504 IAN THE HOLIDAY Part 8504 IAN THE HOLIDAY Part 8It was an hour later over coffee and a sandwich, the four were sat having come down and collected their thoughts, the rain still splattered the windows, and the world outside seemed to be a collection of assorted greys.May said, “Well now you’ve seen my fantasy set, go on, tell me what a complete whore I am and how your disgusted at me…!” Wendy looked up at May and she said, “Well, it was your fantasy most folk never get that privilege, you were lucky with Ian, most men would have run a mile, for me you are not a whore, and you needed to live it!”Jim agreed and asked, “if she still had that need for pain?” and she grinned at him asking “why, do you want to try giving it?” Blushing like a tomato, he stammered “well…” his mother laughed, “look lad, here we can say and do what we normally can`t at home, its freedoms-ville here, if you have a fantasy, well just say so, I am like May, her equal, and we are here for us women`s and both yours, and Ian`s pleasures. Here I am not your mother, we are all sexual equals ok… oh and if May doesn’t want some more pain, I think I do, I know you thought that film was exciting, I could see it in your face, and I felt your dick and that does not lie and after seeing that film, I want at least the wax treatment and I want to be used, oh not as much, but oh and I want to try both that sandwich and that whip before we go home so think on, as May said…anything with anyone anytime! ” The stunned silence lasted a few moments, so she added, “Though don’t think May and I are going to be the only recipients, if you can give… you both can receive too!” that was greeted by May with a wide smile. Ian had said nothing till then but he now chipped in with a comment saying that “He felt he owed May that at least as he had so enjoyed watching her pain, and felt guilty, especially as each time he saw the film it turned him on like never before!” she laughed and said, “I saw your face when Lenny dripped that wax on you and thought you would enjoy it a lot more than you imagined!” Jim however thanked his mother then shrugged and said he was, “here to learn and enjoy himself, and that adana escort he hoped he could keep it up long enough…” which had them all laughing. Wendy asked about that collar, May, saying, “it was at home I kept it to remind me.” Wendy looked a little crestfallen so May said, “well we could buy you one in the town tomorrow, looks like we are going to need candles anyway!” grins all round greeted that, and Jim said, “he would look forward to it!” The question of what to do that day hovered over them, May saying that they needed to be mindful of their ages, and that they could ‘exhaust themselves, too soon’ and “not to peak too early,” but the consensus was to try something else as the mood was on them. Wendy suggested a sandwich, Jim saying, “they had just eaten,” but the collective groan awoke him to the possibilities, and he added, “Oh, one of that sort, but what about the spare lady,” The, two ladies exchanged glances, then Ian suggested the sybian, grins and a tossed coin had May settling herself on the inert machine, her wrists secured behind her, and feeling very full, before Ian laid himself on the floor allowing Wendy to straddling him. After switching on the new toy for May, the lad easing himself gently into the lubricated back passage of his mother, her face looked ecstatic, head tilted back to allow her to watch May absorb the deep seated vibrations that they had agreed would go on until their own tryst was fully finished. Gentle movements of both male hips soon had Wendy losing interest in her friends plight, both men moving independently within her body soon had her head shaking from side to side, her eyes rolling and her nipples as stiff as chapel hat-pegs. Her opposite number was fairing little better, the vibrations deep and slow were beginning relentlessly to fetch her to the boil, slowly oh so slowly, she approached her first climax, her nipples stiffening, then her breathing shortening before giving herself to the inevitable fantasy high, made more acceptable by watching her friend trapped between two lusty men and having an orgasm of major proportions. Before, after such a high, she had been able to stop, to rest, settle adana escort bayan and return to earth, occasionally a second high would ensue, if her partner was capable, but this time that damned machine mechanically kept up its attack, it churned on, her clitorise taking the brunt, thud, thud, thud regular and steady strokes, again her body reacted, then again, and again, thud, thud, thud, thud her head back now in one long groan of climatic joy such as she had not ever experienced, the vibrating rubber dick unlike a human, had neither wilted, nor spat its seed into her, it had just carried on its steady thrusting and vibrating, indifferent to her feelings or her needs, relentlessly thumping away at her. her heartbeat now pulsing in her ears, she knew she could not reach the switch…could she… it became a need, her knees were sore of carpet burns, her pelvis tightening, as the vibes ran through her once more, would it ever stop… Never had she felt like this, her eyes misting with tears as yet another climax rolled through her body, stop it, please stop it, her mind screamed, but the three were in a world of their own, husband Ian pinned down by two bodies, Wendy away with the fairies in her own world, in her own form of extasy, her son on her back, his tool embedded and jockeying with Ian`s thrusting lance, only separated by that thin wall of nerves, his hands gripping and clawing at her tits, though she was oblivious of all around her except what was going on in her lower body. It happened just at the moment Jim was filling his mother`s bowel, the feeling triggering the same reaction in his by now fast tiring mother and in Ian two bodies below. It was all too much. For May the pulses had proved beyond her limit, her mind suffering from overload, the world going dark she slumped forward, the weight of her body overbalancing the machine as she landed with a crash on the carpet, the now disengaged imitation cock still thumping the carpet with its regular hideous buzzing.The crash of Mays decent had Jim leaping from his prone situation and as he swung himself to his lovers aid, dragging the machines plug from the wall, his still dripping escort adana tool drooping floor-wise as his mother tore herself free of Ian, not it must be said a difficult feat in view of the lubricating secretions, and arising, goo dribbling from either orifice, to kneel beside her friend, rubbing her wrist-backs and making soothing noises to fetch her back from her frightening u*********sness. Ian too scrambling up in a concerned way to his returning wife`s aid. Jim being sent to make hot sweet restorative tea, as they helped the slowly reviving dazed woman to a seat.“that bloody machine needs to learn when enough is enough!” May raged, “And you lot were no help, you were in a world of your own!” she looked at Wendy, You missy will ride that sodding thing tomorrow till it gets you into that state and let`s see how you like it…!” the grins of the two men knowing May was back, took the heat from her temper, and she muttered “well, it needs supervision to use that bloody thing…” then she grinned, “Its bloody good but it don`t want underestimating!” The rest of the day passed gently, Wendy cooking a fine meal, and until bedtime by mutual unspoken consent, there was no sex, each one knowing they needed to rest. Though I suspect there was a lot of gentle loving in either room that night, for a change Ian sharing his own wife`s bed. The Tuesday sun awoke them all, outside the world was a brighter place, wearing costumes the went for a pre breakfast dip, the costumes feeling strange after the freedom of nudity, the water was refreshing and there being no-one in sight Ian demanded the costumes were taken off before they returned up the short pathway to the house, in honesty feeling very exposed!After breakfast, each dressing and camera in hand they set off to visit Llanfair-PG, and then Llanberis, buying tourist traps and riding the train then eating in the lake railway restaurant, before going over the road for a trip up Snowdon, before returning to Bangor. Here they shopped for bread, milk, those candles and a couple of dog collars, for two phantom dogs, which failed to convince the pet-shop owner, especially when the two women chose their own, checked them for size and had them engraved with their own names before leaving the bemused shop owner with two kisses, and a rampant… imagination.They drove home via a pub, where they partook of the foaming ale and a rather nice pub meal.

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