Sister Priscilla Has a Birthday Diddle In The Hot


Sister Priscilla Has a Birthday Diddle In The Hot”It feels really good in here. Makes me kinda horny,” Priscilla said, naked as a jay bird in the hot tub in back of the house our family rented for the week in Estes Park. Mom & Dad took our little brother and left us here while they went shopping, giving us a pass from the family outing because it was Priscilla’s birthday and they were getting party stuff. We decided to get naked in the hot tub, cuz duh. Is there a better way to be in a private hot tub? The water was a little warm for me, so I got out and she stayed in. We snuck some wine from the cabinet and were feeling light and sexy and fun while we talked and enjoyed being nude together under the Colorado sky in the bubbly, swirling water.”It’s your birthday, Pris. You should be able to do whatever you want.” I said, noticing how she was letting the jets blow between her legs. I knew how she felt. What girl didn’t linger in front of a water jet in a pool when she was little, enjoying the way the pressure felt on her vagina. I’d done it many times. She was the birthday girl. Why shouldn’t she get to enjoy some pleasure down there while we were in this beautiful place? I wasn’t going to stop her from it.”You wouldn’t mind? It wouldn’t weird you out?””Kinda hot to tell the truth. If you don’t mind me watching.””No,” she smiled. “I don’t mind.” I’ve seen my sister naked a lot, and never had sexual feelings toward her, besides a little experimentation alanya escort a few times I guess. And some curiosity. But, watching her spread her legs and open her body up to the jets, seeing the effect it had play out on her face was really erotic. I felt a thumping in my nether regions that made me cross my legs.”Oh my god, are you turned on?” She asked, seeing right through me!”Maybe,” I laughed, dropping my head to my knees in embarrassment. I wanted to cover up and hide all of a sudden.”Then you should let me watch too,” she said. Okay, we are doing this! I let my towel drop to the floor and my legs fall open, exploring my trimmed pubic hair with my fingers while she positioned herself in front of the water flow and let her eyes drift closed. I was already wet. My fingers slid easily over the sensitive, slippery skin around my pussy. I gave my clit a tickle as she swirled her hips around, letting the water caress her all over. She giggled at me, a little self conscious that I was watching her with horny interest.”Are you going to make yourself cum?” She asked me.”I will if you will,” I answered, tickling downward to my butthole and back up. Her eyes followed the path of my fingers. She leaned back, pushing her crotch forward towards the front edge of the hot tub where the jets were, rotating slowly. I imagined the bubbles massaging her labia, their fleshy petals flittering in the current. “How does it feel?” I asked.”Really good,” she escort alanya said, her breath clipping the words off with a small gasp of pleasure. She looked right at me, humping the water stream. Her boobs bounced gently in the water, buoyant with her nipples slick and shiny from the bubbles. I felt a strange and foreign urge to get in the warm water with her and suck on them. She reached her hand in between her legs and began to rub herself. I could only see from her elbow up because of the foam. But the effect was obvious on her face. She was masturbating under the water. I began to diddle myself as well. It felt so free to mastruabte in front of her. I loved it!In minute or so, she grabbed the front of the tub and squeezed her eyes shut, “Oh, OH I’m gonna cum…” she said pulling forward as the orgasm burst inside her. She moaned freely and beat her hips forward with each spasm of the climax. Then she relaxed a bit and reached her hand down and began to rub again. “One more…” she said. I was mesmerized.”You do two every time?” I asked her, curious if this was her routine.”Uh huh,” she said, answering with difficulty due to the pleasure that overtook her body. “At least.” She rubbed furiously. I felt my own orgasm growing. I began to thrust two fingers inside myself, my legs open towards her. She rubbed and rubbed herself. Her second orgasm seemed to take more work, but her body responded more dramatically. As I felt my own orgasm growing alanya escort bayan and growing inside my body, I watched hers grow too. We locked eyes, our chins lifting the same way, mouths open the same way, her nipples jiggling in the warm water as she played her wet clit like a violin under water. I began to cry out, “Oh Pris cum with me, cum with meee…” Then the orgasms hit us simultaneously. My sister and I heaved and quaked and came, folding in half forward, which I didn’t realize is a family trait cuz we did it almost the same way. I almost fell out of my chair I came so hard. Suddenly I realized she was laughing.”Don’t laugh, ohhh…” the waves were still making me convulse as I tried to laugh myself. I couldn’t yet. Then I fell back in the chair with a thud and looked up to see her sunny grin.”You came so hard! That was hot!” “Oh my god. I meant that to be a birthday gift for you, but I got some of it too.””You wanna do something crazy for my birthday?” Oh god what did she have in mind now?”Um ok, I guess if you’re calling birthday what choice do I have?””It involves full on lesbian coochie licking…” she said with a sparkle in her eye. Oh my god she was still horny. I was kinda speechless as she climbed out of the hot tub, got on her knees in front of me, parted my legs and took my lippy vagina in her mouth.”Oh fucckkkk…” I said as she sucked and licked at me. “Let’s go the bedroom,” she said with that gleam. She took my hand and we stumbled back to the bedroom we shared, closed and locked the door and she attacked my pussy with her mouth. I lay back on the comforter with my sister’s head bobbing between my legs, eating me into oblivion. What the fuck was happening to us!

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