The Forest – Part 3 “Beginnings”


The Forest – Part 3 “Beginnings”The Forest – Part 3 “Beginnings”Tanya regularly walked her dog in her local woods, as everyday more or less the same route rarely seeing anyone, sometimes it was quite lonely. The past few weeks she had noticed a pretty women walking her dog, they had passed the casual “Hello Morning” but nothing more than that. Tanya threw a stick for her dog and out of nowhere another dog ran towards it, Tanya’s dog went for it also and they both started growling at each other, the other dogs owner appeared, she was the women Tan had seen recently, She said “Don’t worry she won’t hurt him”, Tanya put her dog on the lead and said “she’s a real softy so no worries” and put out her hand and introduced herself “I’m Tan” and the women replied “Hi I’m Helen, pleased to meet you” “Tan, a bit of an unusual name?” “It’s morphed from Stan, but that’s another story” avoided Tan and then Helen politely shook Tanya’s hand.They proceeded to chat about dogs, life etc. whilst walking, Tanya learned Helen had recently moved into the area from Essex, she was married with a husband who worked in London, a housewife and she seemed a little bit bored. Tanya explained she had lived in the area for quite a few years and lived not far from the woods were and regularly walked her dog there. “I’m here walking in the morning most Wednesdays and Thursdays” ”Ok, probably see you next week, it’s nice to meet you” Helen said and then they parted and went to their cars.It was a warm summer and in the following weeks and they met up and walked together, getting to know each other and became friends, exchanged numbers just to arrange dog walks. Early one Thursday morning they met up and walked the dogs enjoying themselves, when suddenly Tan’s dog disappeared, she after called him…but to no avail. “Will catch you up, when I’ve found him, just carry on down the track it comes out in a picnic area the other side of the woods, wait for me there”. Tan trudged off calling for her dog, Helen carried on down the track with her dog by her side and after a while the track opened out into a clearing, not far on the other side of the clearing was a couple of picnic benches……….she stopped in her tracks “Oh My God” she couldn’t believe her eyes, she was looking at a couple having oral sex…the man was stood up and the women was sat on the picnic bench seat with his cock in her mouth. Helen’s thought were awry “what should I do?” she did nothing just stood and watched keeping hold of her dog. The women involved was blond wearing a pale pink summer dress and very red lipstick, her dress was hitched up to her waist exposing sheer stockings. The women had one hand between her legs and one hand grasping the bum cheek of the guy pulling him deeper into her mouth, he pumped into her mouth slowly, Helen turned to leave, but suddenly the man withdrew from the women’s mouth and fell to his knees …the women stood up and hitched her dress up and started to stroke her very large cock in the man’s face…….Helen stood there utterly transfixed by what she was seeing……..curious and inquisitive and very turned on by it, she was fighting her thoughts of “must leave” with “Stay and watch what happens”The women grasped the back of the man’s head and thrust her cock into his open mouth and proceeded to pump furiously, the sound of gagging could be heard across the clearing. The women was pretty, but with a large cock, this was messing with Helen’s head and why did she found this so erotic………?The man tried to pull back but she kept hold of him and forced her cock deeper while he stroked his own cock, after a few minutes which seemed like an age to Helen, she withdrew her cock and started to rub it all over his face and then he started sucking her balls while she stroked her meaty cock…….she stepped back and the man looked at her pleading with his mouth wide open and then she started to cum rubbing her juices all over his face with her cock. She then tucked her cock away in her knickers and adjusted her dress checked her make-up and promptly walked away to the car park, leaving the guy on his knees jeans round his ankles with a cum splattered face, he turned and smiled at Helen, got up and dressed himself and left.Helen thought blimey he knew I was there!……they were showing off for me, she then realised how damp she was between her legs and her nipples were stiff and erect showing through her summer top……….”There you are” Tan shouted “finally caught him”, “Christ!” Thought Helen, now what do I say………..”you ok Helen”, Tan asked inquisitively, “yeah, I’m ok, a little flustered after what I’ve just seen”……”Not a flasher” Tan joked………….”No a women and a guy, sucking each other off!!”…”She had a cock!!!!!” exclaimed Helen. “Oh a T-girl…err adapazarı escort I mean tranny, its notorious this side of the woods especially at night, I should have mentioned it to you” Tan replied, “yes, should have, how come you know so much about it” Helen asked curiously. “Just local knowledge” Tan deflected the real answer and changed the subject. “Would you like to come back to mine for a coffee” “Ok, may need something stronger” said Helen jokingly. “Just follow me when we leave the car park it’s not far”. They arrived at Tan’s place, a small cottage down a track off the main round about a mile from the woods, they let the dogs run around in the garden and went inside. Helen thought this was a very tidy house for a single guy and immaculately kept, she sat at the kitchen table while Tan made coffee, they made chit chat and Tan avoided talking about what Helen had seen. “Helen could I ask you a favour” “What’s that”, “Could you let the dog out for me tomorrow, as I’m going to be out till late with work” “No problem”, “Thank you” and Tan told her where to find the spare key and where the dog’s food was, shortly Helen left and drove home with a head full of unusual thoughts.When Helen got home she felt exhausted and went upstairs and lay on the bed, she thought of what she had seen earlier, she couldn’t shake the image of the women’s cock…it look so delicious especially ramming into the guy’s mouth. She removed her top and cupped a breast in her hand and started to rub a nipple which quickly became hard……she then took off her jeans and small lace panties and slide her hand between her legs into her wetness and slowly fell into a deep sleep. The following day Helen walked her dog in the woods and made a beeline for the clearing on the other side of the woods, nothing happening here today, “shame” she thought and why was she was so horny after seeing that yesterday, I’m a married women who’s turned on by girls with cocks…..the dilemma ensued in her mind. She left the woods and set off for Tan’s place.She parked up at the cottage and let her dog into the garden, found the key where Tan had left it and let herself in, she walked into the kitchen and called for the dog…no dog! She looked in the living room… no dog, she then went up the stairs and found a door ajar and walked in. This must be Tan’s bedroom and the dog was fast asleep on the bed, she sat on the bed and woke the dog up…”some guard dog you are” the dog jumped up licked her face and ran out down the stairs. Helen got up to follow him and suddenly realised her surroundings, there was a dressing table full of make-up, wigs on headstands, stockings d****d across the end of the bed, a dress on the floor, a pair of sheer black panties and a nightie on the bed……….she went over to the dressing table and was amazed at the amount of make-up…she was now very curious. She opened a drawer and to her surprise she found a pair of large silicon breasts, other drawers contains, bras , knickers and associated underwear, corselettes, girdles and loads of stockings. Now she was now being nosey not just curious and opened the wardrobe door, inside was neatly hung dresses, skirts and tops some very pretty and all the same size and loads of pairs of shoes and boots. At one end of the wardrobe was a set of drawers which she opened and found a whole load of sex toys and paraphernalia of which see had never seen, she picked up a large black butt plug and thought “That would make your eyes water and smiled to herself”. She put everything back and sat on the bed contemplated about Tan, he must be a transvestite…..there are no men’s clothes in here and he doesn’t have a girlfriend that I know of , she laid back on the bed and thought of Tan dressed as a women, in a corset with those black stockings and high heels in that lovely long red wig….sliding into a short black dress, she was becoming aroused by these thoughts…she then sat up, “what am I doing”…..she thought and went downstairs and let the dog out. She sat at the kitchen table and composed a note for Tan, “No problems today, dog’s been out and fed, he was fast asleep on YOUR bed had to wake him, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!!! …Helen..xx”. She let the dog in and fed him and left the note on the table.Tan got home late, she was tired but glad to be home it had been a long day, she opened the front door and was greeted by the dog and she made a fuss of him. She went into the kitchen and saw the note on the table, picked it up and read it…..OMG I forgot to shut the bedroom door, she must have seen all my stuff……she sat down and thoughts were racing round her head …”she may have guessed I’m a T-girl, was she disgusted or thinks I’m a weirdo?…” should I blag it……unsure escort adapazarı of what to do Tan poured a stiff G&T and contemplated what to say to her tomorrow.The next morning Tan arrived at the woods, “Morning” Helen said cheerfully as Tan was getting the dog out the car, Tan sheepishly replied “Morning, thanks for letting the dog out”. They walked round the woods and Helen didn’t mention anything about Tan’s bedroom, but did remark about lack of trannies in the woods today jokingly. Tan was quite subdued and was still trying to find a way to bring up the subject in conversation, when Helen said out of the blue “I want to see you dressed in all your T-girl finery”, Tan was taken aback by this statement…”are…are..are.. you sure, you don’t think I’m strange? Tan stammered, “No not at all, I’m very intrigued, curious and pleased you didn’t deny it “Helen replied with a beaming smile. Tan then hugged Helen…..”Thank you…I’m looking forward to showing you the other side of me”. Then they continued walking and before they parted Helen said “See you tomorrow about 10 at your place, but I must leave by 12 as meeting a friend for lunch”…. Tan got home and then started to worry…..what to wear, what hair, what if she’s not impressed or laughs???…..after a while she calmed down and started to plan what she was to wear… she decided on the short black denim skirt and red top with stockings of course and matching black underwear, pair of plain black high heels, black wig with red nails and lipstick, hopefully not to tarty.Tan got up early the next day, prepared herself, showered and shaved smooth all over, took ages over her make-up to ensure perfection and was very nervous of what Helen’s reaction would be. She finally finished and took a look in the mirror, “not bad” she thought, she sat at the kitchen table waiting for the knock at the door.She heard a car pull up and the then looked out the window to see Helen coming down the garden path, she had her long brown hair down, wearing a light blue summer dress and flats, she was wearing make-up and looked such a pretty thing…”mmm nice” Tan said to herself and opened the door to greet her, “Morning!! ,you look lovely , such a picture of summer”, Helen kind of stopped in her tracks and looked at Tanya and replied “Wow you look fantastic…and morning to you, now get the kettle on”. They both sat at the kitchen table facing each other, Helen had a million questions for Tanya, which she tried to answer….whilst making the tea. “So what to call yourself when en femme?” “Tanya” she replied with a big smile, “Of course, silly me…pretty obvious now”. “let’s sit on the sofa, it’s more comfy on there”.They both moved into the living room and sat on the sofa, Helen sat next to Tanya with her feet up cupping her tea, she asked about Tanya’s life and about her girl side which Tanya answered truthfully, Helen was very interested and curious and Tanya got her phone and showed Helen pictures of her and her friends on nights out. “Looks like you have a great time, exciting”, she continued to scroll through her phone and came to a pictures which Helen exclaimed “Stop there”…”That’s the girl from the woods….you know her?” “That’s Sally…a good friend of mine…I didn’t know it was her you saw” ”So do you do what she does…in the woods?” Helen asked accusingly with a smile, “very occasionally..but with other girls”. Helen placed her cup down and moved closer to Tanya, she placed her hand on Tanya’s stockinged thigh “Do you have any pics”, Tanya scrolled through her phone “Like this” she said and showed Helen a picture of Tanya on her knees dressed in pvc short dress with lace up knee boots with Sally’s large cock in her mouth. Helen’s eyes were transfixed on the photo “Now I do like that….it turns me on” and slid her hand further up Tanya’s thigh, her hand reached the top of her stockings and her fingers tips gently caressed the growing bulge in Tanya’s knickers….she quietly whispered into Tanya’s ear “Can I take a picture of you”, “Of course you can”. Helen stood up and retrieved her phone from her handbag and Tanya posed for her “these have come out great, do you mind if I show a girl friend of mine?” “No not at all” Tanya said feeling all pleased with herself. Helen sat back down cuddled up to Tanya and placed her hand back on Tanya’s thigh, her hand slowly slid up her skirt and fingers gently rubbed the stiffening cock in Tanya’s knickers. Helen gently kissed Tanya on the lips her mouth parted and their tongues found each other…..Tanya caressed Helen’s pert breasts through her dress, and slid forward on the sofa to raise her skirt, Helen pulled Tanya’s knickers to one side and exposed her hard cock, Helen rubbed the tip of it with her finger tips, adapazarı escort bayan smearing the pre-cum all over the head. She then wrapped her hand round it and slowly started to wank Tanya….”You’re going to be my slut” Helen whispered in Tanya’s ear.Helen suddenly got up from the sofa and sat in the arm chair facing Tanya, “Stay on the sofa Tanya, I want you to watch, now remove your skirt” Helen demanded. Helen then stood up and lifted her dress to show sheer stockings and pretty white lace panties which she then pulled down and threw across to Tanya “I want you to watch and stroke yourself with my panties wrapped around your cock”. Tanya removed her own knickers and revealed a very erect cock and took Helen’s panties and placed them around her cock, Helen sat back down with her dress hitched up around her waist and legs d****d over each side over the armchair, revealing a very pretty trimmed wet pussy. She then dropped each strap of her dress and pulled her dress down to expose her white lacy bra, she scooped each breast out and licked her fingers and proceeded to pull on each of her nipples which became instantly hard, one hand moved to between her legs and she started to rub herself gently between her swollen glistening pussy lips whilst the other hand worked on her nipples “Now wank that cock for me Tanya” she whispered sexily. Tanya sat with her hand slowly working up and down her cock with Helen’s panties, whilst utterly fixed on the sight of Helen masturbating in front of her, Helen’s fingers now started to slide in and out of her, she was moaning quietly which got louder as her fingers went deeper, she then slid forward in the chair and raised her legs higher and then with her other hand started to rub her sweet bumhole, she licked her fingers and smeared the saliva around her hole very slowly working in small circles and then inserting a finger at time in that delightful place. Tanya was now nearly exploding and finding it very hard to control herself, “Don’t take your eyes off me, Tanya!!” Helen bellowed and continued to finger each of her holes, she suddenly stopped and stood up and went over to Tanya standing over her “Do not stop, I want to see you cum”, she then took pictures of Tanya wanking with her panties which Tanya could do nothing about as she was too far gone. Tanya’s cock erupted when Helen shoved her fingers in Tanya’s mouth “Taste me “ the hot sperm shot all over Tanya’s stockings and down her cock and all over the panties “Mop it up with my panties”. Helen lent forward and pushed her breasts in Tanya’s face “Suck each nipple hard” Tanya complied and her mouth found each nipple, sucking each one slowly until they were hard and erect, Helen moved away and hitched her dress up round her waist and got back onto the chair. She put a knee on each arm facing the back of the chair and as if on all fours, she pushed her bum back into space “Kneel behind me Tanya…and do exactly as I say” Tanya knelt down and was presented with Helen’s sweet bottom and pussy in her face. Helen put one hand between her legs holding onto the back of the chair with the other….”I want you to start kissing my bottom” demanded Helen, Tanya placed her hands on each cheeks and kissed each cheek in turn, Helen’s fingers were busy working her wet pussy….Tanya spread Helen’s cheeks wide and started to lick and kiss moving inwards to that very sweet spot….her tongue found her tight hole “That’s it, now lick and fuck it with your tongue” Helen gasped. Tanya’s tongue slowly circled around Helen’s ring the more she did the louder Helen’s panted, she very slowly slid her tongue inside and started to dart it in and out “Yes..Yes…Yes” Helen moaned working her fingers faster in her pussy. Tanya went in deeper and faster…suddenly Helen shuddered and pushed back hard into Tanya face….”Yeeeeees” she cried. Helen’s hand stopped and cupped her pussy and she quietly said “You made me cum, I love your T-girl tongue up my bum…….I’m going to need more of that”. She got up from the chair feeling the wetness between her cheeks, looking down at Tanya still kneeling with a very erect cock……….Helen knelt down beside her, and whispered in Tanya’s ear ”Thank you…Tanya” and then took hold of Tanya’s cock and proceeded to wrap the sodden cum soaked panties round her cock again, “Now cum for me again” Helen insisted. Helen’s hand worked furiously on Tanya’s cock, Tanya was groaning…”faster”…..Helen slowed down and felt Tanya’s cock twitch and then, hot semen shot all over her hand and splashed onto her breasts, she wiped the cum off her hand with her panties and made Tanya lick it all off her breasts.Helen stood up and put her sodden panties on “That feels good, nice and damp with your cum Tanya”, she adjusted her dress and kissed Tanya on the forehead “See you soon, will be in touch” and then left to meet her friend for lunch. Tanya was a bit dumbfounded and still very turned on by all that had happened…is this the start of a mad adventure? I hope it is…..TBC

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