Nice Gay Surprise


Nice Gay SurpriseI had been trying to hook up with guys behind my gf’s for a while with no luck. So many flakes right and left. I almost gave up but luckily I gave it one last go and I found myself a guy that seemed to be just as desperate as I was. We messaged eachother back and forth for about a week as we sent eachother pics here and there. He had a nice smooth round ass that got me rock hard just upon seeing it. He too liked the head of my cock saying he wanted to suck it as we both agreed that we wanted to meet up, and that we wanted eachother. Just as we were going to put the final stamp on our conversation he ended up sending me one last pic, this time it showed his face. I was shocked as I sat there looking at it. There he was , his ass arched back as he looked at the camera. It turned out that I knew just who he was. He was a guy whom I had gone to school together. I hadn’t seen him in years. I was even friends with him on another social media platform but I didn’t talk to him much. He had recently came out as being gay but I had no idea he was such a slut. I thought about what to say to him or how to go on with it. My hand still holding onto my rock hard cock as I froze. Should I tell him who I was? should I wait to meet him? I really didn’t want things to get awkward so I went ahead and just told him who I was. I messaged him back saying his name which freaked him out a bit and then I told him who I was. It seemed like forever waiting for his response. Finally , a notification as I looked and he seemed to almost shut down everything we had talked about. I went ahead and told him we should catch up , we didn’t have to do anything.. we should just hang out and see where it goes to which he agreed. Just like that, I ended up at his place as we were there talking and laughing, drinking burdur escort and having a good time. We ended up sitting across eachother in his living room while we chatted. After about 30 minutes of talking we knew what we both wanted. He ended up coming over as he sat by me. “Are you sure you really want to do this?” he asked looking right at me. I smiled and nodded, “We could try.. at least once?” I said being optimistic. He smiled and said okay as he put down his drink and reached over to grab mine. I gave it to him as he placed it on the table next to his and he quickly placed his hand on my cock, feeling me and finding out that I had been hard this whole time. “Ohh… you bad boy….” he said as he leaned into me. With a little drinking it eased the atmosphere and everything just felt like it was flowing nicely. It didn’t even feel weird anymore as he ended up pulling out my cock and stroking me as we made out. “Oh my god you’re so fucking hard…” he said breathing heavily as I continued to kiss his neck while he looked down at my cock. “Suck it… suck my cock….” I told him as he went ahead and leaned down to my crotch, his lips wrapped around my cock as he started to suck me. His wet mouth and lips sliding up and down on me as he worked it so good. He licked the head of my cock with his tongue repeatedly and then went on moaning and sucking my cock before coming back up to me to kiss me. “That cock tastes so fucking good… I can’t believe im actually sucking your cock right now..” he said smiling as I smiled back and kissed him. He went back to suck my cock some more before it got too hot and he anxiously got up and stripped off his pants, leaving nothing on except his shirt. He ended up getting on the couch on his knees, arching his ass and waiting for me as I stood up escort burdur stroking my cock behind him. “fuck.. you look so good… shake that ass for me. let me see….” I told him as he started thrusting his hips and making his ass bounce for me. I was so horny I dropped to my knees and shoved my face in his ass, spreading his ass cheeks as I found myself licking his tight hole. He let out hot loud moans as he felt my tongue digging into his asshole, looking back and seeing me so deep in him as he reached back grabbing my head and keeping me there. “Oh fuck yes! Eat my ass! eat my ass before you fuck it!!! yes!!” he let out. I went on eating him , licking him up and down as I came up biting and kissing his smooth ass cheeks. “Fuck me…. Fuck me now…. I’m ready… I want it….” he said as I stood behind him, upclose with my cock. I went on and pushed my head against his tight asshole, thrusting slowly, once , twice, and then eventually I got inside of him. He let out another loud moan as he felt my cock inside of him. His tight ass wrapped around my cock as I pushed down on him, hands on his hips now as I started thrusting. Both of us moaning together as we fucked. Looking at eachother time after time as I continued to pound him. Looking down at my cock sliding in and out of his ass, seeing his round smooth ass, it all looked so good. He reached back and grabbed me as he sat up, looking back at me as I had my face right net to his and we started kissing and fucking. My hands came up and ran all over his hot smooth body as he stroked his own cock. His tongue sliding in and out of my mouth as I went on sucking his tongue when I can and moaning. “Oh fuck… fuck that tight ass… does that ass feel good ? You like that tight ass?” he asked. “it’s so good… oh my god its so good… burdur escort bayan fuck it’s so good…” I replied. “watch me… watch me do it…” he said as he leaned back forward, placing his hands on the couch and arching his ass. I took my hands off of him as I watched him fucking himself, shaking that ass all over my cock twerking with me inside of him and then sliding his ass back and forth on my cock. Slamming that ass back against me over and over as I let out loud moans watching him. “Oh fuck! Fuck that looks so good! oh my god!!!” I let out. I went ahead and grabbed him again not being able to contain myself as I started to pound him again. My cock and balls slamming into him as he grabbed his cock and started stroking his cock knowing this was the time to cum. “That’s it! yes! fuck me! Fuck my ass! fuck me!! oh you’re going to make me cum like that! fuck yes!!” He stroked his cock just as fast as I was pounding him and moments later he ended up shooting his big load all over his couch. He let out such loud intense moans, his ass clenching up on my cock I had to stop fuckin him as I held onto him, watching him cum. Both of us moaning as I kissed his neck and held onto his body. “That’s it! fuck yeah! cum for me! make that cock cum… fuck that’s so good..” I said into his ear. He looked back and gave me a hot wet kiss before he got back down and I pounded him hard, only lasting seconds before I had to pull out and shoot my load all over his hot gay ass. I stood there looking at my cock in my hand, seeing all my cum, shot all over his ass as he looked back at me smiling. He then got up and we made out before we went on into the bathroom and helped wipe eachother off. Once clean I got up to leave as we said our goodbyes. I didn’t think much of it, as all I knew was that it was a really good fuck. I did wonder if I would see him again but I got my answer when I got home as he sent me a pic of him in the shower with his ass spread open asking me if I wanted to fuck him again tomorrow, in which I of course said yes.

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