Caught by my girlfriends mum

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Caught by my girlfriends mumI was living over at my then girlfriends moms placeAfter moving out of home.I was 21 and my girlfriends mom was 42, I had justGot home after work and Linda (my girlfriends mom)Said “I’m doing a load of laundry so why don’t youJump in the shower and I’ll wash your work clothes forYou” as she said that she bent over to grab some clothesFrom the basket and I could see right up her skirt and sawThat she wasn’t wearing panties, I felt an instant rush andTingle in my penis as I became hard and said in a nervousTrembling voice “ummm ok” and headed to the bathroom.I stripped naked and got in the shower and began soaping up,My penis was fully erect and I was as horny as fuck after seeingMy girlfriends moms pussy and I began to stroke my aroused penisWhile illegal bahis imagining her pussy lips kissing my knob as she takes myThrobbing, tingling penis into her wet hairy pussy.I was about halfway through masturbating my soapy cock whenThe door opened and Linda popped her head in and said “just getting yourClothes… Oh my! What have we here? Are you wanking your cock?”I didn’t know where to look and was embarrassed but so turned on that INearly orgasmed and spurted cum right then!Linda then said to me as she came in and shut the door behind her”Mmmmm would you like a hand with washing your cock?”She then stripped off naked and got in the shower with me.She came in close to me and rubbed her breasts against my chest whileShe took my hard penis in her hand and began illegal bahis siteleri to stroke it slow but firm asShe brought one leg up to spread her pussy lips and rub the tip of my knobAgainst her clit, fuck it felt so good! I started moaning with pleasure as sheThen told me “Now I’m going to take your cock in my mouth and suck it! WouldYou like that?” I could just manage a “uh huh!!” As she knelt down and took myPenis into her mouth and began sucking as she gently squeezed my balls andPut a finger in my ass, I was right on the edge of cumming and was going to blowA huge load into her mouth when she took my cock out of her mouth stood up andBent over and said “Put it in my pussy and fuck me till you cum!! I want to feel yourCock spurting cum inside my pussy!!”I canlı bahis siteleri then put my throbbing and tingling knob between her pussy lips and slowly penetratedHer all the way in with my achingly hard penis and began to thrust in and out as she Reached under to massage my balls and cried out “oh fuck your cock is gonna make meCum!!” “Oh fuck yes oh I’m cumming baby you’re making my pussy tingle!!”I could feel her pussy begin to tremble around my erect cock and that was all I could takeI couldn’t hold off any more and felt the hot rush and sensual tingles of orgasm as my cockBegan spurting and filling her pussy with my hot cum.After our naughty shower we forgot about the laundry andGot into bed together and where in the middle of fucking againWhen my girlfriend walked in and caught us naked just as I was cummingAll over her moms breasts with my fingers deep inside her spread hairy pussy.Needless to say my girlfriend then became my EX.And I started going out with her mom and fucking eachother senseless for 2 years.

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