Sylvia. Silkie and Tom make love


Sylvia. Silkie and Tom make loveSylvia, fleeing Los Angeles, changes her name, and her life story, moves to remote Bellingham, Washington, nearly in Canada. While in Bellingham, she meets Tom, who she had met on the train several years earlier; They were briefly lovers then, they become lovers again:Silkie is telling her lover about sex with another boy, while playing with his erect cock. She has spent time with erotic angels and goddesses:”He ” ”….Steve thought we were going to fuck, so he went out to find somebody who had a rubber, but by the time he got back, I was in my mom’s station wagon with Rachel…I was on the way home, hoping that that towel had gotten all of his stuff out of my hair and that Rachel would keep her mouth shut. We were in the back seat, Rachel was rubbing Steve’s stuff out of my hair with a towel like it was the most normal thing in the world, not saying a word. It smelled kind of funky in there too. It was summer, the windows were down. If my mom had gotten a whiff, she must have known something was going on but she didn’t say a word and Rachel didn’t either……….She was really the coolest sister. We got in bed that night, got our clothes off, and I told the story about Steve while she sucked my tits and ate my puss. Then I did her the same way. I already loved her more than any boy. ” Sikie spoke to Tom:””Okay, I’m just yakking up a storm, you are not saying too much. Remember a while ago, this afternoon, I asked you to tell me what you wanted, you dived and dodged. Maybe you just want to go home, is that what you want?” I was dying for her. That was the basic line of my thinking if you could call it thinking.”Now, Tom, now. Fuck a script. Fuck that. I want you, I don’t want to wait until tomorrow or next week or ten more minutes…”” Silkie, I love your little bush, I think it is the sexiest bush in the world. When I saw you get undressed the first time, you just dropped your jeans and pulled off your underwear, just let it drop to the floor, no big deal, get dressed and undressed every day, the curve of your belly, the angle of your hip, the roundness of your tummy right above, your little reddish-brown bush, the cleft of you way at the bottom of your belly, that is a big turn on for me, just to see that. I want to put my face against that tummy, slide my tongue into your pubes and lick and kiss you until I feel you start to get wet and you start talking to me about it. I see your breasts with their wonderful sexy shape and that color to your nipples. I’m just in awe. Silkie, that is just the start. That is why the first thing I did when you took off your clothes was put my face right there.”” burdur escort I asked you to smell me, I wondered if I smelled like a can of tuna fish?”” Well whatever fragrance you were wearing, it was working for me””You are so funny, When I talk about stuff we did or might do, I get all dirty and nasty. One, because I really want to do all that stuff; two, because it is so much fun for me to talk that way, especially to you, because for tonight anyway and maybe forever, I just love you so much. You turn around, you are so sweet, you sound like a painter, maybe that’s what you should be, you talk about my body like I don’t know what, I’ve never been with a guy like you. Like you really look at me, I think my tits are weird, I’m too short, not pretty at all. You look at all the parts that I think are gross, you see them, they are not gross to you. No, Tom, I think they are beautiful to you. Wow, that’s all I can say. Wow. I can tell that when you say it. It’s not a line of bullshit. I’ve heard plenty of that since I started blowing boys in the 7th grade, trust me, and you say sexy stuff but not like other guys (Gruff voice) “I want to fuck your ass baby!” “Get down there and suck my dick!””Mmmmmmmmmmm. I’m going to lie down on the bed, and spread my legs as wide as I can, so you can see everything. Lover man, just look as long as you want. I feel like such a woman then. I’ve done that for some guys, and I think they thought it was goofy, but I like it and I think you will too.”” I’m going to talk all dirty and slutty, while I rub my pussy. I want you so close, about three inches away. I just want you to watch me do myself until I come and my little clit is lit up like Rudolph the fucking Reindeer.” We were both laughing, I didn’t know sex could be like this.”” But Tom this is important to know about me and actual fucking kind of sex. Seriously. My vagina is tilted at a little bit of an angle. That is no big deal for you, It feels just as good, but coming that way for me might be harder than for other women, Anyway, that’s what the doctor told me and my mom when I was thirteen and with all the fucking I’ve done, I still can’t come that way. I want to, maybe someday I’ll get lucky, find the right guy with the right dick at the right time, but you really have to be patient with me, loving with me, when we fuck. Don’t get in a big rush, start pumping away like you are jacking off to Playboy. It doesn’t work that way for me, sometimes I get really upset and pissed off if boys don’t pay attention to what I like and really need, which is a slow patient lover. I don’t care too much if you come too fast, my pussy is super tight, escort burdur if I had a dick in there I’d come too fast too! I’d rather you just take your time. We’ll be sexy and lovey and slow and if you come, so what, you’re young, we’ll take a break and do it again.”The other thing you need to know is that I’m on birth control pills, I use a diaphragm too, so I’m not gonna get pregnant. I like to feel your cock moving in me. That is super hot for me, even if I don’t come. I want to feel your sperm, your semen, whatever, shooting in my pussy. Boys will never know this, oooooooooohhhhhhhh, that is such a feeling to have you coating my insides. Tom, look at me please, I really really like you, I’m sort of in love with you right now, I want to feel you inside that way, I totally do, please please please don’t pull out before you come, we are not going to make any babies tonight.”” What I need right now is for you to kiss me. You kiss a little too fast, but we are going to make love, so I need those kinds of kisses, the kisses where I can feel the sexiness just start to grow in my whole body and travel through my whole body. I talk about sex all the time, god, do I ever shut up? Okay, okay, this is where I shut up.”The kiss just went on and on, pushing her body into me as completely as she could. Her soft lips didn’t become less soft with the pressure of the kiss but seemed to open more if such a thing were possible.the sound of kissing filled me up,filled the room and foralongtime,there wasjust……..the sound ofkissingI didn’t know Silkie Greene that well, though it seemed as if I did, I but I had learned one thing about her when her intense green eyes got soft, intense things were about to happen. She finally broke the kiss and her eyes were the softest, in the incandescent light in that room, so filled with desire it frightened me…Her voice was in a lower register now.”Yes, that is how I like to kiss…just like that… could you just hold me and kiss me like that a little more…”She looked at me.”Tom, all I want now is to feel you in me, like right now. But I don’t know when we are going to have this moment again, so I am going to kiss you, and we are going to kiss till we just can’t stand it and then I want to make love with you and I mean love with you, exactly that, and as much time as that takes, if it takes all night, and into tomorrow, after we wake up, or if we just don’t go to sleep, that’s what I want.””But this whole thing, since we started this afternoon, is just getting so sweet for me. I can’t speak for you, but for me, I would be crazy to rush through it, and I’m not gonna do it. I’m gonna get all burdur escort bayan of it.”We were kissing again, my erection so hard, but not so hard that I needed to do anything except stay in this moment with her. the kissing went on…kissing.I could feel her legs shaking. We needed to take a break, take a breath….”So. Tell me something else you like” in the same low register. This was a colatura soprano with a husky voice.”Silkie, I love the feeling when I slide into a woman, and she says “just a minute” or “wait” or something like that, while she adjusts to the size of my cock.””Oh, you think you have a really big one, is that it?” laughing and kissing me, ” well, that’s not quite how it works, lover boy, but if you like that, let me tell you this: tonight is a lucky night for you.””Since we are getting all sexy and smoochy here, let me tell you something I want to do after you do the thing you were just talking about”. (laughing, hugging, kissing ensue, broken by a few hungry gazes). ” Well, dear, after you get your cock in me and I wiggle around till it fits right, I open up a little, you start sliding it in me nice and slow, what I am going to do is this. While I’m on my back, I’m going to stretch my legs out, even if they aren’t very long, I’ll bet they’re long enough for this. I’m going to wrap my legs around you. (kisses and more tongue kisses) That will feel so good, it will make you crazy, Tom. I’m going to cross my ankles in the middle of your back. I don’t want you to be all up in the air, lover, I want you on top of me. I want my belly and my tits against you. I want your tongue in my mouth and your fat cock inside me. I’m going to squeeze you, squeeze you with my legs, my thighs, squeeze my ass muscles, squeeze the kegel muscles in my pussy. I might surprise you at the same time. If you cum in me while I’m doing that, that would be great. We can take a break, go some more in a little while. I want you to save enough to do me again, or maybe I should say it in a more sexy way. I want to feel your cock push against my little butthole,. I masturbate to this thought, Tom. It hurts when I get a cock up there. It fucking hurts, do you understand? Not ”hurts like a broken heart” kind of hurt. Fat dicks do not slide up small assholes that easily. When you fuck my ass, you are going to really stretch it out, Try it on yourself sometimes, see how it feels. Put some lube on a banana, try sliding it five inches into your ass. Maybe one day, I’ll put on a strap-on cock and fuck you till you scream. I’ve done that stuff with women and with men. In my other life, I would fuck grown men in their ass with my strap-on, while they were beating off, or while my friend Judy sucked them off. Think about it. Ass fucking is going to hurt, it always hurts, but when I tell you I want it, you need to listen, because if you don’t FUCK MY ASS, I might have to kill you.

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