Daddy’s favourite gurl 3


Daddy’s favourite gurl 3I’d dressed in my black short leather skirt and white mohair top that just covered my new breasts and showed my slim tummy off. Daddy had paid for me to go private to Transform in Manchester and a gorgeous Italian surgeon had vetted me to make sure I was sure about the op. It took five minutes! I wore my little black dress and high heels and did my make up perfectly. I have a young girl Aimee come to the house once a week to do my hair and nails and am now happy to be a very convincing female. He booked me in and two weeks later I was the proud owner of a 36c pair of perfect breasts. Daddy said they were as much a present for him as they were to me and bathed the stitches lovingly every day and night until the in wounds healed and I could slip into a sexy bra at last. I like to go bra less a lot as they jiggle around perfectly and guys almost drool over them.I tidied the house and sat with Daddy on his knee as he read the morning paper. He kissed me in between reading stories and I writhed feeling the slight soreness from him fucking me that morning.Daddy and Mummy has me quite early in their relationship. Daddy was 23 and Mummy 20 when she gave birth to me. Daddy is still young and good looking even now at 36. As I kissed him he told me one of the guys from the card school was coming over that morning to check on what equipment he could source for our new playroom in the basement. Daddy and his friends were working on it to get it ready and I’d only been allowed to see it once before they started to pull the place apart. The guys all laughed as I tiptoed around the rubble in my stilettos and short skirt trying not to fall. The evening they all came over and had fun with me was a small reward from Daddy for all their hard work. The doorbell rang and Dady smiled. I jumped up and answered the door, I pulled at my micro mini leather skirt and opened it to see one of the guys from the card school. He smiled and said hello and I walked sexily in front of him and led him into our living room to meet Daddy. “You remember Pawel don’t you baby?” Said DaddyI said I did. Pawel was Polish and had a adapazarı escort mass of red pubic hair.“I really enjoy night with you “ He said and I told him it was one of the best evenings I had ever had as I sat down close to him and handed him his coffee.Then the doorbell rang again and I answered it to see John stood smiling with a bunch of flowers in his hand. I threw my arms around him and kissed him and then led him by the hand into the living room to introduce him to Pawel and Daddy. We chatted for a while and then Daddy suggested I take John to my room and winked at me. I smiled and led John by the hand upstairs. I looked back to see Daddy flick the TV screen over to the cctv in my room to watch John and I fuck. I was excited knowing Pawel was part of our games too, knowing he would be another lover added to my list. I was still getting fucked every morning near enough by Mr Watkins my form teacher. I would go in class early and lie on the desk with my legs in the air and he would walk over, pull down my white panties and fuck me, fill me with cum and then carry on as if nothing had happened. I was top of the class and getting great marks though.John and I fucked for hours. He was an expert lover now and I got myself into the doggy style and looked at the hidden camera and smiled for Daddy and Pawel as John gripped my hips and fucked me hard as my breasts jiggled with each thrust. He came inside me and I sucked him. I leaned in to kiss him and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Later that day after he had left Daddy called me downstairs. I walked in to see him and Pawel naked on the sofa watching a re run of Daddy fucking me in my white basque and suspenders. “So fucking hot” said Pawel. I slipped off my top and skirt and stood before them in my black hold up stockings, little lace panties and six inch heeled black stilettos. I don’t wear suspenders if I’m in leather or latex as it spoils the line of my skirt. Pawel whistled at the sight of me. I played with my nipples to show my new breasts off and slid in between them on the sofa, taking their cocks in each hand and wanking them slowly and adapazarı escort bayan gently, taking turns to kiss them. Daddy stroked my long hair and kissed me passionately. He spoke to Pawel about the playroom and how I would enjoy being used in it.As they chatted I stroked Pawels thigh and leaned into him, I wanted him hard in front of Daddy.”Shall we have a look how the playroom is progressing?” Said Daddy and Pawel and I eagerly followed him down stairs to the basement. I held Pawels hand as we went down the narrow stairs and didn’t let go once we were stood in the cellar. A red light glowed and I saw a cross with restraints on the far wall, benches with attachments to raise your legs high in the air and fasten them in. Loads of whips, collars, chains and dildos, benches, a dog cage made of heavy duty bars and hooks and harnesses hanging from the ceiling. Daddy took my other hand and he and Pawel laid me face down over a leather covered bench.” Where has John gone to?”asked Daddy. I told him he had gone home to change as he was taking me out that evening and would be back in an hour or so. “ Perfect” laughed Daddy and he slipped his hard cock into my mouth and I cupped his balls and sucked and licked at its head and then took it into the back of my throat, gagging slightly but producing loads of saliva that Daddy loves to see dripping all over his cock and balls. Pawel parted my cheeks and pushed his cock deep in me. I gasped and sucked Daddy even harder with the fantastic feeling of being used by my favourite man in the whole world and a guy who he had chosen to join in our lovemaking.Daddy told Pawel not to cum in my pussy but to put his load in my mouth. Pawel said he was ready to cum so stood in front of me and Daddy wanked him off and kissed him as I sucked his thick juicy cock”Don’t swallow it baby, save it in your mouth for me” Daddy said and I gathered Pawels thick salty cum into my mouth. I sucked the remainder off his foreskin and put my tongue out to show Daddy the thick load”Good gurl” He said and proceeded to put the tip of his cock level with my mouth and wanked furiously as he escort adapazarı kissed Pawel. His load ejaculated in my mouth and I stroked both their cocks as they kissed and held my head.”Go and dress but keep our cum in your mouth for as long as you can” said Daddy softly. “Do your lipstick but don’t brush your teeth” he added “we want to see you kissing John with our cum on your breath” he said stroking g my face. I did as he asked and wriggled back into my micro skirt, straightened my panties and got ready for Johns return. No sooner had I refreshed my red lipstick than the bell rang and he was stood at the door. I opened my mouth to show Daddy and Pawel the stringy globules of their cum still on my tongue and answered the door. I swallowed the last bit just as I reached up and held Johns head and kissed him, putting my tongue in his mouth. He returned the favour and we kissed passionately at the door, I knew Daddy and Pawel were watching from the main room knowing that my mouth had just sucked both their cocks and taken their loads and now my boyfriend was getting a little taste of them. Pawel and Daddy. Lovers? It turned me on. My mind was back in the playroom. What fun was I about to have down there. And in the back of my mind I knew John was about to become part of Daddy’s circle of trusted lovers. My clit throbbed at the thought of me in bed with them both being spit roasted by them with Pawel and the boys waiting their turn. Collared, flogged, helpless and strapped down for their amusement and abuse. “Wow” said John as I groped him and almost fucked him in the hallway thinking of what I was about to experience. “Take me to bed and fuck me please John” I begged. He cum three times as I sucked and fucked like a bitch on heat. “Fuck I love you. You sexy bitch” he sighed as he sucked my nipples in turn and kissed me. “ You know I’d do anything for you, don’t you?” He said looking g deep into my eyes.“Mmm honestly, would you do anything?” I said sexily as I stroked his cock with my long red nails.”Anything, I swear” he said seriously .I got into the doggy position my Daddy loves so much and felt his stiffening cock searching for my pussy to fuck me again. I smiled and winked at the camera licking my deep red glossed lips, knowing Daddy and Pawel were watching and wanking to us. They would be so pleased we had a new recruit for our plan to seduce my Mummy’s husband

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