Last Nights Class


Last Nights ClassI gotta tell you all about last night. Start with a quick back ground. My wife and I have been married for 5 years now. Both of us come from prior marriages and when we first met one thing we found out early is we both had sexual appetites that were pretty intense. We experimented with everything from MMF, FMF, Orgies, Gangbang, BDSM pretty much tried everything we have always thought about or what our exes always said was too much or weird. Well our weirdness was our glue. It is so awesome to have a relationship in which your wife will be sitting on the couch and say “babe, I’m craving pussy.” No jealousy and no anger and no embarrassment it is quite amazing. Now with that out of the way lets get into last night. For the past 3 months we have really been into BDSM rope play. My wife Shauna has always enjoyed seeing that type of video and we took a class where it taught is what type of ropes to use, how to tie release knots etc. As we have started to get better in knots and wraps we talked and said lets make some money and teach a class. I reached out to a few of our friends and asked if they’d ever want to learn this and in a controlled environment. It was surprising, out of the 10 we called we got 7 yes and 5 who actually paid for the course. So the first initial class was to be held with 5 couples. I went to local big box lumber store, bought the rope and while i was there I bought some lumber and a couple parts to build my own tower in which I could suspend a girl. Night of the class each couple arrived they moved to their area of the floor with me and Shauna in the middle of the group. We were going to demonstrate the wraps and knots and then each couple would demonstrate, I could help as needed. The girls had to be topless because we would be wrapping the tits and the wraps went around the chest, especially in suspension play. The only option they had is if they wanted to keep their panties on. Shauna went full naked, she gets turned on being nude and for great reason. She is a very attractive 5’8, 145lbs with long brown hair with amazing 32DD tits, those alone will make any cock stand at attention. As she stripped down 3 of the others fully stripped only two of 5 stayed in panties. All the women in the class looked amazing and they all had gorgeous tits.1 girl out of the 5 had real breasts and those are the best during rope play so I was excited to see hers later in the night. A few of the guys took their shirts off just because it was getting a little warm in the room, not from heat but from sexual tension and lust rising. With everyone getting comfortable it was time to begin. I started, standing behind Shauna and wrapping her chest and with the wraps her tits starting zonguldak escort to become more emphasized. The guys didnt give a shit about the ropes their eyes were glued on her huge tits sticking out more and more. I even noticed some of the girls eye fucking her. Shauna then laid face down on the mat, the rope went down the middle of her back and then to each thigh wrapping them. She then kicked her legs towards her butt and i connected her ankles to her thighs. Then she brought her elbows back which thrusted her chest forward her nipples rock hard and then I wrapped her elbows and last, in the center of the back connected it all and made the loops allowing for the D-ring to connect to the lift rope. As i hoisted my wife off the ground i suspended her at around 30 inches right at waist height.As i walked around her showing where the weight was located we did a quick QA and she said the only problem is it was hard to keep her head up to talk to us all. To fix that I showed everyone what an anal hook looks like. I tied a rope to the end and lubed the little ball on the end. I slid the ball into Shaunas tight ass and took a hand full of her hair and pulled her head back so she was looking up. I then tied the rope around her hair and this now had her head fully pulled back. There my wife is slowly spinning her head pulled back, tits sticking out and legs spread with a direct view of her pussy with an anal hook stuck in her ass. As i looked around at the 5 couples you could see the guys with hard-ons. 2 of the girls in the group had their nipples fully hard sticking out from their shirts. I know Shauna saw it as well which i knew was making her even more turned on. I invited everyone to come up and to feel the knots and ask questions. 5 men and 5 women were rubbing their hands on Shauna. Yes, they were feeling the ropes asking if it was comfortable but everyone was rubbing on her, hands were rubbing her breast it was Becky who finally asked “Shauna does this turn you on?” “Fuck yes”, she said, the group laughing. “It’s intense because I cant do shit about it”, she said. With that Becky ran a couple fingers up her pussy, she pulled her fingers back and they were soaking wet. “WOW”, Becky proclaimed showing the group. I now saw guys grabbing at their cocks, adjusting in their shorts. Shoot even I had to adjust i was rock hard seeing this. Now the entire group took that as an invitation to feel my wife’s wet pussy. Guys were dipping fingers in, girls rubbing her lips up and down her slit. Shauna was shuttering with every touch. Finally Becky said this is torture for her she spun Shauna so her pussy was in front of her and went to her knees and started licking her pussy. I said “Becky Stop!” escort zonguldak which surprised everyone. I then pulled the rope lifting Shauna to perfect height so Becky didnt have to squat down. Everyone laughed and Becky went back to licking. Shauna’s first orgasm was so fast. Becky stopped licking her and as she pulled back Shauna was spun to her husband Dave and Dave started licking. Every girl in the group and 3 guys all licked her. Shauna had 3 orgasms just from that. What was hot were 2 of the guys and I had our cocks out slowly stroking watching. Becky, and two of the other girls had their tops off and were pulling at their nipples. Becky and Jessica had their hands down their pants watching. “Fuck this is hot” Dave mentioned I never knew how much of a turn on it would be. “Wait until its Becky”, I said and we chuckled. “But you gotta see the best part”, I said while lowering Shauna waist height. Daves cock at full attention and i simply spun Shaunas face perfectly aligned. “Perfect height”, I said. With that said Dave stuck his cock into Shaunas mouth. Shaunas lips wrapped around his cock and the amount of precum Dave had dripping from his cock caused Shana to drool as he slowly fucked her face. Becky stood by Dave holding the base of his cock and rubbing the back of Shaunas head. Jessica had her hand on her husbands cock and was jerking him off as he was rubbing her ass. Another girl was rubbing her pussy watching. I was stroking my cock when Becky quit rubbing Shaunas head and reached over and grabbed my cock. One hand on the base of her husbands cock one hand on mine. I looked over and Jessica was whispering in Marks ear they started laughing and Mark stepped out of his short and walked in between Shaunas spread legs. Jessica guided his cock into her wet pussy. My wife was now being spit roasted and moaning like crazy. Jessica was kissing her husband why he fucked Shaunas pussy, hard. As i saw Mark enter my wife my cock throbbed and Becky who was holding it said “someone’s turned on” looking up at me smiling. “How you liking it Dave?” I asked. “Fucking amazing I’ve never had a blow job with no hands used, missing the friction”, he proclaimed. “I’d grab it harder but i have my hands full babe”, Becky said laughing. “I’ll fix that”, I said why i pulled Becky’s yoga pants off her pussy was dripping wet. I then pushed Becky forward and slid my cock in one thrust into her pussy. Becky then hand both hands on her husbands cock her hands covered in my wife’s saliva and Dave instantly proclaimed “Fuck Yeah better, grip it tight babe”, he said. As I was fucking Becky, Dave was still pumping my wife’s mouth and Jason took Marks place and was now fucking my wife. Every couple zonguldak escort bayan in the room was either masturbating, fucking, or orally pleasing each other. As i was pumping Becky and looking at one of the couples whose wife was blowing her husband i heard Dave start grunting “right there, right there” he gasped as he shot his cum into my wife’s mouth. she was spitting it out as quick as he was cumming. Hist last couple shots were across her cheek as he pulled his cock out. Becky turned his cock to her mouth and sucked the last bit of cum form the tip. Shauna could now gasp as i saw Jason grab the ropes and really fuck my wife hard, his grunts and shouts of pleasure as he shot a load in my wife’s pussy. As Mark pulled his cock out of Shaunas fucked pussy his Melissa went down and started licking it, cleaning shauna’s pussy of her husbands load. Becky and Shauna were kissing and playing in the saliva and Daves cum. Shauna then started being pumped again as Robert started fucking her. Roberts wife crystal was eating Jessicas pussy. Mark and Dave both sat by each other at the side of room their cocks going limp after dumping loads into my wife. That is when Jayda guided her husband Brians cock into Shaunas mouth. “Excuse me ladies”, she said laughing. Brian slide his cock into Shaunas mouth and I grabbed Beckys hips and picked up my pace my cock getting harder i was going to cum. “No you dont!”, Becky said spinning around and dropping to her knees. “Dave came in her mouth you can cum in mine”, she said taking my cock into her mouth. Jayda was telling her husband “fuck her face!” “you’ve always wanted to do it”, she grabbed his ass and pushed it. He started bucking and gagging as he picked up his pace. The wet sloppy sound her pushing spit out the side of her mouth she was covered in saliva and dried cum, splattered on her tits, her shoulders everywhere. “Fuck”, Robert proclaimed “Make her Gag again, it makes her pussy tighten”. Brian thrust and Shauna gagged her butt arching up and Robert shouting “hell yea, I’m going to cum”, he shouted and like a team Brian fucked my wifes mouth making her gag as Robert shot a massive load into Shaunas pussy. With that i filled Beckys mouth full of cum and she swallowed the entire load. Brian kept pumping fucking her face hard and finally shooting his load into Shaunas mouth. I dont know why but Shauna swallowed the entire load, she really isn’t a swallower but she has never been face fucked like that before. I could go on and on as how every guy came in my wife’s pussy. In the end I think it was a total of 7 loads shot into her wet pussy. She has NEVER had that many cocks cum in her pussy. She took 3 in her mouth and when it was said and done Becky and Dave were last to go. They helped me get her down and when Shauna stood cum gushed from her used pussy dripping down her leg. she went and showered and got a drink and while she was in there we started tying up Becky, she wanted to see how it felt. That is Part 2…

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