Katie’s ride home


Katie’s ride homeKatie is a mature geek who loves puzzles. Married to another geek, she took pretty good care of herself but we all have what genetics give us. No amount of bike riding was going to slim those 50 inch hips or 44D tits! She kept her waist at a comfy 32 inches via frequent biking, walking, and a yoga class. She wasn’t a looker, but she knew there were men who couldn’t resist a fine big ass and wasn’t against using her double x chromosomes as needed for leverage. It was a sneaky snow day in North Dakota. People could get to work but then the snow started and getting home was going to be a mess. Katie wasn’t worried as she rode the bus, which ran in all weather. But then management announced buses were being pulled off the streets so people should find a way home. They could leave early, but , of course, wouldn’t be paid for lost time. Most of her co-workers had already baled out for the day and Katie began to worry over getting home. About then her ex-boss came by to say he was leaving for the day and asked if she needed a ride. He was a nice guy like that, remembering things like who might need a ride and who might want to work from home on snow days. Katie relievedly said thank you and they agreed to meet at the back door in 10 minutes. As she paced up she felt a rumble in her tummy but decided not to hit the bathroom before leaving as she did not want to miss her ride. As she rode down in the elevator her gut rumbled again and she risked a small fart. Thank god no one was in the elevator with her as that little fart boomed out of her and her taco lunch wafted up inside her coat to surround her face! Katie did her best to snort up the stench before the elevator doors opened. As she walked out of the elevator a couple of the maintenance men walked in. As the door closed she heard one say, my god, some guy shit their pants in here!’ She giggled to herself as she made her way to the back door. Mark was already there and sinop escort held the door for her as they left the building and walked the block to the ramp where he parked. They got in the car, and began the slow drive to Katie’s house. Mark said he had an idea where it was but she’d need to give him directions as they got near. Katie suggested going up one of the side roads, which would be slow but had fewer stop signs. They were slowly rolling along when Katie felt that rumble again. She held it as long as she could and then calmly said to Mark; “I am afraid I’m going to pass gas. I should warn you as it will be loud and probably smelly.” Mark said; “It’s a natural body function and it’s not like I can stop in the middle of the road for you to get out so son’t worry about it!” The words were barely out of his mouth when Katie let it rip! Her big ass muffled the sound but there was no containing the smell. The car filled with the scent of sulfur and taco seasonings. Katie blushed beat red and looked at Mark to see what he would do. He just kept on driving and murmured: “Well, you warned me!”They both started laughing and then Katie tried to apologize for her fart. Mark waved it off, then smirked at her and said, “You’re clearly not built for little farts!” Katie felt bold and replied, You think your sneaky, but I’ve seen you ogling my big ass whenever I walk by your office. I bet you dream of it at night!” Mark started to deny looking at Katie’s ass but she just shut him down. “Don’t worry about it. You’ve always been professional with me and discreet Frankly I’ve wiggled my ass in front of you because I liked your attention and it amused me to think of your sexual frustration.” Mark said, “Well now that I know that, feel free to wiggle all you want. Because you really do have a fine big ass and I have dreamed of kissing it many times! Katie said: “You men are all alike. My husband loves kissing my ass. He also loves it escort sinop when I pass gas. Would you kiss it while I was gassy?” And without warning Katie ripped out another fart , this time lifting her left cheek so Mark could appreciate the sound AND the fury! They were easing up to a stop sign, so in response Mark came to a stop and then bent his head down as far as he could towards Katie’s ass. He took a deep sniff, then looked her in the eyes and said. I better get you home before you shit in my car!” Mark eased through the intersection and Katie said “Turn right at the next corner, my home’s two blocks down that street.” Mark did as he was told and soon they were pulling up in front of Katie’s house. Katie thanked Mark and said, “I wish I knew some way to repay you.” Mark looked at her and said, “Really?” Katie laughed and said, would you like to come in for a few minutes? Mark said, I can’t stay long as I still have to get home through this storm. Katie gathered her things and led Mark into her house. They took off their coats and Kate looked at Mark and said, “What can get you?” Mark said, “Please, show it to me.” Katie smirked and said, “I’ve been sitting on it all day, why not let me freshen up a bit.” Mark dropped to his knees and said, ” Please show me that magnificent natural ass!” Katie laughed and said, Mark, are you begging?” Mark looked up at her and said Katie, I’ll do anything to see it!” Katie began unsnapping and lowering her jeans. Looking over her should her murmured to Mark: Kiss it? Yes.Lick it? Yes.Massage it? Yes!Lick my sweaty, nasty asshole? YES!With that she dropped her pants and presented her ass to Mark!HE began by sitting back and admiring their massive alabaster beauty. As he slowly began rubbing them Katie got one foot out of her jeans and leaned over to brace herself on the couch. As Marked continued rubbing he began showering kisses all over her ass, slowly working his way toward her splendid sinop escort bayan ass crack. Katie spread her legs further and Mark parted her cheeks. An aroma wafted out of sweat, farts, and a hint of the lavender scent Katie liked to spray her panties with. He spread her cheeks further and there it was, her anus, her rosebud, her asshole! Mark stopped for a minute and pulled his pants off as he knew he was about to cum! Katie had a protruding asshole! It rose from her ass almost an inch, looking like a pursed set of lips. Mark knew what he was going to do next. He began slowly kissing and licking along the length of Katie’s ass crack. He cleaned off the sweat, licked a little bit of paper that had clearly been there all day, and began swirling his tongue around Katie’s anus. He flicked his tongue across the top of it and Katie ground her ass back into his face. ” God, she said, lick it, lick my asshole!” Mark continued to flick over and around her anus until Katie yelled “Lick it! Lick it now!!” At that pint Mark jammed his tongue up her asshole and Kate began spasming with a wet orgasm. Mark kept his face glued to her ass and then went in for the gold! He clamped his lips around Katie’s protruding ass and nibbled, and sucked and tongue fucked her massive shithole! Katie clenched, and blew a fart straight into Mark’s lungs. Mark kept his mouth sealed to that asshole and relished the rancid ass air filling his body. Finally Katie wrenched her ass away from Mark’s face and collapsed on the couch. She had pissed herself while coming and laid on the couch, splayed out, her sloppy hairy muff damp and pulsing. Mark stood up and touched his cock once. His cum leapt from his cock, landing on Katie’s face, and hair and blouse. More cum splattered on to her hairy cunt. Katie looked up at Mark with a silly smile and said, “Well, I guess you like my ass!” Before Mark could answer he was startled by another voice in the room!”Of course he does, Katie! I’d say you have an ass slave if you want it! Mark turned to see Katie’s husband Doug sitting in a chair across the room. “I’ve been here the whole time, he said. Neither one of you even said Hi!Up next, Doug’s hospitality.

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