Rivkah accounts of her adult theater humiliation


Rivkah accounts of her adult theater humiliationI met him in town and he nodded in the direction I should be walking and we started down the road. I always feel my free will and decision making skills start to evaporate around him, like my whole being just wants to do what it’s told..He looked at me intently at the intersection before finally saying ‘You should be touching my cock by now’. I immediately stood in front of him facing away and brought my hand up behind me. I could feel the hardness of his cock through his shorts and I took a deep breath.. I do so love his cock!He led me to a staircase leading downwards a few flights. He made me walk in front and I had no idea where I was going, until I was at the door of a sex shop.‘Well, go in!’ He said and I walked in to the shop, a little embarrassed and unsure what to do. I walked along the display of vibrators and dildos while he went to the counter.‘Let’s go. Quickly!’ I hurried over to where he was standing pulling back a curtain. Oh, this was the movie theater he wanted to take me to. A couple of men sat dotted around the cinema intently watching some ass play between two hot lesbians on the theater screen.I was directed bolu escort to a row of chairs and we sat down. ‘There’s a rule I’ve given you previously you should be following,’ as he reached into my shirt. He quickly located my nipple, pinching it slightly and pulling my DD breast out into the open.I am to always have one of my tits on display for him. One tit out looks slightly ridiculous rather than sexy, adding to my humiliation.I felt self conscious, it was so white it seemed to glow in the reflection of the porn movie on the screen. I shrank down in my seat, but he guided my shoulders back so I remained on display. Some patrons came through a front entrance and I instinctively covered up.‘What are you doing?’ He looked at me disapprovingly. ‘These belong to me, and you are not to cover them without my say so. We’ll take this away,’ as he knocked my hand away from my nipple, giving it a good pinch for good measure, ‘and you will sit up and display yourself correctly like the whore you are.’He smiled at my obvious discomfort, and continued to manipulate my exposed meat. ‘Very good.’He had removed his cock from his pants and directed me to gently touch it. Just gently, escort bolu no rubbing. More patrons entered and I was made to remain this way, cock in hand and heavy white hanging tit on display‘Time to get on your knees.’ I looked at him and could see there was no discussion. I slid off my seat on to the dirty floor below us. With a firm handful of the hair at the back of my head he made me look up at him. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as I have been trained to. He smiled and pushed my head gently down towards his hardening cock. ‘Don’t suck, just keep your slutty mouth open.’He proceeded to guide my mouth over his slightly erect cock. As he pushed me further and further down, As it entered my mouth and moved to my throat, it was becoming harder. He was holding my face down while his cock grew down my throat. I started to buck as the oxygen supplies dwindled, he just held me down former.I was finally pulled free, with me ropes of drool and spit hanging from my ruined face. He rubbed his cock through the slime smgdeposited all over my face before ramming it deeper into his throat again.I don’t know how long he used my mouth as a masturbation tool, I just bolu escort bayan continued to look up at him from my position on the floor. On occasion when he pulled my head High enough, I caught glimpses of other movie goers not watching the movie, but my role as a cocksleeve.Oh God, I love that evil intense look in his eyes as he controls my head, making me take more and more of his cock, quite obviously enjoying watching me gag, choke and splutter while trying to be obedient and maintain eye contact!He leans forward and whispers in my ear.. ‘get ready…’He tightens the grip on my hair and rams my face down, pushing the back of my head so his cock is right in my throat. There is a slight pause and then… he is cumming and cumming, and I’m bucking because all I can feel is cum and I can’t breathe so I’m gulping and swallowing and slurping to get to the end of his hot load so I can inhale again!He releases me and I pull back enough to finally take a breath, but keep his cock in my mouth, I know I’m never to miss one drop he gives me…I turn my head to the side slightly to look up st him, to see if I have pleased him. He pats my head and smiles slightly and I feel a shiver of happiness..On my knees, on a filthy floor in a sex cinema, my hair a mess and cum and drool already drying on my lips and chin suckling on his post cum cock, being patted like a puppy. So Happy. Why wouldn’t I be? He smiled at me.

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