PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 5 – 6CHAPTER 5: THE COMPETITIONThe competition consisted of various elements including hand-to-hand with no weapons. It was agreed within the Unit that I was not to participate in the hand-to-hand without weapons. I had instructed my Unit in the ways of our martial arts moves to surprise the competition at the end as much as they instructed me on their ways. In the end we had developed a nice combination of brute force and agile aggression. Our final approach to the competition was such a unique approach that I am sure nobody witnessed before in their race.The day of the competition came with much fanfare and celebration. It was to be held in an auditorium I didn’t even know existed on the ship. I wondered just how big this thing was. And if this was a recon ship, how big were the battle ships?The competition consists of the four members competing one-on-one with various mock weapons or hand-to-hand without weapons. The Unit Leaders did not participate and acted as coach and strategy during the competition determining who would compete in which event partially dependent on the event and also on whom the opponent was. Each Unit states their competitor first and the other can react to that. They each then get the same option to adjust the competitor.It was strategized that I would compete in the lance event. With my light weight lance and training against the entire Unit I had achieved proficiency in deflecting the most powerful blows and found techniques to bring down the biggest in our Unit. The others were selected based on their skills. Sinar was more than competent in several events and would be a wild card in the competition.In the first event Tobar lost. That was a surprise as it was an event and weapon he was very proficient at. That appeared to be the problem. He was overly confident and got surprised when his opponent accidently made contact that sent him off balance. His opponent took advantage of his awkward move and put Tobar into a submission position that he could not avoid. In all competition and warfare there is always an element of fortune or luck however you want to term it. In this case an awkward, clumsy move by his opponent turned into a winning move. I was next in the lance competition. There was a buzz throughout the auditorium as we both walked out to the center. He was a massive b**st even by their standards. I was like a c***d in comparison. If my lance was reduced in size for my smaller stature, his was increased in size. Otton had warned me that he may be the opponent for these very reasons. The intimidation factor alone gave him an advantage over most of his opponents. Knowing that the single greatest weakness the Predators race has is their overconfidence in their size and power I entered the arena walking casually, my lance carried loosely over my right shoulder, head high, looking around the auditorium, the floor, my own Unit and even his Unit, but totally ignoring him as though I could care less. When I stopped near the center, I rolled my neck and stretched my back muscles and looked casually over my shoulder at him and smiled. That isn’t an obvious expression on their faces but on mine it was clearly a change in expression and did not reflect that I was at all intimidated. I glanced at Otton and he nodded. Like I said, if he smiled, I still cannot tell. When I finally turned to my opponent, I did so with a twirling of my lance and planting it onto the floor at my side with a resounding clang. I had everyone’s attention and took away any attempt of his at establishing intimidation by merely ignoring him and showing him no consideration. This had the desired effect. He was outraged. He didn’t care that this human was revered by the people. He thought of me as puny and weak, certainly not worthy of being in a warrior unit of their race.The Unit flags balıkesir escort were raised indicating the combatant to get ready for the signal to start. I remained in my casual position, feet apart, left hand on my hip, right hand on my lance which was planted on the floor at my side. For this competition I had pulled my long hair into a pony tail rather than braided which is normal for the people. This was also a deliberate attempt to show my difference to him and appear even less of a threat. But my casual, confident, and dismissive attitude was a total contradiction to everything else he otherwise saw. When the horn blew, I still didn’t move or react. He started moving but stopped. He was puzzled by my lack of readiness. Then he probably decided this was his chance for a quick win and charged at full speed and power and pulled back his lance for a blow that would send me into the next star system when he made contact. That was his plan. Mine was to not let him make contact, at least not direct contact. As he charged, I remained as though frozen and the entire auditorium went into a frenzy that I was about to be destroyed.When he was nearly within striking distance, I raised my lance in a defensive position and took several awkward steps backward. This further fueled his confidence and was now blindly charging. As he started his swing, I braced my back leg, thrust my body forward and angled my lance to divert his to the side and him with it. Not meeting with direct resistance, he would lose balance and be propelled to the side. As his lance made contact, even a glancing blow was a tremendous force but I was properly balanced and positioned. His lance sc****d down mine and went off to the side and down. I quickly spun around and bringing my lance after him and struck him on his Achilles heel. He visibly limped as a result of the contact and sent him further out of control. I was instantly in pursuit and just as quickly brought my lance to the front of his ankle with as much force as I could muster and brought him down. When he went to roll over to scramble up, he saw me poised and my lance went into his neck in front pushing him back down. A clean kill if it was a battle lance. The horn sounded again signifying the end of the match and my Unit’s flag was raised as the victor.As I turned to return to my Unit, I looked again over my shoulder and gave my opponent another smile. These people thrive on intimidation and submission of their opponents. But, coming from me was perhaps too much. He rolled to his feet and charged me, knocking me to the ground with my lance flying away. I managed to roll and avoid him getting on top. As I sprang to me feet, he was about to make contact, again, so I dropped straight to the floor and let him fly over me. Reacting only on instinct at this point because I did not belong in a hand-to-hand fight with this brute, I was on his back as he was getting to his feet. I wrapped my legs around him, locked my ankles and put my left arm around his neck, the elbow right on his neck putting pressure on both sides and using my right arm pulled back with all my strength. I then pressed my head against his back so he couldn’t reach me. My grip around his neck couldn’t be broken. He tried separating my legs but he could do that either. I couldn’t hold on this tight forever but he didn’t know how long I could and he was not getting enough air into his system. He started beating on my legs to cause me to break my lock on him but I refused. This was quite possibly a real life and death situation. I had no idea if he would stop before killing me. So, I held on with everything I had as he beat on my legs. His blows weakened. He dropped to his knees but I still held on with everything I still had which was weakening. Finally, he dropped face first into the floor but I still escort balıkesir held on. My total focus was to not let him up, it could mean my life. Then there were hands grabbing at me and pulling me away but I clawed to hold my grip. I was outraged and wild that I was attacked in a competition. When I was pulled free, it was my Unit and they had me surrounded. Medical personnel were attending to the other. His Unit was still on the side. They slowly got him conscious and helped him off the floor and out of the auditorium.The medical personnel wanted to attend to me, also. But I refused. I looked at the judges and said, “NO! I stay with my Unit until the competition is complete.” A hush went over the auditorium. Then people started standing and raising one arm in salute. Quietly. As I turned around looking throughout the auditorium, everyone appeared to be on their feet with an arm raised. When I got back to the judges, they were doing the same. I looked down to floor level and saw that the other Unit was standing in rigid attention with their arm raised. I could feel the adrenaline leaving my body with the calm. Then Sinar brought our attention to the opposing Unit’s Leader in discussion with the judges and there was now a buzz back in the auditorium as they waited for something to happen next. The next thing that happened was the horn blowing and our Unit’s flag rose. The announcement stated that the other Unit had forfeited in light of the flagrant misconduct and rules violation. Before I could savor the feeling of victory, I was on the floor u*********s. The adrenaline being used up, my body gave up.CHAPTER 6: SHIPWIDE ACCEPTANCEWhen I came to, I was once again confused. These dreams were outrageous! Then my eyes focused and it all came crashing back. This was not a dream. A nightmare at times but it was real. I looked around the room I was in and saw that I was again in the medical unit in the same room and bed as the first time. There must have been a monitor because I no sooner started moving when the door slid open and in walked Danna and behind her my entire Unit. I wouldn’t have believed that all five could fit into that small room but they managed and still left Danna enough room to attend to me.“They wouldn’t take no for an answer, Alexa. I tried to keep them away until you were ready. They have all been here since they brought you in from the auditorium.”“When was that?”“Yesterday. They wouldn’t leave.” She looked at Otton and the others and said, “They have been underfoot the entire time. You’d think they never saw anyone hurt before.”I looked at each of them and smiled, “Thank you. I appreciate the concern but Danna and her staff are quite capable of caring for me.” I then looked to Danna, “So, will I live? What kind of damage was caused?”“Oh, you’re fine. You’ll be sore. I used the cream on your bruises especially your legs but the beating you took was extensive. You’ll need several more applications of the cream so I will give you another jar before you leave.” She turned and looked at my Unit mates and back to me, “If you need any help applying the cream, please just see any of us here. Some bruises might be hard for you to reach, especially with how sore your muscles will be.”“Thank you, doctor, for the kind offer. I think maybe I can manage with the available options.” And I smiled my biggest smile. “So, when can I leave? I am really hungry all of the sudden.”“Any time. We were just waiting for your body to let you.”I went to swing my legs off the bed and I hurt. But I wanted to get on with life, so with assistance from Danna and Actab, I was on my feet and hugged each of the five in turn. We left the medical unit and were into the main corridor in short order, me moving slower. As we walked, I noticed people stopping and watching, pointing and talking to whoever was balıkesir escort bayan close. I stopped where we were and asked nobody in particular, “What’s going on? Why all the attention?”Before anyone answered, the people raised their arms, again. After a moment people tentatively came to me and touched me and moved on. My Unit mates were pushed to the side with all the people coming forward and gently touching me, my shoulder, arms, some even lightly stroking my cheek (I know my face is a unique curiosity to them). As those people filter away, I turn to my mates and ask, “What was that all about?”Otton, “The people have now seen you act like a warrior with extreme bravery and skill numerous times. Including the other day at the competition. People continue to speak about the way you handled yourself in the lance combat competition. The unique skills and technique you use with proficiency. We, of course, had witnessed those skills during training and were only surprised by the quick and decisive manner of your win. What you didn’t have time to recognize is that your win in that event was the fastest in the history of the competition. Fastest recorded in any competition, held anywhere in our system. And, your opponent was not an easy opponent. He was very skilled with the lance. But, as you anticipated and planned for, he was supremely over-confident. The added impression for the people was what happened after you won. Everyone was shocked and outraged that you were then attacked from behind. Everyone, including us, believed you were going to be killed. One-on-one with him would have been a difficult fight for any of us, but at your size it would be murder. But, before any of us could react to your aid you had him on the ground and then in a choke hold. The beating he put on your legs to release them was horrific. The crowd actually gasped while watching. That you didn’t give up and clung to the hold and subdued him was impressive beyond anyone’s thoughts. It literally took three of us to pull you off of him and the fourth took a defensive position just in case. That is what people saw. Your determination, our solidarity around you. Then, when you refused to leave the arena, thinking the competition would continue, that you wanted to provide support to your Unit for the next events despite your injuries, the people were speechless. The solidarity of our Unit.”“So, what is this touching about?”“Superstition. By touching you they may somehow receive some of your strength. Remember, they also see you as caring. You have been gentle with others and the young. You are difficult for them to understand.”We made our way to the mess hall. Along the way people reacted similarly.Otton, “This will die out with time. But their admiration won’t. Even our Leader has expressed his support to our Unit as a result.”“I have heard about your Leader. Why haven’t I ever seen him?”“You have. He was one of the armory when they brought your new lance. He knew you wouldn’t know him and he wanted to see for himself this human who was joining one of his Units. You impressed him greatly with your request and the way you made them feel about the work the armory had completed.”After the meal they went back to their barracks. I was still limping and people were still touching me. Once in the barracks I stood near my bed. I undid the fastenings of the clothes and stood once more naked in front of them. I looked down at my body and was shocked. I heard a gasp from several of my mates. Much of my body was black and blue. No wonder I hurt. I said, “Oh my god. Look what he did.”One of them took my hand and led me to the center where there was room. Someone brought the old jar of cream. With two jars of the healing, soothing cream, they spread my legs and raised my arms out straight and very gently started applying the cream to my body. This time it was very gentle. This time they stayed dressed and were not trying to stimulate me. After rubbing the cream into every inch of my body, I was led to my bed and placed onto it. I was asleep in moments.* * * Part 7 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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