Dream Girl Is A Night Mare!


Dream Girl Is A Night Mare!Carole French was beautiful despite being two years my senior, but before I,d known her even a week she was literally wearing me to a frazzle. She had a fabulous body and the shapeliest biggest set of tits on a woman I,d known at the time of my young life. I delighted in her body, worshipped her and must have filled her with gallons of fresh semen, more of which she swallowed after treating me to a fabulous blow job. At first Imwss over the moon at how much Carole loved to suck and fuck and that she made the aggressive moods literally fucking me at times bouncing up and down on my stiff prick. The problem was she was draining my energy so much I was falling asleep during the daytime and always seemed tired and irritable. My mother noticed and told me maybe it was time to take a rest from Carole for a day or two. “I know young love can be demanding, but Carole is wearing you down my son. As your mother I realise you,re having great adana escort sex with her, but be reasonable about it or your health may suffer.” she advised me. Of course I knew best so carried on with Carole. It was the fact Carole had to,return home to start her freshmen year at Northwestern University that ended our heated affair for a while, but once she was settled in college she invited me to visit her at home during the Christmas period. It seemed strange getting on a Greyhound bus two days after Christmas to Chicago and getting collected by Carole,s massive Father Sven who clearly did not like me. I was given a bed in their basement next to ,the furnace which was nice and warm except Caroles younger brother and sister kept on trying to catch us snogging together so it put me off. The second day her siblings were at their grand parents, house so Carole and I had the basement all to,our selves. Again she did her best to drain me and I was relieved escort adana when she took me to see West Side Story the next night. Before her father escorted her to bed she managed to give me a quick blow job, but that was all as the next day I was on the bus back home as Carole prepared to go back to college. I was so whacked out I slept most of the way back home and was grateful to be away from her. But I Didn,t dump her. That came later when she began dating college guys which had to be inevitable. Later Calvin told me Carole dropped out of college as she Wasn,t keeping her grades up and had gone back home to a job with a local power company and had gotten engaged as she was pregnant. Carole lives in Michigan with her third husband, mother of nine, grandmother of f******n and great grandmother I have no idea how many times. I did run into her a year after I married my british wife Sarah who was ill back in England at the time(I was back in my home adana escort bayan town for a weekend break whilst stationed in North Dakota. She looked good, but had a toddler holding her hand she introduced as Michelle. “See you married an English girl last year!” she greeted me.”Hi Carole. You,re looking good. Calvin tells me you,re married as well.” “Yes.My husband works for Chicago Cubs charity. This is my girl Michelle. Say hi to Joe Michelle!” “Hi Joe.” the girl who resembled her mother very much greeted me. “Hello Michelle. I used to,know your Mommy.!” “So,where,s your English Rose then Joe?” “She,s not well so had to fly back home. She,s got irritable bowel trouble and very home sick!” “Are you still at Grand Forks?” she asked. “Yes..” “Then no wonder she,s home sick! I,d hate to be stuck in that hole myself! My Lennie finished his time in the AirvForce there and hated it!” she told me. “Well with some luck I,m hoping to get moved to McChord, Washington soon as I should have got my choice of base when I came back from West Germany as a reward for re-enlisting.” “Hope it works out for you as I know you were born out there.” That was the last time Imspoke to my “Dream Girl!”

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