Skeletons in my Closet part 15


Skeletons in my Closet part 15Skeletons in my Closet part 15 The She-Devil appears and return to the Glory Hole.On Sunday morning Michelle and I awoke at the same time around 930 am John was not in bed between us. We both ran to the bedroom bathroom. She beat me to the toilet. She sat down and peed while I brushed my teeth.Between running water for brushing my teeth and Michelle pissing like a racehorse. I was doing that pp dance women do. Michelle was still pissing.”Hurry up Michelle or your going to get a golden shower, ” I said to her.We swapped places with me peeing and her brushing her teeth. I saw she had her own toothbrush in here. Michelle finished brushing her teeth.”Mom, what’s a golden shower?”I told her I would tell her later. I grabbed us robes. Handing her one. Michelle looked at the white short robe for a few seconds.”Mine is that long white robe, ” Michelle said smiling at me.I grabbed it giving it to her instead. We both slipped into our robes. Mine short, showing the girls, a lot of legs and maybe even a bit of ass. Hers was wrapped around her entire body hiding every inch of her body including her oh so lovely legs. I thought what a shame to hide all that beauty.I used to tell my shy girls at the bar that all the time. As some were timid about showing the goods off at first. However, once they saw how easily they made big tips their inhibitions soon left them.Michelle took my hand and walked me out to that kitchen island. John was dressed and cooking breakfast in the kitchen. She walked us to him. One of us on each side of him.We both kissed him upon his cheek as she told him, morning daddy. While I told him morning John. She told me to go sit at the island and she would get us coffee.I sat down at the island thinking about all the wonderful mornings we used to have at this Island. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about how easily I had walked away from all of this.”Is something wrong mom?” Michelle asked seeing my tears as she handed me my coffee.”No these were tears of joy,” I replied.Michelle took her finger and picked one of my tears upon her fingertips. She brought it to her lips as she licked it from her fingertip.Michelle smiled at me as she said, ”And happiness too mom as mine tasted the same this morning.”John came over sitting a plate with a fancy looking omelet on it. It smelled delicious as it filled my nostrils. I asked him how had he managed all of this. He told me he was up at 5 am and ran for some groceries and some supplies. He sat a plate-like mine down in front of Michelle. She thanked him. He returned with his own plate, coffee and sat down. Michelle grabbed his hand as she grabbed mine. John grabbed mine.”Let our family return home with every seat filled, ” John said.It was more of a saying than a prayer. Which was a little unusual for John as for as long as I had known or been with him he would normally say grace before our meals.However, that thought soon left my mind as I tasted the omelet before me. It tasted like heaven to me. I asked him where did he learn to cook something as wonderful as this.”Watching cooking shows all night long waiting for his fucking whore slut to return home, ” Michelle suddenly blurted out with resentment.Almost immediately her head went down as she stopped eating. John looked at me as he took my hand. John told her to finish her breakfast and then go to her room.”Yes John, ” Michelle replied shyly.We all went back to eating. No talking just eating. Which was fine with me as this was the most incredible slut omelet as I would call it from that day forward, it tasted delicious just like me.When Michelle had finished she asked to be excused. John shook his head yes telling her he would be with her in a minute. Michelle walked slowly down that long hallway with her head down all the way to her bedroom.I took John’s hand telling him she meant nothing by it. John told me she did, believe me, Kay you don’t know the full story. ”Besides she had broken a rule, ” he said as he stood and kissed my head.John walked down that long hallway almost as slowly as Michelle. His head was not hanging down like hers. Instead, he was shaking his head from side to side. A sure sign one was in trouble.”SIT DOWN young lady, ” I heard John yell as he entered her bedroom closing the door behind him.It sort of reminded me of when Michelle had been younger and she was in her room waiting for her spanking. But John had told me he hadn’t spanked her since before her accident. I sipped my coffee as I also tried to think of what rule she had broken.About 15 or 20 minutes later John returned. He stood me up and took me into his arms. He kissed me passionately as he broke our kiss.He whispered into my ear, ”Last night was hot especially you playing with yourself.”I smiled as I replied, ” I like to watch too, ” smiling at him.I then asked John what rule had Michelle broken. I also asked just what was the full story behind it. He told me the rule she had broken was her own number one rule.”Respect.” Just like yours is ”Jealousy.” John glared at me as he said, ” I will not have any of that in this home from either of you or we will have no home together.”As to the story that is for another time. You go shower and get dressed. Oh and dress in your project clothes. John told me patting my ass toward our bedroom.Projects clothes were jeans, sweatshirt, and work boots. My favorite outfit right lol.I showered and got dressed. Michelle and John were sitting at the table. Michelle came to me she hugged me tightly as she said, ”Sorry I disrespected you, mom, it won’t happen again, ” then kissed me upon my cheek.”What was your punishment?” I asked her.”I lost all privileges with daddy for 2 weeks and that included watching, plus my first Saturday night out with him, ” Michelle replied shyly.I looked at John and started to tell him that it was a little harsh. What with the fun having had just started. However, Michelle told me please don’t mom you will only make John angry and you might get punished too. I knew she was more afraid of John’s wrath than that of daddy’s.I asked John why we were in work clothes. He walked us both into the family room sitting across that leather sofa was a very lovely bartın escort and charming old fashion wood burning stove. He told us a few guys from work had helped him pick it up today and bring it back here.John looked to us as he said, ”Well let’s get her installed girls.”We all went to work John and Michelle ran the saws. While I was the official pipe holder and gofer as I went for this and went for that. I have always enjoyed going to one of their worksites. These two moved in unison always knowing what the other wanted next or was going to do next. We or I should say they had it installed in no time. They even had a lovely wrought iron round-shaped thing next to it to hold wood.John looked to use both as he asked, ”Any questions ladies?””Yeah daddy what is a golden shower?” Michelle asked tilting her head at him.John looked at me, I whispered into Michelle’s ear just what one was.”Oh never mind daddy as ain’t either of you peeing on me unless we are in the shower, ” Michelle replied smiling as she walked away.John shook his head from side to side. I went to him and grabbed his hard cock as I told him you’re lucky she didn’t see this. I told him pee play later Daddy as I squeezed at his hard cock teasingly.That was the start of a family day that John had set forth as a rule. Every Sunday from that day forward we would do projects or take care of the 45 acres of land together most we just left grow wild as it was home to much wildlife. Around 8 pm Daddy got Princess her two pills. She kissed us both lightly on our lips before telling us good night and she would see us in the morning at work. When she was gone I asked John just what was the full story behind her calling me a slut. John led me into our bedroom he told me to look closely in my sexy clothes closet. Most of those types of clothes I had left here when I had moved out. I slid the door open to find every single piece of my so sexy, lovely and very expensive outfits were sliced. John told me he awoke one night a couple of months ago to find Michelle with her work knife in her hand. John told me he yelled for her to drop the knife. She dropped the knife then turned to him as she said, ”There daddy that fucking slut can’t hurt you anymore.”He told me that she blamed me for the pain he had in his heart and the love she was no longer getting from him. John told me that was another reason he had forbidden her to have any contact with me what so ever. John once again told me which she had done anyways and that still troubled him.”John, Michelle, is no threat to me, ” I said to him.”I know Kay she isn’t but Princess could be, ” John replied.John explained her shrink had told him it had to do with her having daddy issues and her seeing him and herself as two different people. One kind and loving and the other one not so loving.John went on to explain that Michelle came to him one day and asked him if he would like her to dress sexy like mom used too. He thought maybe if she saw the fun in dressing sexy and maybe the game of teasing she would see just what being a slut was like and enjoy it. John told me maybe it was something he missed and wanted back. John told me he truly missed the sexy tease game. Or perhaps it was her way of getting him back into the bedroom. He told me he took her shopping and got her about 4 sexy outfits. She seemed excited about trying something new. He helped her dress and she looked hot and very sexy. They drove to a bar fall from here so no one would know her or him. They walked in and just about all the guys in the bar stared at her as they walked to the bar. Her bouncing those big tits and shaking her hot little ass in her sexy outfit plus with her six-inch heels on she was John’s size. He told me at the bar Michelle would give him boob shots and allowed his hand on her panty free ass and between her legs as they talked and drank.”Kay she was soaking wet between her legs just like you get” John smiling at me.She seemed to be enjoying it once she realized daddy liked it after grabbing his hard cock a few times. John told me they even played the I dare you game. Which he and I used to play all the time. It is where he would dare me to show someone the girls or flash them a quick beaver. Plus there was always a fifty dollar bet I wouldn’t do it. Hell it was easy money for me and still is lolJohn told me he dared Michelle to bend down and gave the gentleman next to her a view of the girls. John told me Michelle seemed to enjoy it once she got the hang of it. She even bent over showing him her hot bare ass. The gentleman next to her sure in the hell enjoyed it even buying them both drinks. John told the man Michelle was his secretary and they were in town for business. They all talked while Michelle teased.John told me Michelle teased very well as he and she saw the nice boner the man was sporting. Michelle seemed to enjoy the fact she had given the man a boner John told me. He left Michelle at the bar while he went to the men’s room. When he returned he was shocked to see Michelle standing with her arms around that gentleman’s neck as if ready to kiss him. John told me he froze for a second as he watched in horror as Michelle brought her knee up hard into the gentleman’s groin sending him to the floor of the bar.John quickly grabbed her hand leading her quickly out of the bar before anyone had noticed what happened. Once driving out of the parking lot. John turned to Michelle and asked just what the hell was that all about.Michelle told him that man had placed his hand upon her ass as he said, ”Why don’t you dump daddy and come with me, Princess.”John asked her, Where did you learn that?”Michelle looked at him as she replied, ”John taught it to me, daddy.”John told me he had taught her that move when she started to get her tits many years ago. It was then he realized he was indeed two different people to her. Perhaps one good and one evil. He wasn’t for sure until then.John told me needless to say they never tried that again. I asked John if he liked her dressing sexy? Kay with a body like hers why waste the goods God gave her. I told him I would work with her on that. I told him maybe she would respond well to being an Ms.K escort bartın girl. John took my hand telling me to just be careful Kay at the first sign of trouble run or call for him. We retired into bed and before we fell asleep he told me he would be on a job site but he would see me for lunch tomorrow.They both were gone by the time I awoke. I looked at my sexy clothes closet one more time. I checked my high heels and saw she has even cut all of the straps on them making them useless to wear. I checked my lingerie chest at least she hadn’t touched any of those outfits. I also was rather pissed. Whether she knew it or not she was buying me new outfits.I had to dress in pants and just a very plain Jane shirt with black boots which she had not destroyed. I left for work and walked into a very busy lobby. Linda rushed to me hugged me tightly as she told me welcome home Kay.”What no lecture from you?” I asked her.Linda smiled as she replied, ”I am sure you suffered enough just being away and perhaps that was enough punishment so to speak at least from her, ” ” Besides not the time or place, Kay.”Linda told me new invoices were on my desk and I had a lunch date with the boss at 12:30 and that I had better not miss it. I went to my office and went to work. I had to finally close my door as everyone from office people to workers kept popping there heads into my office as they said, ”Welcome back Ms.K.”The only one not to welcome me back was Carol. She had given me the last six months’ spreadsheets without saying a word other than these are for me. I had indeed lost her as my friend. All because of my jealousy. That hurt more than anything knowing what we had once shared.I had just finished my morning work when at 12:30 John came walking into my office. He grabbed my jacket as he said, ” Better hurry Kay we only have till 3 before he had to be back.We jumped into his company truck and drove to that sleazy porno shop. We entered and he got tokens for the back room. I walked right to the glory hole booth. John told me to remove all my clothes so I stripped down standing nude in front of the hole within minutes a finger appeared at the hole. I saw flashes in the booth and realized John was taking pictures of me with his phone. I told him those had better stay private. That would also be the start of him taking photos of me.I moved toward the hole rubbing my hairy pussy against the finger sticking through it. The hole was big enough he got his hand through the hole. The man rubbed and fingered my hairy pussy. After he had given me a quick orgasm I got on my knees. I wiggled my finger in the hole.He slipped his cock through the hole. It was average about 6 maybe seven as it grew in my mouth as I sucked at it. In a matter of minutes, I heard him moan as his cum splashed in my mouth. John took a photo as I left some of his cum run out my mouth.I stood and kissed John passionately snowballing that man’s cum into his mouth. Another cock appeared through the hole it was a little fat cock only about 4 inches if that.I licked at the head of his cock then took him into my mouth. I sucked hard at his cock as he started to face fuck me through the hole. I shared his small fat cock with John letting him suck on it while I fingered my wet hairy pussy. I went back to sucking his cock by myself. After about 20 minutes, of sucking and pulling on his cock. I felt his cock throb then he splashed his thick cum into my mouth. I swallowed it.”Sorry John I hadn’t had lunch, ” I said as I smiled at him.Another cock appeared as I took it into my hand I smelled it then I pushed it back through the hole as I told the man I ain’t sucking that and to at least bath it the next time. Now I might be a slut but I ain’t no dirty cocksucker lol please guys if going to a glory hole please have a clean smelling dick, not one that smelt like it had been up a dog’s ass.John had been playing with my pussy the whole time I was sucking cock. My pussy juices were running down my bare thighs and dripping from my pussy. It was a good thing I was naked or my clothes would have been a mess. I glanced down at the hole as another cock appeared. It was white and about 6 inches of it hung limply through the hole. I got on my knees taking the limp cock into my hand. I pumped at with my hand while licking at the head of his cock.That white cock grew steadily in my hand until it was rock hard. In length, it was longer than John’s cock close to ten inches but no way near as thick as his. It was less than two inches around but had a huge round head on it. It was also one of those curved ones that rubbed your g spot.I looked to John as I asked, ” May I fuck this cock as my pussy needed some cock.”John shook his head yes. I pumped my hand at this long white dick as I worked my butt against the hole. I rubbed the head of his cock between my wet pussy lips. The man on the other side thrust his long cock deep into my pussy. I felt that big round dick head bottom out against the back wall of my pussy. The man started to fuck me fast, hard and deep. My pussy started talking as he fucked me. The man was banging against the wall as he fucked me with his long curved cock.John got below me taking pictures of his cock slipping in and out of my hairy wet pussy. I had a hard wet orgasm and squirted all over John and that cock that was fucking me. He fucked me through the hole for about 20 minutes. The man moaned loudly as his cock swelled then throbbed hard as he shot about 5 or 6 times deep in my pussy. As he withdrew his cock my juices and his cum dripped into John’s opened mouth.John had brought towels in a bag with him this time. He wiped his face off and mine. I asked him what no bet this time smiling at him.John smiled back as he said, ”I got a hundred that say you won’t walk out of here naked with just your boots on. I sat down on that little corner seat and told him he was on as I slipped my boots on. John slipped my clothes into the bag and told me he would be at the counter.I waited a few minutes then walked out into the shop I was disappointed in the fact that no one was in the shop except John and the clerk behind the counter who looked young enough to be my son. I walked bartın escort bayan up to the clerk. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his face into the girls. I beat them against his face.I smiled at him as I said, ”Next time he was here when I came in he could fuck me, ” before I walked out the door. I walked to the truck and went to open the door it was fucking locked.There were 3 or 4 guys standing around just staring at me. One even came over asking if he could help as he checked me out from head to toe. Taking in the girls as well as my hairy pussy.Finally, John came walking toward the truck waving his keys at me. The men all took off as he walked up to his truck. He unlocked the door. I quickly removed my boots and slipped into my clothes. John slipped in beside me as I was putting my boots back on. He was laughing the whole time.I told him that was a dirty trick and I should charge him extra for the advertising. He looked at me funny as I told him his company logo was on this truck. Oh well, free advertising never hurts he told me.”Free hell, Just a minute buster you owe me a hundred dollars, ” I said, as I cuddled up to him.John smiled as he said, ”Take it out of petty cash when we get back to the office, ” as I am a little short this week.”John dropped me off and kissed me before doing a burnout in his lot. I walked inside and Linda smiled, asking me if I had enjoyed my lunch. I licked my lips as I asked her, ”Would you care to be dessert?” ”Now be a dear and get me a hundred out of petty cash as someone lost another bet.”Linda got into her desk pulled the cash box out asking me if 5 twenties we’re ok. She handed them to me. I looked around making sure no one was watching. I slipped those bills down her top one at a time feeling her tits.I smiled as I said, ”Take Sara to dinner tonight on me, ” as I walked to my office smiling.I returned to work but couldn’t get out of my head the fun I just had at lunch. I had missed that so much. I even had to go into my office bathroom and finger my wet dirty pussy to another wet orgasm. It was good to be back home I thought.John and Michelle came walking in a bit after 4 pm. They came to my office and they both walked me to his truck. John left us in with Michelle in the middle as usual. They talked shop as I thought about the fun I had at lunchtime as John drove us home.Michelle sniffed her clothes. Then sniffed her daddy’s work clothes. Michelle leaned over putting her face close to my crotch.Michelle raised up holding her nose as she asked, ”Dam Mom didn’t you shower John from you today before you came to work?” I looked to John as I replied, ”I think I am about to start my monthly,”Michelle cuddled up to her daddy as she said, ”Looks like I am not the only one not getting any daddy, ” smiling up at him.I just couldn’t help but bust out laughing. Once I did everyone laughed. I laughed so hard I was crying. Michelle told her daddy, first laughing then crying you sure ain’t getting any for a week. John and I only laughed harder.When we got home we all went and showered. John and I together. While Michelle in her bedroom. We all sort of met in the kitchen. John and Michelle dressed in sweat pants and sweat tops, me just in my robe.Michelle asked if pizza would be alright for supper. John and I shook our heads yes. She called and ordered telling us 45 minutes. They both walked me into the living room. We all sat on the sofa as John explained. That this was the door they knew to deliver the pizza too. John got money out from his wallet placing a fifty on the coffee table. Michelle looked to John as she asked, ” Daddy can we have Friday off so I can take mom shopping?” ”As I have to right a wrong.”John looked to me and I shook my head yes and he told her ok but to take me to the work clothing store. Get your mom some clothes for on site-building. Michelle turned to me and said, ” You show me sexy mom I will show your workwear.””That is if daddy wants me to dress sexy, ” she added shyly looking to John.”Daddy would love to have two sexy women on his arms when eating out, ” John said to her smiling. ”I will even take you, ladies, to dinner Friday night, ” John added.When the doorbell rang Michelle told me to get it maybe she could pick up a few secrets of the tease. I grabbed the money adjusted the girls opening my robe a bit to show the girls. I opened the door to find a pizza delivery girl instead of a guy.I went on with the tease anyways. The delivery girl must have been gay or at least bi. She was all smiles checking out the girls. I invited her in. She handed me the pizza box. I walked shaking both the girls and my ass taking it to the coffee table.I bent down to place it on the coffee table looking back at her. I felt my robe ride up my butt giving her a view of both my pussy and my ass. It wasn’t a long view but enough of a one. She smiled at me as I returned to hand her the money. I opened the door with her still checking the girls out. I bet her pussy was wet.”Thanks hun and keep the change, ” I said to her smiling touching her hand lightly as I gave her the money as she left.”Mom she was a girl, ” ”Plus I think she enjoyed it, ” Michelle said shockingly as I returned.”A tease is a tease man or woman, ” I replied.”Daddy enjoyed it, ” Michelle said grabbing her daddy’s hard cock through his sweat pants.John removed her hand from his cock as he said, ”Aren’t you forbidden from all contact with me, young lady.””Yes John, ” she replied hanging her head.I walked over lifting her head as I said smiling, ”There is always us.””Thanks mom you’re the greatest, ” she replied grabbing the pizza box heading for the kitchen island.John stood up wrapped me in his arms from behind. That big hard cock poking up under my robe. He kissed and nipped at my ear.”Next time remind to make you off-limits as well, ” he whispered into my ear.Actually, it did not matter as for the rest of the week we all were too tired for fun anyway from working. Friday came and Michelle and I woke around the same time there was a note telling us we were having friends over as Sara, Linda, Danny, and his new girlfriend were coming over for the weekend.I was unsure of what to expect as not only had I walked away from John for six months but also his friends. I had no contact with any of them the whole time I was gone. Except for Linda when I had gone to my office to get my things. I also wondered about Danny’s new girlfriend. Chapter 16 soon

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