile at a guy and be nice and they wanted tpo fuck me, it was weird that, but one day i had the day off work becasue i’d been to the dentist, i came back home and a guy from the room next door let me in. i smiled and told him i’d been to the dentist then i went upstairs to my room thinking nothing of being freindly to someone.From that day dave was like a dog on heat (this is the name of that guy).He’d always come to the kitchen if i was making food or a brew, he knew i was in a relationship but i also think he knew i wasn’t happy.My boyfreind finally found stuff to do that got him out escort bursa of the house. i quite liked the freedom of being away from him. dave noticed and started making excuses to come to my room. he always left before my boyfreind got back.Idk how it happened but we were just freinds and used to watch telly together, one day we just ended up fucking in my bed.Wasn’t sure how to feel but it was better sex than i was used to and we got up to all sorts. that night as me and my bloyfreind got into bed i noticed a spunk stain on his pillow and panicked a bit in case my ex noticed it, luckily he did not and i washed the bedding the next day.He was a lot more adventurous than my boyfreind and we had a full on affair.It did get to the point where i wasn’t scared to leave my ex. so what if he told my family secrets, anything had to be better than being with someone i hated. so i said i didn’t care if he blackmailed me, i was splitting up with him.Then i went to the room next door and fucked the guy i was having an affair with, my boyfriend/now ex heard everything.I had a great relationship with him, nothing serious but him and his mate used to give me amazing 3sums and we had a lot of laughs and fun and i needed that after being unhappy with my boyfreind.So yeah i am a serial cheater, when people piss me off and hurt me. it’s pretty c***dish i guess and i’d now rather be with someone who likes me cheating.I was quite immature in my teens but i knew what i wanted even then so it was kind of good that i did what i wanted then but i do regret cheating. but like i said if someone hurt me then i’d enjoy claiming back some power by cheating on them. idk i was weird.I’d still like to have secret sex as well as share stuff with my cuckold.

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