Trained to be Daddy’s girl part three


Trained to be Daddy’s girl part threeIt seemed like a dream. I was a matter of days into my first gay relationship and my life had been blown apart. Not in a bad way but in a way I could never have imagined. In my wildest fantasies when I was in my bedroom wanking to thoughts of a man kissing and fucking me, wanking me off, me swallowing his cum, it never ever occurred to me that I would ever be living life as I was now. Daddy had told me in great detail how we would fly around the world, living a dream life and fall deeper and deeper in love with each other. My head swam. I was in a constant state of arousal, I’d never felt this horny with Lynda. Lynda. My heart beat when I thought of the scene a few nights earlier. Daddy has started to make a joke of it now but I wanted to fall on the floor when she walked in and saw me dressed in my bitch gear as Daddy calls it. Her eyes burned into me when she registered who I was with a hate I’d never witnessed. What astounded me and puzzled me was that even as she was screaming hatred at me as Daddy ushered her out of our home, I followed Daddy’s instructions immediately to walk sexily back to the bedroom and ask him to fuck me! My life had changed in that instant. Lynda and her parents would be telling every living soul who knew me about me being dressed in heels and a basque, collared and caged and kissing a man as her heart broke in front of us.Daddy had played with my locked up clit as she shouted what perverts we were and he never lost his cool for a moment. He talked calmly to her, explained I belonged to him and guided her out of the door and out of my life forever. And it felt right. What had happened to me?That day Daddy had showered and gone to work. He had left me in bed after making love to me. I had dressed in a red fishnet bodystocking and red heels that evening for him and he’d made love to me twice as he told me how sexy I was. My outfit for the day had been laid out on the bedroom chair. Every day he comes home with another sexy outfit sometimes three or four. Stockings, panties, basques. Today’s outfit is one of our favourites. White panties, white stockings and suspenders, black seven inch wet look heels and topped off by a micro mini French Maid dress in wet look PVC. I wear a little white lace pinafore with it and white lace gloves.I showered and shaved as Daddy got ready for work and slipped into my maids outfit. I am now much better at walking in heels and don’t waddle wide legged or stoop when I walk as I first did. The marble floor didn’t help but I practiced and practiced whileDaddy was at work and am now a natural in heels.Imstrutted into the kitchen and poured his coffee and cream and popped the bread in the toaster. I scrambled some eggs and was just presenting them with a little pepper when he came up behind me and held me tight in his big string arms. I looked up at him and we kissed. His hands slipped under my dress and he fondled my smooth balls and played with my clit.“I loved it last night when you cum without me even touching your clit” he said sexily. I melted into his arms as I turned to face him. My cage dug in and hurt as my clit swelled up at the feel and smell of him.”I love you Daddy” I said as I stroked his bulging cock through his briefs.”Get today over with and tomorrow I will show you our place out in Nerja” he smiled. Daddy had shown me video and pics of the houses he owned in Orlando and Spain and I couldn’t wait to go with him and lie by the pool.He told me how secluded they were and how we could walk around naked and make love wherever and whenever we wanted to.Both homes had servants and he had hand picked gay guys who would not be shocked by seeing two men in love.He kissed me and headed out for work. I had tried to suck him off before aliağa escort he went but he was running late as it was after I had teased him by bending over in the bathroom as I picked up his towels and he’d fucked me against the wet room walls.The shoot bolts snapped locking me in and I heard his car drive off.I loaded the washer. I had practised being feminine after watching films with Daddy. He got hard whenever we watched boys in lingerie mince about and I knew that I was being shown these scenes for a reason. I now acted feminine so naturally that I didn’t have to think about it. I stood ankles and knees together and bent over to pick stuff off the floor. My short skirt already showed off my frilly white panties and rode up further as I bent and loaded the washer. I stood straight with feet together as I washed the dishes and placed them away. I then dusted and polished, mopped and dried all the floors and cleaned the wet room spotless ready for Daddy’s return. Tonight was as Daddy had described it “the last piece of the jigsaw in my old life”.He had spoken to my Mum and told her I was staying at his place for a while. He lied and said I was a friend of his sons and that he wanted to surprise me by taking us all way for a break and could he have my passport. I sat nervously as Daddy spoke to her on my phone. She was suspicious at first but as he smoothed her fears with complete lies of a non existent son and how much we all got on that she soon agreed to call round with my passport.As they chatted Daddy motioned for me to kneel in front of him and I did so. I stood and smoothed my dress down and straightened my stockings and panties as he stroked my clit cage. Then, with knees and ankles together, I knelt between his muscular thighs and caressed the bulge in his shorts. I kissed it through the material first, looking up at him as he smiled down and stroked my shaven head. Then I slipped his shorts off. He lifted his bottom up and I expertly guided them around his ankles and then off over his feet. His cock throbbed and I kissed the tip as I gently held it ind stroked the foreskin slowly back and forth as my lips caressed the head and licked off a small bead of per cum. My clit was hurting as I got hard. Daddy had treated me to an all plastic version of the cage. It was smaller than the original and it hurt now when I got aroused. He explained I could get through security at the airport without having to remove it as it wouldn’t trigger the alarm. I didn’t care. It pleased him and that was that mattered to me.I sucked and licked at his hard erect cock as he sat back and chatted to my mum. He was getting ready to cum, I can tell when, and he said his goodbyes on the phone and hung up. I was positioned over the arm of the sofa and he almost ripped my panties down as he spread my cheeks and forced his cock into my pussy. I screamed as it went in and he stroked me to calm me. He thrust deeper and deeper into me. I told him how sexy he was and how much I loved him and he gripped my hips as he unloaded into me.”Don’t move baby” He said, leaving me spread legged over the sofa. He returned and popped the large pink rubber butt plug into my mouth to wet and then slipped it inside my pussy sealing his cum inside felt fantastic and kept my clit hard all day day and night.That evening I waited at the front door, my panties and stockings freshly straightened and glowed as he smiled and grabbed me and kissed me passionately. I took his jacket and hung it in the closet. “I think it’s best if you hide when your mum calls” he said. My heart leapt. I thought he would want me at his side. “Thank you daddy” I gushed.That evening I heard her talking in the main room as I hid in our bedroom. Daddy spun her a tale about his non existent son, escort aliağa trips as treats and charmed her like he does me. Finally she left and he waved my passport triumphantly. “Now your mine” he smiled. “ Our life together starts properly right now. Go and pack the pretty pink suitcase I’ve bought you.” He chuckled.He had laid the stuff I was to take out on the bed. Basques and panties, stockings and suspenders and packets of tiny panties. Reds, blues, white, black, purples, all colours of outfits were laid out. Three pairs of heels in black red and pink. I packed my case and then his and then changed into my red body stocking and heels. Daddy fucked me hard and we went to sleep in each other’s arms.I hardly slept I was so excited. We were going away and I was to see his, our, home in Spain.Daddy smiled as we dried each other, we spoke of our love and commitment. He left to lay out my outfit for the trip. I slipped it on. Pink fishnet hold up stockings and a tiny pink thong that hardly covered my clit cage. “We will take your collar off when we get to the airport but you will put it back on when we clear security so people can see your mine” he said. “Yes Daddy, thank you” I smiled. I wore a pink track suit over my sexy outfit with pink trainers. My stockings were still visible when I sat down. We cleared security no problem and I handed my passport back to Daddy as he had requested. I stood to attention in the main airport lounge as he re fastened and locked my collar back on and we headed off to do some shopping. Daddy bought me some sunglasses and perfume and then we went into Victoria’s Secret. I chose an expensive white basque and stockings with matching panties. Daddy said it was my wedding outfit as we were going to have a little ceremony in Spain.The girl smiled at me as I paid on Daddy’s card as he stood outside the shop. My clit hurt as the cage bit into it as my hard throbbed.People looked at my collar and pink tracksuit as we walked around, Daddy deliberately pulled the legs of my tracksuit up so when we sat so my fishnets were on show and some people gave us disgusted looks.As we queued to board he put his arm around me and we kissed. People made comments but I didn’t care. I was head over heels in love. Earlier that week Daddy had filmed me dressing up in my maids outfit, bending over and showing my panties and then stripping down to my basque and lying on the bed begging him to fuck me. Now just as we were about to board the plane he took out my phone.”Here baby” he smiled. “I will now send to all” he said.I watched with a strange feeling as Mum, Lynda, and all my contacts at work received the video of me performing for Daddy. I had finished by bending over and fingering myself and asking Daddy to fuck me.That would be what everyone, including Mum, would remember me for. A sissy slut begging another man to fuck her.I cried and Daddy held me tight. We kissed and he stroked my clit as we sat ready for take off. “Can you imagine the chaos, hurt and hate outside that door right now?” He said as I gazed into his gorgeous blue eyes.”You will never ever witness any of that, it’s gone, another life with me now, my little girl.”I sobbed with happiness, he was right. Literally six weeks from climbing into his car I was a complete owned sissy gurl. And I loved it.We arrived at our villa. It was in the middle of nowhere and I immediately showered and changed into a tiny gold bikini Daddy had chosen and my white heels.I hadn’t even got to the sliding door before he was grabbing me and bending me over the bed. Our love making was frenzied, he was rough with me, pulling out my plug and forcing me down on the bed and holding my face into the pillow as he thrust deep into me. He took minutes to unload in me and forced aliağa escort bayan the plug back in to seal his cum in.He walked away leaving me to pull my bikini bottoms up and join him by the pool.”Are you ok Daddy” I asked worried.”Your mine now girl”he smiled. “ Your old life is ruined, all those people will have forwarded your little vid to complete strangers and those who might know you” he grinned.I”ve put it up on XHamster to share you too. “I knelt and sucked his cock which was still semi hard.”Thank you Daddy” I said as he hardened and forced it down my throat so I gagged.We chatted after I had cleaned him up and discussed our upcoming wedding. He had arranged some friends and ex lovers to attend a little private gathering he had arranged.We were going public, no more hiding.The day arrived and I dressed Daddy in his tight white briefs, white trousers and white shirt. I knelt and kissed his feet as I slipped on his white loafers. I then stood up for inspection. I had stripped all hair, and oiled every day in preparation for today. I was in the sexy white basque I bought at the airport. It was silk, lace with white feather detail. The suspenders were the long type that we attached to the lace top stockings so they were perfect. I had a nice little tan and it showed the white outfit off perfectly. My little panties were see through and my clit cage stood out through them. I trembled as we stood under the little arch made of pink balloons in the garden. About twenty people sat on chairs behind us and a sexy looking Spanish guy read out our commitment to each other.I stood holding my little posy in front of me to hide the wet spot in my panties as I leaked like a tap. I was in public. My heels pushed my bottom out and the suspenders framed my little g string so all the people behind could see my bottom.Daddy smiled as I said “I do” and we kissed as people applauded. I had a new collar fitted as a wedding ring replacement .This one said “I belong to my Master” on it and people came and looked at it and congratulated Daddy on acquiring such a sexy little gurl.No one spoke directly to me. I wasn’t important. I was Daddy’s property and he was centre of attention.I stood by his side all evening, his arm around my waist as he kissed and cuddled me. All his friends eyed me up and commented how sexy I was. After the last guest had left Daddy scooped me up and took me into the bedroom and laid me gently on the bed.”I love how wet those little panties are” he said. “And how obedient and easily you have fallen into the role you now live” I was pleasing him, that’s all that mattered and I told him so.We fucked all night and I fell completely in love with a man who had in reality destroyed my life. My old life.We showered and I went out to make breakfast after dressing in my new black stockings and panties.As I walked into the kitchen Daddy was stood at the counter making breakfast. I stopped dead as I focused on what was in front of me. He turned and laughed, as he introduced me to another gurl, shaven headed, dressed in stockings and panties with a pink collar on. “Good morning baby” he smiled and beckoned me over. As I tottered over in my new heels he kissed the gurl on her neck and held it his hand to me.”Meet your new girlfriend” he smiled. And slipped his hand around our waists and led us toward the bedroom. The girls collar had a disc which read “Daddys whore” on it. She lay on the bed and held her arms out to me, I lay with her and we kissed stroking each other’s clit cages. “Welcome to your new married life baby” he said as he climbed between us and we both kissed his chest, sucking his nipples as we looked at each other as we worked our way down to his massive dripping cock.”Happy honeymoon baby” he said and stroked my shaven head and put mine and his whores lips together as we kissed and performed for him.”Thank you Daddy” we said, almost together at the same time.”That’s ok” he said as we stroked each other’s bottoms and removed our plugs ready for him.TBC

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