Love Versus Lust


Love Versus LustLove versus Lust. Araya was a normal girl, brought up in a loving family environment and had many friends. She developed into a beautiful young lady and had several admirers by the time she was in her early teens she had her first boyfriend at 17. Naturally enough she also developed the needs of a normal teenager to experiment with sex and particularly her curiosity with the male body. Her own breast had started to form and she was aware of changes between her legs, suddenly hair was growing and she was feeling strange desiresAfter many weeks of turmoil she eventually decided on a course of action and a day or so later when out in the woods with her latest admirer she suggested they sit and rest. Lying on the ground, looking up into the tree tops she found her hand had now wandered over the boys legs and had found its way to his groin, the boy just lay still as far as he could but was unable to stop his manhood rising to the gentle touches of Araya’s fingers, she also felt the twitching as the material started to strain against the growing member.Having made a bold start Araya moved to a kneeling position and without a word leaned forward and undid the boy’s trousers releasing his manhood to spring into the air. She looked in awe for a few minutes before reaching forward and touching it at the tip. She could already see it was getting wet and she leaned forward and slowly allowed her mouth to open and engulf the offending piece of meat, one hand now cradling the swollen balls the other sliding softly up and down the shaft as her tongue lapped over the slit at the end of his penis. After what seemed like hours but in reality was a few minutes she stated to slide the red tip deeper into her mouth and she could sense the frustration building in her boyfriend. She felt his fingers searching between her legs in an attempt to find her pussy, her own private area was now exceedingly damp, but to be fucked was not on her agenda, but she did not mind being fingered. In order to avoid having to discuss full sexual matters she increased the rate she was sucking and licking his cock, and he was also rising and falling in an attempt to empty his balls as soon as he could. Inexperience on both parts soon led to her having a mouthful of very salty thick goo in her throat, and feeling pleased with herself lay back and relaxed. Shortly afterwards the very happy boyfriend tried to get on top of her as his cock was now fully recovered, she abruptly told him she was a virgin and was staying that way, and he would have to accept the occasional cock sucking or find another girl. Araya had had her first planned sexual encounter and had mixed feelings about the experience. She had been fascinated at the cock and its behaviour, the texture and response to her touching and sucking, but more so with the gunge they shot out and into her throat. She had actually not felt any physical attraction and it could have been anybody’s cock she had taken there was no human feeling at all.As a consolation she allowed him to suck and play with her tits and was surprised to see just how her nipples responded to the attention. He also wanted to play and explore between her legs but she insisted neither, sucking or fucking, was on the agenda and he either accepted his cock being sucked and playing with her tits or nothing at all. Obviously it was a no brainer and he continuedOver the next two years Araya continued to experiment and had a following of 4 or 5 boys who had now become semi regular “guests” on her days in the woods, she had now had spunk over her tits, cunt, face and body, but so far entry to her love tube and rear entrance had been denied to all. None of the boys had seriously objected as they managed to get their balls emptied which was much better that sitting at home using their own hands to force the spunk out as they imagined the feeling of burying their cocks deep into Araya’s love tube.During all the attention her body developed and her aydın escort breasts continued to expand, and she developed a fully formed female figure to ensure all red blooded males would notice her legs and breasts, as well as her facial beauty, wherever she went.Days after her 16th birthday Araya decided it was time to move forward, so on the next visit to the woods, which also happened to be with her first boyfriend, she had decided to see if she gone as much pleasure riding a cock. The day arrived and although apprehensive, Araya was also looking forward, plan b was simply if she did not enjoy herself she would just suck him off as usual. The boy lay on the grass ready and expecting the usual activity and as Araya was kneeling before him, he was un aware that Araya was naked except for her dress, she started to stroke and tease his member as she had done many times before, bur he sensed something was different as this time she made no move to suck him. Araya suddenly swung her leg over him and was now sat on his stomach, he felt the bare skin and hairy crutch area on his belly and realised her cunt was totally exposed. Araya reached between her legs and took a firm grip of the cock that was now very excited and moved her body back so its tip was now against the entrance to her love tube. Slowly, very slowly she allowed herself to drop down onto the object whilst at the same time the boy was desperate to push upwards into heaven. Araya felt an initial pain and her lips and tube started to stretch as the invasion progressed, however she stuck with it and soon found herself sat with a huge piece of throbbing flesh deep inside her, she smiled as did the boy. Finally both had found the pleasure of full sexual activity. Araya continued to bounce up and down feeling the enjoyment for the first time as her lips clamped the now even larger cock and each thrust brought him closer to ejaculation. She was now feeling her hardened nipples and oblivious to anything else except the continued slapping of flesh , she was not even aware when the cock pumped up its load of white warm sperm deep inside her as at the same time her own love juices gave way and she felt the full sensation of her first full sexual climax.Having satisfied her own desires, Araya lay back and recounted the experience, at no time did it cross her mind to enquire if the boy had enjoyed himself, all that mattered was her virginity had gone and her pussy had been satisfied, the only regret, he had filled her cunt with spunk and she had wanted to taste it again. She decided never to miss the opportunity in future.Part twoAraya went through the final teenage years, completing her education, in both the educational and sexual sense, and in spite of her continuing sex drive development she did very well at exams and proved very bright. Her breast developed into two well formed orbs, the nipples became ultra sensitive and her crutch grew a very dense hair growth to protect her love tube.The family had high hopes for Araya, but it was on a shopping trip with her mother and sister that Araya was to find where her short term future would lie. Having a coffee in an average sized establishment she could not help but notice the number of girls working as waitresses, chatting mainly with the male customers then heading up the stairs only to be followed by the customer a few minutes later. Her Mother tried to divert the attention to other matters; however it was futile, Araya had found her intended niche. Returning many times over the following weeks Araya watched and learned carefully to the Cummings and goings, and yes this was her short term future. She approached the owner and asked if they had any vacancies, luckily one of the girls was heavily pregnant and had outlived her time so Araya was asked to start the following week. That suited Araya nicely as she had time to acquire some appropriate “work” clothes; not that clothing was actually required for the intended role.Starting escort aydın on the Monday Araya was to find that initially her duties had been limited to just serving in the bar and restaurant, so disappointed at the lack of spunk, she made her way back to the small room she now called home. On the way she saw an old man looking at her and drooling over her, she could tell he was imagining fucking her so she decided to stop and talk to him. He was clearly uncomfortable at the position his body language had caused, but this changed when Araya leaned forward and grabbed hold of his now growing cock, she smiled at him and then dropped to her knees and took the member out and started to wink him, slowly up and down and each time her hands went down the purple headed bed snake came out of his cover and the tip went into her open mouth. He was totally confused that this gorgeous girl should even look at him, so it was not a surprise when his cock started to shudder and the knot rose as the spunk shot up and out then down Araya’s throat, the warm feeling took away her earlier disappointment and she returned home for a good sleep.After two weeks working the 8-12 shift the boss approached Araya and told her he had many enquiries from customers as it seemed her charm as well as good looks and very fuckable body had made her a hit with the punters. So with immediate effect she would be free to leave her waitress duties to please the clients however any negative feedback would get her the sack. Araya fully understood the men had to be kept happy but so long as she had her pleasures so what. Within the hour the second table she served proved interesting, a middle aged male was sat alone and Araya knew he had spent the entire time at the table looking at her, and from his body movements his left hand had been busy under the table. He was certainly an ideal starting point. However she was also apprehensive about just what would be required as all her previous encounters had been under her control. The guy asked her to sit for a minute, and Araya did that and he took her hand in his right hand and put if on his cock removing his own left hand. He was very rigid and stiff, but the rules forbid and sexual activity on the ground floor and she told him he would have to follow her upstairs, best for him to wait a few minutes to allow the cock to shrink as not ideal to walk with it sticking out like a tent pole.Araya concluded the deal and went upstairs to await his arrival, she was anticipating him arriving and her foreplay and sucking would make him shoot quickly and then she would have her spunk and a satisfied client. However when the guy arrived his cock was flaccid and he knew it was her first time and she had nerves, so surprisingly he approached her and gently leaned forward and told her to just sit on the chair and he started to nibble her ear lobes. Her hair was drawn to the side and he continued kissing her neck and cheeks and surprisingly Araya found herself relaxing and slowly losing the control of the situation. Now his hands cupped her swelling breasts, the nipples between finger and forefinger as he continued to slowly awaken her sexual feelings, to her surprise she closed her eyes and found her legs opening and her own hands now sliding between the thighs. Her own fingers now in search of her love tube, something she had rarely done but only when in the present of the boys at home.Standing behind her, the guy slowly told her to rise from the chair and he continued just tweaking the nipples and kissing the neck as she stood but her fingers stopped hher going full height, as her pussy was now interested in events. Walking slowly he managed to guide Araya towards the makeshift bed and then he told her to keep her legs straight but to bend forward, this she did and he knelt down behind her and she felt his fingers rimming her arse and she froze, then he was leaning into the crack and was now rimming her love tube and his thumb massaging aydın escort bayan her clit. OMG what was she doing, she thought, as the sensations continued to grow inside her, it was a matter of time before his tongue was now sliding up and down the smooth flesh between her lips and slurping the running juices she was producing.Sensing rather than anything else, the guy knew he had Araya just ripe for fucking, so he stood up and turned her over. Gently lying on top of her, keeping contact with her eyes all the time, he slowly guided his now throbbing cock towards her love tube and sliding very slowly between the open lips. He continued to show a gentle side as the rhythm slowly increased, he was not fucking her but making gentle love and as was giving as well as receiving pleasure. Araya found herself with her legs wrapped around his back and sucking his member even deeper inside her now very tender cunt and he soon pumped her until the flood burst forth and she felt the warm liquid hit the womb with some force. Leaning forward he gave Araya a gentle kiss on the lips and smiled as he saw the contented look on her face. He pulled out and his spunk covered cock was offered to be cleansed, Araya found herself too exhausted to really enjoy it but she had to keep the customer happy so she leaned forward and licked the now drying stuff as quickly as she could. A few minutes later the guy had left and Araya was sat, now regaining her senses and realising what happened vowed not to get so involved again.For the next three years Araya continued to build a reputation as well as a healthy bank balance, she was able to manipulate many of the clients ensuring they got value for money but ended up squirting into her mouth and her pussy limited to fingering and sucking. Just a few outwitted her and ended up fucking her, but again she soon learned to speed matters up and avoid prolonged engagement or involvement.Just before she “retired” Araya experienced the worse night when one punter agreed to join her but when he arrived he had two others with him. They had no alarms, so being unable to call for assistance Araya found herself out numbered. Maybe would not be too bad she would suck all three cocks and they would leave, however she was wrong, as she sucked the first guy, a second was now between her legs and already sliding his swollen cock inside her, when the third guy also stated to insert his object as well. Araya was about to object as she had never had her lips stretched like that, but the mow pulsating cock in her mouth stopped her in her tracks. Torn between her desire to drink spunk, against getting her cunt emptied, the former won and she accepted the guys would win anyway so she may as well enjoy the one cock she had in the mouth. Her body soon adjusted to the double penetration and the feeling of two cocks in tandem up and down was really wasted as Araya concentrated on the cock and balls her mouth was busy sucking, Currently she had both balls in her mouth and was stroking the cock rubbing the tip across the slit waiting for signs an eruption was due. Now it went wrong, for the guy removed his balls and then moved into a position where he could insert his cock into her arse, just about managing it she found herself now with three cocks pumping the lower regions of her body, and being helpless to stop them. One by one each of the cocks reached a climax and flooded the caverns before withdrawing. Once removed the men just stood and left without a word, Araya put her hands to he cunt and could feel the spunk now running down her thighs, the hole was still wide open and she put three fingers inside and scooped as much spunk as she could, even her arse was wide open and it took some time for things to return to normal. The events that night had scarred Araya as she never thought anybody would be so cruel as to force themselves, even worse was not having any means of escape, as a whore she was expected to put up with it. She decided enough was enough.Araya quit the following night, she had enough saved to buy a small house in town, and by renting it out she would be able to live comfortably and she decided to return to the family home.To be continued (possibly)

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