Sexy Photoshoot for My Husband


Sexy Photoshoot for My HusbandAn important date was coming up and I wanted to do something special for it. My husband knew of a friend told him about somebody that did photoshoots at their home they had a studio and they did good work. So. I got the number and looked them up and told them that I wanted to do a Sexy photoshoot for my husband. She set a date and I shown up at the place, and they had all the usual stuff including a vast wardrobe selection to choose from. Anything from the 1800’s to Porn shoots just all kinds of stuff. I talked to the lady and was getting some ideas while going through the clothes and picked out a short skirt and a top that was kinda see through and a blindfold. The lady asked a few questions about what I liked and what the husband liked and I gave her a few ideas and that I wouldn’t mind to do a shoot with another female and that I would really like that or with another guy. The lady asked, another guy? I answered yeah, sure if that is allowed. Then the lady said, we will think about it. So after picking out a few items, I went and got dressed and came out. The lights were turned down and some colored lights were on and I said, I feel slutty wearing this. The lady asked, In a good way or bad. I replied with a smile, Well in a naughty way, I kinda like it. She had an assistant with the lights helping out that was a younger guy but I didn’t mind alanya escort thinking these people are professionals and all. Well, we started taking shots and she had me was bending over and sitting while holding my tits and squeezing them through my top and spreading my legs and I started getting a little turned on. The lady told me to put my hand down between my legs and I did but the lady didn’t count on me to start rubbing myself but kept on shooting. I couldn’t help it and started playing with myself and inserted one finger giving them both a good show. Then started to rapidly slide in another couple fingers and started going at it. The lady asked if she liked them watching and I said, Yes. And asked if there was anything else I would like, Then I replied, Surprise me. Well the lady told her assistant to hold the camera for her and still keep shooting. I heard some moving around and felt myself being pushed back to lay down on the floor and the lady’s hands running up my thighs and spreading them and I could feel her breath on my legs as her mouth got closer and then felt her tongue licking up my legs. I gasped as she got closer to my pussy and then I grabbed her head and pulled her in. The lady spread my legs wide as she began to lick my pussy making me wet and sigh at the feeling of her wet tongue going in and out as she slid her finger deep into my now escort alanya wet hole and sucked my clit hard. I began to push my hips into her face as he sucked me hard and slid in one finger after another until she was just about to slide her whole hand inside stretching me out. I grabbed her hand at the wrist and pulled her into me. The feeling of it I started to breath deeper as she kept licking my pussy. The lady knew that I was going to cum and kept on thrusting it in. I moaned loud as I came all over her hand shaking from the intensity. After I was done I told the lady, Now it’s your turn. The lady climbed on top of me and straddled my face as I pushed my face between her legs and started eating her pussy like and a****l. The lady pulled my face hard into her as I licked and sucked and wrapped my arms around her legs and kept on eating. It didn’t take long for her to cum as I licked all the juices from her while she rode my face. The lady got up and said, One more thing and had me kneel down. I asked, One more thing? While I sat there with my face all wet with her pussy cum. The lady rearrange my blindfold and said, Yes, Just one more thing. I just sat there waiting and felt something brush against my lips. I immediately knew that it was the young guys dick and opened my mouth. It wasn’t too big as it was getting harder as I took it into my mouth and started alanya escort bayan sucking till it got nice and hard. The guy moaned as I asked, Does that feel good? The guys said, Yes. Then I went back to sucking it. I put her hands on his ass and said, If you like that, wait till you feel this. and pulled him into my face as I drove his cock deep into my mouth and stuck out my tongue and slid his cock down my throat. Then I tightened my lips around the base of his cock and sucked it deep working my tounge all under it. The guy said, OMG your good. I just smiled and said, I practice with dildoes and slammed my face down on it again. He grabbed my head and started face fucking me as I gasped for air with each thrust down my throat and said, Fuck my Face! He slid it in and out of my wet dripping mouth and as I was sucking the lady slid under between my legs and started licking my pussy again. I was loving that I was getting service in both holes. The lady’s arms wrapped around my legs sucking and eating feverishly as the guy pumped my throat. I was loving it and just then I could tell the guy was about to explode and took a deep breath and drove his cock down my throat as he began to cum and I could feel his cock pulsate with every shot of cum being unloaded. The thought of a strangers load in me got me to cum again all over the lady’s face grinding my pussy into her mouth as she licked me clean. When we were all done breathing hard and sweaty. I asked for the pictures and they said they got it on video as well. I said Great. My Husband will Love it! And he DID! I hope you enjoyed this and it made you cum lots.

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