A Moms Obsession


A Moms ObsessionBeing married since the age of sixteen to the same man has had its ups and downs. At age 62 I still consider myself a very sexually passionate woman. Losing my virginity at thirteen, then marrying the man that got me knocked up at sixteen was not ideal, but I adapted and moved forward. I have been married to Craig for forty-six years. we have two c***dren, Michael and Mandy.This story has to do with my daughter Mandy, her husband Jake and some in between material that I feel you readers might enjoy. Mandy began dating Jake a week after her f******nth birthday. My daughter was in her prime, her body had developed at a very early age, her tits were big and firm, just as you might expect from a daughter of mine, she had a mane of long black hair and electric blue/green eyes that still melt the minds of men. She complimented all that with a thick firm ass that only a teenager could have. The same thick firm ass that I had as a young girl. Jake was s*******n and came from a good family which made her father and I happy. Jake had thick dark hair, a large muscular frame and mesmerizing brown eyes. He was ruggedly handsome and possessed a cockiness about him that exuded confidence. I understood why my daughter was so attracted to him. I would watch him with her and remember the days of old with Craig and I, although truth be told, Jake was and is still better looking.I also knew from some things I had witnessed that Mandy was going to take after me when it came to sex. For some reason I had never shared any of my sexual knowledge to her. While I am sure she heard her father and I go at it a time or two, she had no idea how “freaky” I really was. Although her and I have never, ever spoke about sex , a mom has a way of knowing when her daughter is ready to take the next step and I was sure it would be sooner rather than later. I remember a year before, while I was cleaning her room I leafed through her diary and found a very risqué passage that read, “Spent the night at Courtney’s. We did some really weird stuff. We played house, or at least that’s what Courtney called it. She was the dad and I was the mom. It was kinda weird. She kissed me and then touched my boobs and some other stuff. I liked it though and I touched her too. She asked me to stick a jumbo marker inside her, hehe. It was pretty weird but fun. I can’t wait to go back. Her older sister said she would play with us next time.”A few months later I caught her with one of her large stuffed a****ls buried in her twat, humping away. Once her and Jake went out a few times I took her to the clinic and placed her on the pill.Going through what I can only describe as an early mid-life crisis, I was shocked to find myself fantasizing about what Jake was doing to my daughter on their dates. I would think about him touching her where I would want to be touched and licking her fresh virgin pussy. I found düzce escort myself hating myself for having those impure thoughts. I would fuck my husband but found myself more and more thinking of Jake fucking me while I fucked him.One particular night, Mandy came home and went into the bathroom to shower. It didn’t take me long to realize that every time she had been freshly fucked she would shower as soon as she came home. When she left the bathroom, I entered behind her. I could smell sex in the air. Without thinking, I looked in the hamper and pulled out her panties. Turning them inside out revealed a sopping wet cum stained strip that I brought to my face and found myself inhaling. The scent of Jakes cum mixed with my daughters’ pussy had me dripping wet. I sat down on the toilet, held the panties into my face and fingered my pussy. I was so wet and horny, with just a few flicks of my clit, I began to cum, I came so hard, I had to grip the sink so I wouldn’t fall off the toilet. I found myself repeating this act almost every time she came home and showered. Afterward I would always feel disgusted with myself, but every night after a date, I could not help but enter the bathroom and inhale her worn panties, then pleasure myself on the toilet. I was not proud of my actions but it was such a turn on , I could not help it.After he left for college, Mandy and Jake had a tumultuous relationship. However, keep in mind, she did end up marrying him. I knew in my heart that he was going to begin fucking other girls in college but also knew that my daughters’ heart would be broken when it happened, so I hated him for it. It didn’t take long before Jake broke things off and was living college life. Mandy pined for months but eventually was introduced to Marty by a friend. The first time I met Marty he was in our pool. He was very tall, slender, light hair and a bit feminine to my eye, as he exited the pool, It was impossible not to notice he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, bulging from his wet swim trunks. In short, he was the opposite of Jake. I wondered to myself how long it would be before Mandy was letting that huge dick inside her and whether or not she could even handle something so gigantic.About a week later Marty came over in the evening to visit, it was late and the two decided to go for a swim. I told them I was going to bed and to be careful. After all she was on the pill and I knew k**s would be k**s. I watched through the kitchen window as they entered the pool. He held her in the water, they kissed, I could see their hands groping all over one another and as much as I didn’t want to watch, I couldn’t turn away from the kitchen window. It wasn’t long and they exited onto the pool deck. Mandy laid a towel down and Marty laid on it propping himself up with his arms behind him, she knelt and began pulling his trunks down. Even edirne escort from the distance of 30 feet, with just one dim outside light I could see his massive cock protruding upward as she stroked it. Eventually she took it in her mouth as far as she could. I gasped at the sight and was happy Craig was away on a business trip. The sight of his little girl performing such an act would have surely killed him. I on the other hand, could feel the heat move from my face to my throbbing pussy and could not turn away. I watched as she licked his shaft up and down then tried again to take as much as she could down her throat. I found myself leaning over the sink spreading my legs further apart, I could feel my juices making tracks down my inner thighs. My hand reached into a drawer and hurriedly pulled out a plastic serving spoon which I began rubbing my pussy with under my short night gown. I never wear underwear, ever. I watched as Marty began bucking into my princess’s face and I could see tears welling in her eyes trying to keep his pace. With one jolt backward of his head I knew he was close. I moved the spoon harder into my clit and watched as he let out a gasp. My poor daughter began doing her best to take all of his cum into her young, hungry mouth. I dropped the spoon and plunged two fingers into my drenched hole until I was frantically leaning over the sink cumming, trying to stay upright while also trying to be quiet. As I leaned against the sink, I could see Mandy cleaning him thoroughly up and down his shaft. “My god, she is just like me.” I went to my bedroom and felt shameful. This was wrong on many levels and I hoped I could somehow get past this newfound infatuation I had with my daughter’s sex life. Unfortunately for me, things got worse before they got better. With Craig still out of town, a few nights later Marty stopped by and he and Mandy are again in the pool late at night. I told myself this time I was going to bed and that I was not going to get off on watching the two of them. It wasn’t right and I needed to either send him home or go to bed. After a few minutes in bed, tossing and turning, I needed to know what was happening. I went to the bedroom door, then laid down again. Even the act of not watching but just thinking of it was a turn on, JESUS, I had problems. Eventually I talked myself into just a drink of water then right back to bed. I was surprised to see they were not in the pool but instead directly outside the kitchen window on the second level front porch mere feet from where I stood. I had to be very careful or they would see or hear me. I looked from a few feet back from the kitchen window onto the dimly lit porch. I could see their figures on the porch swing, and assumed they were making out. To my dismay they headed toward the door to the house and I began frantically walking as quickly as possible escort bayan down the hall toward my room, hearing the door open behind me, I realized I was going to get caught, I bolted inside Mandy’s room as it was closer than mine that was down the hall. I jumped in her closet trying to make as little noise as possible. My heart sank when they followed in behind me. I thought about how bold she was bringing this boy in my house as I am supposed to be sleeping just down the hall. Then I thought about how perverted I was trying to catch a glimpse of them being naughty. I stood as still as I could to one side of her closet. “How would I explain this if I get caught and why didn’t I just go to my room? It is my house, if I wanted to walk around in the middle of the night, I could. This was really bad.” I heard them walk in the room and through the crack in the doorway I watched her sit on the bed as he stood above her. I heard her whisper “We need to be quiet, my moms next door” Her night light and eye of the storm provided all the light I needed. She pulled down his swim trunks to once again reveal this freakishly large cock. My eyes bulged out of my head and I was somewhat jealous. She stroked him and licked him up and down his shaft, finally taking him in her mouth. I could hear faint whispering moans from both of them. Finally, she stopped, stood up, turned around and pulled her bikini bottoms to the floor. I watched as she bent over and placed her hands on the bed, I caught a glimpse of her pretty brown bush staring right at me as he positioned behind her. She let out a guttural pant trying to be as quiet as possible when his flange penetrated her wet folds. I could see her fingers grip the bed sheets in agony as inch by inch his horse cock filled her, until finally I watched as she thrusted forward to get away. She turned and whispered, “ It hurts, I can’t take all that”. She turned back around and he fed her half his cock, three or four strokes later I heard him whisper “I’m going to cum” Mandy turned toward him and stroked his massive shaft vigorously until I could see the cum pumping onto her bikini top, into her hair and all over her face. She was an absolute mess. It was more cum than I had seen since I was a teenager. Watching this young man cum all over my daughter was almost more than I could handle. I held my legs tight and could feel my clit throbbing inside the confinement of the closet. I watched as she picked up a towel, cleaned herself off and whispered “Can you lick me?” into his ear. He shrugged his shoulders and defiantly got between her legs. I watched threw the crack as he seemed to fumble aimlessly with little effort on her pussy. Within a minute he tapped her thigh, looked up and said “Can I be done now?” My frustrated daughter pushed him away and led him out the door. When she did I scurried into my own bedroom. To this day she does not know I was in the closet.Mandy dumped Marty a few months later. I suspected that Jake still came home from college and fucked her but they were not “together” and my fetish of getting off via my daughters sexcapades were over…at least for awhile. Stay tuned for part two!!

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