my wife’s secret – unfinished


my wife’s secret – unfinishedIt has always been my greatest fantasy to share my sexy gorgeous wife Mindy – had some time on my hands so decided to start writing that story – any help finishing it would be greatly appreciated – MorkI can’t believe my eyes! There on the screen in front of me is my shy but sexy wife Mindy moaning in ecstasy as she is being fucked by a hairy muscular guy. She is on her back in our big bed, her legs wrapped tightly around his body, her small feet resting on his ass as he pounds into her. The camera focusses on her contorted face and then pans slowly down the length of her body and around to reveal the source of her pleasure. I struggle to take it all in – the guys taut buttocks thrusting as his enormous cock stretches her tight pussy and his huge dangling hairy balls banging against her winking asshole, his thick shaft glistening with their bornova escort bayan mingled lubrication as he pulls back and then slams into her again and again. The camera travels back up to give a full length side view of them and she starts screaming ‘fuck me, fuck me’ as her orgasm builds and I recognise the point of no return I so often experience for myself – only this time it’s not me!! Suddenly her body goes completely taut and her legs start to shudder involuntarily at the same time as the guy gives one last mighty thrust and shouts ‘oh fuck I’m cumming’! ‘Fuck yesssss’, Mindy cries, ‘I can feel your hot cum pumping into me, fill me up’!!They both collapse into a perspiring mingled heap as their orgasms slowly subside – the guys cock is still deep inside her as he kisses her tenderly, ‘that was absolutely amazing Mindy’ he tells her, ‘your husband escort bornova is very lucky, I hope he appreciates it’. ‘He’s always wanted me to fuck another guy with him watching’, she replies, ‘but I wanted to try for myself without him interfering’. ‘Will you tell him?’ the guy asks. ‘I’m not sure yet’, she responds. The camera moves back down and around again just in time to show his his now softening cock slipping out of her swollen pussy followed by a flood of cum gushing out of her wide open cunt lips. Her gaping hole is swimming in his creamy spunk and her clit looks huge and erect as she reaches down and traces the outline of her engorged labia with a lazy index finger then scoops some cum up – the camera follows as she raises her land to her mouth and greedily licks all her fingers clean of the gloopy mess! ‘Mmmmmm, delicious’ , she sighs, ‘I bet bornova escort Mork would like to taste that’.My cock is hard and throbbing as I take in the enormity of what I am watching on the porn site I use regularly – I’ve just stumbled across a video of my wife being well and truly fucked by another guy and enjoying every minute of it – something I’ve been asking her to try for ages but she’s always firmly refused! My mind is racing with unanswered questions – ‘who is this guy?’, when was it recorded?’, who’s filming?!’ as it dawns on me that I’ve only seen the end of what must be a much longer video. It is obviously very popular as it has come up top of the ‘best video’ listings for the week – I check to see who has posted it and am gobsmacked when I find it has been uploaded by someone who’s user name is ‘Mindy1960! Mindy is a pet name we use for my wife sometimes – it can’t possibly be a coincidence! I click on the profile and suddenly there before me is a picture of my gorgeous sexy wife naked in all her glory with a brief description of her and what she is looking for. Please add your text here………………..

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