Out of Retirement and back on the Game…


Out of Retirement and back on the Game…Well, I had a brief hiatus toward the end of last year when I decided that I was giving up the escorting and finally settling down. I moved town and decided that a new town meant a new ‘respectable’ life. That didn’t last long.I realised that even though I no longer need the money I was missing the action, the thrill of the chase as it were.So, I started looking for where the action is in Surrey. There are a several different ways of doing this of course, there are the agencies, the massage parlours, flying solo (ads on the net and the like), street-walking (if you really want to do that kind of thing) and links to London and the adult film studios. I decided on a two-prong approach – find the right agency and also look for film work (more later)I tried a few agencies and settled on one run by a lady named Babs that covers Croydon and South London. Babs and I got on like a house on fire and she said that a) I had the right bodrum escort attitude (couples as well as singles), b) I was a really ‘sexy’ mature still with curves in all the right places, c) I could work day times as well as evenings d) punters of all ages would keep cumming back because I allow ‘all holes’ to be used (if not too crude). I would also go with 2 guys at a time…this would Buprovide one of my most painful experiences, sexually, to date.The two guys were both in their thirties and reasonably good looking. They loved going with older women they said an loved ‘sharing’ one when they were away from home. No problem said I, thinking this was going to be an easy 2 hours work. Instead I was made to earn my money…Anyway, after we had all stripped off, I started sucking the cock of one of the guys, before moving my head to the other who was waiting patiently alongside. As I sucked one cock, I wanked the other. Eventually, it became obvious escort bodrum that they were ready for sex. One lay against the pillows on the bed and I crawled on and positioned myself so that I could suck his cock. As I was doing this his mate was parting my legs and fucking me doggy fashion from behind. After a while he and his friend would swap places and so we’d begin again. Eventually, both shot their first load each of them unloading over my tits. LovelyBut as I said earlier, I was booked for a couple of hours and these boys weren’t finished. After we had rested a while and cleaned up a little we went back in to action. Each of them took turns to fuck me almost missionary style while the other watched on eagerly.After a while they changed tack and again one was on the bed with me giving head while the other fucked me doggy. As part of conversations during our ‘break’ they had double-checked as to whether or not I did Anal. Yes, I said. They were bodrum escort bayan now going to test this out big time.As I lay face down on the bed the guy whose cock I had been sucking ease himself away from and walked round the bed and, as his friend was banging my pussy, climbed on the bed, raised my backside up and slid his cock into my arse. I groaned out load as he was a big lad if you get my drift.He banged me that way until he came, then his friend who, by now had stopped shagging me, also fucked me anally.At one time I had a cock in my pussy and anus at the same time. That had never happened to me before.We took another breather after that before a short session with each of the boys as they wanted to taste my pussy.We then showered together, got dressed, and I left and staggered to my car. I had been ‘well fucked’.I called Babs before I left for home.She asked how it had gone. I told her enough of the details to make her wince and for me to say that I wasn’t available for the rest of that day – I needed to rest!After she had stopped laughing she said that she had just received a text from the guys telling her what a great fuck I was.See I told you that you would do well.I’ll cal you tomorrow….

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